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Review #1, by merlins beard The Usual Fight

22nd August 2015:
Hey Rose,
Well, in this story Remus and Sirius act like a parent fighting with a stubborn teen in the middle of puberty. I like that they can actually tell each other stuff like that and know they’ll be okay the next morning. They have been friends for so long, it would be a pity if that changed because of a petty argument. Of course I have to agree with Sirius on all this. Remus should really permit himself to be happy for once in his life.

There’s that one nitpicky thing (sorry, I just have to point these out):

She could get die and it would be my fault. should be ‘she could get killed and it would be my fault.

And This here:
Grow a pair of bludgers and – “ I LOVE THAT LINE! It’s exactly what I can picture Sirius saying.


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Review #2, by DracoFerret11 The Usual Fight

20th June 2015:
Hello there! This is DarkRose from the forums, here to review for you for the House Cup 2015! So, let's go over things:

Grammar/Spelling: There were a few places where you missed commas throughout this story, but other than that, good job! There are some really helpful comma guides online if you wanted to check them out! But it's not a big deal. :)

Plot: I love the idea of a conversation between Remus and Sirius about Tonks. I wasn't really sure where this story was going (I thought maybe it would end up being a Sirius/Remus fic), but I liked the ending a lot! Great idea!

Characterization: I really loved Remus in this. I think he was just self-pitying enough and just annoyed enough at Sirius. Sirius, however, had some strange dialogue that didn't sound very in-character for him, in my opinion. For instance, the line "she’s qualified to assess the risks"...I get what he's saying, and I think it needs to be said, but the way it's phrased sounds a bit too...high-brow for Sirius. But that's not something that's too hard to fix, and it's probably a matter of opinion anyway. :)

Emotions: Oooh, high tension! I love tense stories! I wish we could see even MORE tension, actually--which leads me to:

Descriptions: I would love more details in this story! How things look, sound, feel, taste, etc. would really help bring this to life. If readers could see the tension in the way the characters are sitting, or hear an awkward silence after one of them yells, etc. That could be really cool!

Overall, I liked this. It was a short, interesting moment in these friends' lives. Good job!

--Emily (DarkRose)

Ravenclaw, House Cup 2015

Author's Response: Hi Emily!

Thanks so much for a wonderfully detailed review on this little piece! I think you always go the extra mile when giving feedback and it's really great. I do think I could bump this out but it's a very well treaded subect for me that I'm on the fence about deleting this little snippet.

thanks so much for a wonderful review!


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Review #3, by Frankie05 The Usual Fight

20th June 2015:

Here for House Cup 2015 from Gryffindor.

This made me sad. So very sad. I understand that Remus doesn't want to hurt Tonks and that's admirable but it seems like he is going to far. You did a magnificent job of portraying Sirius and how he probably would have handled the situation. There were a few lines I really enjoyed.

"Love cannot be so easily tossed aside for fear of what could happen once a month." CHILLS. I am telling you I had chills.


"“I love her and yet I can’t love her. There is nothing worse than that.”" This one broke my heart.

It was such a simple story that had a profound effect on me. It makes me want to go love on my significant other. I absolutely hate the way Remus is insecure and afraid and you did a perfect job of putting that into words. Well done


Author's Response: Frankie!

I'm so glad you enjoyed this. it's such a short piece that I didn't expect to go very far in terms of readership.

Thank you for giving it a wonderful review!


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Review #4, by alicia and anne The Usual Fight

20th June 2015:
House Cup 2015

YES! A STORY CONTAINING SIRIUS!!! This makes me so happy right now, and it's with Remus, which is making me happier...although I'm not looking forward to them fighting.

Oh boys, they should know that drinking would end in disaster at times. Although that's a good question about the counter jinx for a permanent sticking charm... theres got to be one! Otherwise what's stopping people from drawing terrible pictures and permanently sticking them to people?

I'm glad that Sirius is going to knock some sense into Remus though, that man needs a serious wake up call, and Sirius is definitely the person to do that.

