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Review #1, by QkStephen Epilogue

9th January 2015:
This story really was quite lovely. I wasn't sure what to expect at the beginning but the excellence was apparent come the end

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Review #2, by ovia Epilogue

18th October 2013:
u've got excellent imagination and the story is fantastic ! keep writing more stories

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Review #3, by phoebe_s Epilogue

28th May 2013:
The best thing about this short story is the characters you choose to be on Hugo's "self awareness" trip. Scorpius and Neville are two characters that I love, but would have never thought of to have a close friendship and relationship with Hugo, especially Scorpius. Scorpius has been constantly written as Rose's boyfriend and such, but I've never read one where it's him and Hugo, with a personal and bonding experience.
I'm so glad you're the one who decided to change that up and write it.
I adore your Hugo. I've often read him as the annoying younger brother of the smart and talented Rose Weasley and as much as I love Rose, it's so nice to find a fic of Hugo... Finding himself of sorts. He's young and innocent and looking to prove himself, and I absolutely love how you've gone about writing his plot.
Your Scorpius, I think, is one of my absolute favorites, and I've read SO MANY of them. Neville was spot on as well.
Everything was superbly written, and you deserve every award you get!
Incredible job!

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Review #4, by Hogwarts27 Epilogue

7th January 2013:
Hi, well I spent the better part of the afternoon reading this story until I finished it. Let me say again the I'm not a lover of next gen, so it took me while to get used to these characters. On the whole, the story was very well-written, the descriptions vivid, and the characters thoughts and feelings well brought out. The plot was imaginative with a lot of interesting twists and turns that kept me wanting to keep reading to see what would happen next. You also gave the story a very sweet, heartfelt and satisfying ending.

I loved the part where Hugo was made secret-keeper. That scene had just the right magical feel. The acromantula scene also surprised me at first because they were friendly, but that just made me I'm curious to see how the story would evolve from that point on.

I thought your characterization of Neville was pretty good. The only thing that surprised me was that he didn't insist on taking the kids back to the safety of
Hogwarts after the acromantula attack, which is what I would think any school professor would do. But other than that he did what I expected and felt like a competent adult Neville.

I won't comment on your portrayal of Hugo, because I'm not a next gen fan and really dislike the genre. I will say that I didn't start sympathizing with Hugo until his real reasons for wanting the plant were revealed. Up until then I thought his motives were petty and frivolous, and he seemed like just a foolish teenager who was going to get himself and everyone around him into trouble. It wasn't until the story revealed his real reasons and personal feelings that I could empathize with him and actually start hoping for him to succeed.

I did like the scene where Scorpius knew about navigating by the stars. That's the kind of traditional study I think a lot of powerful wizarding families would expect their kids to learn. The HP books always gave me the feeling that there must be some special magic related to astronomy that was never explained. Dumbledore had all those curious silver instruments with whirling planets in his office, he had a watch that had heavenly bodies instead of hands, and the time-turners had stars cut out of them. So apparently the movement of heavenly bodies had some special magical power. I imagine any wizard who aspired to have great magical power would need to learn about it those magical properties.

The only minor drawback I noticed about this story, and this is just my own particular reading preference, is that I found the pace a little slow-moving. There was a lot of delving into the character's thoughts throughout the story, which sometimes got a bit lengthy for my own liking, but that's a point that will vary from reader to reader. Other readers will probably find the pacing just right.

On the whole, I enjoyed this story enough to read it start to finish all in one go. Your writing is lovely, and I enjoyed all the original magical additions of your own that you put into the story. You've built on that world we know from the books, to take your readers to new places of magical interest, and your story plot evolved in unexpected ways that kept us engaged. It's certainly a story you can be proud to have written, and one that readers will be delighted to have read. Great work!

