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Review #1, by Mary Ann Seventy-two Cats

28th December 2011:
you are a genius!! The first 2 chapters are really great. Usually, other people's first two chapters are nothing but introductions. Your's also had humor, and some of the plot coming into place. I loved the length of the chapter as well. It's amazing how you managed to pull of Penny's background in a more intriguing way rather than the whole "damsel in distress".

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Review #2, by Hope's Mom Seventy-two Cats

30th March 2011:
Interesting beginning. I look forward to reading more. Thanks for writing!

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Review #3, by daydreamer12 Seventy-two Cats

8th March 2011:
Awesome story! I love the idea of having the story from a muggle's perspective for once! I also think that you conveyed how mature Penny has to be really well- she handles the kids like any mom would, but she still has a bit of teen in her :) Can't wait to see her become more emerged in the magical world! UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE :D

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Review #4, by scorpiusmalfoy Seventy-two Cats

1st March 2011:
This is sooo good! Please update soon and fast!

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Review #5, by Wordwitch13 Left Behind

25th February 2011:
Ah-mazing!!! So so so GOOD! Superb! keep writing!

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Review #6, by silver8 Left Behind

1st February 2011:
love the story.. so when are you updating. please soon. and hopefully james will be in the story soon :)

Author's Response: yeah, hopefully within a week from now? My computer wouldn't let me do anything, so i kinda got set back :/. ANd yeah, he'll be soon, probably like third chapter. Thanks a ton for the review!

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Review #7, by anonymous Left Behind

26th January 2011:
wow, this is awesome! :D poor penelope... her parents are a bit...ehhh. NINE children! 0.0 (i don't blame them for mixing up names then. nine... but yeesh. picking favorites like that, AND not being home. poor mia)
AMAZING first chater though. CONGRATS! I can't wait for the next installment.

Author's Response: Wow, thanks so much! And i know, her parents are kinda jerks, but they think of themselves as "free-spirits". lol. Thanks for the review, and i'll try to get it up soon!

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Review #8, by BlueBerryMuffin Left Behind

24th January 2011:
AH, I love it! :D
It's perfect! Fantastic! Wonderful! Amazing!
I enjoy reading wizard-muggle fanfics so much, you have no idea! It's always so interesting and cool and such. Hmm.
And I love James. A lot. He's so sexy. Rawr *-*
Please don't turn him into a jerk! I've searched here for a good story way too long, it'll be a shame to ditch yet another one. I hope James is Daniel's friend. I love the name Daniel. Have I mentioned how much I ADORE James? Well, a lot. Yeah.
Anyways, I also liked Penelope's character, hee. And I hope she ends up falling for him first. It's no fun the other way around. That's what I think, anyway.
Sooo, I hope you'll update soon! Scratch that, I hope you UPDATE at all. Pretty please? (:

Author's Response: Ahh thank u so much! ur so nice (:. ur review made me so happy, but then my laptop was being a jerk so i couldn't answer it! But i am now, and hopefully i'll get the next chapter up soon! and i totally agree with you, i love James, too. Rawr indeed. And i'm not gonna turn him into a jerk, so don't worry. Thanks so much for your totally awesome review, i legit beam every time i read it. And i'll try to update soon, i swear!

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Review #9, by janna_luvs_prongs Left Behind

24th January 2011:
I think that this is a great idea and really well written. I can see alot of potential. I can't wait to read the next chapter. Update soon :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! I'm really glad you liked it, i wasn't sure anyone would when i submitted it. Your reviewing means so much. I'll update soon!

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Review #10, by Lalala Left Behind

23rd January 2011:
I love it! This is a really good start, too! There's a lot to work with too, because there's already potential drama but not enough that it makes me want to quit reading. I favorited it:)
Update soon?

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your review! I'm so glad you liked it, and favorited it! I'm updating soon, probably submitting it sometime friday, so keep an eye out! Thanks! ~

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