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Review #1, by Gabriella Hunter Crazy thoughts

9th November 2015:

This is Gabbie once again here for our swap and I am now caught up! I had fun with this swap too but This is Angelina doesn't have many chapters left so I'm not sure if you had wanted to continue after this. I do have other stories but I'm not sure if you'd like all of them. Hm...

So, there were big surprises! I would never have made it through this funeral scene in one piece. It's way too emotionally draining for me but you did such a good job, I do like that the first half of this chapter was from Hermione's POV. I have to wonder how different Wizard funerals are too and I think the differences that you showed here were great. It makes you really feel like you're in a different world and it was just so beautifully written too. I think you have some great imagery here, I was able to see things so clearly, especially George's fireworks but I certainly didn't expect the second half of this chapter!

I've read a few stories with Sirius having a child but they never really focus on the mother. I like that you've changed this up a bit here and I honestly liked her and could see why Sirius fell in love with her. It's a shame that she didn't know what happened to him though and it had to come as a shock, though I think that she's grateful now that she's met Harry and the others. Sirius James, eh? What on earth are they going to do when James Sirius comes around? I do wonder if they'll stay around and I hope you give more details about them. The ending to this, with all of the sadness happening was a great way to finish this chapter up. Ron's thoughts were direct and sweet but what's so funny about this is that he actually did pretty well with a three year old. You kind of get a feeling of how he'll be as a father, which just warmed me up. :)

Thanks so much for the read!

Much love,


Author's Response: Ok yeah, I just realized you haven't read my other short story With Sirius Black, it goes into how he met Cora and how she's connected to the magical world. I am currently looking for a beta on that though, I may need to truly focus on editing that one for my "nano project" and just get it done.
Anyway, since Sirius James will be about 10 years older, I don't think they'll have too much of a problem, and I kinda like the nickname SJ.
I loved Ron and Hermione in this, you kind of see where both of them could be pretty great parents :)
I really wanted to include Fireworks at the memorial, especially with how Fred and George left Hogwarts the last time... :(

I'd like to continue after this, I'll review any other story I might like, do you have a review thread? I think I've seen one, I could do some requests too :)

Thanks so much for the feedback and love, it gets me much more encouraged :)

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Review #2, by Gabriella Hunter Thoughts, about a week later

9th November 2015:

This is Gabbie from the forums here with your second review and junk! Muahahahhhahahah.

Ah, there were so many different emotions here and I was tearing up a little. It's always been kind of frustrating that we never really get to know much about what happened directly after the Battle was over so I've always really liked stories like this because they fill in the gaps. I think that you've got a really good knack for writing these emotional scenes too and the bonds that you've given Ginny and Harry are great. What I find great about these two is that they know one another so well and even though Ginny was initially angry that Harry wouldn't explain everything to her, she understood that there were just some things that were harder to explain. I am glad that Harry opened up to her though and it had to be a lot to hear but Ginny is so supportive, I think that she's great for him. They'll balance one another out well, I think and the entire bit about Harry asking her out, being so grateful for her was just so beautifully written. ;__;

Oooh, a cameo from Georgie! I want to hug him so much but at the same time, I'm laughing at how protective he is of Ginny. I wonder how everyone else will react?

Now, I've never written Andromeda before but I think that you've got her character spot on. I never really thought of her much because it just made me so sad but I loved the fact that you have her trying to be strong but getting the support that she needs. Teddy is going to be all right and that made me so relieved, especially with those last words and with that, I shall move on to the next chapter!

Much love,


Author's Response: :D you're making me so happy. I haven't even gotten to editing some of these chapters... actually, I think that starts at 5, it might be a little weirdly written between then and 12..
Anyway, I'm so glad you're feeling the emotions and like what I'm doing with the characters. Those 2 things are the most important to me. Yep, we see more from George later on :D
Oh Andromeda and Teddy... it's so sad, but I had to do it.
Glad you liked it again, but as you can see, I like mixing the emotions, so as much as we both love writing them, I'm in no way as angsty lol
Thanks again!

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Review #3, by Gabriella Hunter Love for thoughts

9th November 2015:

This is Gabbie from the forums here with another review for you! I hadn't forgotten about you, you know. I was going to stop by yesterday but I had some big girl stuff to do and it was so annoying. *Sigh*

So, this! I really like that you've decided to switch POV's here. There are so many different experiences that must have happened after the Battle was over and I like being able to get into everyone's minds. I have never written Hermione before but I like this gentler side of her that you've shown, she seems more like a real girl here than being the bossy type that we've known for so long. Her affection for Ron came through wonderfully and I love the banter between them and the romantic nature of their relationship now. It's certainly not something that I would have expected to see but I think you wrote it well, what was actually my favorite part of this was Ron's POV because we rarely see it. He's not the most emotional person but the brief glimpses that we get of his heart are greatly written and I have to say that their friendship with everyone came through very well. Luna, Ginny and the others were spot on and I'm glad that you answered the question about what happened to her father. We never really hear about that and I love the idea of the memorial too. It's too sad for me to write so you've got some courage and I can't wait to read it!