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Review #5, by Hogwarts27 Prologue

7th January 2013:
After discovering that lovely one-shot you just posted, I just had to check out your other stories. After reading the first chapter of this, I'm already interested to continue with it. I liked it from the very first sentence. I love your writing style, which makes me curious to sample your other stories as well. I have to say that I usually stay away from next-gen stories, but I love a good adventure or a school-based story that feels genuinely Harry Potterish where at least some of the characters are familiar, and so far this one feels like that, so I'll see. At least so far I'm not bothered by this being next-gen because at least in this chapter, there were enough references to Harry's generation to keep me interested. I like the way you've portrayed the both characters. Neville really came into his own in the Death Hallows book, so I'm interested to see what you'll do with him as a competent herbology professor, which is a subject we know he excelled at. So far, I think you've portrayed him really well as a teacher, and it's interesting that he knows Harry, Ron, and Hermione well enough to have some insight into Hugo's inherited traits. This story is off to a great start, and I'm eager to continue to see where this goes, and to sample your other writing as well.

Author's Response: Hello, again :D

I'm glad that for someone who's not totally in love with Next-Gen (like I am...ahem), that this was still interesting enough for you to want to read on! I count that as a great victory :3

I sort of picture all the post-DH survivors having book clubs and tea every weekend, I don't know why. I think I assume that it's a really small pool of people in a world they've just realized is horribly large, so while they'd want to move past the war, they'd also really want to cling to comfort in the form of friends. And since Ginny tells James to send Neville their love in the epilogue, I guess I just assumed he'd be equally close with Ron and Hermione, since I don't picture them being far from Ginny and Harry really ever...

I'm glad you've enjoyed this so far, and I can see already you've left me a whopping review for the last chapter, so I'm onto that next! Thanks so much for taking the time to let me know what you think, I really appreciate it (:


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Review #6, by Fawkes394 That Goes Horribly Awry

30th December 2012:
I really like this story so far. It's very original and different to anything else I've read. Also, I never pictured Scorpius and Hugo being good friends. There's a small mistake in it, Slytherin didn't accept muggles before the war, but it did accept half-bloods, Snape was one of them (the Half-Blood Prince).

Author's Response: Hello! Thank you for stopping by to leave a review (: Thanks also for pointing out the mistake, sometimes I make them because I'm too lazy at times to be a detail-oriented writer. In the case of accuracy, well, I can't remember what context it was in--what you mention, I mean--but if it was Scorpius thinking on the Slytherins, it could be that his knowledge is limited and that what circulates in his world is not what we know in our world of post-war information. Though your point is still completely valid. Sometime in the future I'm thinking of doing another over-all edit for information, and this definitely helps!

x lily

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Review #7, by coolsilver Epilogue

17th September 2012:
I loved this.
You have such a talent for writing, and showing us the characters in such a way, that lets the reader into their world, while still retaining their enigmatic qualities. Neville, as the understanding, exasperated, friendly professor that was once where Hugo was, and Scorpius-with the Malfoy name that will follow him all of his life, betwixt and between the two, and Hugo.
I believe this is the first story that I've read that displays Hugo as the believable, unusual, very quirky, young, and searching son of two of the Golden Trio.
Hugo is the outcast we all know, still searching for their place in the world, perhaps under pressure from their families, and others who expect them to be something, even though they have no clue where, how, and what that will be.
You showed us a small part of Hugo's journey to finding his place. Hugo didn't grow up in this story, and he didn't find his perfect niche in the world, but you know what? He was most certainly on the way there. :)

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Review #8, by hdawg Epilogue

15th August 2012:
The epilogue :( the end of a wonderful adventure with the best bromance the HPFF world has ever seen. Gosh I am so sad. I am going to lose my Hugo :(

"Hugo's sense of direction was still so impaired that he could end up in an empty classroom on the fifth floor and think he was showing up for Double Potions." And they trusted this boy to find them this wonderful magical plant? Will they ever learn?!

This boy is all I will ever need to make me feel better: "I am a hound, enjoying the winter sunshine! Hugo thought, bouncing a bit and tripping, falling into the snow. I am a small child on the way to have a birthday party! He got up and ran, arms akimbo, lifting his knees higher so he wouldn't trip again." He very aptly describes himself as a 'small child', and every single thing he does is like a birthday party to him, isn't it? Honestly, I've never met anyone who gets so excited about /life/.

You have broken me, Lily, completely broken me: "I was going after the fruit because it was a myth. It was impossible to find. My parents did lots of impossible things, and they're important people. I thought, maybe, if I could do something impossible, I could prove to myself that I was...important, too."

