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Review #1, by black hearted birthdays Last Kiss

11th March 2012:
i know it's weird but i always picture hermione and not pansy, i don't know why, silly really, but i just get a vivid picture of her in the cell.

Author's Response: That's cool, though ~ feel free to picture whoever you like. Could work with Hermione too xx

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Review #2, by pinkslippers Last Kiss

14th January 2012:
Gr it seems like all these stories of yours (other than Above The Clouds, which is my favorite story of all time) are depressing! This was beautifully written, but now I feel like crying :'( good job, though.

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Review #3, by Jakumo1 Last Kiss

16th December 2011:
NOOO!!! It's not fair! You did a a really good job! :03

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Review #4, by Hp fan Last Kiss

6th December 2011:
Having just read above the clouds, this was definately a change. You made me feel bad fir pansy lol. I like the dark and sad tone in this beautifully written story. Good job once again.

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Review #5, by Merope Last Kiss

3rd May 2011:
*hides behind sofa for a while and hopes no tea cups fly in my direction*...well...I guess I deserve them. I am so sorry I fell out of the habit of reviewing. It's horrible on my part, considering the work that goes in every single one of your pieces. I'm trying to get back on track with reviewing.

This was great. Your portray emotions brilliantly and I loved the calmness of her character even though she knew how close she was to being kissed. Truly wonderfully written. If I were in her shoes, I'd have probably gone made by now. I like the strength you show in her...even though she did all those things it still makes me feel terribly sorry for her. I never really liked Pansy, but...I never hated her either.

I really like the clearness of your writing. I don't know how else to put it, but the way your write is very "clean". The structure is perfect and the way the story reached its climax and then ended was perfectly in place. Whenever I attempt to do something like this I end up all over the place. So...really well done!!

Once again, I'm sorry I haven't reviewed for ages and thank you for this story-it is brilliant!

Merope :)

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Review #6, by LunaLuver Last Kiss

6th April 2011:
I can't believe this has been up since January and I just now found it!! Its so nice seeing something new from you, and I hope to see more in the near future. :) I really liked this story, so different from anything else I've read. Very emotional and moving, it actually made me feel bad for Pansy. Speaking of which, I think Pansy is the perfect chioce for this girl, an OC would have been alright but I think it gave your story much more depth having it be Pansy.
As always a 10/10


Author's Response: Thank you, sweetheart! I'm really happy to hear that! I've been trying to get back to writing, but after finishing ATC, it's been hard to start up again.

Thank you so much.
- Cathy

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Review #7, by Hermione_Malfoy_ Last Kiss

31st January 2011:
CATTTHHHYYY! Yay! *dances around my computer* Another one-shot! Ah, you're so right, it is angsty! But I like it(: I don't know why I really really liked this sentence, "I wanted to kick and scream and fight it. But I didn't." It just sounds so... angry and bitter. AH! And the end, oh the end. It's so gut wrenchingly sad! The detail of her cell and everything was really really good. It definitely created a vivid picture. I'm so excited that you posted this(:

Love Always (This will definitely NOT be the last time you see this!)
Hermione Malfoy

Author's Response: EEEH! HI. *jumps up and down* I've missed you! It's been like a day since I replied to your other review, but whatever, I still miss you 8D

I'm so glad you liked this story! I was in a really angsty mood when I wrote it, and I'm glad it came out the way I wanted. I tried to use more detail than usual and such too. So I'm so happy that you like it! :D

Thank you!

Love Always (Oh, Thank Merlin for that. I would've cried)
- Cathy

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Review #8, by Luna333L Last Kiss

14th January 2011:
Wow, this is really well written. My stories are rough, but this is smooth and easy to read. Very nice job!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :)
- Cathy

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Review #9, by rozen_maiden Last Kiss

13th January 2011:
First of all: I love your banner. Its beautiful. Second, this was a beautifully sad and chilling story.
You described Pansys (i like to think it Pansy (: ) fear and pain extremely well - I felt like I was there, with her. And the last line ... It just took my breath away. Throughout the whole story you built up this silent fear of the dementors, and it really drew me into your writing, which was nothing short of amazing.
A great one-shot. Well done
Mahalia xx

Author's Response: Thanks! I quite like the banner, too :)

And I'm really happy to hear that you liked the story. It's my first time writing something that dark, and I'm glad I could make it work :)

- Cathy

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