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Review #1, by J Elise Guitars and Acting

8th November 2012:
wow. you should really continue this :)

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Review #2, by Kieruh Just the Beginning

14th April 2011:
Oh, my my my. I just figured out how to check the responses to my reviews(aren't I smart?) and so I just now saw your reply to my review on your third chapter.
I wanted to answer you but I couldn't find a way D: on the only chapter I haven't reviewed? Guess so.
If you don't remember me, I'm the girl who thanked you greatly for putting Tom Felton's song in your chapter 'cause I didn't know he sang. And I absolutely love his voice!
For the reply to your answer to my review(wow...that's almost confusing) about listening to his song "If That's Alright With You" no, I hadn't at the time. But I have now and I love it lol!
My favorite one by him is probably If You Could Be Anywhere. I like any of his songs, of course, but I like to try and sing in his accent when I listen to it lol.
You're probably all, "Did this chick really go through and leave a super long review to talk to me about Tom Felton? What a freak." Lol I apologize it's just none of my friends really like him and so I can't spaz out over him with them. It's sad.
Sorry to bug you about this lol, I just wanted to answer. It's nice to talk to a Tom Felton fan. :D And of course, I absolutely loveee your story! I wish you'd post the next chapter soon! Do et! Lol.
Okay well I'll leave you alone now lol once again sorry to bug you o.O (And you should toootally get the fourth chapter up. Juuust saying:P)

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Review #3, by Kieruh Guitars and Acting

11th February 2011:
OMG. Thank you SO much for putting one of Tom Felton's songs in here. I didn't even know he sang! Now I've listening to all his songs lol, I LOVE his voice

Author's Response: omg thanks XD i love tom felton sooo much haha i love his song "All I Need" .obviously.i named this story after him haha. have you ever listened to his song "If That's Alright With You"? ITS AMAZING. i love him! so glad you like him too haha.thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #4, by GINNYWEASLEY_HARRYPOTTER Guitars and Acting

8th February 2011: it...cant wait til the next chapter...update soon please

Author's Response: oh thanks so much! im kinda stuck at the moment so i'll be writing the 4th chapter soon! thanks so much for reviewing

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Review #5, by GINNYWEASLEY_HARRYPOTTER A Laughing Draco...right.

5th February 2011:
thats hilarious...update soon please

Author's Response: haha thank you XD my next chapter is in validation so it should be up soon! aghh how i hate waiting haha :)

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Review #6, by Kieruh A Laughing Draco...right.

3rd February 2011:
Lmao, I was busting up laughing reading this. xD Good job lol

Author's Response: yaaay im glad my readers like the humor within it XD thanks so much for reviewing, the 3rd chapter should be up in about a week. its longer than the other 2 so i hope you like :)

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Review #7, by Dragoness101 A Laughing Draco...right.

29th January 2011:
haha that was so silly but funny at the same time!

Author's Response: thanks so much! im really into the whole humor like subject. well my third chapter is currently in validation, so it should be up in a week! i hope you like it, thanks so much for reviewing! it means so much to me

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Review #8, by Baylee A Laughing Draco...right.

28th January 2011:
This is funny! Anyways could you make then longer?

Author's Response: yeah sure of course...these first two chapters are just really pointless...actually they all are. lolz sure i can make them longer, my next chapter might be longer cuz its when the story technically starts...this story is really pointless anywho, but im just into that kind of stuff XD thanks for reviewing

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Review #9, by NessaMalfoy A Laughing Draco...right.

27th January 2011:
oh! :D ngeheheheheh! cant wait for your next chapter!

Author's Response: thanks so much for reviewing

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Review #10, by dinasayah A Laughing Draco...right.

27th January 2011:
ohh man this killed me :)
please updatee :)

Author's Response: aww thanks XD writing my next chapter right now

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Review #11, by NessaMalfoy Just the Beginning

18th January 2011:
Lovely :D update fast!

Author's Response: aww thanks so much XD
as i said before, im writing the next chapter, plz read :)

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Review #12, by dinasayah Just the Beginning

17th January 2011:
ahah i like this :)
please update fast :)

Author's Response: omg thank you XD
i congratulate you with a trophy for being my first review :) im writing my chapter at the moment and if you think this one is funny make sure u read the next one! XD

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