Much love,


Author's Response: Ahhh!!! I love this review 'cause you really appreciate going into the minds of the other characters :)
honestly I couldn't help but write it this way because there are quite a lot of things that happen after this that need to be looked at. It isn't just about the trio and their partners, though there is a lot about them.
I'm glad you liked it! Thanks :)

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Review #4, by Gabriella Hunter Food for thought

5th November 2015:

This is Gabbie from the forums here with our swap and thanks so much for agreeing to read some of my stuff! I am quite happy about that! Hahahah.

So, I don't read many stories that feature Ginny as the main character and not in this setting for sure. I really like this angle of her character because we're all so used to seeing her being so strong and stubborn. It's nice to see that she's broken down a little in the first few paragraphs and is overwhelmed by grief. It makes her seem more human, people usually skimp over the messy trauma that would happen to a person after going through something like that and I appreciate that you didn't.

Ginny does have some steel about her though, I'm not sure if I would ever be able to get through it so quickly. I would probably be on my mum's shoulder for a long time but Ginny acknowledges that this isn't all about her, they were all grieving and trying to move forward wasn't going to be easy.

I also do like the fact that you've put in a bit of humor in this too. I wasn't expecting that at all and I certainly didn't think that you would write it so soon but it really works! Ginny has this wonderful, shy side to her as she thinks about her relationship with Harry. We don't really get to see that much and so I thought her entire moment of trying to make sure that he was comfortable was just really sweet.

The two of them have a nice dynamic too and they go well together. I'm not the biggest fan of this ship, personally but I like that they seem so natural here and Harry has a great sense of humor too despite everything. I want to confess my love to someone while eating sandwiches and that entire section, honestly was silly but smoothly written and their emotions came across well. :D

I'm curious to find out more about what happens to Ginny and Harry after the War is finally over so keep me posted!

Much love,


Author's Response: Hey, if you want to do a multi chapter swap that's fine by me! There is much more to their interaction than this. You'll find that both their grieving will go deeper eventually. It's such a tricky subject 'cause it really is a victory, but they lost so many people too. Plus they want to live a life where Voldemort is no longer a concern. It's so complex, I've loved writing it :) You really got me kinda psyched about it again. It may come in handy on my day off tomorrow. Plus I'm behind on my Nano-rebel-ing :)
Let me know if you want to do a multi chapter swap and I'll do a bunch on your Angelina story. Which is awesome, just haven't written the review yet.

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Review #5, by TreacleTart Food for thought

3rd November 2015:
Hey there!

I'm here for the Gryffindor review swap.

This was a really nice point in time to focus a story on. I never really see too much written about how people are feeling directly after the war, so I really liked that choice. It gave me a chance to see what the other characters besides Harry were doing and how they were handling everything.

I enjoyed your choice of Ginny as the narrator for the first half of this. I think she is the perfect character to illustrate the bittersweetness of this victory. Here she's lost one of her brothers an several close friends. Although she's happy that Voldemort is gone, she's fighting to deal with all the tragedy it took to get there. I thought you highlighted that quite well.

I also enjoyed seeing Harry and Ginny get a few moments of happiness together at the end. Harry worried about Ginny the whole time he was on the run and I have to imagine that she worried about him as well, so it was nice to finally see them hash everything out and then fall into each other's arms.

Now a little bit of cc...

At points I did find this a little bit hard to follow and that was mainly because you have a tendency to switch tenses with in a sentence or several times in a paragraph. The tense switches make it a little harder to read because it throws off the flow a bit.

As far as characterization goes, while I did think you caught some of Ginny's conflict quite well, I did think that this was a bit overly fluffy for immediately after a war. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy that Harry and Ginny are happy. I just think that that soon after there would be a bit more despair and ugly feelings...and not really the kind you can just shake off and decide not to feel.

All in all, I thought that this was a nice look at some of my favorite characters post war. Good job!


Author's Response: Thank you for a very good review. I'm glad you overall liked the characterization of Ginny. Even though we didn't see much of her in the books or the movie, I always felt like she was a great character. I want to do her justice.

You will find that this isn't at all over for feelings after the war. My characterization of Ginny is that she really truly doesn't want to feel it even though it's there. She starts to shove it out of the way but, like most feelings that get ignored, it flares up.

I have a lot of trouble with keeping with the same tense... It is something I have been working on but may constantly need editing.

Thank you for the review! :)
(P.S since it was a request in the exchange, I'd love to hear your thoughts on a later chapter if it's not too much trouble. I know you're busy, so take your time if you need.)

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Review #6, by Aleine Food for thought

7th October 2015:
Hey you :D

your story is lovely. The flow is amazing. In this chapter alone, you've managed to continue the story from a different perspective and have then shifted to the original perspective (Harry). It was done very smoothly.

