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Review #1, by MissMoneypenny That's How the Biscuit Breaks

26th December 2014:
hello! i've been completely entranced reading up to this point to the extent i didn't want to pause to leave a review, but i've come to a natural break now. excuse me if i'm - er - slightly incoherent. that tends to happens sometimes.
1. i TOTALLY called the james and bea thing, and was pretty chuffed when she admitted it to Drunk Scorpius (the best kind of scorpius, lbr.) i think they'd actually make a pretty good couple, to be honest.
2. i'm so thrilled bea's started "noticing things". i was beginning to lose hope for the poor love, really - despite james, her and scorpius were always kind of endgame, even with vixen mcsexylegs around. ja feel?
... sorry, i'm not really sure where that came from.
3. I'M SO GLAD THE LINE ABOUT BREAKING HOGWARTS MADE IT IN! distracted me from the sadness and Crying Bea, of all things. Crying Bea was nice though - expanded her character, although that's probably not the best way to put it.
4. all the characters have been so well-developed - fred, albus (sidenote: ALBUS. MY LOVE. MY LIGHT. i hope heís not broken). oh, and anjali, obviously; those characters that can do the whole impassive-not-show-emotion-smirk thing have always got on my nerves slightly, but anjaliís backstory is just so well developed you canít really argue with it. also, as long as bea and scorpius end up together, iím fine with her.
5. just in general, this is a really great. thereís so many quotes that have made me laugh out loud, so many wonderful characters, such amazing world building. anyway, i apologise for such a crummy review, but i just wanted let you know how much i love this story (and your writing in general!)
lucy xox

Author's Response: This is the fic where I love everyone and Hogwarts feels like home, so when readers love it, I feel like fangirling with them despite having, well, written it.

I love the way Bea and Scorpius's relationships work out. I remember having trouble showing why they're drawn to each other. But when I figured Bea crushed on James, I saw how similar Scorpius is, how much she values that one person believing in her, how she's fond of silliness. And Scorpius is ever in love with minds. Anjali has got smart and sexy down pat, but he isn't attracted as much as in awe of her, as he is a bit in awe of Bea.

Anjali is very much like Clemence (since I know you just read etc!). I love that she's callous but correct, petty but not ungenerous, and she'll bite you if you dare pity her. I'll admit my fondness for emotionally stunted girls, being one 8D


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Review #2, by LucidDelight Epilogue

20th December 2014:
Please tell me this one gets a one-shot outtake somewhere down the line? Also, I love your OC characters.

Author's Response: I've written some short backstories on my co-run hp headcanon tumblr, and I've got some fluffy crack in my docs. They're things I'll eventually publish when I have time to polish them up--they exist! I still very much want to write a scene at the annual Malfoy winter ball :'D the whole gang at a classy gathering, I must.

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Review #3, by loopylunalovegood Begin with a Bang

20th August 2014:
"distracting muggle whim-whams up the wazoo". that line gives me life, made my night, honestly. though i don't think the lady sat next to me on the bus appreciated my snorting, damn, you just cant please everyone. Really though, this story is a masterpiece, reads like a charm, fantastic!

Author's Response: Heee, glad you find my odd sense of humor, well, humorous; it's all whim-whams and wazoos and food jokes :'D

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Review #4, by queeeennn Epilogue

4th July 2014:
So I read this a while ago but I felt like rereading it and ofc I forgot how bloody awesome this story is ! Gosh it was so oo good. I absolutely love how you've made an odd pairing rather than a rose/scorpius. I love. Everything. Bout. This . story.
Gosh my feelings are like all over the place. Again.

I now deem you as my queen 👑

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I've nothing against Rose/Scor, but I have a different headcanon, and I'm glad people have given my fic a chance :)

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Review #5, by HEHE Fishing for Wishy-Washy Wishing

29th June 2014:
"I'm the son of the Boy-Who-Lived!"

"Yeah, yeah, and I'm the daughter of the girl who rejected him."


Author's Response: Harry can never win this battle, no matter how many Voldemorts he vanquishes 8D

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Review #6, by The_Crookshanks_Saga Epilogue

10th May 2014:
Well, hello there. New fic, new ending, new Scorpius, new blazer... is it odd to say I cried at the end?



