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Review #1, by sophie_elle_malfoy Confusion

14th January 2012:
I always knew a kiss would shut Hermione up :P Sometimes, she's just too bloody noisy (based on Rowling's description).

Btw, you did great. I like this chapter. Please post the next chapter faster.

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Review #2, by MlleShadow Confusion

3rd October 2011:
Of course chose Dracoo! How can she even hesitate?? Nice chapter, even though it was a short one! :D

Author's Response: Well, since Hermione only had a short time of adapting to Draco2.0, I think it is rather realistic to be unsure ... however, I am sure the brightest witch of her age will make the right decision ^^

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Review #3, by MlleShadow Angry

3rd October 2011:
Waa, Hermione was kind of irresponsible here >< Lucky for her that Draco loves her!

Author's Response: It sure was ... who wouldn't be lucky if Draco loved her ;)

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Review #4, by MlleShadow Breakfast

3rd October 2011:
Haha, they are so cute together!! :D But I don't really like the nickname Dray though, sounds weird... But that only my opinion :P

Author's Response: Hey there, I guess nicknames are a difficult thing in general ... I don't like Drake too much, for example. However, I am trying not to use it overly much ... so I hope you can live with it ^^

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Review #5, by MlleShadow A date? ... and revelations

2nd October 2011:
This story is reaally reaally good so faar! You make me neglect my homework. So I'll have to stop now and continue reading tomorrow!

Author's Response: Oh dear ... I wouldn't want that ^^
Hope you like the rest as well. I promise I'll be updating soon!

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Review #6, by KiraPotter16 Mr Black

28th August 2011:
that little guy reminds me of rumplestilstskin. it's awesome :P. this chapter is so good. that looks so lame but i can't think of anything to say that wouldn't sound so ridiculously over enthusiastic :)

Author's Response: Oh my, now that you say it ... you're right. He is a little bit like rumplestiltskin.
I am really happy that you like the story so far!

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Review #7, by KiraPotter16 Malfoy Manor

28th August 2011:
i am so loving this story! i love how protective Draco seems to be of 'Mione. This is brilliant :)

Author's Response: Thank you for your review! I am glad you like the story.

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Review #8, by qtbaby88 Confusion

24th August 2011:
aw thats so amazing please post soon

Author's Response: I am glad you like it so far! And I promise to update as soon as possible!

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Review #9, by Christine_Nighting Confusion

24th August 2011:
Hermione should kiss him. Like really kiss him. Because I'm such a Dramione pushover.

:) Nice chapter, though I wish it was longer D:

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review! Well, yes, I wish it was longer, too ... I promise to be better once I have time again ;)
We'll see whether they will kiss again anytime soon ^^

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Review #10, by butterbeer Confusion

22nd August 2011:
I love this story so much! Its soo good. I think Hermione Nd Draco make such a CUTE couple Nd look soo good together!!

Author's Response: Thanks a lot! I am glad you like it!

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Review #11, by Christine_Nighting Angry

8th August 2011:
Yes! *squeals* I'm such a Dramione fan now :D

I can't wait till the next chapter!

Author's Response: Oh dear ... I am sorry for not answering any sooner. Thank you for the review. I am glad you liked it! I am pretty busy atm with my masters thesis ... so my updates won't be as very regular until about next month!

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Review #12, by Angel Contemplation

5th July 2011:
OK im pretty far into this story now, and i thought maybe u would illuminate later... so far no so i have to say something. Hermione is a witch, as you stated earlier so i know u havent taken her powers away or anything. So, when Ron took her car, why didnt she just Apparate? Why did she have to take the bus like a muggle? thats a pretty big plot hole since if she had apparated, none of this would have happened.

Author's Response: Yes ... you're definitely right! I never thought about that ... so I guess I'll have to make that up later ... thank you for telling me!! And thank you for reviewing in general!!

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Review #13, by HpGirl1 Angry

2nd July 2011:
Loved this story so much! Please update ASAP!

Author's Response: Thank you so much ... I am glad you like it!

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Review #14, by bluemonkey11 Angry

2nd July 2011:
cant wait to read what will happen next when you said everyone who curious put you hand up I did by the way.hope you update sooner than last time it was killing me waiting love the story plz keep writing;);););)!:):):):)

Author's Response: Hahaha ...
I am glad you like the story so far!! I am afraid even though I am faster with my writing this time it will still take time because of the queue closure, though :(
I'll make sure to have it up asap - promise!

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Review #15, by lily-alice Angry

1st July 2011:
that's funny... i thought draco had NO ulterior motives. (;

avps reference, by the way...

Author's Response: Haha ... well, he definitely had ... I haven't watched avps yet ... I'll do so today, I think!
Thanks for the review!!

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Review #16, by qtbaby88 Angry

1st July 2011:
awww glad he finally maned up and showed her amaizng job

Author's Response: oh yes. I thought it was about time - after all he refrained from doing so for quite some time, now! We'll see whether it was worth the effort ^^

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Review #17, by Hermione Angry

1st July 2011:
Hahaha...I definitely wanna know!!!...;)...Please update soon...

Author's Response: Me too ^^
I'll try and update soon but more than likely I won't make it before the queue is closed tomorrow :(

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Review #18, by HPfan Angry

1st July 2011:
I can't wait to see Hermione's reaction.. I love your story! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much ... I am rather curious as to how she'll react, too ;) we'll see ... I hope to update soon though I definitely won't make it before the queue is closed :(

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Review #19, by SwitchyWitch17 Angry

1st July 2011:
I wanna know, i wanna know, way to leave a cliffhanger! :( lol x

Author's Response: ah, yes, the cliffy ... sorry about that. I tried to write the whole scene but it sucked ... so I decided to leave it there and hopefully write a good kissing scene next chapter.

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Review #20, by TicTacLuv Angry

1st July 2011:

Author's Response: Yeah ... me, too ^^ I'll make sure that we won't have to wait too long

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Review #21, by Thumbs up! Mr Black

17th June 2011:
The story is great! I feel like it's alittle mixed up right now but I can't wait to see where u take it

Author's Response: Yeah ... that's exactly what I feel, too ^^
I hope that it will all become more straight forward, though!!
Thank you for taking the time to review!!

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Review #22, by qtbaby88 Mr Black

14th June 2011:
amazing cany wait too find out what hermione says

Author's Response: yeah, well ... she's in for some trouble, I'd say ... her explanation better be good ;)

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Review #23, by KTMalfoy Mr Black

13th June 2011:
OOH! Excitement! :D lol drama is stirring...Hermione is such a badass. lol Ginny is so bold. i love it!

Author's Response: Haha ... yeah, I tried to refrain from making Hermione a female Bond ^^
I love that you love it!!

Thank you so much for your review!

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Review #24, by KTMalfoy Breakfast

9th June 2011:
Cute cute cute :) I love this.

Author's Response: Aw, thank you!! The next chapter is waiting in the lines ... so it should be up soon! I hope you'll like it, too ...

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Review #25, by HDforever Breakfast

5th June 2011:
really loving the story cant wait for next chapter

Author's Response: thank you so much ... it's in the works and I hope to update it tomorrow ... so it should be up soon

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