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Review #1, by IceCubism Scorpius Malfoy vs. Tom Riddle

22nd June 2013:
this is an amazing story and i would love if you guys could update

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Review #2, by Free_Rhapsody Scorpius Malfoy vs. Tom Riddle

28th October 2011:
"My name is Scorpius Malfoy. You killed my father. Prepare to die."

Oh. My. Gosh.
I'm currently fanning myself from the sheer awesomeness that is exuding from this tale, from the ridiculously attractive Scorpy and PRINCESS BRIDE REFERENCES!

That made my day :)

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Review #3, by RonsGirlFriday Scorpius Malfoy vs. Tom Riddle

13th April 2011:
Brilliance, Gubby! I laughed out loud quite a few times while reading this. Unfortunately, I can't really quote my favorite lines, as they're not exactly 12+. But I will say I had a huge "YESSS!!" moment when I reached this line:

"My name is Scorpius Malfoy. You killed my father. Prepare to die."

I have never loved you as much as I do now. :-D


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Review #4, by RonsGirlFriday Those Tacky Pearl Gates

13th April 2011:
Why am I only now reading and getting involved in this?? What has my life been about up until now??

This is such a great prologue, Jo! Sets the tone nicely. Oh, Scorp... what a winner. -_-

I think this is my favorite line:

All in all, it was a decidedly unpleasant surprise one fine summer's day, for Scorpius to step off the sidewalk, pocket mirror in hand, and rather than the traffic stopping for him, a bus running over him and killing him instantly.

Snerk. XD

I am so excited for all the coming chapters.


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Review #5, by beckyducky Scorpius Malfoy vs. Tom Riddle

27th February 2011:
"Heart breaking is hot. But killing is not." I died. hhahahaha this fic just makes my day... um night rather...

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Review #6, by beckyducky Those Tacky Pearl Gates

27th February 2011:
oh wow... i can't wait to see where this is going... and seriously?? Sirius, Ollie, AAANDD Scorpius?? *nosebleed* hmm i'm actually kinda surprised Scorpy's daddy dearest didnt make the cut.. hhaah

And who is Caradoc Dearborn? Is he canon?

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Review #7, by Aki Scorpius Malfoy vs. Tom Riddle

23rd February 2011:
Hahahahaha! This Is the most wonderful nonsense I have EVER read! And you are answering a fundamentaly important question ;). Great job; can't wait for the next chapter!

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Review #8, by ericajen Those Tacky Pearl Gates

15th February 2011:
Since when is my name Scorpius Malfoy? I mean, this story is about me, isn't it? Of course it is. How could it not be?

Really, though, guys. This is already very funny. I love how cheesy Scorpius is. Even though we all know he IS the hottest thing to grace fanfiction since Sirius Black.

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Review #9, by WitnesstoitAll Scorpius Malfoy vs. Tom Riddle

10th February 2011:

This is brilliant. Pure brilliance. And it doesn't burn my eyes out. :P How you managed to turn that into this while still retaining everything that is good and funny about it is awesome. Great Job. Love you. Love TGS. Love crackfic.

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Review #10, by MajiKat Scorpius Malfoy vs. Tom Riddle

10th February 2011:
bahahahahahah GUBBY this is hilarious!!
i love it love it love it!!

everything about it is so wrong but so terribly right at the same time *snickers*

you are a genius my darling - such beautiful prose and such beautiful wit.

i can't wait till we get more of this up and running!!!

Kate xx

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Review #11, by Aderyn Scorpius Malfoy vs. Tom Riddle

7th February 2011:
Haha. Again, this is so great!

Tom and funny. And I like how disgusted Scorpius is.

In general so so funny usjwoehwowioen

Basically I have no words. So this review will end now.

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Review #12, by PenguinsWillReignSupreme Scorpius Malfoy vs. Tom Riddle

7th February 2011:

I feel like I've started far too many reviews like that over this past month or two but I DON'T CARE BECAUSE GUBBY, THOU ART A GODDESS. Mainly for making that mentally-scarring chapter into something suitable for human eyes.

TRIBUNAL ♥ I'm sure I said this in reading it before but :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: Pretty incredibly amazing, just putting that out there. No bias. None at all.

Finishing because you know, haven't got much to do except say LOL and SQUEE and -squishes- and that's silly.