Author's Response: Eee, glad you enjoyed the story! Crying is a compliment, not odd!

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Review #7, by evil little devil Epilogue

1st March 2014:
Hello again!
So after I finished reading etc. I was at a loss at what to do with my life - the natural next step was to re-read Capers (which I also haven't reviewed -hangs head in shame- (my New Year's resolution was to start actually reviewing things again because I got a little lazy)). Uni starts for me next week, so I'm spending the weekend (and the last few days) reading and writing fic and making graphics and doing all the things I don't usually have enough time for, and I wanted something nice and light-hearted and adorable (even though it gets super serious), and Capers is perfect for that.
And, in the spirit of Bea, I've just come back from Waffle King.
Again, I think I have to say that your biggest strength is your characters. They jump of the page and into your soul. And in the same way that with Clemence you took stereotypical Slytherin traits and layered them with so much depth, with this one you've taken what could have been stereotypes (wacky inventor, hopeless Hufflepuff, etc), and done the same thing. Bea just gets more and more depth the further into the story you go, and she grows and develops so beautifully. And you handle such a large cast so well - all of the characters are developed and written so incredible well, they're a delight to read. Especially Potterpuff! He is far too adorable for words. All of the characters are important, and they all get their stories. I love that Fred becomes an auror - he reminds me a little of the BBC Sherlock portrayal of Watson - he is nervous and a little apprehensive about all the adventures and explosions and stuff, but at the same time it drives him, and he loves the adrenaline. Anjali is gorgeous too, I love those beautifully ambiguous characters, and she is definitely one of them. My heart broke a little for her in that last scene of hers by the lake. And Scorpius! The poor guy, he's been through so much. But at the same time, I imagine he's quite happy now - trying to teach Bea to bake, while she lectures him on the laws of thermodynamics.
What I also find super duper impressive about this story is the way in which you've managed to balance the humour/crack with the adventure and the danger and the characters, and meshed it all together to make something truly remarkable. I mean, cupcake forensics! Need I say more?
Also the whole concept of trying to make muggle tech work in Hogwarts is so damn genius. It is something they so obviously need to do, because otherwise as long as technology keeps advancing magic is going to become kind of obsolete.
This story is just absolutely fantastic in every way, it's such a pleasure to read, so thank you so much for writing it! :)

Author's Response: Waah, the pre-Uni rush, I feel you. I find that I end up being more productive while in school; :P being busy creates more work. Waffle King is an excellent choice, however.

When I look at Capers sometimes, I see an Asian drama--which I find is very apparent to readers who watch Asian dramas and goes unnoticed (or unmentioned) by readers who don't. Plucky poor girl, snobby rich heir, rich ex-girlfriend... it's as standard as Asian drama gets! But Asian dramas fall to the tropes so hard! I want my plucky heroine to fail and be selfish and have her adorableness as a crux! I want the ex-girlfriend to be the anti-heroine, selfless for all the wrong reasons! And while everyone's trying to be cool and successful, Potterpuff is bravest of all with his soft heart. And aaah, I haven't ever compared Fred and Watson before but I TOTALLY see it now (and I did it first ahurrhurr).

The genre-mixing was a HUGE challenge. I went crazy while writing so many of these chapters, like 'ready to make bargains with the devil' crazy. But I learned so much and it was incredibly satisfying when I finished the chapters.

I wish I could've done more with the Muggle tech stuff! I think I could have if I planned it more in the beginning, but invariably it became cupcake forensics 8D Ah well.

♥ thank you so much for reading again! ^__^

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Review #8, by AlexFan Epilogue

1st January 2014:
EEK! This Epilogue just did it for me! (Oh and welcome to day six of the 12 Days of the Reviewing).

I loved reading this story so much even though I haven't been with it as much as everyone else but I still enjoyed it nonetheless.

Bea is as awesome as ever and at least she gets to run the joke shop and invent things. By the sounds of it she's having the time of her life working in George's shop. Of course there's still smoke coming from the back room and Bea is still blowing things up but she wouldn't be Bea if that didn't happen.

