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Review #1, by HOLEY like a SAINT Prologue

8th September 2013:
hello! random story button brought me here, so I don't know if you're still around or not, it's been a while from the dates I see. But I hope you kept writing, it sounds like you have an interesting idea. And honestly, if you like what you're writing, that's all that matters ^.^
One point if you're interested - first you mentioned that Lily only told her mom, but then apparently Petunia knew as well? It's not a big deal, just thought you might like to know.
Anyways, yes, keep writing, don't get discouraged :)

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Review #2, by la vita bella Prologue

7th February 2011:
Hi! I like your style, it's very... deep for lack of a better word! Keep on writing please! =)

Author's Response: thanks!! I'll try to keep writing, I just have trouble figuring out where exactly to start :$ but now that I see I have someone review this, I'll try harder!!!

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