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Review #1, by Miss MarlaG A Day in the Life

17th March 2011:
awww! this is so sweet and it goes so well with the song. i love how she secretly loves him and then after they were together tries to play hard to get but he kisses her :) so sweet. you deserved 2nd! (sorry, a friend won 1st :p) i loved it!

Author's Response: Nah, everyone got what they deserved. :) Thanks, though!

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Review #2, by Toujours Padfoot A Day in the Life

16th March 2011:

So sad and bittersweet! Poor Lily, drawn between protecting herself and wanting to give in to what she wants. Excellent use of the lyrics weaving in and out - it was all very well-placed. And I liked the ice-crusted window bit, it was pretty imagery. :)

I don't read much about Lily as an Auror, so it was nice to imagine her in that way. She's got a very strong voice and personality, so being an Auror would really suit her well. This one-shot made me realize that she lived such a short life...she was my age when she died. So it's definitely a good thing that she gave in to what she wanted, so that she could have James and Harry and experience that kind of love before she died so young. It's really just so tragic...and I felt that in this songfic, the tragedy all around them that was slowly consuming the world, knocking them off one by one.

Author's Response: Yeah, so sad. I'm the age she was when she died, too. It's disturbing to see anything about anyone dying the same age or younger than yourself.

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Review #3, by gingersnape A Day in the Life

9th February 2011:
Oh my goodness this was a sweet story! (hehe, woop woop for a Beatles songfic! Hehe, my entry for it just went up, though I really like yours so I hope you do well in it! You did a great job with finding a good way to represent the song, so good luck!!!) I think there might be a few minor timeline nitpicky things in it, but I was really drawn into the story and just thought you did a great job of matching the song to the story, and boy am I a sucker for a good Lily/James!

Great job on this and good luck in this challenge too,

Author's Response: Yeah, sometimes you just need to throw out timelines. :P I've never written a Lily/James, and I kind of like writing the Marauders...maybe I'll do it again sometime. :D (AKA I'm writing a Remus fic right now for a challenge)

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Review #4, by Olwyn A Day in the Life

5th February 2011:
Hi there!
So that was really cute, I like what you did with it. Be sure to check out my blog for the winners on the forums!!!
Congrats on having done the challenge!

Author's Response: Awh, thanks! I totally will be checking that blog!

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