Scorpius seems to have lost a little bit of his smoothness if that dropped cupcake is anything to go by. Way to surprise Bea though. The way that she greeted him though was absolutely beautiful.

And at the end of it all, I still ship Bea and Scorpius hardcore.

Author's Response: Wahee you're back! I'm glad you got to the end ^__^ And yes, five years later, everything has changed and yet not much has changed.

Baha, if you thought Scorpius was smooth before, then you must have been charmed by his velvet tartan blazers and snooty monologues. You aren't alone, because Bea was (secretly, of course, and the cupcakes helped).


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Review #9, by avalade Epilogue

29th December 2013:
I may have just marathoned, yeah you can totally use it as a verb when it comes to reading, the entire fic in less than two days, oops. Haha I am completely in love with this story. It is the best next gen story, it managed to be completely true to Rowling's world and coherently integrate original characters and canon characters with non-canon characteristics. I admit to downloading the pdf and adding it to my kindle, thatís the level of my love!

Author's Response: c: Aaah, I'm so glad! Every time someone tells me they love this story, I feel like I brought someone new into this odd family of characters. My readers have helped me so much along the way. It was a difficult story to write at times, but it taught me so much and I wrote every chapter with much love and frustration.


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Review #10, by avalade Take a Chance on Me; Initial Here

28th December 2013:
The Secret Garden reference killed me! I'm loving the story so far!

Author's Response: You caught the reference! :D Hehe, hope you like the rest of the story!

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Review #11, by spreaddapoo93 Epilogue

1st December 2013:
Gina. My golly... I can't believe it's been two years, but I hope you feel as proud as I have felt to have been part of Capers while it was still in the process of being written! To have to wait eagerly for the next chapter, enticed cliffhanger after cliffhanger, mind fuzzled and heart blubbered by every thrilling second.

You've made characters and a story that are beyond memorable, that are now ingrained in my mind (and doubtless, many MANY more!). And it's not just the rib-splinting humour, or the flammable heart-warming moments, or the crazy-awesome descriptions that just sum up exactly how the character feels in just the right way... I feel like there's just always so much more in your novels; that throws amusement, lends strength, burns human emotion and development all in one go.

You're such a fantastic writer, with such a keen eye and heart for what it means to be human, what it means to interact. And your mind! BY GOLLY, woman, your mind!!! You're able to concoct the most ridiculous, outlandish, amazing scenarios, build a story around that, and use those elements as recurring devices and motifs that tell so much more than just a story.

And the art! Capers was a sensationally enriching experience, visually, literature-ally(?), emotionally, etc. etc. etc.! It (and everything else you have touched, my darling, reverent Midas) will stay in my heart forever.

Much love, and forever indebted and in gratitude to Your Amazingness! (and I can't believe I'm writing that for the last time on Capers)

P.S. I absolutely adored this epilogue. It did Capers justice and I can't imagine any other way it could have ended.

Author's Response: Writing Capers is one of the best experiences in my life. It's my longest project, full of grueling late nights, hair-pulling, Fred-blaming, all that. My readers have been the best and I never would have expected the reception that I've received. It began quite messy. The writing was all over the place, as it was my first time writing so many different PoVs of characters I didn't really know yet. And then edits and biscuits and more edits and falling in love with everyone, //especially Fred//. I see how I've improved every time I go back and edit bit more so the writing matches more of my current style.

I tried a lot of weird things and cool things. That's the magic of fic--you can go nuts. There's a time for subtlety and a time for Harry's son to lead a flock of Bludgers with a cry from Braveheart. I want to show that great emotional scenes can come from that! It's become my challenge to genre mash because that's the inevitable route of my writing. I like being funny. I like making statements and hitting emotional buttons. And all of that can happen in the same moment.

♥ thank you so so much one last time here! :')

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Review #12, by spreaddapoo93 Open at the Close

1st December 2013:
I am rolling around, tongue lolling uselessly, fingers clutching my ribs, half crying and half laughing at the thought of the Quidditch team parading Albus while chanting "Potterpuff"!