Your characterization was amazing. You've nailed Ginny's character. You pinpointed everything she would care about by showing the faces her she searched and the faces she saw and noticed even in her grief stricken state.

Neville would have been a hero all year though. This point in the story makes him a legend.

I love how you've made Luna and Neville seem the caring and responsible ones when everyone else was down with grief and loss. Even Harry, Ron and Hermione would back down from this moment, for a wile at least. But someone has to pick up the pieces.

Amazingly done!

I love how you've portrayed Ginny. Even though she's tough, at the end of the day she's human, and moreover, she's a girl. She has always been the kid of a big family, and now her family was falling apart. the fear, the dread and the denial were very well done indeed!

I love how you've portrayed the changes in Ginny's emotions and thought process. It was a very logical and legit chain process.

I found some errors though. Please don't get discouraged. I'm just pointing out the parts where this great story could be made perfect!

Your tense seem to switch from present to past on and off.

-My gaze found Neville and Luna who look grateful each other is ok.

This could be better phrased as; "My gaze found Neville and Luna who look grateful that each other is all right"

-They’re probably talking about what they did to fight for their lives just moments ago. Like how Neville managed to outrun the bridge exploding behind him

This could be better phrased as; "They’re probably talking about what they did to fight for their lives just moments ago; how Neville managed to outrun the bridge exploding behind him and how Luna fought with the rest of the DA"

-I just want my big brother to make me laugh like he has my whole life…

There a word missing here; "I just want my big brother to make me laugh like he has done my whole life…"

-This wasn’t supposed to happen this way! (Better if you said "It wasn't suppose to happen")

-I was starting to feel how Neville and Luna must have earlier. (and Luna must have felt earlier OR must have, earlier)

-“Mum, I’m gonna go find Harry, Ron, and Hermione,” (Better if you said "going to find")

-As I walked out of the Great Hall I realized I had never seen my mum like this, ever (I realised that*)

-As I walked out of the Great Hall I realized I had never seen my mum like this, ever. Or George or anybody come to think of it. (Punctuation and omission errors. This sentence is better of conjunctive: ever, or George or anyone else, come to think of it)

-I stopped in the middle of the corridor and bent in double as a fresh wave of grief swept over me. (and doubled up)

-But nothing will be back the way it was (Back to)

-I waited for a minute before I gave up. (before giving up)

-I took short cuts through the castle and got me to Gryffindor tower earlier than Harry. (Before Harry)

-After a lot longer of a shower than intended (After a much lengthier shower than intended)

-I accidentally bumped him into walls, caused him to swear a bit (Causing him to swear)

I'll stop right there.

Your flow, plot, characterization is spotless. But there are few errors in grammar and sentence construction. If you polish these out, your story would be perfect.

You could get a beta if you want. something I tell authors is that once you've written a story, as it is already in your head you miss the flaws when you re-read it. So it's always better to have it looked over.

If you don't like that idea, you could still edit once the reviews have kicked in!

Please do request reviews for the latter chapters as well!

Author's Response: Wow, really, thank you so much for this review. I'm glad you like the changing point of views, the plot and characterization. If it weren't for the fact I've edited this chapter a zillion times I would consider going back to fix the grammar. I have requested a beta, but have had no one respond. I might go back and request again.
I will return for more reviews, I'm so glad you liked it :)
Thank you!

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Review #7, by StarFeather Healing thoughts

24th August 2015:
#Team Gold!
Hi, Heather

The first paragraph, I was a little confused since I read the last sentences at the previous chapter, Harry got back from Gringotts. So much events are going on at the same time. You set the story Aurors were seeking for Hermione’s parents, its episode is written in detail, I’ve never done in my story, so many kudos on this.

Then oh, you spared for their snogging scene and I wonder you prefer Ron/Hermione ship to others (I should’ve asked this question at your MTA page).

A long letter from Harry, it’s new to me. From Ron’s POV is also first time for me to read. And house arrest, I’ve never thought of the idea! But I can understand how goblins want to blame the trio who caused the chaos during the war.

The scene you wrote about Harry and Ginny together, I love it. I like you put the conversation in which Harry mentioned about her hair, just my opinion, if I were you, I wouldn’t let Harry say about her hair, just keep it in his mind. The description may be done more detailed by him in his mind. You can do it because I read your beautiful description about the sea and the sky in the previous chapter.

Wow, it was interesting to read the scene where Ginny was angry at Harry showing outburst of her frustration after Harry reminded her of her nightmare. I’ve read the same kind of this episode by the other authors but it’s new. Your style is unique.
Funny, Hexing suits her very well. I agree with it. I’m going to put her hexing Harry in my story, at the last chapter of my long story (spoiler), so the idea is very understandable. I really enjoyed the last paragraphs: Sobbing Ginny into Harry’s chest, flying them back to the Burrow and the Sheppard’s pie.


Author's Response: I will definitely be editing this chapter, because I just got super confused too :P I really appreciate you pointing that out.

