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Review #1, by R_Hagrid My Immortal

18th February 2012:
Oh my God. I actually cried, it's perfect. The song, the storyline, the everything. I agree with you, the song fits perfectly and you've written the perfect scenario. It's amazing.

Author's Response: Oh Hi!

It always amuses me to see people say they cried, I never know whether to say thank you or sorry. But I'll take the compliments as this is a thank you situation. Glad you liked it! :)


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Review #2, by TenthWeasley My Immortal

21st January 2012:
So, true story -- I had to run immediately and put this song on before coming by and leaving this review, because I adore Snape, and adore this song, and it just had to happen. :) I once wrote a Cho fic to this song, actually, but that's neither here nor there.

This was so poignantly beautiful, Hannah. ♥ You hit on so many raw emotions, especially as I am a large fan of Snape, and I was so close to tears the entire way through. It's just so /sad/ -- his regret, his love, his depression -- and you captured it extremely well. I just want so much for him to be happy here, but he isn't, and it's not always easy to write things where your characters are guaranteed horrid endings. I think you did it very well.

I think the song you chose fit so well with this, too -- as you said, it describes Snape perfectly, and now I've got these little images flashing through my head and I want to cry again. :( But it's a good thing! Writers who can evoke such emotion should be proud to do so.

This was such a lovely piece, Hannah, and I really don't know why I've never read it before. But I'm so glad I did now! Excellent work!

Author's Response: Jane!

Asdfghjkl, Thank you :) It's was a long time ago I wrote that (Scarily long) and I am so glad you like it! I loved that song, still do actually and I honestly felt - as you said, that I said - it fit him really well and I can't listen to it now without thinking of this one-shot. It was something I enjoyed exploring and it makes me happy it affected you like that!

Although...don't cry Jane! :P Thank you for the review! I really am glad you liked it. I don't think Snape was ever going to be happy, which is a sad thing, but there was an inevitability about his life and I'm just glad he was who he was inside, even if he couldn't show it all the time :)

Thank you!
Hannah x

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Review #3, by Person My Immortal

10th September 2011:
Aw! I am now a James hater! Snape/Lilly are my face pairing age Draco/Luna. Loved it! Now excuse me I have to cry. :(

Author's Response: I'm sorry I made you cry! Not my intention I promise you. But i'm glad you seemed to enjoy it anyways :D

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Review #4, by mpr My Immortal

1st June 2011:
NAWS. *sadface* I think you really captured about what Rowlling had for that moment and all of poor Snapies feeling. Almost made me cry. almost.

Author's Response: Thanks! I really tried to get his emotions right. And uhh, I want to say i'm glad I nearly made you cry but that sounds a bit mean. So i'll settle with thanks!

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Review #5, by strawberrydarhling My Immortal

4th March 2011:
I am holding you responsible for getting me addicted to Evanescence :)

I read this fic and decided to listen to the song at the same time. I was going to review after I had listened to a couple more of her songs. Now it is an hour later and I am only just getting to this!

As for the fic itself, I really loved it because I have always been a huge Snape fan, and I think you have done a great job on this :)

Author's Response: CONVERTED ANOTHER! :P

Thank you for the review, I am so glad you liked it :D

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Review #6, by silverstarletworld89 My Immortal

2nd March 2011:
Wow. I always wondered what it could have been like for snape to find that letter and photograph and I think you managed to capture his feelings and emotions very well. Him going through unrequited love must have been hard, but it must have been harder for him since she was in love with his enemy Which is why I get his resentment for harry, which you explained in this very well. 'He would be shouting insults at Harry but really they were meant for James', powerful words. I think the song incorporated with it perfectly and I think that you still have all of me' fits so well as Snapes heart as always belonged to Lily.

Great story! And definitely felt sorry for Snape. At the end I just wanted to embrace him in a big hug lol.


Author's Response: Aw! Thank you!!!

I am so glad you liked it, the song is amazing and I heard it and just though..Oh my god, it's Snape!

I am so glad I could manage to get you to sympathise with him! even to the point of a hug! made my day :D

Hannah x

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Review #7, by liza_potter My Immortal

19th February 2011:
Happy Valentine's Day! (I realize that it's no longer Valentine's Day, but I wrote this review on that day and forgot to post it. :P Plus, RL has kept me busy, so I apologise for the lateness of your gift!)

This story, out of all the stories on your author's page, attracted me first because it included one of my favourite characters - Snape - and a song I know quite well. (And the pretty banner certainly helped, too. Ssh. ;)) The song was a nice choice for this story; it fit into the story rather than taking away from it. Actually, I remember listening to this song and thinking it would make a good songfic about Snape. Great minds think alike, eh? ^_^ The song is actually quite dark, which is why it fits Snape so wonderfully. And I like how while Snape loves Lily, you didn't keep going on and on about her eyes and her hair and 'oh, she's so lovely and beautiful' and yadayadayada. You did a good job at expressing Snape's feelings- his love for Lily, his bitterness and resentment towards James, his mixed emotions towards Harry. I think you could've made some people who don't like Snape feel some sympathy for the guy. Good job!

