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Review #1, by Still smiling Concupiscence

18th January 2017:
This was so funny I want to cry. I've also felt a bit down today and this was the most wonderful thing to come across-- thank you so much :))

So so so funny. When Scorpius mentioned how Rose was the only one who could make lust sound dull and Rose mentioned all her cousins and the description of how Scorpius destroyed everything because he was so unhappy... gosh.

There were parts I also felt could be in a serious fic, though- like Rose slapping him in the face and running away. I really didn't expect that, but it was wonderful to read.

And ohh I don't even know but YES. Thank you. This is so brilliantly TERRIFYINGLY AMAZING. Thank you so much for this!!

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it!! I think a parody needs to get its readers to double-take every once in awhile - Scorpius ripping his clothes off spontaneously? What romance would be complete without it?

Terrifyingly amazing is the best compliment I can receive for this fic, hee. Thank you!

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Review #2, by Roisin Concupiscence

12th June 2015:

This was agonizingly perfect. Scarily on the nose. On more than one occasion I wanted to facedesk and shout "IKR." I also shifted rapidly from wincing to giggling out loud. "Ugh anastasia you're everywhere" might have been the first thing to break my steely, steely reserve, but then "MASTER DATER" came soon after and just, yeah.

Oh, and then "hit it, Lou."

The parody seemed to balance /biting/ with absurd, which worked out really well.

Thank you for this :) Genuine stories like these almost made me run screaming away from HPFF [and as you know, only etc roped me back in]


Author's Response: EXPLODING NEXT GEN OCS. I am a danger to fictional characters everywhere.

Give me an acronym and I will it in with whatever you need (I still have, from Capers, a number of acronyms that Lucy made up for Rose's SPEW-like club, all of which are vulgar. The one Rose ends up choosing--the only one that isn't vulgar--is S.P.A.R.C. ...but look at what it says backwards).

The only reason why there's a piano scene is so I could say "Hit it, Lou."


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Review #3, by amuggle_ephemeral_tale Concupiscence

20th August 2014:
He is Barney and she is Robin but no Ted. This is way better than "How I met your mother". Perfectly hilarious! You've a new fan!

Author's Response: Ah, thanks! :) Unsure of how HIMYM fits in, but I'll roll with it!

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Review #4, by randomwriter Concupiscence

11th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review

Hello :D I'm grinning my head off after reading this. This was like one, continuous laugh-fest! Favouriting. I love Rose/Scorpius and parodies and humour, so this was just perfect for me!

I also love Pride and Prejudice more than an acceptable amount, so this really caught my attention from the very first line. The whole premise of this story is hilarious I don't even know where to start with this review.

As usual, the writing was excellent, and you've proved that you're the best when it comes to humour and parody and all that, so there's really nothing new to state. But there were so many bits where I couldn't just control my laughter. And I'm not talking about giggling. This was the full-blow snort, cackle and roar (oh how very un-lady-like of me :p)!

The number of stereotypes and overused plot lines that you managed to reference in this was incredible! Anastatia being on the team (and exploding? HAHAHA), the 'trio', GAH JUST EVERYTHING!! And Scorpius? Master Dater? I laughed more than I should have. Then I laughed at what happened next and at that rhinestone suit and incredibly touching backstory. And then she slapped him, of course. Obviously she felt a feeling in her heart because of all of this. Love. And that last scene? All that destruction? How romantic! :p (I apologise. It's 4:00 A.M. My reviews are allowed to be weirder than normal :p)

Ah, so I don't really know if I can get this across properly (because my intention was to keep this shorter, ah well. Fail), but I absolutely adored every single aspect of this. I haven't laughed this much while reading fic for a while. You're an absolute genius at this genre. Please go on writing :) (I'm sorry I can't say all that I want to say. House Cup=Short, speedy, weird reviews). There's so much more I wanted to mention, but I will just leave now. Dramatically. :p Good job!