But *ahem* I love the direction you went with Albus, the amicable, slightly useless gangly teen who just wants to be part of the gang... Mwg, he's so lovable!!! It was thrilling and heartwarming to see his development throughout the story (I bet I'll go nostalgically back to the very beginning, fascinated by how he had started and marvel by the end once again, at how he has progressed... while actually still staying the same old Albus). He deserves all the happiness in the world. As do the rest of the characters, but hey, I'm sure they'll have their bit of fun.

Bea... Oh, darling Bea... Once again your scientific mind comes whirring in to save the day and flush our astonishment straight out of us, onto the comment page... My golly, you have a way with thinking and words and all that stuff that, you know, constitutes a writer. You've created a world with a physics and magic that make sense, that essentially create a fundamental basis for every scientific interaction. It works!

I love the way you've ended this particular chapter (technically, almost the story), with Bea, as ever, the same Bea, but different, a little bit more grown, at her table, getting back to work... And you know that this will be her forever and always; the Bea that doesn't feel defeated, that will continuously be improving her gadgetries and always inventing new and outlandish things. Experiencing a character like Bea was one of the best, downright, experiences I have ever encountered on HPFF, especially because she's so unusual. She's the daughter of a side character, she's Asian, she's slightly insane, adorable, almost a child, but an adult nonetheless.

I can't thank you enough for that, Gina~! Ah! Now, I'll be onto the epilogue, and that'll be that... I can hardly believe it...

I'll see you on the other side!

Much love!

P.S. The chapter title... I am in

love, and inconsolably blubbering.

Author's Response: I forever love the fact that Albus is the most popular character in Capers, even taking account of what a popular next gen character he is in general. Everyone embraced Puff!Albus so wholeheartedly, and I think it says a lot about the innocence he embodies. etc!Albus is the complete opposite, not only in attitude but in how he is willing to be someone he isn't to get what he wants. I think our Capers Albus is living the dream. Someone who has fully accepted who he is and is totally happy about it.

Bahaha I actually sometimes wish I could've expanded more on the science. I was really excited about that in the beginning, and one of my favorite bits is when Bea describes how she sees magic and science in chapter 19, because it's how I've come to see it. In part, I let the science part go because it became less important in the story, which isn't really about an invention at all, as much as the unusual friendships that have formed around it.

While I did know some form of the epilogue since the beginning, I never actually pinned down the last non-epilogue scene until I wrote this chapter, and I'm so happy that I found something fitting. Bea at her workstation making something new--after writing that, I can't think of any other way to end it.

A majority of the main cast is a person of color. I never set out to make them diverse; it just happened when I made the roles. And I think that's proof enough that anyone can do it!

♥ ♥ ♥ I begin my emotional manipulation at the chapter titles

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Review #13, by spreaddapoo93 Bittersweet

1st December 2013:
Haha, getting back to Fred in a rush of excitement, I see! Ah, every time I think of reporters now, all I will think about is etc.'s Clemence! (I must say, my view on them has turned from irritation to a strange amalgamation of annoyance and admiration: you have to give it to them for their determination!)

Oh, Gina... What I wouldn't give to enter that brain of yours for a split second (of course, this would probably mean an overwhelming sea of genius and craziness that I would end up clutching my head in the greatest Brain-Freeze Reboot since the last slushie I ever dared in seventh grade... So maybe it's a good thing I can't). "bankrupt Britain with a sneeze"?! By golly, your talent/skill never ceases to amaze!

I mean... even Teddy and that sweet-briar envelope (and just everything Teddy does in general, you know). You have this ridiculously phenomenal ability to make zesty-kill-me-now-before-I-die-of-heart-attack-suspense-what?-that's-awesome-why-didn't-I-think-of-that? in the place of what could have been just a normal occurrence.

Hahahahaha, sorry for the sudden burst of laughter. I just read the biscuit scene... BEA! Hahaha, "half of two..." Once again, stressed doubletime, you are spectacular with humour. Something that's absolutely tricky and difficult, almost impossible to manage unless you have a godgiven talent, and by golly, you have it all the way through.