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Review #13, by PenguinsWillReignSupreme Those Tacky Pearl Gates

7th February 2011:
Can't believe I didn't review before. Also can't believe there are ONLY SEVEN REVIEWS. I'm going to put the fear of God into every single TGSer who hasn't reviewed this. Beware, lurking members. Beware.

Scorpius :wub: for all the wrong reasons. All the reasons that make him very, very definitely not hot in the slightest, that is. Just want to put that out there now, in case my year of Scorpius bashing has been missed.

Every slightest thing about him is genius. Scrap that, everything about this prologue is genius. Everything about Jo is genius.

I'm not even going to ramble anymore. This review is even worse than an 'update soon' because I have nothing more to say than LOVE IT, LOVE JO, LOVE TGS.



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Review #14, by Erised Those Tacky Pearl Gates

5th February 2011:
Great work as always, Jo :P totally love the idea of Scorpius being completely obsessed with himself! It's funny how every other line or so is about his looks :L

And I would like to clarify that I am most definitely on TEAM HOT SCORPIUS!!! Teehee.

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Review #15, by butterbeergal Those Tacky Pearl Gates

2nd February 2011:


OMG YOU GUYS, YOU'RE KILLING ME WITH ALL THE GENIUS AND STUFF. So funny! It's crack!fic at its finest -- I mean, hello? The BEST of the BEST gather to debate this long-standing but extremely important question. Can anything possibly get any better than this? I think NOT!

Seriously though, this was all sorts of hilaro, and saved me from falling asleep at work. :P Jo is brilliant (always will be), and this just makes me superdeeduper excited for the other chapters!


I ♥ you all! You make me so happy. :')

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Review #16, by silverstarletworld89 Those Tacky Pearl Gates

1st February 2011:
LOL! omg this is brilliant, pure Genius!! This is story is the definition of Laugh out loud. It's short and yet so good, I'm very excited for the next chapter.

Best line 'The gatekeeper must have had something in his eye, because there could be no other explanation for his obvious eye roll'. It had me cracking up!

This is comedy gold and I will be reading every step of the way. Scorpius Malfoy is HOT!!


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Review #17, by redherring Those Tacky Pearl Gates

1st February 2011:


Nuff said xD

Seriously though, that was so flipping hilarious I'm still giggling away to myself. Half the lines in here deserve to go down in crackfic history, though I especially loved "I'm far too attractive to die so young" and Was that actually disgust? Impossible. It must be jealousy. Brilliant, brilliant idea for a story, and I'm definitely looking forward to the next chapter!

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Review #18, by Aderyn Those Tacky Pearl Gates

31st January 2011:
This is an amazingly epic story. The concept is brilliant and makes me giggle whenever I think about it.

Scorpius is so perfectly self obsessed. And the gatekeeper...

"Are you going to let me in, or what?"
"Or what, methinks."

I sort of died laughing at that part.

Basically, the funniest story ever.

OH and...

Hot or Not?

--Definitely hot.

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Review #19, by WitnesstoitAll Those Tacky Pearl Gates

31st January 2011:
Jo, this prologue is fabulous. Scorpius is so perfectly self obsessed. And the gatekeeper is perfectly mysterious. Sets this all up for what is sure to be a story of epic proportions. I'm not sure what happened to the formatting. It's a little bit wonky, and for that I apologize.

All in all, great work to everyone involved. I'm looking forward to reading the next chapter!!

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Review #20, by FoundriaPenguin Those Tacky Pearl Gates

31st January 2011:
Alright, first of all, I am so excited that the prologue is finally validated. I've been so excited about this whole concept of Scorpius being put up against thousands of characters (okay maybe not BUT STILL) and now that this prologue is finally up I can barely believe my eyes!

Jo did a fantastic job with the prologue, no less in TEN MINUTES! Why do you have so much genius, Jo? CARE TO SHARE THE EPIC SKILLZ? 8D

I think the part where I laughed the most in this entire chapter was when the gatekeeper goes, "LADDY-BUCK."
OH GOD. I DUNNO, I JUST BURST OUT LAUGHING. Saying it sounds ridiculous. It looks ridiculous on the screen, and the mental image of a laddy-buck makes me want to keel over and...oh goodness.

All the insinuations of Scorpius's high and mighty self had this ridiculous smile spreading across my face. He's just so endearing despite his conceited qualities. I absolutely cannot wait until the next chapter is posted. This collab is going to be epic. Scratch that - it already is, with Jo's wonderful job on it. :)

And props to Melissa for beta-ing this chapter!


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