Author's Response: I'm just glad this story is still relevant. XD I was very new to next gen at the time, but this was a culmination of every trope I ran across.

Scorpius dates every single Weasley because he is the only male in Hogwarts obviously; no place is sacred in Hogwarts least of all the place Dumbledore died; and Albus is doomed to fall for annoying, self-conscious, and otherwise-traitless girls. Who explode.

Thank you very much for enjoying the fic 8D at 4am, for Ravenclaw! Hope you didn't wake anyone!

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Review #5, by Your Secret Santa. O_O Concupiscence

16th December 2013:
This is your very very secret Santa.

Gina, I just can’t. This was too funny. I’m still laughing. How are you so good at writing slapstick-comedy-parody-absolutely-hilarious stories? The whole thing was just too funny. I can’t cope with it, it’s honestly taken me about five minutes of incredulous rereading and insane giggling to even form any coherent thoughts and type them down. And even then this review is very scatterbrained. :P

I loved the dramatic backstory to the Tower of Love. I mean. Just. Too much. And haha, I would have loved to see Scorpius and his troupe of Broadway dancers perform a song-and-dance! The sparkly rhinestone suit made up for it though. And the levitating loveseat with velvet throw pillows. Oh, and why was Louis at the piano? I bet Rose was shocked, haha. :P

This was just amazing. I mean, it started off with a Jane Austen parody, you know that they don't get much better than that. :P

I loved seeing Rose as she is almost never portryed in fanfic - not as Hermione's perfect daughter but a lustful young girl, even if she did study hard and even if this was a parody. Omg what. And Scorpius was right, though - concpiscence makes lust sound so boring. :P

And of course it's completely natural that they would go to Dumblesore's Office to do that crazy thing, hahaha! I just have to say it, this was the line I loved most:

"He dipped his head down, lips meeting hers in a hungry passion, devouring the very breath from her body until she remembered she could breathe through her nose." Priceless. :P I think this made my day.

Anyway, this was an amazing parody, Gina. It had me in hysterics. :D

Author's Response: Oh man, oh man xD I'm surprised you can write such a long coherent review about this oneshot, because this oneshot isn't even that coherent.

Sadly, I had to omit the song and dance due to archive rules, but you can imagine it. I put some of the lyrics into the slogan (Tower of Love, where singles come to mingle and your morals disappear faster than your galleons!)

Louis was at the piano because you can't say "Hit it Lou" to anyone else canon. Well, I suppose you could, but it'd be very confusing.

This fic was more of a parody of next gen rom-coms than Rose/Scorpius. They were all sounding the same at some point, seventh years whose sole problem was not having a boyfriend and being totally awkward. And what with all the fun in broom closets, I figure more "original" couples would liven up Dumbledore's office, if you know what I mean.

The cliche descriptions for kissing can be hilarious if you think about them sometimes. If you're not breathing while you're snogging, you're definitely doing it wrong and probably going to faint!

♥ thank you so much for all of your reviews! ^__^

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Review #6, by Penelope Inkwell Concupiscence

16th July 2013:
Can I just give my favorite quotes. I’m having to narrow it down from, like, every line. Ohmygracious! This has made my day! I am so heartily amused. And can I say that I really appreciate Scorpius’ stagemanship? You really know how to weave together some cliches, and I loved every sentence of it. Oh, I love parody *wipes tears of laughter from eyes*

"Rose knew exactly what she was wanted: concupiscence — lust of the wildest, fieriest, and most-consuming kind. That was the proper route for a goody two shoes, and as a goody two shoes, Rose always went on the proper route."

-"I hate Scorpius." She said that every time his name was mentioned.
-"I know. You say that every time his name is mentioned.”

"a week of boyfriend-searching brought up only Hufflepuffs, which was as good as finding no one."

As the site of Dumbledore's death, there was some bad mojo hanging around; feng shui was a priority.