"He always did have to be different, the centre of attention" --> Loved that line! So very, very Snape. I could feel all the bitterness coming from him. And especially since it's about Sirius.

While there were a few grammer errors, - mostly with capitalization and such - they didn't take away from the story and were really no biggie. :) Snape's emotions were what really shone through, and you got that across wonderfully. Personally, I enjoyed it. The whole concept of it is enough to get me interested, and you handled it nicely. In particular, I liked that bit about Harry truly being Lily's son. That was a nice touch.

Well done! And I hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day, dear. *hugs* Hope to see more of you and your writing around!


Author's Response: Oh my steak and kidney pie! Okay, now I definitely don't have anything to say that would accurately express my thanks..hence I'm rambling with big words and food :)

Thank you so much! With the grammar "Rolls eyes* I've heard it millions of main fault as a writer...but thank you so much for these two amazing reviews!

Happy Valentines day to you too..and I don't mind that these were late. How lovely they are made up for that :D

Thank you!!!

Hannah x

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Review #8, by ericajen My Immortal

16th February 2011:
Aw. I'm rarely one to feel much sympathy or feeling for Snape, but this was a very lovely little one-shot and I did indeed feel much sympathy for him. I like the way you described his feelings and the way you explained the memories and such. I think it was nice. The little touches of Lily and all the things he regretted really created a nice story. Also, good song! Nice choice for the story(:

Well done!


Author's Response: Thank you!!!

I am so glad you felt sympathy for him and I am so glad you liked it :D The song is one of my favourites :D

Thanks :D

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Review #9, by Aiedail My Immortal

6th February 2011:
Hi there! Came across your story through the review thread and I thought I'd stop by :)

Firstly, although I've never heard this song before, I feel like you did a great job at matching the emotions of your main character to the lyrics. Usually I don't really take angst seriously, probably mostly because as a very young writer, most of my ideas of what emotion was ended up in my writing of horrible little angsty pieces. However, I appreciate the genuineness of this piece. I feel that, besides the grammatical missteps, the feelings are believable and the things that Snape chooses to think of are also natural. I've always just sort of skipped over this inevitable scene in my head because I don't like to think of it...Snape still isn't one of my favorite characters even knowing all that he sacrificed. Despite this, your story is still effective at drawing emotions, though I would have believed it a little more if he had sort of paralleled his love for Lily and his love for Dumbledore--after all, that is what it must have taken to kill him, the only person who would take confidence in him after his young, foolish years as a supporter of the Dark side.
All in all though, very nice! :) :)

Author's Response: Thank you for the lovely review.

The main bad points (Grammar and Dumbledore) Have been mentioned to me before. The Grammar, i am awful, I have known this foreve and i need to get a beta soon. :) With Dumbledore, i know i mentioned him breifly but i really couldn't find a way to fit him in with the song.
But thank you, emotional development is something i have trouble with so i'm glad you thought i did well with that :D
The song is very angsty but i just thought it seemed to match what Snape would be going through. I was always curious about writing Snape because he is so complex. Which obviously makes him harder to write :D

Thanks again.

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Review #10, by orderofthephoenix My Immortal

2nd February 2011:
I'm really glad I got to read this through the Claws review thread. I've always wanted to know how Snape found that letter and how he felt about that.

His feelings for Lily are very realistic and believable. The pain he feels is evident and I feel sorry for him. I'm glad you've written a little about how he feels about Harry and that he sees him as Lily's son instead of James' son.

There is a slight mistake in Snape's first line where it says: 'knowing the orders methods.' when I think it should be 'knowing the Order's methods.' You've done this several times where 'order', 'dark lord' & 'ministry' should all start with a capital letter.

A little note: I would have liked to have read a bit about how Snape felt about killing Dumbledore. It probably wouldn't have been an easy decision to make so I'd have liked to know how it affected him.

I've not heard this song before but the lyrics make sense and go well with Snape's character. Good choice :)

Sophia x

Author's Response: Thank you :) I was going to put a bit about Dumbledore but i didn't feel they fitted with the lyrics very well.
Thanks for the heads up on the mistakes, grammar and spelling are one of my biggest problems in writing.
I always felt that deep down he saw Lily in Harry instead of James but refused to admit it out loud so I decided to incorporate that. The song is by Evanescence, who has some fairly dark themes but i have found so many of them that i could incorporate into songfics for hpff, i chose this one because i have never written about Snape and he fascinates me as a character, I am glad you thought i did well with emotions etc.
Thank you again :)

Hannah x

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