I want to hug Remus though, when he said that he loves her and yet he can't I wish that he would accept what Sirius says. Although I understand entirely his point.

Oh man! How can it end there? I want more! :D

This was brilliant! And if you have any more Sirius stories or Remus stories laying around I am going to find them and read them! Because your Sirius and Remus are perfect! :D

Author's Response: I love writing about Remus and Sirius. I have quite a few stories iwth them. ^_^

yeah, drinkng in OotP for the two of them just isn't good. Sirius is a good friend willing to have stern words with Remus.

remus is just stubborn when it comes to accepting affection. *shakes head*

I wrote this in the middle of the night years ago and ended it on the dramatic moment because I didn't have more to add. I've gone over them as friends and Remus/Tonks so much that it felt unnecessary.

thanks so much for an awesome review!


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Review #5, by Freda_and_Georgina The Usual Fight

12th June 2015:
I (Georgina) love Reamus/ Tonks, but I can't decide if they're my OTP. Ironically, Reamus is acting like a wolf (the normal animal) to protect Tonks from a wolf (the magical were-wolf). And it's kind of funny the way Sirius is convincing Reamus to date his cousin; usually it's the other way around. I like your portrayal of Sirius and Reamus but kind of wish we could see some effects of the discussion (did it work this time? Does Sirius have to try again?) but despite that this is a touching one-shot. Excellent writing!

Hufflepuff for the 2015 House Cup!

Author's Response: Georgina!

Oh my, I am so excited you stopped by this story (and yay for another Remus/Tonks fan!). I never meant this to be much more than a short burst of writing. I do explore them more in other works though.

thnaks so much!

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Review #6, by TreacleTart The Usual Fight

11th June 2015:
Hey Rose!

I'm here for the House Cup 2015-Gryffindor!

I always love a good Sirius/Remus story whether it be friendship or love or both. I really liked this missing moment. I thought that both Sirius and Remus made some very valid points. Obviously, Remus' concerns are understandable and I like that his primary focus is on Tonks safety. Sirius is correct though in saying that Tonks is not a child and therefore should be able to make a decision on who she wants to be with.

The ending was quite powerful. I could really feel the rage and frustration seething from Remus. His last few sentences make it very clear just how mad he is.

I liked your choice of ending. I definitely don't think there's any argument that could shake the two of them after everything they've been through, but the idea that the words might linger and cause Remus to change his mind is very nice.

I did notice a couple of typos.

whole life your entire life – take out whole life

his want pointed at Sirius. – wand

All in all, I think this was a job well done!


Author's Response: Kaitlin!

Thank you so much for a wonderful review. I've thought about taking this story down a few times (I wrote it in the middle of the night years ago and it's just kind ot there) but reviews like yours make me glad I've kept it around.


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Review #7, by Minion of the Easter Bunny The Usual Fight

10th April 2015:
Bounce. Bounce. Bounce.

Hello! I have realised that I am terrible at hiding, and so I may as well just introduce myself as I go. I am one of the Easter Bunny's minions and the reason I am still giving out chocolate is because I keep getting distracted by all these amazing stories!

I saw that you had nothing to do as the queue was clear, so I decided to pay you a visit. That way neither of us are bored. I have a lovely Easter egg for you somewhere... ah here it is 0 .
I hope you like blue and shiny things.

Onto your review! I know you wrote this a long time ago but I really loved it. It was interesting to see how you pictured Remus and Sirius back then. I have to say, I loved Sirius's dialogue because it was really funny.

When Remus mentioned biting Tonks, my first thought was of love bites... I suppose they could be equally dangerous if Bill is anyone to go by, even though Greyback wasn't transformed at the time.

Anyway, brilliant story! I must be off now, but thank you for the chance to read this!

Bounce. Bounce. Bounce.

Author's Response: Hello Easter Bunny Minion!!

I'm so glad you hopped on over and were kind enough to leave me a review. Ooh, Thanks for the lovely egg. I do love blue and shiny.