I love all this ships, so I don't know which I really like more lol

Ok, so I didn't write Ginny's hair as a description because Harry just got some stuck in his mouth. I meant it to give him an opportunity to tease her.

I'm glad you liked Ginny's outburst scene, I thought that it was important for her to get it out and that Harry would be the one, out of any other person, to get it out of her.

I'll be sure to add some more description too, weaving through the trees and lying on the forest floor leaves a lot of opportunity for description.

Thanks again!

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Review #8, by StarFeather Not the usual thoughts

20th August 2015:
#Team Gold!

Hi, Heather. It is fun to review each other at the multiple chapters, isn’t it?
Okay, I jumped in this chapter, ‘cause I saw “Harry” at the summary.

I was relieved to know the letter was from Hermione, which means the serious thing wouldn’t happen to Ginny’s brother. It likely happens that Ron ended up in the messy kitchen. I smiled at the image that he was at a loss there. If Harry did cook, he would be able to handle them better. I’d like to read, if you write the same scene about him and Ginny.

The idea that Harry takes care of Teddy himself after advice from Molly is a good idea.
I let Andromeda do it in my story.

One of the impressive description here is the beautiful view of the sea and the sky. I’m fond of the detailed writing about nature. It is well written. I love it. I guess gentle time passed among Cora, Molly and Ginny. Talking about the dearest people they lost is important for them to heal each other.

Ginny got horny when Harry and Teddy were late, but I understand how severe things she had to endure in the past. But if something happened then, it would be another interesting story. (Whisper in your ear, why don't you make an entry in my Auror’s Tale story challenge?)

Anyway, he came back from Gringotts, what did he find there? I’ll be back again!


Author's Response: ok, I can see why you used that word and got it confused lolol, it's ok, I forgive you :P

You're so sneaky, trying to make me enter you're challenge... ok yes, since you said that I sort of have a plot bunny, but still! you...

Anyway, I'm happy to hear you really liked the detail of their surroundings, that means a lot considering your stories are so focused on them :)

I like the idea that Harry is more hands on with Teddy, not full time or anything, Teddy is all Andromeda has, so I doubt she'll need too much help for a little while.

I'm so glad you like my story, and it isn't even edited yet! lol I'm sort of rereading the story for myself so I remember more of what I wanted to do, but this really helps 'cause you're giving me more ideas!
Thank you!!

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Review #9, by StarFeather Complicated Thoughts

19th August 2015:
Hi, Heather. I read through the previous chapters and came here, because.., you know, I Love Harry/Ginny ship. (sorry I repeated many times.)

I read you set the original character, Sirius's wife, is that right? Wow she had his son. It's very moving. At least he left his own son. But his name was after him and his best mate, James, which is a little confusing, Harry's middle name is James and his future first son will be James..

Okay, let's get back to this chapter. I felt the dialogues were increasing as I read through from the chapter 4 to here. Is it easy for you to write in that style? Since I've heard somewhere it's better to avoid writing many dialogues. During House Cup writing short stories battle, we were not allowed to write in dialogues in sequence. How do you think? I just want to know if it's a common sense when you write stories in English.

Overall you described their sad feeling that they lost the dearest people during the battle, sharing pain each other, you wrote about them beautifully. The saddest scene is Molly crashed a pan to the floor and ran crying.

You save us from the sad feeling by putting the scene of Trelawney, it's very comical. I like it.

My most favorite scene here is, "Harry and I sit in my room, he's reading his very worn Quidditch through the ages, and I just have my head on his shoulder when I hear it again." Please write these kind of scenes more. I love it. :)

Tha last part is very intriguing. What will happen to Ginny's brother?


Author's Response: Ok, at first I got very confused and thought you reviewed chapter 4 lol. I've been editing and had just gotten there so I definitely see what you mean about the dialogue! I can't believe I was doing that... Well, I'm older and wiser and editing lol. But still, thank you so much for catching that, I don't know, I didn't realize I was doing it. None of the other reviews mentioned it so I thought it was fine, but rereading it now... jeez. lol.
I'm so glad you're enjoying the emotions I've tried conveying, it really is the most important part in writing that I've found.

You'll have to wait to find out! :) I didn't know how fun it was to do cliff hangers until I made one lol.
Thanks for the awesome review!

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Review #10, by StarFeather Thoughts, about a week later

17th August 2015:
Hi, Heather! I came back again. I read the second chapter, where I was very impressed by the episode of Luna and her friends and I thought of reading the next, because… I wanted to read Harry’s and Ginny’s POV. (I’m a Harry&Ginny shipper, you know.)

If J.K.Rowling adds more description about the aftermath of the battle of Hogwarts, she may not write these in detail like you, but I enjoyed them. It’s a good thing to write about the process where they get back trust each other. (:hide: I avoided writing them in my story ).

