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Review #1, by Hannah Bedtime with Remus -Age five

26th October 2014:
I am looking forward to the next chapter.

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Review #2, by Anna Bedtime with Remus -Age five

28th July 2012:
Wow. Absolutely wonderful. Definitely one of the best fan fictions I have ever read. Please write more!

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Review #3, by Luxa Bedtime with Remus -Age five

30th March 2011:
this story is really cute and funny, usually i dont like the idea of "baby harry" but this one really takes the cake, if you get my meaning.Keep writing ones like this!!!

Author's Response: I will!! Thanks!! :)

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Review #4, by mari Bedtime with Remus -Age five

29th March 2011:
the story's actually pretty sweet, i hope you update on this story!

Author's Response: I will update, but im currently writing a time travel story. So yeah. But this story will have more chapters!

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Review #5, by Werewolfs Rule Bedtime with Remus -Age five

26th March 2011:
Funny and cute, I really liked the whole playful 'mum' thing that Remus and James did. I would like to see more Sirius and Remus interaction like this, its too cute.

I would also love longer chapters too!

Author's Response: Yeah, I will do more Sirius and Remus in the near future. I love writing these stories! And I SWEAR I will do longer chapters! I have a few saved on word document I will post between every chapter of my other story!!! -Aaabi x

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Review #6, by ViolaBlack Bedtime with Remus -Age five

24th March 2011:

Author's Response: THANKS!!! I love reveiws!!! I will keep writing I SWEAR on the life of my ever shrinking pile of chocolate!

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Review #7, by lilygirl_1014 Bedtime with Remus -Age five

24th March 2011:
Ohmygod!! I was loling the whole time!!! Please continue!! Harry is such a little schemer I love it! 10/10 for sure!!!

Author's Response: I shall continue until I start to get grey hairs! And even then I have the wonder of hair-dye!

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Review #8, by magicmuggle01 Bedtime with Remus -Age five

24th March 2011:
And what are you planning for the next chapter I wonder? I like this chapter, though the story seems a bit tame at the moment. Are you planning something? Another 9/10 and please update soon.

Author's Response: I was thinking a really fluffy one, full of mischeif and tickle fights!

I shall update more often aswell, it's just with GCSE's and stuff, I am kinda drowning in my homework right now.

So if your gonna blame someone, blame my Science teachers. :)

-Aaabi x

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Review #9, by magicmuggle01 Harry HATES bathtime - Age 2

24th March 2011:
What an interesting concept a Harry without Voldermort. It should be interesting to see where this story is going. 9/10 and now for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thanks! And this is a short story collection, so it's just a few snippets of Harry as a child that I think of now and then. I think I will carry on into the Christmas and Summer holidays at Hogwarts, to.

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Review #10, by hogwartsfavoritecoupleh Bedtime with Remus -Age five

24th March 2011:
aw that was adorablee!! update soon!

Author's Response: I shall! I promise! You can pelt me with eggs if I dont. Just make sure they're not ostrich eggs. :) -Aaabi x

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Review #11, by ekroman Harry HATES bathtime - Age 2

23rd February 2011:
This is so cute:) I can't wait to read the next chapter!

Author's Response: Naw, thanks!

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Review #12, by fan Harry HATES bathtime - Age 2

24th January 2011:
this is absolutely hilarious "Harry!"

Author's Response: thanks! Sorry about the long wait but chapter 2 should be up soon!

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