-“You are Miss...”
-“Weasley.” Susie gave her a pointed look over her glasses.
-"Well, that narrows it down to half the school.”

"' that's why I wear my rhinestone suit.” Rose, as much as she felt for him after this sudden reveal of a closely guarded secret, couldn't help but think she missed something somewhere.”
Bahaha! I can’t even...

"'You're seventeen. Your biological clock is ticking.’”
--Oh, Hogwarts, where nearly everyone marries someone they met at the tender age of 12 and is married off by 20.

"Rose watched the giggling girls with Lorcan enter the room marked 'broom closet' and Lysander's girls enter the one marked 'Heads' Common Room’.”
Where all trysts must, naturally, occur.

"'You mean... all this destruction... for me?'”

"He dipped his head down, lips meeting hers in a hungry passion, devouring the very breath from her body until she remembered she could breathe through her nose.”
-Okay, that was the best one. I just died. It’s going to take a while for me to regain consciousness once my brain ceases to receive oxygen due to the bouts of dizzying laughter, so I’m gonna have to wrap this review up. Suffice it to say, I loved it. Well done!!!

Author's Response: What gets me every time I reread this fic is how much of the Capers Scorpius probably spawned from this Scorpius xD from the bad fashion to the grandiose introductions.

I remember being newly exposed to a lot of next gen around that time, and I kept thinking 'it is as if it is literally the end of the world if these girls enter their seventh year single' with their entirely irrelevant insecurities-for-the-sake-of-them and well-timed sassiness.

♥ teehee I enjoyed this quotefest, thank you very much!

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Review #7, by Lumos_Nox Concupiscence

16th January 2013:
I've read this before but I'm just now posting a review.

As far as parodies go, this one is fantastic. It really dramatizes the overly-done Rose/Scorpius pairing (not that I don't like the pairing, but I feel like that's everyone's favorite just because Ron dissed Scorpius in the epilogue).

You really have parodies down to a science, I think. It was overly-exaggerated in some parts - the exploding Astoria, the rhinestone suit - but not so overly-exaggerated as to where the story was so ridiculous you felt embarrassed to be reading it. I love the idea of the Tower of Love and the way you describe it is fantastic. It sort of leaves you breathless, like entering a big city for the first time and seeing all the lights and cars and people. I like the idea of the next generation being a bunch of wild childs, almost like they're saying "my parents are famous, and I'll never live up to killing the Dark Lord or fighting in the most legendary battle of our time so instead I'll just drink and party and have a good time."

All in all, just . . . fantastic. (:

Author's Response: What I find funny about this oneshot is that I never would've guessed that I'd end up using this exaggerative humor so much in the WIPs I write now. It's kind of like ~the first one~ that would foreshadow the rest.

The Tower of Love is Broadway and Vegas smooshed together, with the very best sequins and feather boas the two have got to offer. There was originally a song and dance, but unfortunately can't have those in non-song fics. And obviously, after the war, the only interesting thing that ever happens at Hogwarts are the Weasleys' dating lives 8D

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Review #8, by SourGrapeSnape Concupiscence

11th January 2013:
OMG this was the best thing ever. I'm dramatically laughing my ass off at the moment.
Best line in my opinion "until she remembered she could breathe through her nose."
I love it :D

Author's Response: Bahaha thanks! Glad you enjoyed the crazy 8D

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Review #9, by Holiday Hippogriff Concupiscence

14th December 2012:
All right, I was tired of having my heart broken, so I decided to go for a change of pace. I think I was successful in that goal.

You are ridiculous. And I love it.

There's no way I'm going to be able to sit here and discuss this seriously, so while I won't pull it apart and talk about characterization (except for Scorpius, who is divine) I think I'll just go ahead and list a incomplete list of everything that made me laugh: (note: incomplete because otherwise I'd have to copy paste the whole thing and that would be problematic)

It starts off with a Jane Austen parody. You know it's going to be good.