Thank you so much for the kind and awesome review!! I'm glad Sirius made you laugh a bit and your comment about love bites made me giggle a bit. :D

Now, hop on and don't forget to keep leaving chocolate *yum*


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Review #8, by Unicorn_Charm The Usual Fight

7th July 2014:

Once again you have penetrated my head canon. This, so easily, could be something that happened. I could see Sirius becoming so irritated with Remus for not allowing himself to be happy. Especially while Sirius was in Azkaban for a large chunk of his life, and still thought to be a murderer. For him to see Remus just throw something like true love away, while he is unable to find, or experience it, would infuriate him. I'm sure.

I love how you write Remus so much. You have his self doubt down perfectly. I could easily picture him getting heated while explaining - probably for the hundreth time - why he feels he cannot be with Tonks.

Loved this! Absolutely loved it! Once again, you've done an amazing job. Very happy I read this. :)

House Cup 2014 Review

xoxo Meg

Author's Response: MEG!!

Thank you so much for stalking me for the HC!

hehe, I'm glad I managed to make this fit into your headcanon. Sirius would be quite frustrated at Remus' continued refusal to be happy. Sirius really has a case of yolo at this period of his life.

I can't tell you how happy it makes me that you like how I write Remus. I've spent a lot of time trying to get into his head and it means a lot that i've been able to do that well.

thank you again for such a terrific review!!


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Review #9, by lumos_knox The Usual Fight

5th July 2014:
Hello! I'm here for the Ravenclaw review battle.

This was, although short, a very touching piece of writing. Everything in here was so true and translated perfectly. All the emotion packed in here I find to be spot on and realistic.

I always for sorry for Remus. He will never understand that people love him just the way he is. I'm just lying here reading this silently chanting "come on, give in, Remus" because you've made me really want him to see the light.

The bursts of anger in the conversation really add a bang and interest. I think it was very clever how you placed certain words and actions as well as tones and descriptions to portray how someone was feeling, instead of straight up telling us that someone was angry.

It's still sad how Remus doesn't understand. Some might believe he's quite timid, but when it comes down to it, his temper is explosive. Harry experienced that side in the Horcrux hunt. It's always scary to see that side, and probably difficult to write, but I think you did it perfectly and I need to commended for that.

A very touching and eye opening piece. Thanks for sharing!


Author's Response: Hi Lauren!!

I debate from time to time whether this is worth keeping but reviews like yours make me glad I've kept it around. I'm so happy that the emotions in this felt true for the characters!

Remus has a tough time with his love life. Every time I write Remus in a romance, his struggles are similar (though slightly evolving). :D It does mean a lot that you want him to move towards his relationship with Tonks.

I was trying to keep my word limit down for this (as part of a challenge) so I really had to deliberate over each action.

You can't have a story about Remus and not make it sad. I like to think of his temper as a manifesation of his werewolf tendencies. I'm really glad you think I've captured that well!

Thank you so much for leaving such a lovely review!


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Review #10, by GingeredTea The Usual Fight

14th December 2013:
This was a great beginning and I would love to see where it would go.

Sorry for the lateness of this review, by the way. Real-life got in the way in a major way (it's pretty good at that lately). I'm going to review some more of your stories to make up for the lateness. :)

I really enjoyed reading the way this conversation might have gone between Sirius and Remus and you did a nice job capturing each of their character.

Author's Response: I've thought about writing more to this snippet. I've explored Remus and Sirius quite a bit during this time period so it's hard for me to give them a plot line that I haven't done. I am glad it made you want to see more of them after this conversation.

With such a short piece, it's great to hear that I captured their personalities and friendship!

Thank you so much for such a nice review!


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Review #11, by Rumpelstiltskin The Usual Fight

1st December 2013:
I'm still procrastinating (but making leeway) so I figured that I'd pop on over :).

I love your Remus and Sirius arguments! Which means, since this story IS a Remus/Sirius argument, that I love this too.

I really loved that Sirius called Remus the "smartest *ahem* fool" that he's ever met. I mean, honestly, he really is.

Broom-polishing life? Yup, queue the immature giggles. I see that Remus isn't thinking with John Thomas in this. -_- I'm sorry, I really just can't help myself.

