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Review #1, by beapinkie Just What I Needed

7th October 2012:
Funny yet sweet... Good story very cute :)

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Review #2, by Anasuya Girl All the Bad Guys Want

18th June 2012:
Its a nice first chapter! I liked it!
Just a small review :)

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Review #3, by maskedmuggle Just What I Needed

22nd April 2012:
Hey! :)
I just randomly felt like reading this story today, and really did enjoy it :) I really liked how you characterised James - so different from the typical James II, and I liked how he was like James I with the unattainable girl thing. Hunter & Mark's arguing and relationship was quite entertaining, and as the story progressed I had a feeling Sydney might have feelings for James!

I loved it when James finally got to kiss Sarah but his thoughts were on Sydney - and I loved the happy ending too, even if it is a bit cheesy! :D All in all, a very lovely story to read :)

Author's Response: Haha, well I appreciate your random urge to read it! Writing this version of James was so much fun. I loved it. Hunter and Mark were a lot of fun, too. I mean they're somewhat unrealistic but it was enjoyable because I just got to make them as silly as I wanted, which is always entertaining to do.

Oh yes, all the cheese! It was definitely cheesy! Heheh. Thank you so much for reviewing! I really appreciate it!

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Review #4, by Janus Just What I Needed

9th January 2012:
Stonking story! Really brilliant job, excellent characterisation, humour and sweetness :)

Author's Response: Haha thanks for the stonking review! I admit I have never actually heard anyone use the word stonking before but I think I like it. Shall add it to my vocabulary, mhmm. Anyway, I'm very glad you liked this story! This was my baby for several months and it's always lovely to see people enjoying it!

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Review #5, by loopylunalovegood We Like To Party!

29th December 2011:
one word: EPIC! Hunter is awwesssooommme i litterally think you should make a story just for him and then make up some girl character anny way 9/10 cause its cool :D

Author's Response: Haha, I'm glad you think so! Really, Hunter and Mark could have their own story. They've got quite the bromance. Thank you for reading!

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Review #6, by Skye Elle Just What I Needed

12th September 2011:
I love this story! It was funny and very realistic.
Hunter and Mark reminds me of my bestfriends which made me love them even more. I loved the comedy in this! You worked really hard on this, and I don't think that there was much grammar mistakes in any of the chapters.
The story was predictable (and I hate predictable stories I usually just x them out.) but this one made me want to read more and more. Simply because most of the characters amuse me so much. :)
Good job. 10/10

Author's Response: Baww, this review is making my day! Which, with that in mind, sorry for taking so long to respond to it! I've been super busy, haha. You seemed to have gotten exactly what I intended out of this story. It wasn't mean to be mysterious or shocking or anything really. Definitely was predictable, although I know I had some people mixed up with who I would choose in the end for James, but the plot in general isn't that original or unique, I just wanted to put a spin on James that hasn't really been done before. So I'm glad that you enjoyed that. Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #7, by ravenclaw_princess Just What I Needed

4th August 2011:
YAY!!! Brilliant ending to a brilliant story. It was pretty cool that it was Sarah who pointed out the glaring obvious at the end. I really came to like Sarah, but I do think the James and Sydney are more compatible. There was always so much awkwardness between Sarah and James, he just never seemed to know what to say to here.

The kiss was wonderful. He was so sure of himself and he knew exactly how she felt that there was no need for any long drawn out conversation of his feelings, he just went right in and showed her.

The characters were awesome in this story. James personality was so refreshing and so comical. Hunter and Mark were also hilarious and Sydney was just sweet and loyal. They were consistent portrayed and you could really see James develop from completely socially inept to only slightly socially inept.

The story was beautifully written with great flow and pacing. It was a joy to read. I commend you on writing humour to, you did such a great job that I was often laughing out loud with some of the lines. I love every moment of it :D

Author's Response: Oh, wow! This review is absolutely fabulous. You are so amazing for reviewing all the chapters in this. It really makes me so happy that people enjoyed this story enough to read it all the way through.

James and Sydney are more compatible, I definitely agree. I think James and Sarah will work a lot better as friends, which I've always thought they will be, even if she is a bit wounded at first.

So glad you liked the kiss. I've always found those big, important moments hard to write, and I generally find it best to just go for it and get it done and not linger too much on unnecessary details.

I do love the characters in this story. I think they'll always have a bit of a special place in my heart. They were so amusing to write throughout the whole story. I'd honestly be sitting at computer giggling at them as I was writing them.

Thank you so much for everything! Your reviews have been consistently encouraging and just amazing to receive.

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Review #8, by ravenclaw_princess One Man Wrecking Machine

4th August 2011:
I knew it!!! It was so brave of Sydney to tell James how she really felt, my heart went out to the poor girl...and the James just to walk away...although I do understand that it would have been a massive shock to his system because he was so obsessed about Sarah, he never looked at another girl. And then he was thinking of Sydney at the end...YAY! So excited to see how this ends...

Author's Response: The end of this chapter was pretty difficult to write, really. Because I always knew I wanted to include James snogging Sarah, because it's the title and I think the moment was needed, but I wanted him to be having those thoughts of Sarah, too. So it was difficult to write, but I like the way it turned out. Thanks!