"Rose knew exactly what she was wanted: concupiscence — lust of the wildest, fieriest, and most-consuming kind. " Lord almighty.

"I have to figure out who is our year's trio. You know, the one with the jokester comic relief, the dreadfully shy and smart one, and the dark, brooding one with character depth. Like the Marauders." "The Marauders weren't a trio," he corrected. "There were four of them." long quote is long but this was brilliant so.

Then Scorpius is in a rhinestone suit with his dramatic backstory in the Tower of Love. I can't.

""I'm related to half the school. Anyone I'm not cousins with is already twice as attractive." Weasley problems.

This is the silliest, most wonderful story ever. I'm actually sitting here with a smile on my face. It is a parody and it is fabulous and everything about it is great. Sometimes you really just need to write or to read something silly and fun. You're definitely a very versatile author - you manage to go back and forth between serious and light hearted and you juggle that very well, which is admirable.

This is the last of the reviews for today's gift, but I'll be back in one form or another! (how mysterious)

-vanishes in puff of smoke-

Author's Response: YOU CAN'T GO WITH A BIGGER CHANGE OF PACE THAN RHINESTONE-JACKETED SCORPIUS WiTH SHOWTUNES :D He is divine. He is fabulous. He is the complete package.

It ain't love unless it causes third-degree burns.

Duuuh Rose knows; hot boys come in a convenient assortment of personalities (like holiday chocolates) so if you don't like coconut, you can go for the raspberry truffle~

The most hilarious bit about rereading this story for me is actually seeing how much bits of this story has made it into my actual WIPs, with Scorpius and his terrible fashion and Anastasia became Apostrophe and so on xD

♥ Until next time mysterious Hippogriff!

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Review #10, by spreaddapoo93 Concupiscence

22nd November 2012:
HAHAHAHA, you had me in hysterics!
This is probably the best crack fic I've come across in a LONG time (too long to think about; I consider it on par (if not OVER par) with Puzzling Prattlings of a Pulchritudinous Potions Professor :D)
Scorpius' rhinestones were just fantastic! I absolutely adore the Scorpius in here. This is my ideal Scorpius, dripping with gooey charm and spanked with dazzling rhinestones!
Phenomenal piece of writing! Once again, you prove that there is no genre you can't ace.

Author's Response: I can't deny the crack in my blood. To think this began with gubby mentioning the word concupiscence, and I was 'what' and she explained it meant lust and i was, once again, going 'what'. Scorpius in rhinestones is the best Scorpius 8D I THINK THIS STARTED MY SCORPIUS WEARS TERRIBLE CLOTHING PHASE. Definitely a cousin of velvet-blazered Scorpius of Capers.


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Review #11, by NerdyTeddy Concupiscence

13th October 2012:
Just as a general, I don't like parodys.
They're not Sirius enough (tehehe) and have no substance.
This, however, is an exception. Because of one amazing moment...
Draco's affair with himself. Made me fall of my chair and reread this three times. Hilarious!
You should do more parodys.

Author's Response: Bahaha, I'm glad Draco has pulled you in 8D Of all the hoopla over Draco's love interests, none will ever hold a candle to himself. Here's to narcissism!

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Review #12, by Siriusly89 Concupiscence

29th September 2012:
i love it! I almost died of laughter at the part where Scorpius is on the piano in a sparkly suit!!! Or Draco being in love with himself hahahahhaah! Pure genius!

Author's Response: Hee, glad you enjoyed it ^__^ Thank you!

