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Review #1, by blackangelwings Spinning

21st April 2012:
I really like this. I like the way you write, the characters and I'm really liking the idea so far. I can't wait for the next chapter, UPDATE SOON!

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Review #2, by ashleym15 Make A Friend, Make A Memory

10th February 2012:
wow. i loved loved loved this chapter :) it was really good. James confuses me tho...

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Review #3, by Cheyenne To Be Sorted

17th January 2012:
Thrilling. ZThat chapter brought me back to Harry's first day at Hogwarts, and the wonder that he experinced. I love how all of your characters have distinct personalities. I can tell who said what baised on thier attitude. You've done an excellent job. I beg you to update soon!

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Review #4, by Echogirl To Be Sorted

15th January 2012:
Ooh, I'm really liking this story. You're a really talented writer! Good luck and I can't wait to read more :)

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Review #5, by Goddess Athena To Be Sorted

14th January 2012:
Yay for updates! Love the chapter, even though it was a bit short for me.

I like Roxy and the development of Clara. She rocks.


And maybe some more family drama w. Clara? Like, her stepdad could find her or something? I love the drama in this story - so real, so good. I know you probably already have a plan for this story, but just wanted to say how I thought it would go.


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Review #6, by ashleym15 Hogwarts Bound

27th December 2011:
yay new chapter:) i really liked it. lack Clara/James action though!

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Review #7, by Cheyenne Hogwarts Bound

24th December 2011:
PLEASE PLEASE tell me that a update is on its way! Your killin' me!

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Review #8, by Cheyenne Strong For Too Long

24th December 2011:
"Tears are the sign of a person who's been strong for too long."

You are a genius my dear.

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Review #9, by beachblonde Hogwarts Bound

9th December 2011:
please update soon this has a really good story line!

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Review #10, by Goddess Athena The Music of Loneliness

3rd October 2011:

Great, great, GREAT, chapter! I love your descriptiveness. Your stories are always great and I am completely and totally in love with this one! Keep it up and update soon!

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Review #11, by ashleym15 Revelations

4th September 2011:
loved this chapter. i really like how the plot is thickening :)

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Review #12, by ashleym15 A Complete Headcase

15th August 2011:
i really like it and James intrigues me :) its good:)

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Review #13, by supermegafoxyawsomehot A Complete Headcase

11th August 2011:
mysterious. I lurve it! I do hope that this story doesn't pass by too quickly. I do love stories that get to the point, but sometimes longer stories are better. then again their will be long pauses in the middle. anyways good job. 10/10

Author's Response: Oh my God. Supermegafoxyawesomehot. YOU'RE A STARKID.

Ahem. Sorry. Had to say that. But um, yeah, I actually know exactly what you mean. I can't see this story ending too soon so hopefully I won't disappoint. Thanks for the review!

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Review #14, by Goddess Athena A Complete Headcase

11th August 2011:
Wow, this story KICKS ASS! I completely love it! Please update soon. I feel so bad for Clara, but love her character. And her leather jacket. :)

I am so excited to see what you do with it! Please update soon!

I especially love the quote:

"Tears aren't a sign of weakness or failure or even defeat. Tears are the sign of a person who's been strong for too long."

Love it. Pure brilliance.

Author's Response: Oh, I'm so glad you like it. I love the jacket too :P I'm excited to see what comes of it too. I have a horrible tendency to never plan anything and just let the story go where ever my fickle muse chooses. Ah yes, that quote is one of my personal favorites. Oh gosh, you're making me blush ;D More to come soon!

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Review #15, by CrazyRavenChick Strong For Too Long

2nd August 2011:
I love the connection between Harry and Clara. It's really good :)

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Review #16, by catchmewhentheskyhasfallen Strong For Too Long

23rd July 2011:
Oh my gosh. This is so good! Update soon, I want to read more :)

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Review #17, by ashley Strong For Too Long

21st July 2011:
yay you've updated:) i really like her backstory and you could really feel like it was real (if that makes any sense). i really like James' characterisation. keep writing:)

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Review #18, by laine Secrets, Secrets Are No Fun

7th July 2011:
I was drawn in right from the start. These shadows I want to know what they are, and why she can not remember who Harry is. So intriguing can not wait for the next chapter.

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Review #19, by laine Leap of Faith

7th July 2011:
vary good will be looking for more chapters soon

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Review #20, by Danielle Leap of Faith

19th February 2011:
This off to a very good start! Please add more!

Author's Response: First review! Woohoo! That's all I was waiting for. I'll update soon :D Thanks!

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