My favorite parts here are, “I awkwardly take her lead,” and “I turn towards Ginny, and my heart nearly stops ‘cause she seems to glow with happiness. I concentrate breathing for a minute, the difference between talking about grief, and happiness of a new life is a bit much to take in.” Please let me explain. The first phrase you wrote described Harry’s characteristic very well, he’s such a humble and shy person. The second ones are well written about Ginny’s inner beauty. I like them.


Author's Response: Yay! Please feel free to read more, it's just that they are different because I tried to write in present tense, it worked, and it didn't. I think it mostly does because I focus on the characters emotions which, like you, people seemed to really like :)
I'm so glad you liked those parts! I felt like I needed to emphasize his character and how hard this time really is for them. I can't even imagine going through something like that.
P.S I like detail lol, it's one of the things I kinda missed in the HP books, glad you liked them :)

Thank you so much, glad you like it so far :)

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Review #11, by StarFeather Food for thought

14th August 2015:
# Team Gold!
Hi, Heather, I noticed your avatar at Gryffindor CR, I thought of stopping by your story.

When I started reading this chapter, I wondered who is “I”? Is she probably Ginny? I thought so because you described her with her mother from the start. And I convinced it was her who grieved for Fred. She was crying, which showed she was young, for the older we get, people hardly show tears in public.

Her feeling about Harry, it made me smile. A man often let a woman feel sad and worry, it’s stupid for a man. A man should let a woman happy.

It’s quite unique seeing the aftermath of the war through Ginny’s eyes. I enjoyed the movement of her feeling at each scene. I love their banter very much. Then you switched the view to Harry’s. I was a little bit puzzled but got used to little by little. Wow, the scene of their getting together, I love it. I’ve read the similar scenes here and there, but it’s really good. I’m a Harry/Ginny shipper, so reading the kind of stuffs never let me boring. I’ll be back to the next chapter soon.


Author's Response: Hey, thanks for reviewing. Sorry it was a little confusing, I wanted to try and make it obvious it was her and harry without interrupting the flow saying Ginny's POV or Harry's POV. I dunno, maybe I should get over it lol.
I'm so glad you liked the way they got together, I always thought it was so cute :)
I guess I'll always be young, it's hard for me not to show my emotions. Even though Ginny rarely does, I thought it was important for her to do that here.
Yes, men seem to be stupid sometimes lol :P
I'm so glad you liked the story, I am editing so if you get past chapter 2 at any point, it will change to present tense. just so you know.
Team Red!! :P

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Review #12, by NailahM Surprising Thoughts

28th August 2013:
Good chapter! The adoption is an awesome idea. It seems like just the thing Hermione's parents would do. And it'll be perfect for her to have a little sister! Can't wait to see how this goes.

Author's Response: I'm sooo happy you like the idea :D It only seems logical that they'd at least feel the need to have a daughter since they have one, but didn't remember. The feeling must still be there.
Yes, and I'm sure Hermione will love having a sister, even though it's hard on her right now.
I'm having a little bit of a writers block about it all, but I'm slowly breaking through. I hope to get another chapter out soon.
Thanks so much for the reviews, they mean a lot :D

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Review #13, by NailahM Healing thoughts

28th August 2013:
I think you did great with this chapter. It felt pretty real. It was so good of Harry to coax that out of Ginny; he did what was necessary for her mental well-being. Good scene.

Author's Response: This was one of my most interesting chapters to write. I hadn't done much action before, and I feel like Ginny brought it to life for me. Plus Harry was probably the only one able to get that out of her, I don't think anyone else would. I love the scene, it kept things real between them.
I'm so glad you liked it too!
Thanks for the review :)

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Review #14, by Clairyfairy83 Foreign Thoughts

1st August 2013:
Excellent so far can't wait for the next chapter x also you use the word prolly sometimes... Do you probably??

Author's Response: yes, sorry, I should go back and edit that. It's a habit I use typing, but it does mean probably.

Thanks for reviewing, first for this chapter!! :D

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Review #15, by Amalda Love for thoughts

30th June 2013:
It was cool i feel lyk reading the next chapter .

Author's Response: Great! I'm glad you want to keep reading :)
I want to thank you sooo much for giving my first story it's 100th review! I hope you continue loving the story :)

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Review #16, by Amalda Food for thought

30th June 2013:
It was nice and pretty original . Loved it

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you love it, I do too. Thanks for reading :)

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Review #17, by Aphoride Crazy thoughts

18th May 2013:
Hey there! Stopping by with your requested review! :)

Okay, first off, I love the fact that you've chosen to start this after the war. It's obviously a difficult time and most stories/authors don't want to try and deal with it because of that, so kudos to you for doing it ;)

You said about the switches between pov... first of all, I'd get rid of the 'Harry's pov' things and just use a line break. It really jars the flow and takes away from the story itself, you know? The first paragraphs after you switch povs always need to make it clear who you're talking about - you do that pretty much all the time at the moment, it's just something to remember :) I'd say the only other thing about pov is to consider how they view themselves, not how others view them. For example, Ron wouldn't necessarily consider himself emotionally stunted, Hermione wouldn't consider herself bossy, etc. Honestly, the povs are pretty good, and I kinda like the switches - it means we get to see more of what's going on, even if it can be a bit choppy at times - but it would help individualise the 'I', if you know what I mean.