I love Sirius; he's just so right in this :D. Remus needs to listen to Sirius!

Aha, what else is Sirius going to do in his isolation? You know...besides read magazines ;).

*hugs* This was a great little story!


Author's Response: You can procrastinate all you want.

Wait, you're reviewing this instead of writing Everto Trucido??! Get on it!! :P

Remus and Sirius arguments are a lot of fun to write. They're two of my favorite characters. Did I tell you I'm brewing a Remus/Sirius slash? ^_^

hehe, I like coming up with wizarding ephemisms. It might even be my dream job.

Sirius was always right about Remus' relationship with Tonks. :D Remus just took a long time to realize it.

*cough* magazines are only so entertaining.

Thanks for such an fantabulous review!


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Review #12, by maraudertimes The Usual Fight

26th November 2013:
This is really cool and I was super excited to read this since I've never really read anything like it before so... ONWARDS! ;)

Before I start, there are just a few typos:
"She could get die..." Obviously, you can see what's wrong with this.
"Remus had his want pointed at Sirius." Wand, not want. :)

Other than that? Magnifique! (That's French for: Magnificent!) This was really cool to see and I can honestly say that I understand where both parties are coming from. Sirius is trying to shock his best mate into realizing that Tonks doesn't care about the wolf and that Remus is just scared of relationships/commitments/girls, etc. And Remus honestly believes its for the best.

Of course, each have an inkling of truth, but I have to side with Sirius. :)

I really liked this and the fact that you said that the anger would be forgotten is really true to form when it comes to best mates. I've seen my friends blow up at each other and then the next day, I've had to restrain myself from saying 'Aren't you boys mad at each other?' Very different from fights within female relationships (well... most. I'm not going to stereotype, but from what I've seen it's most.) where it could last anywhere from a few hours to a few months.

I also liked the subtle hints of perhaps Remus had other relationships, and that Sirius had been in Azkaban, all the while those were very subtle and I liked them. :)

Great job! I really liked this!

Author's Response: Hi!!!

*cough* I'll go fix those typos asap. I wonder sometimes if I can read. -.-

If you keep going through Epitaph of a Good Man, you'll see them have a similar argument quite a lot. It's their main conflict (in my head at least) throughout OotP. I really see Sirius as a huge proponent of Tonks/Remus.

Everyone sides with Sirius here (except Remus but his opinion doesn't count). :D

I do think some chicks tend to hold onto anger for a bit longer. Sirius and Remus have gone through too much to get hung up on something small like a fight over Remus' love life.

I'm really glad you liked the subtle hints about Remus' past and issues he's faced.

Thank you so much for an awesome review. Your reviews are always awesome!!


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Review #13, by AlexFan The Usual Fight

9th November 2013:
This was interesting. I've never rely thought about the fact that Remus probably talked to Sirius about Tonka and expressed his fears. It seems just like Sirius though to try and hit Remus with the obvious.

It's stories like these that really make me realise how tough Remus's life must've been. For me, the thing that stood out most was the fact that you really brought out Remus's fear of hurtin those that he loves.

But anyway, I really enjoyed this and I think it was great!

Author's Response: Oh man, I've based a lot of my writing on the fact that Remus and Sirius talked about Remus' relationship with Tonks. :D I imagine they did a lot of that during OotP.

I'm glad Remus' stubbornness came out as fear here. That's a much nicer interpretation than just being a coward (as Sirius calls it).

I'm so happy you enjoyed reading through this!!

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Review #14, by Lady Asphodel The Usual Fight

7th November 2013:
WHOOH! This was great!

It's been a long time since I've read Sirius and Remus moments!

This was absolutely marvelous and awesome how Sirius told Remus to get his head out of his butt. :P

And I definitely love how defensive Remus gotten too! Lol. :D

There are things that I want to add.

I can see this is like taking place between the "Goblet of Fire" and "Order of the Phoenix." It'd be an interesting and even sad punch to the story if you add that Sirius died and these will be like the last words Sirius and Remus said to each other.

