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Review #1, by Pretense Of Perfection Only

8th July 2014:
Hi again, stopping by to leave another review.

I really liked how you compared Oliver to cupid, even if it is a darker piece. Oliver is generally one of my favorite characters, and I'd never really thoguht about it, but I guess I can kind of see something like this happening. We do know from canon that he is into quidditch above all else, and while I would've thought he'd eventually grow up and grow out of it, you never know.

I really like how the story is from the perspective of Oliver's lover's sister, who, while not completely impartial, has a better grip on the reality of the situation than her sister does. She can clearly see how hurtful and toxic their relationship is, and sadly there is nothing that she can do for her sister other than be there and support her. We unfortunately can't help who we love, and hopefully one day he'll change or she'll leave.

Anyways, Im rambling now. I didn't notice any spelling or grammar errors, and I think you did a wonderful job with the pacing and flow of the story. I found myself eager to read more and find out what happens to this poor girl.

This is such a true and accurate portrayal of what a manipulative and deceitful relationship is, that I feel like your readers, myself included, will find it easy to relate to, especially if they've ever experienced anything like this. Keep up the amazing work!!

---house Cup 2014 Review---
Pretense of Perfection, Gryffindor

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Review #2, by alicia and anne Only

14th August 2011:
Wow now that I know that this is Oliver the flying descriptions have so much more meaning.
I really enjoyed this and the use of comparing Cupid and Oliver was just fantastic. I loved the descriptions so much!
Would you ever make this into a story? I think it'll make a good longer story.

alicia and anne

Author's Response: I don't think that I would ever make it into a longer story simply because it seems to stand alone so well in my mind but you never know. Thanks for being so positive about it!


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Review #3, by VioletBlade Only

21st March 2011:
Hey LMW! It's VB with one out of the six reviews I owe you! Anyway, this attracted my attention mainly because I've been on an Oliver/OC kick lately and I was like "Ooh, she has a story with that pairing!"

Anyway, I really liked it, because most of the stories you see out there with this pairing are light-hearted, fun, and super fluffy. Not that that's bad, because I'll be the first to admit, I'm a sucker for a fairy-tale romance, but yours was a welcomed change of pace.

I really like the POV you used, as it brought a unique perspective to the story. It wasn't the OC relating her break up/heart break with Oliver, but someone who watched it all happen, from start to finish. I think you captured the use of language and flow perfectly to show just how much this chacters destests Oliver.

Good, but bitter read, and I loved it! (:

xx Violetblade

Author's Response: I'm glad to hear that even though it was bitter that you still liked it. I really had nothing particular against Oliver; it was really just the pairing I was assigned and this was what I was inpsired to write about.

Overall, I'm really glad you liked it. Thanks for the review!


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Review #4, by Fleur Delacour Potter Only

13th March 2011:
This was really good. Its briefness is what really makes it hit the reader hard. I like how the main character's thoughts are very bitter, yet believable as well. What makes this so interesting is that we've all been there at one point, I think. You've taken a common situation and made it sound so beautiful. Really nice job!

Author's Response: Wow, thanks for all the really nice comments. This was a really fun one-shot to write and I was inspired to write a semi-bitter take on love. I'm glad you liked it!!


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Review #5, by TenthWeasley Only

16th January 2011:
Hello! This is TenthWeasleyWriter from the forums with your review. =)

This is a very original one-shot, and I've never read anything quite like it before! It's shorter than I expected, but in a good way, if that makes sense. I think any longer, and it would have felt dragged out.

I really got the sense of the narrator's pain, but it confused me at first from whose point of view the story was. Once I reached the end, I had to re-read it, and then it made much more sense. =) Your descriptions were lovely and obviously well thought-out.

The only typo I found was in this line: "...his zealot attitude towards everything in his life..." I think you meant 'zealous' instead of 'zealot'? That's the way I read it, at least. ^^

Very well done, you write very nicely! I hope you do well in your challenge!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the lovely review; and thanks for pointing out the typo. I appericiate the critical eye of the reader.

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Review #6, by charlieee Only

11th January 2011:
to be honest, i'm a complete sucker for oliver/oc. :p this was so much different from all the other stories i've read with this pairing, and it was interesting to see him portrayed in this light. i really loved the way you presented the first seven sections, they were beautifully written. awesome job! :D

Author's Response: Thanks charlieee

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Review #7, by maskedmuggle Only

10th January 2011:

Firstly, thank you for participating in my challenge, and I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it!

Secondly, wow… this is definitely a completely different and original way at linking and Oliver/OC ship to Valentine's Day. Really clever, really well written, and the descriptions you used, the metaphors that linked to Valentine's Day.. really gave me a strong sense of Oliver and the OC.

The plot is so simple, but you wrote it wonderfully. Making Oliver like Cupid.. so clever, really. I can't say that enough! And your description is so creative.. "I watched Cupid pull out another arrow. He carefully crafted it, lacing it with flattery and lingering stares." Really gets the point across. Each line, each sentence is powerful. You make me understand what this OC's sister is thinking and feeling.

Characters, wonderful. I always love Oliver/OC, and though this is not what I expected, I completely enjoyed it even more so! What I really love about this is simply the writing, the idea of it. Oliver as cupid is so brilliant, so original. I really enjoyed reading it!

Once again, thanks for participating in my challenge! I only have 2 entries so far, but I can tell already that it'll be hard to pick, but you stand a very good chance, because I loved this! :)

- maskedmuggle / Charlotte :)

Author's Response: Glad you liked Charlotte. It was a thought that actually began to bug me until I wrote it down.

It took a few tries and edits to get Oliver as cupid just right in my mind but I'm so glad that you enjoyed it. It was a fresh perspective in my mind!

Thanks for the AWESOME challenge!


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