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Review #9, by ravenclaw_princess She Drives Me Crazy

4th August 2011:
Go James! He definitely has so much more self confidence. The guys reaction to Sydney's announcement was rather amusing. I feel sorry for the poor girl having such over protective friends...but if James can't see what's right in front of him then I guess she has to look elsewhere.

Author's Response: Yep, Sydney needed to have a moment like this. It sort of had two reasons, I guess, because she did want to move on if she could but also there is always that thought that it might make him jealous. Which it did, even if he didn't realize what that meant.

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Review #10, by ravenclaw_princess Simply Irresistible

4th August 2011:
Sarah does icy very well. I am glad they got over the little miss-understanding though, even if I am shipping for James and Sydney. I love babbling incoherent sentence James but it is nice to see that he is also able to have a conversation with her. There was a time when he would open his mouth and no sound would come out, so in that respect, he has definitely grown as a character...and he still remains hilarious

Author's Response: I'm glad you are appreciating the growth of James! I really think he grows a lot in this story, and he is a much different person in the beginning than he is in the end. He will always be a bit goofy and awkward, but he grows into his skin and kind of owns himself instead of just like being defeated by his own strangeness, haha.

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Review #11, by ravenclaw_princess Divine Thing

4th August 2011:
Poor James, he loses his ability to speak at the most inopportune times. I wish he would open his eyes though. It's so obvious the Sydney likes him. It must be hard for her, having her best friend so in love with someone else. Yet she remains completely loyal to him. She is an awesome character.

Author's Response: It is pretty obvious that Sydney likes him. But James just had this like, inability to see her like that because she was always his friend and he never really considered the possibility that she would like him. It's cute, though, haha. I love Syd. She's awesome.

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Review #12, by ravenclaw_princess Falling For You

4th August 2011:
Awesome ending. Sarah was really sweet in this chapter. It added a lot more depth to her and made her seem a lot more genuine. All I hope is that she isn't leading James on because she must know he likes her.

James' reaction at the end was perfect; Total Shock! It did seem like a very impromptu date and James seems to be a lot more comfortable in her presence.

But thumbs up for these two words as well "obnoxiously ostentatious"

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked Sarah in this. I didn't want her to be the typical mean girl type; I've never thought that characters like that were entirely realistic. Obnoxiously ostentatious, haha. I forgot about that. :P Thanks for reading!

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Review #13, by ravenclaw_princess Bad Reputation

4th August 2011:
What a horrible form of punishment. I commend you on coming up with such an evil idea. I felt a little sorry for Sydney here, it's not her fault that James suggested something so moronic.

I had to give a small cheer for Elyse in this chapter. She is the nicest of people, but she did put the Slytherins in there place.

Author's Response: I try to get creative with my punishments/detention. I see a lot of cauldron scrubbing, which I've done before, too, but I try to keep it interesting so I'm glad you liked it. Elyse did have a good moment in this chapter. She's not a nice person, but if it comes to being mean to Slytherins or being mean to Gryffindors, she'll be mean to the Slytherins first.

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Review #14, by ravenclaw_princess Hard to Handle

4th August 2011:
Heehee, I loved the awkward conversation between Hunter and Andrea. I wasn't expecting it to end how it did. It was completely brilliant.

Fred is such a fun character with so much wittiness. I cracked up when Gold and Goyle were Larry and Gary only to really be gold and Goyle. the whole scenario was hilarious.

And I'm still loving James. His internal ramblings are brilliant and oh so funny :D

Author's Response: I confused myself so much while writing this chapter. I kept forgetting who Gold/Goyle were and who Larry/Gary were and who was acting as who, etc. My mind was like: BOOM EXPLOSION. Thanks for the lovely review!

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Review #15, by ravenclaw_princess We Like To Party!

4th August 2011:
Aww, James is just so cute with all his awkwardness. The ending was just so good. I love this line "Did that sound flirtatious? I think that sounded flirtatious. Oh God. Oh Jesus. Sarah Simpson was being flirtatious. With me. With James Potter II. Oh, crap." It sums James up so well.

And yay for Hunter...although I have a feeling he may not remember it in the morning :D

Awesome chapter

Author's Response: You love you some awkward!James! I do, too. That's basically the sole motivation I had for writing this, haha. Making him so awkwardly funny was quite the adventure. Thanks for the review, hun.

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Review #16, by ravenclaw_princess You Sexy Thing

4th August 2011:
Once again, a really hilarious chapter. I had tears in my eyes I was laughing that hard. This line really got me going "It was a broom closet. I was in a broom closet with Sarah Simpson. In my boxers. Oh God."

Absolutely brilliant.

Author's Response: Awh, James is so silly sometimes. Haha. Thank you for reading and reviewing! And I'm terribly sorry for the wait on review responses. I read all these reviews from you weeks ago but haven't had time to respond!

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Review #17, by nextgenoration Girl All the Bad Guys Want

31st July 2011:
YAY! Erica I absolutely adored this! It was so well written! For serious. You do such a nice job of involving characters and having them interact in such a fast paced manor. Absolutely fabulous. Next chappie!