Then it'd definitely give it a - BAM - to the story!

(I don't know what's wrong with me wanting to see Sirius die. I love him too much! ♥ )

It'll also be fitting for your title - which I really love by the way! That's why I clicked on this one! n.n

One more thing I want to say is you have a couple of spelling errors but nothing like a quick fix would make it better. :3

Overall, this was nicely done again, and great job on this! =^D From the review thread!

- Asphodel

Author's Response: Hi!!

I love writing Remus and Sirius moments (quite honestly my Remus/Tonks stories are chock full of them).

I've always imagined that during most of OotP Sirius was telling Remus to wake up and smell the flowers. I think we saw a bit of Remus' defensiveness in DH when Harry confronts him about his leaving Tonks. If he'd flair up like to Harry, I'm sure he'd do it to Sirius.

I never thought about trying to add a sad twist like that. I've written so many sad things about Remus already. I'll have to think about that.

Ack, I'll go through and hunt for those spelling errors. Thanks for pointing that out!!

Thanks so much for such a nice review!


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Review #15, by milominderbinder The Usual Fight

26th October 2013:
Hey hon! Review tag :D

This was such a good fic even though it was short! I thought you capture their friendship so well, and both their personalities really came through - that Sirius is being the more confrontational one, starting the arguments, and Remus is just kind of wearily going along with it. Also it was so sweet how much Sirius wants Remus to be happy and clearly wants only the best for him - that's exactly how I picture their friendship!

Despite the short length this felt full and complete, and amazing tiny snapshot into their lives. It seemed like you got all the necessary context and backstory in without overstuffing it. I also liked the fact that because of the length, a lot of it was left up to interpretation, which again saved it from feeling overstuffed and made it really awesome to read. I can tell this little fic is going to stay with me and I'm going to be thinking about it all day! Something about this was just really perfect.

Well done :D


Author's Response: Hi Maia!!

thank you for a wonderful review! I've debated whether this should stay around - feedback like yours makes me feel like I should keep it around. I'm really glad it has enough depth and context to make a good story.

I always enjoy writing about Remus and Sirius' relationship. This snippet was bursting to get out of me late one night. I've always imagined that Sirius was quite frustrated by his Remus' refusal to pursue happiness.

:D You've made my day by saying this will stay with you all day. :D :D


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Review #16, by LittleLionGirl The Usual Fight

10th October 2013:
Oh my! Such a captivating argument between two close friends! I was nearly reading through my fingers here. This was an amazing read, well done. I only found one mistake- there is a want where a wand should be (I only felt the need to point this out because I read the line twice).
I didn't mean to call you old with the ten years comment- just that it is quite amazing someone has so much dedication to one site.
Happy Ten years and another ten to follow!

Author's Response: Hi!!!
aaah, I'm so glad I made you all anxious while reading this. I meant it to be short and intense! ...I'll go fix that wand problem.

I didn't really think you were calling me old - I was just teasing you. :)

Thank you so much for such an incredible review!!

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Review #17, by bellatrixlestrange123 The Usual Fight

3rd October 2013:
I'm here for our review swap!

I chose this story because it's always better to review a one shot because then I can't miss anything but also because after reading and reviewing your last James/Sirius One-shot, I felt like I really really had to read this one!

Firstly, this was such a nice little one shot. It wasn't very lenthy (which is good for me since I tend to get a headache if I scroll down a chapter for too long) but also because despite the length of the chapter, It felt as though you included everything that you needed too plus more in those short few paragraphs. The paragraphs flowed into each other smoothly and without any jumpiness and you described the paradox of moods from the start and end of the story brilliantly!

Even though their wasn't heaps of dialogue exchanged between Sirius and Remus, It was still enough to find out all about Tonks, Sirius' worry and care for his friend and Remus' love for Tonks and how torn he feels. It was so easy to see the heartbreak he was experiencing over being in love with someone but having them be so fragile compared to him.

