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Review #1, by Hazel Bludger Walk of Shames and Dysfunctional Endings

13th September 2016:
Wow I miss this story! I just reread the whole thing and forgot how much I liked it...I hope you chose to continue it! I'm very curious as to how everything pans out, especially the drama of Vicky and James with their respective Slytherins. Plus I am PRAYING that James isn't the father!

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Review #2, by moosey997 Masks and Magical Sprites

15th November 2015:
Ohmygod! This was the best chapter ever. The element of suspense was definitely intriguing. And the end AAHH i was so surprised. I think she kissed Al. That's so hilarious, I cant stop laughing. In short this was brilliant! Moving on to the next chapter 😂

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Review #3, by jamessiriuspotterforever Girl Talk and Stubbornness

14th November 2015:
OHMIGOD! Uncomfortable James is so cute. I love this :')

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Review #4, by ace2411 Walk of Shames and Dysfunctional Endings

24th March 2015:
Great book...can't believ you gave up on it! It was amazing!!!

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Review #5, by asdf Walk of Shames and Dysfunctional Endings

16th July 2014:
This story is AMAZING. I don't want to be one of those people that beg for authors to update, but… PLEASE UPDATE SOON. I've read this story at least 3 times already, and I could really use a new chapter.

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Review #6, by ginnypotter242 Cupid at Work and Nazi Quidditch Captains

8th July 2014:
Oooh, interesting story. I've never seen a Cupid before, that's definitely unique! This seems really promising so far. I like the dynamic between Vicky and the rest of the characters- particularly Desmond and James (obviously, the two relationships we see most of in this chapter). Having a mutual best friend with a guy you hate? That's got to be interesting!

I like Vicky's characterization- sarcastic and blunt. It works for her. I can't wait to see more of these characters- particularly Layla and Desmond. They seem intriguing :)

You have a rather exciting first chapter. I wonder what will happen with James and Victoria now? I'm definitely going to keep reading this. Since James calls her "Rose" I really hope it doesn't get to confusing with his cousin (or with Victoire, for that matter). Great first chapter, and I'm excited to see where this goes.

~Sara (Gryffindor House Cup 2014 Review- Educational Decree #3)

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Review #7, by lily Walk of Shames and Dysfunctional Endings

23rd March 2014:
please please please please can you please finish this story i beg you please your writing is exquisite. x

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Review #8, by angieart Walk of Shames and Dysfunctional Endings

9th February 2014:

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Review #9, by HedwigAlways Walk of Shames and Dysfunctional Endings

12th January 2014:
God in love with this story.!!

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Review #10, by Anna Walk of Shames and Dysfunctional Endings

10th January 2014:
Please please please update! Your such an amazing writer xx

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Review #11, by This sexy chick Walk of Shames and Dysfunctional Endings

30th August 2013:
Bst story ever

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Review #12, by update soon Movie dates and Lying Bestfriends

23rd June 2013:
haha I'm just waiting for you to update so I'm reviewing some of my fav chapters. LOVED IT. I love how James is over reacting and getting really jealous. I like it when Vic has more power without realising it MUAHAHAHAHAA.evil laugh over.


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Review #13, by sapphire25 Walk of Shames and Dysfunctional Endings

13th May 2013:
Holy cheese muffins. THAT is the most evil ending I have come across so far. Just...why? Why would you do that to us?

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Review #14, by hpfan Walk of Shames and Dysfunctional Endings

13th May 2013:
this so awesome! Finally he has fallen in love with her...but i know shit is about to happen. cant wait for the next update!

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Review #15, by madness Walk of Shames and Dysfunctional Endings

11th May 2013:
Wow. Some story, looking forward to more

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Review #16, by ASDFGHJKL1234 Walk of Shames and Dysfunctional Endings

9th May 2013:
I though it was an update . . . :(
I'm just going to cry now.

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Review #17, by na Walk of Shames and Dysfunctional Endings

7th May 2013:

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Review #18, by toolazytologin Walk of Shames and Dysfunctional Endings

17th April 2013:
OMG I JUST READ YOUR STORY ALL OVER AGAIN! It's bloody brilliant! UPDATE!! Also, if you can, you should make a tumblr so you can tell us easily when you will update and all..

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Review #19, by lpotter36 Walk of Shames and Dysfunctional Endings

27th January 2013:
I absolutely love this story! It is really one of the best I have read and I can't tell you how many times I have read it even before I was a member! Keep up the awesome work! You seriously could be a writer

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Review #20, by Emma Walk of Shames and Dysfunctional Endings

7th January 2013:
You are the most amazing writer. I really, truly believe this! All of the characters you create are perfect, they go together well and they're so real. Everything in this story, besides the fact that it's fiction, is real. The characters are real, they have good qualities and they have bad qualities, their emotions are real and their reactions to situations are real. I just absolutely love your writing, and for me, this is the best story on this site. I actually have to thank you for writing this!

James is falling! It's happening, I hope! He's such a teenage boy! So bi-polar and predictable and unpredictable at the same time. I'm still mad at him for hurting Victoria and I hope she hurts him just a little bit, for the sake of vengeance.

This has been by far the best chapter yet! I am literally dying with suspense! When is the next update?!!! I must know!

P.S. Is James an Aquarius and Victoria a Libra? I thought that was what you said but I forgot and it would take ages to look through loads of reviews!

Can't wait for the next one! Em


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Review #21, by ILOVETHISFIC Walk of Shames and Dysfunctional Endings

19th December 2012:
Okay. You seriously need to continue this right now! If you don't continue this I think I might just die. Seriously this fic is amazing and you can't just leave it like that without an update for like 4 months!! I need you to continue this, pretty pretty Pretty pretty please!!!

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Review #22, by ... Walk of Shames and Dysfunctional Endings

18th December 2012:
Please update! It's literally killing me!

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Review #23, by thislittlelight... Walk of Shames and Dysfunctional Endings

12th November 2012:
update? Update!

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Review #24, by taps_017 Walk of Shames and Dysfunctional Endings

16th October 2012:
So, so, so good!!! I cannot wait for you to update - please make it sooner rather than later if you can! :)

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Review #25, by -A Walk of Shames and Dysfunctional Endings

1st September 2012:
Ohmyigod update this story is great i cant grt enough of the james/victoria love story and i hope dom gets back together with tyler and layla with des their all perfect for each other it sucks to see them all in pain

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