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Review #1, by vespasian68967 Dandelions and Shooting Stars

28th December 2012:
Cute story. Dandelions are actually one of my favorite flowers or weeds as the case may be. Liked the characterization you were able to give Lily & Owen in such a short space. Nicely done.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I usually look back at my old writing and groan and while I do groan when revisiting this piece, I am still quite fond of it. I'm glad I'm not the only one! Dandelions are probably a favourite of mine as well and there are certainly some semi-autobiographical elements here. (; xLiberty

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Review #2, by Fleur Delacour Potter Dandelions and Shooting Stars

13th March 2011:
This was very sweet! Owen seems a lot like Oliver :)
I like the way he reacted to Ginny and I can only imagine how low his jaw would drop when he sees Harry.
Nice one-shot!

Author's Response: Hey!

I never really meant for Owen to be "Owen WOOD," but I wanted someone who'd relate to tales of canon past and thought that that surname was the best fit.

His reaction to Ginny was a last minute add in. I started thinking about how everyone was staring at the Potter-Weasley clan at Platform 9 3/4 during DH's 19 Years Later... epilogue.

Thank you so much for the review and the compliments!

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Review #3, by hpgrl Dandelions and Shooting Stars

7th March 2011:
This was such a sweet story!
I love how you started with Lily blowing the dandelion seeds and how it ended with her just deciding to let nature take its course. Owen is such a cute kid and you characterize him so wonderfully- I can so see this turning into a beautiful Lily/OC novel, if you were ever inclined to try. The dialogue and details were well balanced. I found the lenght to be very fitting and the last paragraph was beautifully inspiring. Great Job!

Author's Response: Hi!

I'm glad you liked it! I wanted a really fluffy story for Valentine's Day, so this came into being.

The end was very unexpected, but the ending I felt was alright enough for the story line was one in which Lily neither wanted nor hated the idea of Owen being the boy she wished for.

I don't think I'll be turning this into a novel. I'm so bad with build-up and after having them be cute so young, it would break my heart to write them more grown up and either as silly, angsty teenagers or much too serious adults.

Thank you so much for the compliments and the review! The last paragraph is one of my favorite pieces of writing!


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Review #4, by TheProphecy Dandelions and Shooting Stars

5th March 2011:

I have no idea why this doesn't have more reviews! I adored it :)

I loved how you wrote Lily, it was the cutest thing ever! I liked the idea of the wish and then Oliver Woods kid shows up!!!

The whole time I was reading I was either laughing or going Aw!

I loved the line - running like Cupid was behind him, threatening him with unwanted arrows.
That image made me giggle so much!

I don't know if this might just be me but Lily felt older then you said she was ... just a point there.

But overall I loved it! Well done :)

Hannah x

Author's Response: Hullo!

I love the idea of wishes and them being fulfilled automatically! Then of course, them going awry... So I tried to incorporate that whole life lesson of "Be careful what you wish for" inside of it.

I'm glad you like that line! It wasn't in my rough draft, but I put it in to connect the fic with Valentine's Day a bit more and because the story's writing felt a little dry.

Lily definitely did come off older, that's something I worried about while posting. I think I probably should've made her 10 and less philosophical.

Thank you so much for the review and I'm so glad you loved it!


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Review #5, by maskedmuggle Dandelions and Shooting Stars

24th February 2011:
Hi! :)
First off, I'm so sorry for the extremely late review! I should've done this like 2 weeks ago ><

And secondly.. wow! This was an absolute joy to read! It was so lovely and well written! :) So sweet as well! I adored the plot in here! Having the dandelions, the wish, the little boy being Owen Wood..

Well, the whole plot of the story was fabulous! I guess I was expecting the usual teenagers, but having Lily as 9 years old was a really lovely surprise. I loved having the boy as Owen Woods, (since I'm a fan of Oliver Wood), ahem, because it really gave us a chance to connect with both the characters. I loved their characterisation. You kept it real and it was really sweet.

Your writing is great! I really enjoyed reading it. You've got a great balance between the dialogue, description and action.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this! It's really such a lovely and well written piece. Thanks for participating in my challenge and once again, sorry for the late review! :D

Author's Response: Hey Charlotte!

Completely fine, I didn't even check my review box till now and it's March!

I'm so glad you liked it (especially enough to grant me third place!)

My mind went to the typical teenager plot at first, but I couldn't bear the thought of writing Lily differently than JK Rowling did-when she was 9. Besides, I've never done a story where my main charrie wasn't a teen or adult, and I wanted to challenge myself a bit. Part of the reason I did it in her childhood is because I really can't imagine her off snogging boys, it just ruins my image. I chose to use Owen Wood because I didn't want to use some completely random character, I wanted someone with some sort of tie to the family.

I'm glad you like the plot, I was afraid it was too corny that it was vomit inducing.

I was afraid there was too much dialogue, so I'm glad you think it's well balanced!

Thank you so much for the challenge! I don't think I would've ever written a Lily/OC if it weren't for it, and I'm proud-ish of this fic, without your challenge, it would've never come into being.

Thank you so much for the challenge, the review, and the honor of being third!

Liberty :)

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Review #6, by marinahill Dandelions and Shooting Stars

19th February 2011:
This was delightfully fluffy! The mood was perfect for a Valentine's Day piece and the idea is so cute!

"She frolicked about the way nine-year-olds insist they no longer do, but, in all reality, still do." - this is so true of most 9 year-olds! they think they're so much more grown-up than they really are. very very cute line.

I loved that her mother told her to be careful of what she wished for - it was really interesting that, at first, Lily didn't like the boy that had appeared. Their conversation was amusing and light and I enjoyed this whole piece very much!

Author's Response: Ah, I've been so delightfully fluffy in my past few stories! I'm so glad the mood came around Valentine's Day and was conveyed correctly!

That line is one of my favorites too! I didn't want her to seem too adult for her age, and I remembered Lily acting like she should be treated as much older during DH's epilogue.

I was planning on her disliking the boy all the way through, but it's a Valentine's Day story! It has to end with some sort of romantic conclusion! And I thought it was much cuter this way!

Thank you so much for the review! It made my day so much better!

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