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Review #1, by MyMyMiss Alive

7th August 2011:
Wow. This was really touching. Like I commend you touchin. This way... wow.

I was moved by this little piece of writing you so nicely wrote and gave to the world to read. It was rather amazing.

Everything, and I mean everything, I read I saw, The tears, the bed, the jumper, the hugging tightly and holding close, being alive, the battle that only just passed but it felt like a year, everything! It was so depthy and was wringing with emotion that I was truly touched. It take a lot to move me, cry I'll cry easily, but actually making an imprint against me, and only being a story is hard, but you mastered it ^.^

I'm completley speehcless and blown away... just Wow.

One Billion/10.


Forum Name: MyMyMiss
House: Slytherin.

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