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Review #1, by BrightStar Featuring Moi, a Total Airhead Klutz Female Fatale Extravanganza

14th March 2011:
Hey! Really liked that little piece, another great story from you! loved the reference to snapes hair - its been done, but it cant ever be done enough hehe! some really cool characters - i always like your characters! anyway, i enjoyed this and cant wait for more dom!!! :D

Author's Response: hey! yeah, i know -we all love snape¡s sexy greasy hair :o *gags* yay, im glad you like Elle! she's weird :p thanks!

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Review #2, by NeverGotHerLetter Featuring Moi, a Total Airhead Klutz Female Fatale Extravanganza

4th March 2011:
So I'm sorry for the lateness of this review, but my science test went OK, so that's good! (I couldn't do the review because I was revising, I'm not just being random) :D
So I reeeaally liked this. It was a great contrast of setting between talking about the Carrow's, people going missing and the Unforgivable curses being used, and then having these CAR-AZY people in the Hufflepuff common room, with a blue cat, sliding stairs and luuurrve ramblings :)
I liked the inter-twining of relationships, like Emma liking Owen, and then Elle continuing to chatter about Colin.
Elle is such a likeable character, as are the others, but I felt most connected to Elle, as even though this was a one shot, there were lots of details about her and what she's like and her appearance etc.
I also like Kevin, he seems real cool :)
And Owen. And Emma. But specially Kevin... don't know why :D
This story was overall just a feel good, detailed, well written, well characterised and totally crazy-in-a-good-way bundle of Awesome with a capital A and a cherry on top. So great job, a well deserved 10/10!!!
~Love, NeverGotHerLetter x x x x x x x

Author's Response: hey! no, its alright, i get people have life that dont revolve around HPFF :'( lol :D
YAY! ITS LIKEABLE! Im glad it flowed well because I wasn't too sure about all of them being so happy dandy with the carrows controlling the school you know? but i still love it (:
relationships are awesome. enough said :D
yay! im glad you like Elle. you cant not like Elle. She's so weird and awesome :)
Kevin IS cool. word. :D
YAY! im so happy and glad that is all those things! you just made my day!
thanks so so so much!!!

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Review #3, by orderofthephoenix Featuring Moi, a Total Airhead Klutz Female Fatale Extravanganza

20th February 2011:
Hey! I'm here with your review :)

Well done on this chapter. It was very well written and I loved the internal monologue. I loved how this sounds so care free but as we know, the Carrows rule Hogwarts so it isn't. I'm glad Elle and her friends are able to enjoy themselves despite the War. You've found some imaginative wrods to describe Elle, such as 'airhead, klutz, female' and she is quite expressive in how she describes herself.

The only thing I'd say, is that perhaps you introduced a few too many characters in one chapter. I think there were 5 characters plus Blue and it got a little too much for me to keep up with who was who :) Perhaps in the next couple of chapters you focus on just a few of them so we can learn more about them? :)

Apart from that, congrats on an exciting beginning to your story :D

-Sophia x

Author's Response: hello :)

yay! i love internal monologues. I feel you get the feel of the character's crazyness more, you know? And that was the point, to try to bring a little sunshine to such a dark time. Yeah, Elle is pretty crazy :p but she loves herself.

this was actually supposed to be a one-shot :p but its okay, i guess it sort of seem like a novel or something. but thanks so much for the feedback!

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Review #4, by VoldyWantsAHug Featuring Moi, a Total Airhead Klutz Female Fatale Extravanganza

9th February 2011:
Once again, i love it!! it's awesome, Elle is so funny and she's mad i loved her. i also loved emma she's so clueless all the time, i'm sort of like that too, you know :) keep writing

Author's Response: VoldyWantsAHug, i love your name. its so awesome! of course voldy wants a hug, its just disguised as evil! lol, I love Elle too and Emma and Owen and Kevin and even Blue! :) thanks so much!

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Review #5, by serena_lilian_snape Featuring Moi, a Total Airhead Klutz Female Fatale Extravanganza

7th February 2011:
So cute, I love how she has such a positive outlook even in the situation their in. Make the best of a bad situation! Who saved her out of curiosity? Also I love that the Hufflepuffs are referred to as "Puffs" lol I liked it :)

Author's Response: yay! people are liking it! this is one of my favourites so far :) and yes, that was the whole point. the best of a bad situation, every time. after all, it won't last :D I think one of the older Gryffindors saved her, not really sure to who, but someone in Ginny's year, and Ginny knew about it. And I love that word so much! Puff. Puff. Puff.
thanks so much!

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Review #6, by inspiredl Featuring Moi, a Total Airhead Klutz Female Fatale Extravanganza

5th February 2011:
Heyyy :D
Awww, it was really good!
Very enjoyable to read and the characters all really made me chuckle, as did the narration (which was hee-larious :P)
The story was cute and I liked the ending!
Well, done, this was very well written (would possibly improve with a beta but no glaring problems that I noticed) and flowed nicely.
Lily :D

Author's Response: heyyy :D
yay! it was good! yours was FAB :) I'm glad you liked it after so much time of waiting! (would have been dissapointing if after all this buildup it had sucked, right?) lol. thanks!

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Review #7, by TenthWeasley Featuring Moi, a Total Airhead Klutz Female Fatale Extravanganza

5th February 2011:
Okay, so just so you know, this story had me giggling nearly the entire way through. =D I thought this story was just too cute, I loved it!

Eleanor's constant internal monologuing was probably the best thing in this fic. =) I loved the line "Hey! My arse isn't bony!" =D And the thing is - it's so true to life (at least, my life)! I have an almost constant stream of internal monologuing running in my head, which makes for some interesting moments.

I was also very impressed that you actually took virtually unknown canon characters and gave them life, that's not something a lot of people have the guts to do. =) Emma, Eleanor, and Owen all seem like people I'd be great friends with in real life. =D

Overall, well done, this was an adorable story! ^_^

Author's Response: your review is done too :D love love love. she's pregnant!
well, thanks so much! im glad it made you giggle :) this is a giggle kind of story, more than out right laughing on the floor with tears (ORLOTFWT). and actually, yeah. her arse is bony :p And I LOVE internal monologues. I think they are the best.
the thing was that i was reading Globet of Fire and saw all this people just getting sorted and I am like 'i should write about them' and just did! and i fell in love with them, with Elle, with Emma, Owen, and Kevin, and just everything they represent in dark times :D
thanks so much!

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Review #8, by Olwyn Featuring Moi, a Total Airhead Klutz Female Fatale Extravanganza

5th February 2011:
AH I love you so much twin! THIS IS BRILLIANT!
I love the fact that they're Puffs, it makes me so happy, i feel like people underrate the puffs a lot.
I LOVE YOU. And I love that Owen was the name of Owen(:
Olwyn is the girl version of the name Owen, basically
ANYWAY I love you very very much brain twin

Author's Response: YAY! you like it!
I adore Puffs. Just the name and everything, it has class, you know? and i hate it too when people are just like ugh, puffs. PUFFS ARE AWESOME!
Yeah, while looking over Goblet of Fire for the people, I saw Owen get sorted to Hufflepuff and I am like 'hey, that sounds like Olwyn!' its the girl version? cool!
im sooo glad you liked it twinsie :) i love you too!
huggles back!

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