Author's Response: Boo, why are you so nice? Stop. :P Thank you so much for reading and reviewing, you're amazing.

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Review #18, by Pottermore One Man Wrecking Machine

28th June 2011:
I KNEW IT! Great writing though :D

Author's Response: Hahaha, thank you so much for the reviews! I'm glad you've enjoyed my writing.

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Review #19, by Pottermore The Good Life

27th June 2011:
I'm really enjoying this story so far, I had seen it on quite a few peoples favourite stories and finally decided to read it; I'm really glad I did because it's fabulous! I don't really like the sound of Sarah and think that James should (and will) get with Sydney! Thanks for such a fab story!

Author's Response: Baww, thank you so much. I'm glad you find it enjoyable. And I see you are on Team Sydney. I think most people have been throughout this story. :P

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Review #20, by Jaan One Man Wrecking Machine

6th June 2011:
Heh heh!! I turned out to be right! Love this chapter!!

Author's Response: Bah, yes, you were right! Thank you so much!

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Review #21, by Jaan Simply Irresistible

6th June 2011:
Okay, it's just a guess, but does Sydney like James? I'm yet to read all the chapters! I loved this one!

Author's Response: Well, you shall just have to wait and see! Hehe. Thank you for reviewing!!

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Review #22, by Toujours Padfoot Just What I Needed

31st May 2011:

Okay, so when he finally admitted to being in love with Sydney, I literally did that valley girl hand-clappy thing and even gave a little squeal that sounded like a donkey braying after it had sucked helium out of a balloon. I felt so victorious and correct, and then kind of stuck-up. And I halfway wished that I had someone around me who had been rooting adamantly for Sarah to win, so that I could rub it in their face and say, "Ha!" So now I am somewhat put out that I don't have anyone to gloat to.

AND WOW. The kiss.

THE KISS!!! He totally did that Harry style! Just BAM - I am going for it, yo. I see that and I take it. FO SHO. So many mad props to James. And also to poor Sydney, who is sweetness incarnate, who was just warming her poor lil old hands by the fire, being depressed and moody and snoggable. And you just know there were a few weird second-year Gryffindors floating around, just lookin', being all voyeur in a very creepy way. That common room has seen some pretty hot action, you just know it.

Would just like to express my thanks that Sydney is not a redhead. And that she is not anything like the original Lily, which I see all too often in fanfiction. Both Sydney and James had very refreshing, original personalities and the plot and everything was just WHOOSH, so easy to get caught up in, so well-written. So addicting. Here I am at 12:30, my eyeballs ready to fall out, and I simply could not stop reading.


The Aztecs would be proud.

Author's Response: I am so pleased that I have made someone literally do the valley girl hand clapping thing. I am an accomplished person. It's official. I wish you had had someone to gloat to as well. Gloating is a fantastic activity; one of my favorite hobbies, really.

Haha, it was very Harry style. He was just like, I'm not really sure how to do this /well/ so I'm just going to go for it, and with any luck, it will work out. Mmkay. Oh, the Gryffindor common room has definitely seen some crazy things. I mean, remember when Draco and Hermione made out in there? Insanity, I tell you.

It was definitely not my intention to have another Lily copy. I would never want to do that. I really don't understand the appeal. It seems creepy to me. I AM GLAD YOU APPRECIATED THAT.

And I hope your eyeballs don't fall out like Scorp's abs.


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Review #23, by Toujours Padfoot One Man Wrecking Machine

31st May 2011:
I'm a winner and don't you forget it!

Gah I actually did not see that coming. I didn't think Sydney had the nerve to do that. But WOW so terrible of him to just leave her there crying in front of everyone! And then to go and make out with Sarah! I kind of want to slap him in the face.

I am admiring Sydney's bravery while also loathing Sarah and being very angry with James. He makes me fiesty.

Author's Response: Sydney just needed to gather up the courage to say something - she was tired of always being just a friend. I love her for being brave and saying how she feels. She's so lovely.

Hehe. James makes you fiesty? :D

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Review #24, by Toujours Padfoot She Drives Me Crazy

31st May 2011:


Author's Response: :O Okay. Have I mentioned how awesome you are for leaving me so many reviews? Now seems like a good time to do so.

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Review #25, by Toujours Padfoot Simply Irresistible

30th May 2011:

Was that just a hint of hope in Sydney's voice? A bit of mild instigating? I DO THINK SO!

Although, admittedly, Sarah's not so bad. It kind of irks me. She's that person who's just nice enough so that you can't hate them to their face. And you can't even talk badly about her behind her back because she has friends everywhere and they'll just look at you like you're petty and mean and like you kick puppies. Imagine Annie's 'judging you' gif. Like that.

James is so endearing. And so boyish. And because I like him so much, I'll root for whoever he happens to like, no matter what.

*raises James flag*

Author's Response: Bahaha. It is /just/ like Annie's judging you gif. You are so right. And I know it is kind of irksome that Sarah isn't awful. But I liked her too much to make her awful. Shame on me. Shame, shame.

Haha. Team James! That's the best team.

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