Which is fantastic, because you have that other, opposite end of the spectrum covered; that gravity and seriousness that you can handle with one line, one phrase, one word in just the right place. I'm reading and re-reading "The breath beside her sieved from his mouth with a lightness, as if a thread unwinding for seventeen years had finally been freed from its spool; with a sigh, the Trace had been dissolved." Absolutely beautiful; such a gorgeous, delicate image that I, for reasons above and below me, forget...

Anyway, this was a FANTASTIC chapter... I'm half in excitement, half in trepidation and anxiety because this is it! It's almost the end... I've grown so attached to all of the characters, and I can't bear the thought of saying farewell! Sending them away on their little handcrafted boats, towards the horizon of their futures!!! WILL I EVER SEE THEM AGAIN? It was great knowing them, though, and I have you to thank...

But what am I doing, talking as if I've already read the finale and the epilogue, when I still have two ruddy chapters more to look forward to?! I'll catch you at the end, my darling Gina~~~!

Always with love

(p.s. When I read your after note about Fred, and George's name, I felt a part of my heart blub up... GYAH, WHY, GINA~?)

Author's Response: I couldn't help but think of Clemence while writing the reporter too xD Oh dear, I don't think I can ever look at one the same way again. I've been too influenced by the spunky, snarky 40s girl reporter trope.

My brain is full of protein and sugar! You can find the same things in a regular energy bar. It is probably more accessible. A slushie is also probably quite similar too--probably most similar in texture. Ideas get sloshy up in the noggin, something a hard shake springs a few leaks, ya know.

I ACTUALLY FIRST SAID THE "HALF OF TWO" LINE IN REAL LIFE WHEN I... DID EXACTLY WHAT BEA DID 8D then I was like, wait this is perf for Capers *makes note.* Oh if only you all knew my eating habits c:

The last part about the Trace lifting is one of my favorite bits I've written. It was something I could see and feel very clearly and I was so excited to write it down. I pretty much sat and thought, well, what would it feel like to suddenly have a wee security camera suddenly vanish after sitting over your shoulder for 17 years? Thankfully it came out a bit more poetic than that.

I took a long hiatus before this chapter and when I came back, my writing style took a huge leap. I'm really happy with how this chapter turned out, especially the pacing. Despite being largely set in the hospital wing, a lot of characters showed up/were mentioned (which I was worried I wouldn't be able to do!).


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Review #14, by spreaddapoo93 The Great Escape

1st December 2013:
After... er... I'm not quite sure how long, but the point is, I'M BACK to HPFF, and boy is it a beauty to be welcomed back to Capers with its COMPLETION! (My golly, I can hardly believe it).

Needless to say, I've missed Bea (with her "my eyes were malfunctioning" tsk tsk!), Scorpius (give that gorgeous man a hug, a cookie, a loving father, whatever he wants! Oh, he wants Bea... okay, then, let him have her!), Fred, Anjali and DARLING ALBUS! But *cough cough* moving onto the review of the actual chapter...

Boy, have I missed your way of describing! Like everything's a phenomenon, but something that's never before been recorded before (does that make sense?)... I think that's my twisted way of saying, kudos! Your figures of speech are original and standy-outy~! Like how you describe Bea's ickle feelings for Scorp (prop! makes me want to squeeze her, so adorable!), or when she falls on her face and "simply ended up befriending the floor"... Mrrrwww, all I want to do is give her a well-deserved hug before I sit her down and tell her I'm ready to take her as seriously as she wants me to.

On another note, it has finally happened! Bea has been turned into an unwilling Asian factory worker with a million dextrous hands and a mind too capable for her own good. (Actually, your chapter later proves this last bit false, as her stunning brilliance shines through TIME AND TIME AGAIN and I'm biting my nails, fawning over Your Excellency... Your use of the invention that landed them into trouble, to get them out of trouble, is ingenious.)

AH! Your action/chase sequences are always so adrenaline pumping. I feel like I've been running, murderers at my heels. Ge, GINA! GYAH! This is too much for my teensy heart to take (but don't we all love you all the more for it). Boy, when they say coming back with a bang, by golly did you quite (almost) literally really come back with one.

And your bleeding cliffhangers (except, Scorpy and Bea aren't hanging off it, now are they?! MORE UNCERTAIN FATES?! GYAH!)