Brit-pick wise, there was only one thing I could find, which was that a 'stroller' in America is a 'buggy' or a 'pushchair' here. Also, I'm a law student so I have to mention that if Cora and Sirius never got married, then she isn't his wife and forging a certificate is fraud. I don't know if it's a big part of the story, but if they never got married, then she's not his wife and isn't 'Mrs Cora Black'. It's just a factual thing, but it makes it a bit confusing if you say they're not married, but they are... either they are or they're not, you know? I'd just clear that up ;)

Your characterisation is great! I love how you're writing Ginny - with the whole 'must-be-strong' thing and hiding her emotions... and Ron is pretty great too, being a bit clueless and then occasionally serious and everything...

I liked the mention of the funeral service and the trio sorting out things that they needed to do after the war - like telling Luna about the Death Eaters going for her dad, and Harry and the others thinking about all those who had died, and Kreacher... the only thing I would say is that I'm not totally sure they'd put a graveyard in Hogwarts' grounds? O.o I just think a school isn't the best place for that - after all, it's populated by teenagers with access to ink and spells... I love the way you mentioned the differences between magical and muggle memorial services and funerals, etc. I'd never really considered that before, so it was a really nice touch.

I'd just suggest maybe going through it again (I know you've edited it!) perhaps with help of an online editing program (I use EditMinion, and it's great - and free... :D), to pick up on missing words/typos, etc. There are a few places where it doesn't flow smoothly, and it's easy enough to fix! It's just a little thing, though ;)

So yeah, I really enjoyed this! I think you're doing fine with the povs, the plot is great - and starts at a really interesting point in the HP world - the characterisation is lovely, and the flow is pretty good, too. There's no real weakness here... :)

Aph xx

Author's Response: HOLY MERLIN!! I DIDN'T RESPOND!!!
(sigh, headbang)
I'm so sorry, please don't hate me, it was one of those late night things where I read it, was sooo happy, and fell right asleep with happy review thoughts...

Anyway! Yes, it is harder than I thought to pick up where she left off, but I love my idea even when it's slow going.
The only thing about dropping the POV's is that I have no idea how to do a line break... maybe I'll pm you about that lol.
I'll definitely consider more how they would actually think of themselves. Though I think it's very possible they could think of themselves that way, it is their personality.
Thank you!! I knew there was a word for stroller! I will definitely go back and get that.
Hmmm the Cora 'Black' issue... Well, I've been meaning to revitalize my Sirius Black story, so I can't see why I can't make it legal :)
Thank you! I am absolutely loving writing Ron and Ginny :D
lolol they didn't put a graveyard there, it's just a memorial service and maybe a statue, I think they'd actually keep it near Dumbledore's tomb.. maybe something else to clarify.
Thank you again for this review it really did mean a lot!
I swear I'm not normally like this with reviews, I normally jump all over it lol. Total fluke.
Really, thank you so much!

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Review #18, by Kira Food for thought

6th May 2013:
You really do a beautiful job with the characters here; the story flows naturally as though the last chapter of Deathly Hallows really kept going. You clearly have a great understanding of the HP characters and write them very well, not to say that you don't write with a flair all your own. There were a bunch of lines and moments that stood out to me in particular. Probably my favorite is when Ginny is trying to remember the last time that Fred made her laugh. So heartbreaking, but something that rang so true. For anyone who has ever lost someone; when they;re gone, you do everything you can to try and hold onto memories before they slip away. It's horrible that memories fade, but they do. But the love never does. It was just a beautiful moment. Heartbreaking, but really and truly beautiful.

I've never been much of a Harry/Ginny shipper, just because Ginny sort of irritated me. I'm kind of in the "Ginny's a Mary Sue" camp, so I've always had trouble getting close to her as a character. But, since you took us inside Ginny's head, I feel like I get her a little bit more. You did a great job with her emotions and her split feelings for Harry. (Wanting to hug him and smack him at the same time.)

You did a great job with this chapter! I'm sticking this on my favorites so I can read more later!

Author's Response: I'm sooo happy :D
I know what you mean about the Ginny Mary Sue.. I'm trying to break out of that mold and just concentrate on continuing the character I always saw her as. I'm glad you like her :D
Also, I'm glad to hear that I did her grieving justice. I've never lost anyone that close, so I was trying to give it my best shot. I have to admit by reading other stories it's really helped to grasp the emotions people can go through.
I did put a little of myself in Ginny with the split emotion, I know that's how I'd feel lol.

I'm really very incredibly happy with the review, and I hope to hear from you again soon :D Thanks for getting me that much closer to 100 reviews!

