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Review #1, by Igot bored Of Payback, Planning and Agernt Cuddle-bear?!

29th December 2011:
I like cookiez :) and this story :)

Author's Response: thanks soo much!! and here are your umm...virtual?? cookies...

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Review #2, by Sarah Of Payback, Planning and Agernt Cuddle-bear?!

23rd December 2011:
awe i wanted the cheese puffs. ugh fine ill take the cookies 10/10

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Review #3, by Sarah Day at the Potter's

22nd December 2011:
bevers,moose,eh, and all that k bye

Author's Response: the cheese puffs are mine!!! i dont like canadian tape by the way, it always sticks to my hand :D

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Review #4, by AlexFan And We Are Back In Action!

21st December 2011:
You keep misspelling the word "thestrals"

Author's Response: umm yeah... i am like the world's worst speller but ill work on it! thnx!

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Review #5, by crazy4Mars Of Payback, Planning and Agernt Cuddle-bear?!

21st December 2011:
i have to admit that this chapter is absolutely hilarious! but please update sooner!!!

Author's Response: i will i promise! i was busy with sports and drama... god i hate drama. but i will update as soon as i can as long as you review again!

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Review #6, by padfootlove94 Promise?

1st May 2011:
Hurry!!! Write another one! Stop wasting time reading my review! It doesn't matter! I am just one of the various anonymous people who want you to write more cause this story is freaking awesome! Go write!!!


Why are you still reading this review?


Jesus, I'll just stop reviewing, maybe then you will get to work :)

Author's Response: haha thanks! the next chapter is in the queu... is that how you spell it??... but it is going to be up VERY soon :)

hey did you know that canadians invented cheese puffs?? grr im mad about that!

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Review #7, by KitKateKate87 And We Are Back In Action!

30th April 2011:
This is a great story...I cant wait to see where you go with it

Author's Response: thanks... ill try to update as often as i can

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Review #8, by crazypotterweasley77 I'm not going, I'm not go- and here I am...

21st April 2011:
Hi, I'm reviewing your story because you reviewed my story, Sparks Fly, and I decided to return the favor! :) So...i think this story is really funny and I really like the character of Tyler. You just need to work a bit on your grammar...just saying. :)

Author's Response: yay! thank you! and yeah... im not the best writer in the world... but thanks anyways!!

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Review #9, by panchami Promise?

9th April 2011:
hey its grt i so like it

Author's Response: thanks alot

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Review #10, by Lana I'm not going, I'm not go- and here I am...

12th March 2011:
I think it's a nice little's not Vepo; that's how its written in Greek but it's not pronounced like this in English. It's actually Nero...hahaha...anyway...

Author's Response: yeah greek lesson!! haha thanks im kinda in love with greek mythology!

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Review #11, by Soleil et Lune Day at the Potter's

2nd March 2011:
love this so far!!! It's hilarious!!

I prolly shouldn't have read it right before planning on going to sleep, but oh well.

Can't wait for chapter 3!


Author's Response: thanks! it means alot that you reviewed too!

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Review #12, by fredandgeorge I'm not going, I'm not go- and here I am...

24th February 2011:
hi! that was quite impressive for a first fic... I have to say though, it does remind me quite a lot of "dobyismyhero"'s jamesII/artimis one. The whole naming the reader thing as well as the visit to the potter's. Of course you have the rest of the story to individualize it, do you have a plot line in mind already?

Author's Response: err... sort of...
well the author 'dobbyismyhero' is the one that inspired me to write the fan fic, so... yeah... anyways, i got the next chapter in the queu (I suck at spelling sorry) but i hope that my story gets better... its just lots of work in school so... but thanks so much for reviewing!!!

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Review #13, by dobbyismyhero22 I'm not going, I'm not go- and here I am...

16th February 2011:
I really like this (:

If I could give advice? I'd say just be a little bit more natural with the humor. I feel like it seems like you're trying to hard to be really funny and it just comes across as scatter-brained, I guess. I was like that in my first couple of chapters for Love Goddesses but then I didn't try so hard and I feel like the chapters are getting better. You have a natural ability for writing, I can see it. (:

Author's Response: thank you thank you thank you! omg thanks! i really am thankful that you reveiwed!! ok ummm. well i am trying to base tyler off of me so... maybe it will become better.

hmmm... is how you spell 'parmesan' that way?? anyways, thaks sooo much!!!

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Review #14, by wolverine83 I'm not going, I'm not go- and here I am...

1st February 2011:
I think this story is really good so far and I cannot wait to read more. Tyler definitely seems like a very interesting lead character and I cannot wait to see what she will get up to next? I'm also anxious to see how you will introduce Albus into this story as well as seeing how Albus and Tyler interact with each other? I hope you can update soon.

Author's Response: thanks so much!! i am a little stumped but... im just going to go with it. i am a crazy blonde who is...erm...unusual?? ya... we'll go with that! anyways, its my first fan fic and i hope that all the readers will like it!! :D

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Review #15, by apotter  I'm not going, I'm not go- and here I am...

1st February 2011:
I truly dont understand it sorry love!


Author's Response: its my first fan fic... give me a break will ya love?? i may not be the best writer in the world but i am so i'll make it work somehow... thnx for the review though!! :)

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