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Review #13, by shadowcat2 Concupiscence

25th August 2012:
Wow. Wow. You're so good at writing humour. This is one of the best parody i have ever read. I am so glad I have decided to read everything in your author's page. It gets better and better with each story and one-shots. I absolutely loved this one-shot. I couldn't stop laughing. So, thank you

Author's Response: I've got so much crack running amok on my author's page, hehe. Glad you liked it! ^__^

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Review #14, by Icouldn'tcomeupwithanawesomename Concupiscence

11th March 2012:
Bahaha fun
Scorpie declares his deep love for Rose and she just responds with 'let's get to the ** already.' (Yeah, kinda misquoted, but anything to keep the languige 12+ right?) Who would've thought Scorpius had more feelings than Rose? And more style, even if he did end up with a vendetta against bad feng shui, haha. Moreover, he has a rhinestone jacket.


Somehow this fic reminded me of Chicago (the musical); it has a piano and lots of glittering people (search youtube for the song 'Razzle Dazzle'!)

Oh joy. Sometimes when you read a fic you think 'yeah right, clich'e' but this was so over the top that it was funny.
I'm still laughing, and scrolling up every five seconds to reread bits.

I'll spare you the other thousand quotes I could've put here, because obviously you wrote the things I would quote so it's not really adding anything to this review.
So I should shut up and post this already.

PS By the way, you're not rid of me yet (if that's not an English expression, blame Google Translate.) I reread etc this morning (and saw the things you drew, it's MARVELLOUS), and I've got to keep admiring your wordchoice, plus ability to squeeze a plot in there too. WAAA CLIFFHANGER

Author's Response: Bahaha this fic is so silly. It is always the brooding man who has the most feelings. All the repressed feelings that burst out right as the heroine walks in, of course.

/so dazzling/

omg yes! I was totally channeling Chicago the entire time I was writing the Astronomy Tower. Hee, and all the next gen cliches of course. And then there are just so many inside jokes in here, I don't even know.

♥ thanks :3 next chapter etc. is getting done, but I've got a busy week ahead, so I'm not sure when I can finish the rest. sooon.

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Review #15, by deanluvr444 Concupiscence

16th January 2012:
This is hilarious! well done, really! I laughed so hard, at all of it.
I gotta say, my favorite part was the beginning:
"She was very plain looking, nothing like the other beautiful girls of Ravenclaw. What were dewy skin, curly auburn locks, and a slim physique? Bah, nothing!" Ahem everyficever ahem.
A close second was the part where Al says that all the guys are fit, and the part about the trios. SO FUNNY!!
keep writing, I'm in awe of your talent. Even your joke stuff is amazing.

Author's Response: Hee, thank you. It's so very silly, but I'm glad you like it! :D Ahh, the strange next gen world where everyone is gorgeous, even the ugly people!

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Review #16, by DeliciousDreamer Concupiscence

15th January 2012:
I was even giggling at the author's comments. A line I particularly loved; "You're seventeen. Your biological clock is ticking." Which may not seem all that funny, but had me in almost-hysterics. Your writing style is wonderful. Really.

Author's Response: Hee thank you! :D

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Review #17, by The Dirigible Sugarplum Concupiscence

24th December 2011:
This fic's title made me want to laugh out loud. 'Concupiscence' goes right up on my *imaginary* list of ironically-named words, right there next to 'ecdysiast'. (Doesn't that sound like some type of doctor? My friend told me it was a nicer way to say stripper. Just imagine it--"Grandma, I'm an ecdysiast! I have a doctorate in concupiscence!" "Why, that's very nice, dear.") Oh, the joy. xD

This was such a great parody; I love all the allusions I found... you're just drawing the from all over the place, aren't you? Even the mention of Game. xD

You captured my next-gen pet peeves so well! Of course it would be a dilemma for Rose, as a single goody two-shoes, to find a boyfriend within this sea of fit Next-gen blokes, y'know? So naturally she had to hook up with Scorpius, the one who she always reminded herself, without fail, that she hated with a fiery passion, because real life is always littered with banter and sexual tension. It just all makes sense! I feel so enlightened! (Sadly, this is the plot of a lot of poorly written Next-gens.)