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Review #19, by TheHistoryGirl Love for thoughts

11th April 2013:
I love how you remember all the details from the book; there's so much going on throughout the Deathly Hallows and I'm glad you keep perhaps not the most immediately obvious things at the forefront of all of your character's minds rather than just making it about the romance of it all which it isn't. As far as credibility goes you have that down to a tee.
Your characterisation is, for lack of a better word, perfect! I have to admit that I'm ten times more in love with Ron/Hermione than Harry/Ginny which is why I enjoyed this chapter slightly more than the first one but your story on the whole is brilliant. And I'm so glad that this story is written from so many different points of view rather than just one; this method is extremely effective in providing the reader with an all-round clear picture of the aftermath of the battle.
That scene when Hermione woke Ron up with a kiss...I mean my heart just melted thinking about it. That is the single cutest thing that I've ever read!
I also like the way you've woven a touch of humour into the emotional context of it all; it makes for much more enjoyable reading considering the fact that I love anything that is even remotely humorous.
I also like the word 'prolly'; is this some kind of coinage for 'probably' because if so I'm thinking of stealing it for my own slang safe.
I look forward to seeing where this story will lead to.

Author's Response: OMM (Oh My Merlin lol) I (heart symbol) U
It's deleted my response if I try to do it manually the past 2 times... very annoying.

I'm sooo happy you love the Diff. POV's, most don't care for it, but I'm thrilled you do! I love those parts too, very cute. There's much more R/Hr later too, more than I thought, but it's working out that way. Go ahead and use Prolly :)
Again Thank you so much, tell me if you ever write anything :D
Welcome to the Forums!

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Review #20, by TheHistoryGirl Food for thought

10th April 2013:
This was so lovely to read; I'm nearly crying myself just thinking about Fred's death now. I'm really happy that you've kept him in the front of Ginny's mind despite everything else that happened during the night of the battle. It seems realistic that he would be the first thing that she would think of (even before the love of her life). Your characterisation, in my opinion, is definitely spot on for both characters. It's clear that you've dedicated your time to doing an effective job of it so kudos for that.
I got really teary when Harry told Ginny about Fred's death and Percy's joke; that was such a creative and lovely way that he chose to console her.
I love the way you've portrayed their relationship. Three words: credible, sweet and creative. Good job.
I did notice a few typos here and there; they're all very minor but for the sake of being constructive I figured I might as well point them out to you.
"We we're looking at what she lost what we both lost.">>> After lost a full stop would work really well to emphasize the poetic effect.
"I just want my big brother to make me laugh like he has my whole life…">>>this should be 'like he has done my whole life'.
"I can’t always sit with my head on my mom’s shoulder." >>>Just pointing out the Americanism for the sake of characterisation
Other than that though this was a really good first chapter! Thanks for recommending it!
PS: I apologise in advance if the quotes have pasted strangely. Just pay attention to the errors that I've pointed out specifically in the annotations.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I really appreciate both what you loved and the constructive criticism. I've always liked the idea of taking sweet memorable moments from the books and including them in my stories, that seems to be what people love, including myself! I'm so glad to have evoked some emotion from you, that's a goal any writer has :D I'm sorry it had to be sad this time, but it's realistic.
Thanks again for pointing out the errors!

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Review #21, by HuffleyPuff Thoughts, about a week later

9th April 2013:
ITS SO FLUFFY I'M GONNA DIE! Now that's out of the way the baby Teddy was just so cute. It's also a nice touch that you decided to add in the fact that Ginny was also his Godmother, wasn't really expecting that and now they're together and all that it makes me really happy to see a ship flourishing like it is right now as you write it. I have now gotten used to your style and I love it very much, it was not a kind I had come across before, but now after reading three chapters of this really great story and enjoying them I am proud to say i have become a fan of your writing! :P

YOU KEEP SWITCH POV AND IT IS REALLY ANNOYING ME! I really don't like it when people suddenly decided to switch the whole POV on you when it could be perfect with only having one POV for the chapter. You can do it to have one character per chapter or something like that, but it really irks me when it changes in the middle of a chapter for no reason at all. You don't have to change it, but it was just something which annoys me.

Anyway, that's me done so thanks for the great review swap!

Happy Writing!

HuffleyPuff xx

Author's Response: Okay, so maybe you haven't gotten used to the POV's. I really do try to make them flow from character to character, and have it make some sense. Would it be better to have it more subtle? Or maybe I could at least calm it down to one per chapter... I'll have to work with it. It has gotten a bit to the point where I'm almost annoyed with it, at least 2 per chapter is kinda a lot. I may start asking who readers liked better as a voice through the chapters.

Lol I'm glad you liked the fluffiness! I've always liked the idea of Ginny as Godmother too. I'd thought of it 'cause Tonks spent a lot of time at the Weasley's when she was having trouble with Lupin, and getting over Sirius' death. She might have gotten close to Ginny too.

OMM I have a fan :D Woot! lol. I'm happy you like my writing style, I just get worried people don't want to keep reading it because of it.. I do want to stick with it though.