This boy means more to me in this moment than he has in this entire story (save, perhaps, for when he tried to kill the nymphs after they hurt Scorpius. I don't think my heart can quite live that one down :(): "Hugo, who was now coating himself over in snow and shouted to Neville, when he saw him watching, "I'm a snowman! Don't I look just like a snowman?"

And it's finished :( I am so sorry it has taken me forever to read this, I feel like such an awful friend now. But I have read it and am so happy that I did so :) it is definitely one of the best stories I have read on HPFF, and there is no doubt that you deserved that Dobby.

Once more, I would just like to say that I am so pleased that you decided to write this. You are a truly extraordinary writer, your descriptions are so rich and vivid that I could actually imagine myself with Hugo, Neville and Scorpius in every situation. Every word added a new layer to the picture, and every picture was beautiful.

Please, never stop writing. You have so much talent.

Lots of love, your friend,
Hannah ♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #9, by hdawg Because Sometimes Life Is a Circle

15th August 2012:
Well, now we have another thing to look forward to, don't we? Marjie and Hugo, sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g... ;)

This is pure fatherly love here: "Neville turned quickly as he saw Hugo turn and grin widely at him. His heart flopped with a surge of pride and he smiled discreetly." I like that they are getting awarded for wandering off into the forest, nicking a fruit from angry creatures, and nearly dying. Only in Hogwarts would this be the way...

Ah3h3h3, Flitwick sounds like one hell of a Headmaster. You can't imagine the students doing this to Dumbledore, now, can you? "one rushing hurriedly to carry Flitwick upon their shoulders (which seemed to be their main display of affection and appreciation)". But ohmygosh, Neville and I thought the same thing: "Neville took a quiet second to pinch the bridge of his nose, shake his head toward the ground, and think: Only at Hogwarts." You know that this means that I have infiltrated the story now, yes? Just as I promised I would, ah3h3h3. Now to bump of Marjie and take Hugo to the Yule Ball myself ;)

These descriptions are my favourite in the story so far: "This was not an era of gods and goddesses. It was an era of the everyday man doing exceptional things...It was not an era of chaos. It was an era of peace." The repetition of these connotations just works so well for the final outcome - that they shouldn't take the plant out of the box.

Awh my baby: "You're smart, Hugo," Scorpius said quietly from the floor, startling Hugo and Neville both. He sat up. "You decide what's best to do."/Hugo seemed for an absurd and cartoon-like moment to swell visibly with pride." I can see it now. And at the same time there is a wind machine, blowing the hair off his face and his cape (he now wears a cape) off behind him, emblazoned with the letter 'H'. It is a glorious image.

"He felt like he was a piece of laundry and his mother was wringing him out. Poor laundry. He'd have to ask his mother to buy a clothes line." And now he is feeling things for clothes. This boy deserves more than house points, he deserves some kind of award for being the biggest, kindest twit to ever have walked through the doors of Hogwarts (see, I told you I'd use the word 'twit' more often)

I'm sure Harry would like this nickname more than he likes 'the Chosen One' or 'The Boy Who Lived': "his uncle was king of the Aurors".

"Hugo Weasley, responsible for the peace treaty between Wizardkind and centaurs, the official discovery of Acromantulas in the Forbidden Forest, and one of the three discoverers of the Quidropopot, a magical plant thought here-to-fore to be nothing more than a myth, a flight of fancy./Neville reached over to brush a bit of dirt from Hugo's shoulder". Gosh. Wowzers. He has a lot of responsibility for a boy who has only just stopped drooling, doesn't notice when he has dirt on his clothes and still rolls around in the snow. And this is why I love him.

:( I only have one chapter left to go. Before I go ahead and read it, I just want to say thank you for writing this and letting me come on this amazing literary journey with you. The characters you have developed feel so real that, when I finish the next chapter, I know I will feel sad, like I have lost friends :(

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Review #10, by hdawg And Back Again

15th August 2012:
If you kill Scorpius I will.I don't know what I will do, but I won't be a happy bunny, that's for sure! And woah, the disclaimer. I don't get queasy but maybe I should skip it (if it has something to do with Scorpius' insides etc etc. I don't think my heart could take that)

:'( Hugo tried to fight the wood nymphs for Scorpius. I can see it in my head now. I want to be able to word what I'm feeling but I can't, because all I want to say is that it just shows how much he has grown up and loves Scorpius, and now he is truly his mother and father's son for doing that. I am proud of him, and at the same time feel so awful for him.

