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Review #1, by Latte James Sirius Potter; Utterly Clueless

21st February 2011:
Hey there!

Well, first off -there really are an awful lot of errors in both chapters. I think with a little effort you could at least make it better.

The characters, exchanges, story, the way you write -none of these things are very original. Just the same way a whole lot of other fanfictions are written.

Seeing how you're writing dialogue mostly, that is what has to keep me interested. So far it has not really done that. It's not exceptionally funny nor is the storyline very exciting. It doesn't make me wonder what's going to happen next.

I think you can make this a good story. If you stop rushing it and get rid of all those errors. I'm sure you've got some original, creative ideas -put that in.

I like that Alle has a lot of guy friends and that they have a lot of fun together. I don't think pranking first years is funny, though. It's just pathetic. Can't they think of anyone that wouldn't make it as easy, who's not quite as helpless?

I hope I have not totally discouraged you with this review. I just wanted to give you feedback on how I view this story so far. Go on and write more, improve where you can and have fun with it! (:

Author's Response: Hello Latte,
I'm thankful that you have read my story and reviewed truthfully i really admire that. I have read it thourghly and will make adjustments to everything that can be improved.
I can garentee that It's going to get more interesting and will have a more unique story line as it gets going.
I'm sorry to say i have always had a problem with spelling errors.
(So do my perants, it runs in the family)
Just the other day my friend (who is tonnes better at english then me) was re-reading my story and i began to relise just how many mistakes there are.
She is now going to help edit my storys for me so it will be revised at some point.
I just want you to know it is only the begining and i do need a couple of chapters to develop these charecters, so please try to bare with what you have at the moment.
I also want you to know that i write purley for the fun of writing and i am not discouraged by your review!
I will carry on writing and when i improve i would love it for you to re-read and tell me what you think.
Thanks again for the review and please do keep reading to tell me how to improve.

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Review #2, by magicmuggle01 Anastasia Sandra Rose Shadow; hopelessly in love

30th January 2011:
I love it. Alle sounds like a bit of a scatter brain at times. I also like the sound of the Sasha character. Look forward to reading more, so please update soon. 10/10.

Author's Response: heyy thankyou! ! ! ! !
yeah Alle (dont call me Al) Shadow is a bit odd, different and occacianly wierd but she is very loveable. And i actually really like Sasha. There is going to be many twists and turns in the story it just may take a while to get all the backgrowned information into it, I'll try to update as soon as possible xx :D xx

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