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Review #1, by mMalfoy Chapter 1: Box

23rd June 2011:
Yey, you're updating! The box thing was kind of cool, and it was really awesome when Rose said all of her cousins name, haha. (That was an odd sentence, but I think you understood what I meant).

Author's Response: YES, I have not vanished off of the face of the Earth...incredible, right? Heh, heh. Thanks so much for the review - the box thing was a random idea that popped into my head out of nowhere. Literally. I mean, I came up with the package idea and had no idea what to put in the box, then I decided, "IT WILL BE INVISIBLE!!" And then I came up with the little disc thing to make the thing "visible" and I spent like a week trying to figure out what the stupid cube should actually be. Very pathetic, I know...and who doesn't love all the Weasley/Potters here? Hmm...maybe I'll just call them the Wotters. Or the Peasleys. Nah, that sounds stupid. Wotters is good. :]

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Review #2, by bilius19 Prologue: Rose

22nd June 2011:
LOVE IT! I love roses character

Author's Response: Aw, thanks for the means a lot to me. Who doesn't love Rose? She's such a crazy little ball of energy, right?

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Review #3, by The Blunt Phoenix  Prologue: Rose

21st March 2011:
Keep Writing and Update soon! i think I'm going to like this story as much as I liked the first chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review! Sorry that it's only the prologue at the moment, but I have really big plans for this story, and I want to do it justice. After all, the first chapter is usually the hardest. On top of that, my flash drive was stolen and my mom locked me out of my own computer because my brother got into some trouble and is grounded...and my mom thinks that I'll let him use the yeah! Hopefully, though, the chapter'll be up soon!

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Review #4, by maggie Prologue: Rose

28th February 2011:
it's good, I just wish it was longer.

Author's Response: Thanks!! Yeah, I know it's kind of short, but I've got the first chapter almost completely mapped out now - I just need to do the actually writing and get all the details in. Besides, prologues are supposed to be short! I hope you were able to at least get an idea about what's coming... :]

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Review #5, by 09CosterCoffee Prologue: Rose

27th February 2011:
hahaha love this :) please write more son :D

Author's Response: Yay!! Thanks for the review!! I've been waiting to get this story up because the idea came to me almost out of nowhere...sorry that I haven't sent in an update in so long, but I lost my flash drive (I was too lazy to back it up) so I had to start the next chapter over from scratch!! I'm really glad that you like it so far; it's always more motivating when I hear that people are excited to keep reading. Thanks again!! :]

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Review #6, by JANZme Prologue: Rose

18th February 2011:
Hiya! Awesome work! I really love your plot very much! The humor is fresh and wow and I really am looking forward to your next chap! :D

Author's Response: Haha, thanks! I've been letting this idea kind of sit in my head for a while before I finally got around to addressing it, and now I'm really excited to see how it turns out! The first few chapters might take a while, because in the case of this particular story, the beginning's the hardest part. I'm glad that you already like it! I'll work hard to update soon, but sorry, no promises!

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Review #7, by Beej Prologue: Rose

7th February 2011:
Oh boy, I can totally see where this is going... But siriusly, this has laid a good base for a story I can't wait to see develop. Hope you update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for an awesome review! I love you already. :) I'm really excited about where this is going, too, but you might have to wait a while for updates, unfortunately. I have an additional story on this site that I'm also working on, so I'll have to always be writing both! And then, of course, the beginning is always the hardest! I'll try to go as fast as I can! Thanks again!

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Review #8, by mMalfoy Prologue: Rose

6th February 2011:
I love rule number nine. And the rest of it wasn't that bad either :) Looking forward to the next chapters!

Author's Response: Heh, heh, thanks; that one's my favorite too. Next chapters are in the process of being written, but I have another story I am working on as well, so updates might take a while...please be patient! I really wish that writing fanfiction could be a full-time occupation, but alas, I have school and family, and speaking of which, I am going to get killed by my history teacher unless I finish my homework soon. Eek.

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Review #9, by juice Prologue: Rose

5th February 2011:
Hey, i really like this so far! It seems like an interesting plot. Can't wait for an update!!

Author's Response: Hey, thanks! Sorry that the prologue so short; I just figured that if I had something up here, I'd feel more obligated to keep writing! I have another story already, so updates might take a while (because of the fact that I have to write two plots and the fact that you can only update one chapter at a time), but you can be sure that I'm really excited about this story!

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