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Review #1, by Blame The Nargles Calm Before the Storm

23rd January 2013:
Hmm, don't know why it cut off most of my previous review, but I'll post it again:
Hello LL. This has absolutely nothing to do with this story (>_< sorry) but MM has fanfiction on here, right? Do you happen to remember her username? :)

Author's Response: Wow, this was ages ago, and I'm just now seeing it =S, my bad. Um, I dont recall MM having any stories on here. If so, I've never read them.

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Review #2, by Blame The Nargles Calm Before the Storm

23rd January 2013:
Helo LL. This has absolutely nothing to do with this story (>_

Author's Response: I dont mind, lol this is getting my review count up. :)

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Review #3, by Blame The Nargles Calm Before the Storm

3rd July 2012:
Hey! BTN from Leaky here! :D

I liked this story a lot, though I normally like humor ones.
(Sadly, almost all your other stories are Dramione, and I don't ship that, so.)
But I really did like this story! :)


Author's Response: Thanks BTN, glad you liked it. :)I have a few others that arent Dramione, if you check them out let me know.


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Review #4, by kyrstalkris Calm Before the Storm

4th December 2011:
Loved it! Always thought of them this way. :) I've always had a soft spot for Narcissa!

Author's Response: So have I, I think deep down Narcissa isn't a bad person. Just surrounded by bad people. Thanks for reviewing!


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Review #5, by AlexFan Calm Before the Storm

4th October 2011:
Hey LunaLuver, the Leaky Cauldron's wokring again. I sent you an owl. Did you send your request yet? Did it get filled out? Cause I've had some spare time so I've made a Word Docment about chapter images and banners I want to request. Don't judge me I was bored. Oh and good story.

Author's Response: Hey! Leaky seems to be down again because I just tried. :( My request hasnt been filled yet, no. Lol no judging here, I have a Word Document filled with things I want to request too. :) But you're next so as soon as Leaky works for me, and mine gets filled, I'll put your request in. And I'm glad you liked the story!


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Review #6, by Victoria LH Calm Before the Storm

13th March 2011:

Author's Response: Yes they are getting a bit annoying.
Thanks for reading!


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Review #7, by Theia Luna Calm Before the Storm

2nd March 2011:
Whoa. that was INTENSE. The writing--as always-- was incredible! The emotions in the story were spectacular, and it felt like i was reading something JKR could've written herself. I never really thought much of the whole Narcissa-and-Bellatrix relationship, but this is basically what i imagined. I was so excited when i saw this up! it's INCREDIBLE! I love it. Awesome job Tori, and i can't wait to read more from you!!


Author's Response: You are the first reviewer, Yay!! :) I'm thrilled you liked it so much, and wow, saying it was like reading something JKR wrote just blows me away! That means so much, I could only to hope to be as good as her someday. Thanks for the wonderful review Valerie!!!


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