"Neville saw Hugo run to his side, tears plastering his face--there was a jerk in Neville's heart as he saw the innocent pain there" :'( my poor, poor Hugo.

Even more :'( "He couldn't help but think suddenly that this boy's family was a large part of the reason that he had had to, during the darkest period of his life, bury some of his own friends and family." You really are pulling out all the emotional stops in this chapter aren't you? ;) whenever you comment on something like this, I suddenly remember it myself, and then empathise with Neville even more. It must be so difficult for him, coming to Hogwarts every day even though this was where he lost some of his closest friends :(

And a lovely little bit of comic relief: "Hugo toppled out of the chair next to him in a dead faint and landed on his face on the ground. Madame Pomfrey rolled her eyes before clucking gently and levitating Hugo into a hospital bed. " And this is why I am going to marry him. If he feels this strongly about his friends, then he is defo the man for me ;)

" It was really a shame that Professor Neville had told Hugo that no one could know that Scorpius almost died, because it would probably be a fun story to tell at the Burrow at Christmas, when they were all huddled around the fire or playing Snapdragons." Only Hugo would think that a death-defying adventure would be a good story to tell the family at Christmas.

Ah3h3h3, Scorpius with the baby unicorns. But how would they tell them apart? Both of their hair is as golden as the sun ;) "to explain the trio's sudden and inexplicable disappearance, it would have to involve baby unicorns, wouldn't it?" But I love the connotations that Flitwick was having more fun making up this story than he was actually thinking about punishment for the real reason that they went missing.

"Scorpius hoped no one was watching Hugo too closely--he was clearly enjoying walking like a sleep-deprived person, but in truth he looked more like a mummy, with his arms held out in front of him and his knees refusing to bend." Oh wow.


Lily, you are brilliant, and this is brilliant. Just some of the sentences catch me off-guard and make me laugh, even when it's a really serious situation, but I just can't help it. Teamed with the fact that you have made me fall in love with Hugo and Scorpius simultaneously, and you will realise what you have achieved ;)

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Review #11, by hdawg Below the Brine

15th August 2012:
GONNA GET THE PLANT! WOO! but seriously, I am kind of worried about what's going to happen when they find it. Will Hugo be disappointed/will he go mad with power? I doubt that, but then I'm not so sure about Neville and Scorpius (yet)

"Hugo's nose was pressed against the lake, his arms spread on either side of him, hugging the surface. Scorpius knew he had eyes only for the fruit below them." Pure lies, Scorpius, Hugo only has eyes for me ;) I adore this boy and his hugging ways. I feel like we would get on extremely well.

The way you are able to get across all the characters' points of views is brilliant. You can go from Neville, to Hugo and Scorpius within a couple of paragraphs, and yet it flows so well. This is a truly great skill to have, and one which you use extremely effectively. (there, that's my serious bit done ;))

"Hugo cleared his throat and tugged at his collar." Classic. I like it.

"giving him a small clap clap! across his left cheek. The dangling earring--it looked like a scrap of metal--in Scorpius's ear rocked back and forth as Scorpius slowly looked Hugo in the eye. There was both what looked like resentment and amusement about his features" Kinda reminds me of Ryan Gosling in 'Crazy, Stupid, Love' except for this time, Hugo is actually both crazy and stupid (and my love), whilst Ryan Gosling was pure phwoar-esque material.

"he hadn't prepared his eardrums for the shock. It is okay, little drums of the ear variety, he thought consolingly. You are all right." aw, that is too adorable. Only Hugo would talk to his body parts like they have feelings (although really, doesn't that mean that he's talking to his own nerves and feelings, if he's consoling them for being hurt?)

He's holding it like a long-lost teddy bear! "and Hugo huddled it to his chest proudly, a warm feeling rising between his lungs. He hugged it very tightly", Well, that's the way I feel about my long-lost teddy bears anyway. When I somehow understand how to infiltrate this story, Hugo will cuddle me like this.