Hopefully, instead of being completely incomprehensible, this half-nonsensical review should be cue enough to tell you how excited I am to finally be back, and to see how everything unfolds! You really have an Author's touch! The Mastery! The Excellence! The Wowow!

Much love and (always) admiration!

Author's Response: Welp, time to start responding! I'M GLAD YOU'RE BACK :3 especially for the ending, the ending that I've wanted to write for two years.

I remember thinking for this chapter that I had to combine "adorable" and "doom and death", so this is the result. Bea throwing herself at Scorpius and befriending the floor, Draco dying and Scorpius angsting it up with honey all over his bruises.

OMG UNWILLING SWEATSHOP WORKER BAHAHAHA, yes that is exactly what she's become, with a few less million hands.

It's actually a pretty short action sequence too! There are so many chase/fleeing sequences in Capers already, but they all have a bit of significance to them. Like the first time Scorpius saves her, then when they escape the lockers together, Fred's entire action hero sequence in Knockturn... this one is Bea's big hurrah. She started as someone with a lot of determination and not so much substance behind it, but the proof is here after 20-something chapters--never underestimate her, ever.


♥ teeeheee your adjectives! I love them all. I am imagining them all around the doge

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Review #15, by AlexFan The Great Escape

30th November 2013:
This chapter was literally like a movie. Except I wasn't watching it, I was reading it. But still, I had a soundtrack and sound effects happening in my head so it was just as good.

But wow, things went from light, fluffy, funny and happy inventing to death, death everywhere. When I started reading this story I had not planned on it taking this route at all.

I am still trying to deal with the idea that Draco is dead, my mind is in denial right now because how can Draco Malfoy be dead. That's not how he works! I'll eventually get over my denial however so it's okay.

Author's Response: Ooh I had a soundtrack to the whole Knockturn adventure. I wish I could be like Fred and store it mentally.

I had no idea it was going to have a body count, but I rolled with it, and it turned out all right. I wish I had time to expand more on Draco beforehand, but alas! :c He'll just have to be mourned.

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Review #16, by AlexFan Choose Wisely

27th November 2013:
Wow, Scorpius is right, that is one helluva Hufflepuff that Bea has got there. I'm fairly certain that at this point my reviews will be 99% squealing about Albus and how much I love him.

I never thought that I would ever be able to like Hufflepuff!Albus because I just haven't seen him portrayed right but you've made me change my mind. Just goes to show that just because you're a Hufflepuff doesn't mean you can't be awesome!

That Potter/Weasley lot though is a strange one. And I mean strange and quirky. But it works for them.

On another hand, I'm fairly certain that Bea and Scorpius are going to be really close friends. Bea seems to be able to read Scorpius like no one else can and he seems to have developed a habit of being really honest when he's around her.

For a second there I was wondering what would happen now that Bea knew the truth but thank goodness that the deal is still on. I thought for sure that Bea would just walk out right there and then.

And in more important news, every single plan that Bea is involved in seems to go horribly wrong.

Author's Response: My poor Hufflepuffs have to be the butt of jokes all the time, but I love them so. No one ever puts Albus in that house, but Hufflepuff!Albus is the first next gen headcanon I developed. It's funny how it's the least popular house, but Albus here is probably the puffiest of Puffs and the fan favorite character by far.

I think Bea's charm is that she asks the questions no one else is willing to ask. She goes after what she wants, and it's a little bit naivety and a lot of determination, and it bleeds into the way she interacts with people. She sees something about someone and she'll tell them. Maybe not always in the most tactful way, but sometimes tact isn't what's needed.

♥ again!

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Review #17, by AlexFan Oh, Bludger!

27th November 2013:
Wow, Fred is getting creepy. And I love how Albus just casually brings up that there was a seminar about Fred and his tendency to get a little creepy and intense with girls.

Seriously, I just love Albus, how can you not, the boy is just so sweet and innocent. I don't know how anyone could NOT like him.

And on the physics front, I'm pretty horrible at it but I feel so proud of myself for knowing what Schrodinger's Cat is and all thanks to watching excessive amounts of the Big Bang Theory. But really Scorpius, the concept isn't that difficult to understand.

