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Review #1, by CandyCanesxx Honesty

21st December 2014:
Hi! I’m your Secret Santa!

This was a really interesting story. I love reading other people’s takes on a different Pansy. I myself like to believe she’s not the most terrible person on the planet and can actually be human. I’ve got a Pansy story of my own I’m very proud of, and a couple ideas for other possible stories about her as well.

I like how you begin this story by informing the reader that Pansy doesn’t really like Draco, along with the important fact that she’s hardly ever honest with herself. That everything we know her to be is a lie, and she’s not mean, tough girl, bully we all have known her to be. That it was all just a façade to impress her family, a façade so good that even she believed it. But I’m glad she had Daphne to see through her mask and still be friends with her, it’s sad that they are not still close. I would think Pansy wouldn’t mind attempting to reconnect with her now that they’ve been outside of Hogwarts for almost two years now.

Although it seems kind of surprising that she hasn’t seen anyone from Hogwarts in two years. Especially if she’s working at the Ministry as a Welcome Witch, I feel like she’d be passed by some of people she used to know on a regular basis, considering I’m sure some of them are working at the Ministry now, too.

I really enjoyed her encounter with Theodore Nott though. I liked how he was clearly a bit afraid and wary of her at first before discovering that she wasn’t the mean girl he was so used to seeing. Even though she can still stand her ground for sure, I love how she snapped at him when he questioned her change in character. It kind of seems like he might be the first person she’s been truly honest with in a long time, and he seems to give her a new perspective to look at things from. I’d really like to see more interactions between them. I like the idea of young Pansy wanting to be a Ravenclaw and then to please her parents, she chooses Slytherin and becomes this stereotypical perfect Slytherin girl.

I also like how in the beginning she mentions how she assumes boys aren’t interested in her because she’s not pretty, and then I think maybe during her conversation with Theodore, when he basically informs her of how scary and intimidating of a person she had been, and how that made her pretty much unapproachable. I think a revelation like that might even make her look at herself differently now.

All in all, I really liked this story, and your version of Pansy as a real person and not a bully. I did notice some minor mistakes in grammar/spelling, but nothing major. Other than that, I thought this was very easy to read, I just kind of wish there was more to it. It was a good read though!

I can’t wait to read more of your stuff. See you again soon!


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Review #2, by long_live_luna_bellatrix Honesty

5th February 2011:
Ok, so I loved that last line! I was impressed by the first version of it in the beginning, as it was really catchy. When you repeated it, it was perfect. It tied everything together smoothly, helped show that Pansy was by no means perfect and that she was not fully recovered. That was amazing, there.

This was great because it's what so many teenagers, especially girls, go through. They think they have something to live up to, a certain standard to maintain, and it completely swallows them. This was a plausible plot, and I can definitely see it as canon. It was interesting how being in Slytherin defined Pansy so much; it sounds like if she had been Sorted anywhere but, she would've had a much better school experience.

Well done, overall. If you want to make this even better, it may not be a bad idea to work some more description in there, play around with words. It's enjoyable, certainly, but choosing the right word and stating things a little less plainly would also do wonders. Great job!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I'm glad that you liekd it and will think about the things that you have advised me to do! :)

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