"They were possibly the most beautiful creatures Hugo had ever seen./Well, besides his vintage Cleansweep 7 and probably the watercolor painting Rose had made him of the giant squid devouring Slughorn were just as beautiful." Only Hugo could think that Rose's painting of such a morbid topic would be beautiful...I like to think that he has it hanging over his bed at home, and he admires it every night before he falls asleep, singing little lullabies to himself and his army of small, stuffed teddy bears.

"It was the shape of a woman, but obviously not a woman because women were not made of air and leaves." That's what you think, eh Hugo...h3h3h3.

NO. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO SCORPIUS?! I get why he's happy (because he saved Hugo, right?) but WHY? :'( so sad.

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Review #12, by hdawg Promptly Meandering

15th August 2012:
BACK BACK BACK! Sorry it's been like 12 hours, but now I am back for some adventure! ah3h3h3, I make myself laugh sometimes...

"Ha, ha!" Hugo said, pointing a finger up at Scorpius's face, looking gleeful. He then scampered off to a fresh patch of snow a small distance away and began forming it into small sculptures." Oh God, how I have missed this boy. Seriously, this bit made me laugh (and simultaneously think of my ten year old cousin, because he pretty much does this whenever we have snow)

And dawwwh, they feel proud of Hugo! Well not quite for the right reasons, but because he has stopped drooling so much. Ah well, you can't quite win them all... but they really do remind me of his kind of parents/guardians. I like this development.

I love this little bit, Neville praising himself and his teaching abilities: "The fact that Herbology is a boring and useless subject--changed, as soon as Professor Longbottom took charge of the instruction./So Plato could just can it, and listen to Neville Longbottom for once. Because Herbology is damned interesting." I'm not sure if I could agree with him there (yet).

"but Hugo had thrown his skinny arms around Scorpius's shoulders and muffled any sound in his coat. Scorpius was taken aback at the hug, but awkwardly patted Hugo's back." I want to cry. This is such a beautiful little image. Or it would be even better if Scorpius just hugged him back, crying a little bit and smiling. Dammit, this bromance stuff is just too lovely!

"Only I don't know who I am and they do. So I thought, if I can just find out that one thing that I think about myself is true, then I'll know more than everyone." Lily, you are a fiend. This is just too sad and emotional for words :( I just want to cuddle him all the time.

Dawwh, so many feelings! "He paused, and looked at Hugo. Scorpius saw that he was grinning widely. A little glow trickled out from his chest and laced his veins." But woo, you got the title in there! I really like the way that you describe 'what makes a Weasley'. Everything you wrote is so true, and it actually made me feel better seeing Hugo feel better. That sounds so strange, but I am getting awfully emotionally involved.

NOOO! HOW DARE YOU CENTAUR, THREATEN MY HUGO'S LIFE! The way that Scorpius is feeling is, perhaps not-so-coincidentally what I am feeling now :( "The area on his chest where her arm had made harsh contact pulsated uncomfortably, and he felt the air from his lungs, very late, exit his chest."

But OHMYGOD they've found it! Woo! I honestly can't wait to see what Hugo does with the plant when he gets it, whilst at the same time being completely nervous that either him, Neville or Scorpius will do something really stupid with said plant :( gah! Marjie better appreciate this!

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Review #13, by hdawg But Straightens Out Eventually

14th August 2012:
CHAPTER SEVEN! And I am about to find out who this random bloke is and where my Hugo has disappeared... oh you and your cliffhangers!

"were Scorpius and Professor Neville having a dance party in celebration?/Actually, he thought, that might be kind of fun" Hugo! You're alive! And as fantastically dim and hilarious as ever.

"Scorpius wondered how in the world Hugo had managed to make the friends he had with such strange creatures without fatally offending any of them." So true, Scorpius, so true... Although I love Hugo's ability to make friends with anything. I can kind of imagine him having a birthday party and more animals turning up than humans.