Oh look, you even addressed the main Marauder pet peeve: Peter does exist, y'know. And the broom closets and Heads' common room and Draco's narcissism and piano!Louis...! ♥ Gah, this review doesn't make much sense, but I think part of my brain has melted into a sticky purple puddle of awesome goo. So thank you for bearing with me.

And I now want a lame rhinestone-clad Scorpius to ride off into the sunset with on levitating imitation throw pillows, with a fireworks explosion of Al's girlfriends as our backdrop. Um, yeah.


Author's Response: Oh, oh my. Perhaps Scorpius has some ecdysiasts on his stage ;D

YOU CAUGHT THE MENTION OF GAME! That is exactly how cracky this fic is; when I make references to my own fics.

And there are /so many/ fit blokes. Too many! It's a wonder that Hogwarts isn't churning out models every other day. But all of them lack personality except the one she hates, ofc.

Hee, I couldn't resist the Marauder jab; it was actually one of the first bits I wrote and I couldn't decide whether to go Marauders or next-gen parody.

♥ A firework explosion of Al's girlfriends. I might just actually have to add that in 8D

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Review #18, by AC_rules Concupiscence

5th December 2011:
I think if I was going to pick one person in the world to write a parody type fic I think I would pick you - when reading anything you write I generally feel like I'm being taken on a ride of wit as your writing literally just drips with it. Its like liquid sarcasm condensed into words... and I love it.

Because of that I think you're the perfect person to write something like this - as your writing naturally comes chocker-block with mocking and that sort of tone already... so yeah, it works so well.

I love the first line and concupiscence are just so brilliant witty... and I especially love the last bit. Your choice of words is just so perfect to make it hillarious and wonderful and witty.

Okay, I'm done now :D


Author's Response: Bahaha! What a way to describe that xD But thank you! It's really a rather old silly fic that I haven't really edited, but I'm glad you liked it ^__^

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Review #19, by cometolive21 Concupiscence

3rd December 2011:
Good story. It is kind of funny how even thought this was meant as a joke, it has about the same plot line as many stories. Not to say that I don't like those stories, its just when it comes right down to it the plot is a little ridiculous. By the way i love the last line rose says.

Author's Response: Bahaha, yes. I always thought it's a bit silly to see so many stories centered around a girl finding a boyfriend, or obsessing over boys (essentially, anyhow), like it's the biggest thing in the world. Always in their seventh year too ;D

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Review #20, by Lostmyheart Concupiscence

23rd October 2011:
I've got to say, that was hilarious to read!
I mean ... "Hit it, Lou"
That was so lame I had to laugh out loud :D (not that it was written badly, but because Scorpious was too theatrical in some way)


Author's Response: Thanks! :D Theatrical Scorpius is the best. He gets showgirls even though he's so lame.

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Review #21, by crazypotterweasley77 Concupiscence

19th October 2011:
This fic was hilarious. And concupiscence sounds like such an un-lustly word. This story was probably one of the best parodies I have read so far, and I love it. I also love that on the banner it says "This is a banner of no relevance." :D

Author's Response: Thanks :D It's a super old banner; I was thinking of making a banner parody too, but I wasn't quite sure what to do at the time, so I stuck on that tagline xD perfect!

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Review #22, by ProdigAlbus Concupiscence

12th October 2011:
I loved the Narcissus reference and Draco. Twas hilarious.

Author's Response: Heh, thanks! :D

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Review #23, by StEpH_M Concupiscence

26th September 2011:
"It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single girl in her seventh year, must be in want of a bloke." I shall start with this... I fell in love with it as soon as I read these words, not just cause it was Jane Austen but the fact that it is a Rose Weasley parody of Jane Austen's awesomeness.