Such a good one shot, Well done! :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much for an awesome review!! I'm so glad to hear that the micro-fic worked well and contained enough to be meaningful. I've considered bulking this out a touch but I write about this situation in more depth in my other fics that it would be almost a duplication of my other work. I'm still considering it though.

^_^ I'm very happy you liked this!! Thank you again!!

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Review #18, by adluvshp The Usual Fight

3rd October 2013:
Hey, here for review tag.

This was a nice little one-shot giving an insight into the friendship between Sirius and Remus. I liked how Sirius wanted Remus to embrace his love. You also got Remus' character well.

The dialogue and writing style was interesting and natural. The entire interaction felt believable and I can actually see this happening in canon so good job. This was short but definitely an enjoyable read, and a fresh perspective on an existing canon event, so I liked it.

The only CC I'd give is that there were a few typos here and there, for example, wand misspelled as want. You might want to give this a quick re-read and fix them. Besides that, the narrative was smooth and the premise interesting. Your characterisations of Remus and Sirius were also spot on. I wish we had more insight into their thoughts apart from the dialogue too, but that's just my personal preference.

All in all, good work.

Author's Response: Hi AD!

Thanks so much for a great review! I'm glad you liked my micro-fic and that Remus and Sirius worked well. They're really fun for me to write.

I'll go through and catch those typos - I appreciate you pointing them out. ^_^ I did leave this rather sparse on the descriptions and insights. I'm not sure I'll add more to this fic just because I've combed over Sirius and Remus as they relate to the Remus/Tonks relationship so much that I'd be stealing from my other stories to add to this one.

Thank you again for such a nice review!

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Review #19, by 800 words of heaven The Usual Fight

28th September 2013:
Hello! Here with your review from review swap!

I'm sorry for picking a rather short story to read, but the theme from your summary really intrigued me. Whilst I love Remus/Tonks, I haven't actually read many fics about them, because they make me so sad, but I really wanted to give this one a go. It seems like an interesting and fresh new perspective on their story. Also, I'm a bit of a sucker for Sirius in almost any shape or form, and Remus and Sirius' bromance is too awesome not to read!

I love the dialogue between these two! It feels very organic and natural, which can be quite hard to achieve at times! One can tell that they're old friends in the way that they talk. Sirius is not afraid to call Remus out for being a fool, and Remus is not afraid to fight back. It's nice the way that you've shown the depth of their friendship in this way, rather than telling or describing it to the reader. Actions really do speak louder than words in this case, and especially considering the small word count, it's a very clever form of minimalism of words (something at which I do not obviously excel, if this rambling review is anything by which to go - sorry about that. I should've warned you!)

Oh, how I love your portrayal of Sirius! We see a lot of the way Remus is in canon, but this side of Sirius is rarely explored. He's a good, loyal friend, trying to help his best mate. I love how you've also shown him as being a very astute person, having understood Tonks rather well. And his anger! Oh, how wonderful! Again, you've done all of this through the dialogue, which is fantastic. I don't feel as if I'm losing out on the description either, which can be a drawback of using dialogue so heavily. Sirius' lexicon is just perfect, too! You've created such a well-rounded, dynamic character in so few words, using a very difficult technique. I'd be jealous of your mad skillz if I wasn't feeling so giddy at reading this!

This was such a wonderful snapshot into the lives of my favourite Marauders at a difficult time! If it wasn't blindingly obvious, I loved this! It was a very unique look into Remus and Tonks' relationship, but at the same time, was so much more as well: Sirius and Remus' friendship, Remus' self-doubt, and Sirius' loyalty and perceptiveness. Amazing writing!

Author's Response: Oh wow - your review might be longer than this fic. :D I've written a lot of Remus/Tonks - they're kind of by favorite pairing (and it's impossible to write them without talking about Sirius. He's one of my favorite people to write). I've definitely played with the bromance in other stories.

I'm kind of on the verge of squee and blushing. I wrote a lot of Sirius and Remus interaction before writing this story. This was an idea that was keeping me up one night. I would have done more description if I had thought it out more :-/ so I'm really glad it works. :D

^_^ I'm really thrilled you liked my portrayal of Sirius. I really like his character so it's always fun to write. You have pretty awesome mad skillz - I think we can be in mutual admiration.