Thanks for such great reviews. I hope to hear from you soon, and I will keep up with yours too, I'm curious :)

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Review #22, by HuffleyPuff Love for thoughts

9th April 2013:
And another brilliant chapter of your first ever fic. You should be pretty proud of yourself for this, this is turnign out to be a really great story and for your first it would be something anyone should be proud of. Anyways I'm loving the fact that you can characterize people so perfectly in your writing, it's a skill I want for myself! GIMMY! *grabby hands*


Anyways I love the Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny ships you have going on, now that the war has ended and the castle is fixing itself it's good to see the young love flourish. And I love how Herminone instantly thought of Hogwarts: a History when she thought about the castle fixing itself. That is so her, but she should be too tired to even start to think about remembering things from books. That girl needs a nice long rest!

I thought this was another great chapter from you and I hope as I continue reading that they will just get better and better as I go on!


Author's Response: :D I love this review, it makes me so happy. Does this mean you don't mind the Multiple POV's? :O lol
I would share the skill if I could, but maybe reading it might help? shrug lol.

I don't know about resting for them yet.. it might still be a little while.

I hope to see you continue to read too! I'm so happy you like it :D This chapter was particularly difficult so I'm glad you liked it.
Thank you!

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Review #23, by HuffleyPuff Food for thought

9th April 2013:
Review swap time!

For you're first fic you should be pretty proud of what you have here. It's rare not to find a soppy after the battle fic with Ginny and Harry without them falling into each others arms and everything being okay and nothing every happened, but how you did it was pretty impressive. Ginny had mixed emotions about Harry and about how she still loved him, but still wanted to rip his hair out for what he'd to her. I also think you characterized the characters you mentioned so far very well. I can imagine girls now fawning over Neville and him not even realizing what was going on, he's the character who would do that kind of thing however funny it is.

Your writing style is not something I'm that used too, but after awhile it certain does grow on you slightly and however hesitant I was about it at first had certainly worn of now and I am pretty happy with reading more of it as I continue deeper into the story.

One thing to do have to go around nitpicking about is the fact that you switched POV half way durning a chapter. I am not really a huge fan of people who do that in their stories, but that is really the only thing I am going to complain about as I did still enjoy reading the first chaper.

Nice length too,

HufflleyPuff xx

Author's Response: Yeah, it's a mixed situation. I want to do something different with my writing style for example, writing in present tense, and with multiple POV's, but it's also something that's going to unfortunately alienate some readers...
I'm unsure about changing that, but since it's been over 6 months since my previous review before yours it might be something to consider.

I really appreciate you reading on and trying this. I do get very good reviews on the characters, so at least I'm doing that right.

Thank you so much for being honest and helpful.

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Review #24, by lilypotterfan123 Food for thought

30th March 2013:
Hey, it's Bex here for the review swap!
I liked Ginny's POV a lot and how sad she felt with the constant reminder of Fred. It seemed very surreal to think of Fred being gone and you portrayed Ginny's views very well.

I also liked her thoughts on Harry and how conflicted she was but maybe we'll see more of their relationship later on in the fic!

Overall there were a few missing commas here and there, as well as some spelling mistakes but it wasn't that bad. There were parts I felt seemed a little rushed like her meeting with Kreacher and how he was a little out of character. That's understandable though because I cannot write an elf in character for the life of me.

Nice start!

Author's Response: Hi, sorry it took so long for me to respond..
We will see more of their relationship later on, don't worry about that :)
Yeah, I tried my best with Kreacher. I'm coming from the Kreacher who would be appreciating him helping Regulus, and now being supportive of him.

Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #25, by Elenia Food for thought

20th August 2012:

Hi! I'm here finally ^^ I never managed to get to my laptop yesterday and I hate reviewing with my phone, so sorry for the tiny delay.

But anyways, I think this was adorable. Your writing was beautiful and I could easily paint the picture in my head. Especially since it's your first fic! Excellent job.

I liked both Harry and Ginny, I think you did a good job with both of them. I could easily see characteristics that I could recognise in both of them.

I do have to admit though, I'm not the biggest fan of switching POV's, especially during a chapter. I wouldn't have minded that much if this one was from Ginny's POV and the next one was from Harry's, but when it's done in the middle of the chapter, it breaks the flow for me. But that's just a personal preference, nothing to do with your story (:

I did think it was maybe a bit too light, considering what had just happened and how much they had experienced during the past year. I did enjoy it, but I think their thoughts should've been a bit darker to make it more believable.

Few minor typos/missing commas here and there, but nothing big. I can't even remember where they were, so it wasn't a big deal.

Well done! I'll read the next chapters soon (:


Author's Response: Thank you I'm glad you like it! Thank you for being honest about the POV's, it's just how the story started coming out, is there a way you'd think different POV's could be more subtle in the same chapters? Feel free to PM me if you have an idea, I'm glad the typos weren't big, 'cause I did just redo this and wondered how it went :) Thanks for the feedback! I can't wait for you to read the rest, I'm glad you liked it that much :D

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