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Review #1, by Hannah St. Mungos

4th August 2011:
One of the best fan fictions ive read on here
Really enjoying this story and hope hope hope you write more

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Review #2, by Nxxt222 St. Mungos

4th August 2011:
Great chapter. Please update a new chapter soon.

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Review #3, by Meghan St. Mungos

13th July 2011:
Loving it! Pretty please continue.:)

Author's Response: Imma try, just for you (: Thank you!

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Review #4, by Owlpost68 St. Mungos

11th July 2011:
awww soo adorable. I'm so glad you included Katie, I never thought much about what other affects the necklace could have caused, and never thought much about her after the war either. Thought you did a great job :)

Author's Response: For some reason Katie just popped into my head and I couldn't ignore her. Maybe I'll do a one-shot about her in the future, we'll see! Thank you for your review!

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Review #5, by Leah McEwen It's Not Your Fault

11th July 2011:
It's nice to have a story that focuses on the aftermath, especially at the relationship of two beloved HP characters. I love your portrayal of Ron and I really do love how you've gone into their relationship. Beautifully written.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it (:

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Review #6, by zEthHPfrEaK St. Mungos

11th July 2011:
Talk about crazy good =). You pull me right into the moment.

"Ginny was always right."

I love you. Just by that sentence alone, you can feel the bond between the people.

And I think that, that just might be what you're really good at! Showing this amazing bond between characters in your stories. It's incredible.

"'Teddy, this is Victoire.'"

The beginning of a new love.

When I read that sentence, I thought... Well, you know in real life when something absolutely amazing happens, and you think "I never want to forget this." ? Well, that's how I felt when that part was there. =)

And your characterization of him was great! It was great that you made him have this excited air about him - it showed us he was a little kid :]

And Molly's greeting, Harry's inner dialogue in the beginning, Katie being a healer. All so perfect! It was a very nice fanfiction to read - different, but good. :] Anyways, have a good day! Great job!

Thanks again for posting!

Author's Response: You're my favorite reviewer, just so you know!

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Review #7, by zEthHPfrEaK It's Not Your Fault

11th July 2011:
So, this may sound like a rave review, but I'm just going to tell you how I feel.

I haven't been doing much pleasure reading lately, and I've also been feeling kind of incapable of feeling or attachment to anything. But this... This cut into my heart. (and not in a bad way.) It's not terribly dramatic or sweet, it's just - nice.

I feel as if, for once, I can completely open up and embrace this :).

I also felt like the kiss/electricity was a bit out of place for the very sad/post-war time (but that's just me... I don't know what others think of it), but I was also glad it was a soft kiss.

I remember why I loved to read so much =)


Author's Response: And i remembered why i like to write so much. Thank YOU! This review just made my day. (:

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Review #8, by xMsFiggx It's Not Your Fault

19th June 2011:
You should continue!!

Author's Response: Wish granted (:

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Review #9, by apotter  It's Not Your Fault

1st February 2011:
Wow. This was just great. I loved it. Keep writing!


Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #10, by Lets All Be Squibs It's Not Your Fault

23rd January 2011:
Loved it! Hope you've got some other stuff this good up your sleeve!

Author's Response: Haha I hope so too! Thank you for the review!

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Review #11, by Owlpost68 It's Not Your Fault

21st January 2011:
I really wasn't sure if I'd like it or not, looked pretty depressing at first, but was like, hey why not? and I really like it. i never see much about ron being strong for hermione, but after all they've been through together, you'd think they'd both change a bit. and on the other hand you never see hermione so vulnerable either, i thought it was pretty realistic to have that, she can't be cool or collected all the time. great job! I only wish the chapter was longer, can't wait for the next one! :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I know the banner looks a bit dark, I might change it soon, but I'm glad that you gave it a chance. I thought that we always see the Hermione who takes care of everyone else, and she can't possibly do it all the time, so I tried to show a different side of her. I hope you'll keep reading!

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