I did get that you loved this ;) Your review really, really made my evening!!!

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Review #20, by Gaius Scipio The Usual Fight

16th September 2013:
It seems you are as much a fan of Remus as I am of Dennis Creevey. This was a good story, really, really good. My only regret - that it wasn't longer. Looking forward to reading more of your stuff.

Author's Response: Dennis Creevey is the cutest character - I haven't read many fics about him though. I'm so glad you liked this. I definitely explore more of Sirius and Remus' relationship in my other fics. I've thought about plumping this out but it seemed like I'd be stealing from my other ideas.

Thank you again for a wonderful review. ^_^

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Review #21, by LilyLou The Usual Fight

12th September 2013:

Alright. So this is an amazing little one shot. It's quite short. Sometimes I feel 500 words is just too little, you know? If you were to ever come back and revise and edit this, I'd say add some more descriptive words and sentences. Trail off just a tiny bit, but leave room to come back to the main idea within two or three sentences. It'll add on depth and will hold a readers attention better. Your grammar, as far as I can tell, is pretty good. There was nothing that caught my eye.

A good summary always catches a readers attention. Don't take this the wrong way, your summary explains the one shot. But an interesting snippet of the story, or even just something like you have would be good. Just don't have that 'I wrote this when I couldn't sleep' or 'This just came to me when I was writing something else' you know? In my opinion, it shows signs of a young or not as experienced writer. Please don take this the wrong way. I can be harsh.

But this was a very good one shot. The characterization was fantastic. There wasn't any OOC that I caught. Remus was portrayed well.

Good job! Keep writing!


Author's Response: ^_^ I think it's nice that you were worried about being too harsh. Thank you for the feedback. I tend to have a neat-o line for my summary. While I might take the "i wrote this before bed one night" out of the summary I don't think there's enough text to the fic to grab a line that wouldn't make the reader feel like "uh, I just read that".

So good to hear everyone sounds in character. I might add a bit of detail if I edit this one. I write a lot of Sirius and Remus in my other fics that this one was not something I intended to reexamine (just document as an idea that I flushed out).

Thank you so much for an awesome review!

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Review #22, by Siriusgirl The Usual Fight

9th September 2013:
Hi, this is for the review swap!
This was a short entry, but very well-written. I think you nailed both characters. I'm glad Sirus called Lupin out, he needed to hear this. I'd love to see this continued and how it pans out. Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the great feedback. I am glad they both seemed in character. I go into the Remus/Tonks relationship more in my other fics. This specific ficlet came out of a sleepless night that I had HP on the brain.

I'll get to your story tonight - thanks you again for the great review.

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Review #23, by Erised The Usual Fight

4th September 2013:
I really enjoyed this! It's interesting to think of things that the other characters were doing whilst the narrative in the series focused on Harry, so I think this was a great little 'missing moment' between Sirius and Remus.

I felt that you captured the characters perfectly with Remus worrying and thinking he is trying to be selfless when he's actually being the opposite, and Sirius being blunt and trying to make him see sense. Remus always comes across as a very self-deprecating character and I think that with your dialogue for him you really expressed that well.

I also like that there wasn't necessarily a happy ending or an agreement at the end - you left it hanging and it makes me want to know what the next day would bring for the two of them, even though I know the events in the book.

I think you did a really good job with such a short word count and really wrote the characters very well here. Welcome back to HPFF!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for such a kind and thorough review! I'm glad the fic managed to convey enough punch to be worth posting. I worried about it being too short to matter at the time.

Thanks for the welcome back! I'm glad to be back.

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Review #24, by Hyacinth Dursley The Usual Fight

25th January 2011:
I can easily image this discussion taking place. Well written and I only spotted one spelling mistake. However with the excellent dialog it doesn't really matter. Thanks for posting it!

Author's Response: Thanks for pointing out those typos (and for your great review)!

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