"Not knowing how to begin her search, she decided to first consult Albus about blokes he knew. He was on the Quidditch pitch with Anastasia who, despite her lack of hand-anything coordination, was also on the team." Turns to Albus? I mean that is really amusing, also the fact that Anastasia is terrible at quidditch but is still on the team. Great choice by Al. :)

And Scorpius, the Tower of Love? That was so amusing, just the fact that he is the one with dating advice, I mean it's Scorpius! I love it! "You can make an exception for her," said a smooth voice. Scorpius peeked out from the curtains behind Susie and gave a wink to Rose. "Can't say no to a redhead." Hehehe, redheads, Oh how I now love you for using that in the story (is not a redhead but wants to be) it's just brilliant! And the bickering between Rose and Scorpius, how he brushes it all off until she complains about the rhinestones.

I think the best bit was that Draco was having an affair with himself! I was laughing for 10 minutes, tears running down my face.

It was such a good parody and it made me laugh more then I have in a very long time, it was just amazing and funny and light hearted and something I am so glad I read. :) You are amazing at writing!

Author's Response: Eee, thank you so much for your reviews! :) I'm very excited to see them ^__^

Bahah, I love that line more now that you declare it like that. "A Rose Weasley parody of Jane Austen's awesomeness."

I swear, there are so many OCs who are bad at Quidditch and yet -- END UP ON QUIDDITCH TEAMS xD And thus, Anastasia!

Scorpius is suave! He knows how to sell it, literally. And well, he obviously descended from someone who was quite vain himself, to put it lightly ;D

Thank you very much!

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Review #24, by charlottetrips Concupiscence

14th August 2011:
:flails a gazillion times: Wicked! Brilliant! 10 stars! Two thumbs Up! etc. I'm picking my stomach off the floor, I laughed so much!!! Let's see if I can get my fingers a-typin'

"Concupiscence" has got to be the most unattractive word for "lust" in the English language! I don't even know where to start except to say I absolutely adore reading your fics because your sense of humor is totally like mine and I love that because it's weird, it's zany and it's intelligent with a bit of slapstick sometimes attached to it.

I have never really gotten into the whole ScoRose thing so this piece is perfect for me. It seems overdone to me at all time.

Loved the part where Scorpius explains why he wears a rhinestone suit--or to put it more accurately, doesn't explain.

"I'm related to half the school. Anyone I'm not committing incest with is already twice as attractive."

"Be pureblood. It's easier." - Bwhahahahaaha!!! How many times have I had that thought? I always felt completely inappropriate but it's so true sometimes!!!

Oh, and of course you have to have Scorp shirtless in the end--tee-hee, abs, tee hee.

charlottetrips [Ravenclaw]

Author's Response: Hee, thanks! Ah parodies, when the nuttiness really comes out and the filters go out the window. SLAPSTICK HUMOR, BTW, IS THE BEST THING EVER :3

I've never been for or against Scorose, but for some reason, I just really like to write them either 1) not together 2) really ridiculously xD

OH GOD, I DO! Scorpius is like, shirtless everywhere. It's chronic. And I very much approve of it.

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Review #25, by Singularity Concupiscence

6th August 2011:
I was going to read something with less reviews. Really, I was, but I just couldn't pass this one up. I /love/ a good parody, and this my friend, is a good parody.

There were so many little references that made me giggle, but my favorite line was definitely:

"The Marauders weren't a trio," he corrected. "There were four of them."

Rose rolled her eyes. "I think I can count, Al."

YES! My biggest fanfic pet peeve is when people write Marauder's fics and just ignore the fact that Peter existed. Seriously. He may have turned out to be a traitorous coward, but he was still a Marauder.

Anyway, sorry, back to your story. This was really brilliant. You managed to include so many cliches while still keeping a semblance of a plot line, and that's pretty impressive in and of itself.

I'm so glad your wrote this. It's absolutely hilarious :)


Author's Response: Parody love ♥

THAT WAS ACTUALLY ONE OF THE FIRST LINES THAT BEGAN THE PARODY! :D It all just formed around that. Odd starting place, I know, and completely irrelevant to the rest of the parody xD

Thanks muchly for the review!

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