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Review #1, by HunterRiddle Chapter 7: Meetings and Letters

28th November 2011:
Ah, I just reread this whole thing and remembered how much I love this story! :)

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Review #2, by SalazaarSlytherin Chapter 7: Meetings and Letters

15th November 2011:
This incorporates my 3 favourite characters; Draco, Fred and Sirius, continue writing, please. :)

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Review #3, by stephanie Chapter 3: Birthday Preparations

2nd July 2011:
Perfect! This is prefect!

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Review #4, by HunterRiddle Chapter 6: Confrontations

2nd July 2011:
Ah, this is brilliant! I love the friendships and everything, and it'd be just like Ron and Harry to not notice how she felt. I was wondering when George would come in, though. I like the notebook thing, it's really intriguing.
I like that you've brought Charlie in, too, even just for a minute. I felt that JK Rowling never gave him much, I mean, he never even gets married! But one little correction- Percy's girl is Audrey, not Abigail. I dunno if you did that intentionally or not, but you seem to be keeping (aside from Sam) cannon, and I thought I'd point that out. But anyway, Sam's emotions are very interesting and believable, and it's very saddening the way you explain it. I think I teared up a little bit at one point, I can't remember where.
A change from Fred to Draco love interest is really interesting, and I can't wait to see how your plot develops. Their interactions in the Veil room are a bit dodgy, and I can't wait to see what Fred tells him. It's funny that Draco needs help for this! :)
Your writing has developed and gotten better over the last few chapters; I think I have that problem, too. Unless I have ever single detail written out, I typically rush the beginning and the story gets better near the end, which, unfortunately, doesn't grasp the attention of a lot of readers. But I'm glad that I stuck through to this point!
I can't wait for the next chapter, Fred, Draco, Sam, George, ah! I'm excited! This is a very emotionally charged story and oftentimes I find that some are really bland. So, what I mean to say is keep it up, and I will be eagerly awaiting an update! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for that review, it means so much to me. I knew percy married a girl with a name that began with 'A' but I couldn't remember and I was too lazy to look it up. I'm doing my best to try to get the chapters written and posted in a couple weeks rather than months but I did just move so I'm still getting into the groove of things so please bear with me.

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Review #5, by HunterRiddle Chapter 5: Comfort and Notes

2nd July 2011:
I love this story! I was iffy on it at first, but once I got farther and farther in, your writing is getting better and better and you have these plot twists that are quite something. I agree, Fred and Sirius needn't have died, but I love the way you've put them in the story (their deaths still bring me to tears, when I see the new movie, I know I'll be in hysterics at Fred's death scene, have to be escorted out while furiously demanding that they pause the movie, which they'll never understand through the sobs. Is that a little much? The commercial makes me tear up!)
One more chapter! :)

Author's Response: I know what you mean. I just felt that I had to show the connection Sam with both men and that they would do anything to make sure she's happy.

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Review #6, by HunterRiddle Chapter 3: Birthday Preparations

2nd July 2011:
This made me laugh aloud. Excellent. :)

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Review #7, by carina Chapter 5: Comfort and Notes

28th April 2011:
I think the writing is very good. You seem to have a lot of writing experience.

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Review #8, by Spaz Chapter 5: Comfort and Notes

27th April 2011:
Thanks for the explanation, personally, I like A/Ns. But I would like to see George somewhere in this, it would be nice to see how he feels about the situation. But you're doing a great job! :)

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Review #9, by carina Chapter 4: Arguments

26th April 2011:
thats so sad!:( It is good though

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Review #10, by Spaz Chapter 3: Birthday Preparations

3rd April 2011:
This is a really good story, I especially love this chapter. Can't wait for the next chapter! :) 9/10

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