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Review #1, by SpringSinger19 This Is Now

4th August 2011:
This is brilliant. I absolutely adore it. Just all the little things make me smile. Like the way that Ricktor was a bit impressed by Louise as well as scared and when she called him Tom again and the way she asked for a kiss at the end. I love the little things in this story. It makes it great. 10/10 update soon(:

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Sadly this is all of the story, for now. I might try to expand one day, but for now... but again, thank you for the wonderful review! x

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Review #2, by SpringSinger19 That Was Then

4th August 2011:
This was perfect. Beautiful writing. Although I must admit that the very first sentence with the whole ferreted thing made me think of Draco Malfoy! hahaha(; but I loved it. Tom is as ruthless and evil as he should be. I find myself wishing he wasn't but it's so much more realistic!
Love it! 10/10

Author's Response: haha, I didn't consider that. Obviously got Draco on the brain... Thank you for the lovely review =) x

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Review #3, by Bellatrixlestrange123 That Was Then

25th May 2011:
I know this is for a challenge but it's so good!!
Please don't be put off by stupid people not rewiewing!
Your story is amazing and so sweet and captures everything so sweetly!

I can only hope that one day you might turn this into a real story with proper chapter or maybe expand on it a bit more? *hint hint* hehe

Author's Response: Heya,

thank you so much! haha, I get your hint. I suppose it's possible to expand on it one day, but right now, I've got exams getting in the way and I've got other stories to focus on.

But feel free to stick around to see what else I come up with, and thank you so much for the support. x

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Review #4, by Caeleste This Is Now

30th April 2011:
I definitely think that I've fallen in love with your story, so far it's seemed to have captivated me, even with only a few chapters so far! I wait patiently for the next installment.

Author's Response: I feel really awful, since that's actually all of it. So I apologise for a dissatisfying ending. Perhaps I'll see what I can do when my other stories that moved on. But thank you so much for sharing the love. I had a really awful night last night, so I appreciate it. x

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Review #5, by thedeathchandilier That Was Then

22nd February 2011:
wow, very good chapter update as soon as you can. It was very good I loved it

Author's Response: thanks a lot! RL has gotten in the way of my updates, but once my other story has been validated, I'll post up the other chapter for this x

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Review #6, by redherring That Was Then

14th February 2011:
The idea of this is absolutely fascinating. It's so easy to say that any romance involving Tom Riddle is OOC, unrealistic, etc, because it's too unbelievable that Voldemort could ever be in love, and I think that's true, and so the way you portrayed their relationship here was completely fantastic - most importantly, I think, it was very, very believable. Louise's utter obsession with him and the fact she convinced herself he might actually love her and want to marry her, Riddle cold and calculating, ambitious, disturbing... I thought you wrote him brilliantly, actually. Wonderful story :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! This was a very daunting piece to write, so I'm happy that it's gotten such a positive response! I mean, obviously one of any fanfiction writer's dreams is to be able to get Voldemort right! x

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Review #7, by AC_rules That Was Then

9th February 2011:
Hi, it's acrules from the forums, obviously. I've suprised myself by really liking this. I'm really not the type for fics about Tom Riddle falling in love and the like... because it's so unnatrual and unrealistic, but honestly - this is great.

You've characterised Tom brilliantly, with him being twisted and mean and the way he uses people - it's actually a little bit inspired. What with the proposing just to get at people, and stuff like that. And Louise, she's believable too. I suppose given Tom Riddle was considered to be such a handsome and clever student, then she sort of gets dragged into his plots and schemes without even realising it - and how changed she becomes by it. I really love how she loses her own beliefs because she's not strong enough. Really - I love it.

Your writing is impeccable too, really good quality. I just love this entry. And definately a bad romance. Good job all round :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I was wary about writing a Tom story, pretty much because of what you said about reading them, but Bad Romance just seemed to point in a v. obvious direction.

I'm very happy that you enjoyed it! x

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