Albus is most definitely a brilliant ice-breaker. I look forward to seeing some more of Bamf!Albus in the next chapter. He was pretty Bamf in this chapter as well.

Author's Response: I love my boys with their chivalry-bordering-on-creepy complexes. Like puppies following you around, poking their nose in. What I love about Fred especially is that he's the only character in the entire story who has any sense of shame. If anyone else were in a bush stalking, they'd be making a party of it.

Scorpius still needs to differentiate between physics and psychics; he'd probably be baffled by TV most of all if you tried to explain via Big Bang Theory.

Potterpuff ♥

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Review #18, by AlexFan Sweet, Sweet Revenge

26th November 2013:
Oh my goodness, Rose is just brilliant! Her creative names for Anjali though are just astounding. The love that Rose has for that girl is just out of this world.

I have to tell you though, my favourite part was when they were talking about Colin and creating an organization for him. I was giggling really hard when I got to the part that the name spelled out SUCKS. And then I completely lost it when I got to this:

"Right," Verona drawled. "S-F-U-C-K-A-S. Much better."

I literally could not stop laughing and I'm pretty sure I had to shove my fist into my mouth to stop myself from bursting into very loud laughter. I haven't read a fanfiction that's made me laugh like that in a very long time so you can imagine how much I loved this chapter.

And the family love between Rose and Lucy is just beautiful. There's nothing like one cousin trying to kill the other to say I love you.

That ending was brilliant though. Bea can be quite the scheming little Ravenaw can't she. I love how her form of revenge is something that only requires really small work but ends up with really big results.

Let's all clap for Bea.

Author's Response: Bahahaha, there's ridiculous amounts of ridiculous whenever Rose is around. Violent family love, in the only way Rose and Lucy know how to express :D They're a bit inspired by crazy!Rose and Lu in Starving Artists, except I amped up the tendency to murder as I tend to do.

That's a running theme through the fic! Small things causing bigger things ;) Bea is your primary example of that. Ah, and then the amount of plot I've cooked up from a single cupcake...

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Review #19, by AlexFan A Biscuit a Day Keeps the Slytherin Away

26th November 2013:
I'm so incredibly proud of Bea. I haven't even known her for that long but I already feel like a proud mama bear. I could see why she was out in Ravenclaw before this chapter but she did come off as really sweet-minded so I was a little bit shocked when Bea came out with this long intelligent explanation.

And then I felt like clapping my hands because that must've shocked everyone else in that room as well. But yeah, go Bea, you tell Scorpius where he can stick it!

I can definitely see why Scorpius wants to buy her invention though, if it actually works, that could change the wizarding world in a really huge way and it could make Bea probably one of the richest, if not THE RICHEST, magical being in the world.

Author's Response: Teehee, I always love seeing people's reaction to that scene, because I thought it would be the best way to set up how Bea is perceived by her friends and peers. She's a bit of an adorable hassle, but very sharp when she wants to be. And instead of her adorableness being a static trait played for laughs, it's also her primary flaw and what's she struggles with, being a part of her identity and what's holding her back at the same time.


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Review #20, by KH Epilogue

23rd November 2013:
I don't normally write reviews bc I rarely read the actual fic on the HPFF website (I usually read it on my Nook). BUT your fic is actually one of the best fanfictions I have EVER READ. It's absolutely amazing!
I've recently read fics that are either all about romance or all about action. Yours is one of the few that COMBINES action, adventure, suspense, mystery, humor, and romance! It was an amazing read and my heart just about stopped when I though he had died. Your characterization stayed true throughout the entire fic, which I greatly admire. This fic had me laughing out loud one moment and quietly sobbing at another.
This was truly a masterpiece. It's not everyday you get to read a fic that is as wonderful as this one AND completed too. I found the story bc I was waiting for etc. etc. to update and I am really glad I did. I can't wait for your other works! Congratulations on getting through this one!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much! I love writing a little of everything and a little of everyone, which is probably why I get these massive casts and subplot explosions every time I write a novel. I fall in love with all of my characters c: It's kind of like befriending them by reading and writing about them, and the response I've gotten to this fic, so varied and welcoming, makes me feel like I've befriended all of my readers too. Reading the reviews for this fic makes me so happy!

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Review #21, by AlexFan Begin with a Bang

15th November 2013:
I wasn't sure what I was walking into when I started reading this story (and I'm really late considering everyone else has already read and loved it but whatever). I haven't seen anything like this around before so I was definitely curious.

I love Bea and Fred already. Usually Fred is the silly one that loves to prank people but I love that you've made him the cautious one out of the two of them and Bea the one that does all the inventing and planning.

But anyway, I'm interested to see where this is going!

Author's Response: Hey! I can't wait to see what you think of this ^__^ Capers is the fic that feels most like home for me, and like Hogwarts, will always have a place in my heart. I hope you like the rest!

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Review #22, by A_Johnson49 Epilogue

7th November 2013:
I know I posted on etc. that I finished this story, but I wanted to come back over here to say that I absolutely adore this story! Especially Bea! I thought that the concept of ditching her original idea for the one that actually worked without breaking Hogwarts was spectacular and I was so, so happy to read this epilogue and see she did manage to get her own shop. :D

Baked goods and science should go together more often.

Author's Response: Eee thanks! Writing the ending and seeing all my readers get to the end has been the best thing.

Baked goods and science should be in everything, period.

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Review #23, by meadowlarks_cries Epilogue

8th October 2013:
Quite a few months late (insert dramatic fist shaking in the general direction of school here) but GAH! I've thanked you so many times before this for writing this story but I can't help but thank you one last time. These characters have become very dear to me and reading the long-awaited close to their story was pure bliss and a little bit hard to say goodbye. I think you did a fantastic job tying up the loose ends an giving us readers just enough information to satisfy our cravings for a happy ending (and another one of Malfoy's tasty cupcakes)! Thank you again and congrats on finishing this tale.


Author's Response: C: You are back! For the end! Thank you for reading all the way here ^__^ It makes me happy every time I reread it, and I reread it every time someone pops in to say they've finished. I don't think I'll ever tire of it--maybe it's the slightly open end that makes me think of all the adventures they'll have, and because they're unwritten, they go could on forever. Infinite adventures, not a bad fate!

Thank you again!

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Review #24, by FleurDelacourAndEverybodyElse Epilogue

8th August 2013:
I've been stalking you on TDA, and I don't know how you can be both an amazing artist AND writer, Gina. Not fair. >.< Anyway, this story was absolutely gorgeous and really hilarious. :D I spent around three hours rereading it (starting at eleven PM; I really need to sleep more) for the umpteenth time, and I still chuckled the whole way through.

I have a few questions, though: What did Anjali mean when she said that her roommate fancied Fred? Excuse me if I'm being dense here. :P Secondly, Verona is the daughter of Oliver and Rona?! EEP! That is so cute! :D Okay, I love your story to bits. I think you get the picture.

Author's Response: :3 thankk youuu; certainly not by doing schoolwork and sleeping at appropriate times ahem.

Baha, Anjali didn't mean anything; she just wanted the last word :'D and it's a personal running joke of mine that Fred is actually vair popular with the ladies (even Verona asked him out). He just has a tendency to go for unattainable women. AND VERONA IS TOTALLY THE DAUGHTER OF OLIVER AND RONA. Hehehehe, it's extra great because Anjali is ROGER'S DAUGHTER, which makes their rivalry one carried on from their fathers.

Thank you for reading, again and again :D

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Review #25, by harrietm Epilogue

27th July 2013:
This story has been really freaking excellent the whole way through, I'm sad it's over but simultaneously cheering...he bought her a cupcake!!!
The humour and creativity of this fanfic ranks it super high in the list of top fanfics I've ever read, and it's so unique - I've never read anything like it, and that's what makes me love it so much.
So thanks for the ride!!! Your effort and brilliance is much appreciated :)
And I have kind of forgiven you for making me think Scorpius was going to die.
...Kind of.

Author's Response: He *baked her a cupcake ;D

Thank you so much! c: It means so much to me that you've enjoyed it (even if Scorpius nearly died, or maybe he can crack the joke like Albus did--Scorpius had died. Once.)

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