Oh Scorpius loves Hugo! "he was worried that they'd be unhappy about Hugo's desire to reach the Quidropopots. Which had also become Scorpius's desire." I think it's so wonderful that you've presented them in this way, a bromance, but one in which Scorpius is kind of like a worried parent. But you can tell he is a good friend to him, not only in the way that he constantly worries about Hugo and his safety, but also in the way that he is looking for this plant for no other reason than because Hugo wants to find it. Pure bromance love there.

"Hugo's little pow-wow." POW-WOW! ELECTRIC POW-WOW! Story crossover boom! Sorry, I just had to say that, and also have to say that I loved that fic (although you probably gathered that yourself from the reviews I left you).

"It was a bad move. Delphi turned on the spot and grabbed Hugo by the throat. The boy's eyes bugged as Delphi marched him to a tree and pinned him to the trunk." WHAT? NO! Get your hands off him! It's not (completely) his fault!

"Scorpius would have sworn his life...that tears threatened to stain his cheeks because of the absolute terror and confusion and agony and other previously-bottled emotions that were pulsing through the young Weasley's body merely yards from him." :'( why. do. you. make. me. feel. these. things. why.

"A boy worse with words than the average six-year-old, and he had six in his midst entranced." This line is just wonderful. I think that's kind of how I feel about Hugo. Like all his quirky ways, his strange mind, the way he can't look after all endears people to him and makes them think for a moment. I don't know, but it's people like Hugo that can make people better because he automatically makes people want to help him.

I just need to quote this and tell you that this is bloody fantastic: "Neville needed to help Hugo because Neville had once been Hugo./Scorpius needed to help Hugo because Scorpius was living Hugo's life./The three of them united by a common thought--one of them after a plant, and the other two seeking to show the one that he's got more than a plant would ever give him." I should say something deep here, but I think you said it all.

"Hello, my name is Hugo Weasley, and I like to push over cows while they sleep because their legs lock and they're sleeping." He is my everything. If someone introduced themselves to me like this, I would fall at their feet immediately. Although, to be fair, my old headteacher once told me he did this when he was a young boy...

"Because when we're done, I can still tell Mum and Dad that I found it." You have killed me.

Right, I need to pop out now, but when I get back later, I will be ready to resume this adventure! Honestly, though, I curse myself for taking so long to read this!

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Review #14, by hdawg By Close Encounters

14th August 2012:
Fight some spiders, spider fighting...! Well that's what I'm imagining will happen in this chapter. Anything else would be a mighty big surprise. But I am unbelievably looking forward to more bromance. I love this bromace more than I can say.

Oh Neville, you and me would get along famously..."Neville thought that if three licorice wands just happened to appear in his midst, he'd be more than willing to snatch them up and take them for himself--he shook his head. Now was not the time or place to be thinking about licorice wands, no matter how loudly his stomach complained". Comparing people and food is just an ordinary thing for me now ;)

"But that was it! Rose. Last Christmas she'd tried to get him into Muggle fiction, and she'd shown him a series of Muggle detective stories which he'd read through." Ohmygod tell me it was Sherlock Holmes and I will kiss you. One of his adventures was called 'the adventure of the cardboard box'. I don't know why I shared that with you, I just thought it was really funny. I can kind of imagine Hugo liking it...

Oh my gosh this boy is too adorable for words! Can I just keep him? Please? "I had no idea he was coming and then wham! he was there. And then he was gone. It was like--wow./Like a scorpion, Hugo thought, and he struggled not to giggle out loud." I him so much.

"They liked him, mostly, just didn't want to be best mates and that was fine, fine with Hugo. Mum and Dad had been popping by enough at school this year to keep him grounded." I want to be his best mate :( but the fact that he still needs his mum and dad this much is heartbreaking. I absolutely want to make my way into your imagination so that I can hug Hugo and tell him that I'll be his friend forever. Can I? You don't mind, do you?

Rose is one of us! "It sounded like the clacking that the keys on Rose's laptop computer when she was plucking away at a story. The same frenetic patterns, with the pauses and occasionally the violent stab at the space bar." I wonder what she writes about...Or maybe she actually is being imaginative and not writing fanfic at all. Maybe she's writing some kind of non-fiction book...Or maybe I'm thinking about this too much.

Oh Neville, why are you letting Hugo speak? He'll probably just drool and then say something silly about Scorpius being a scorpion, and then you'll all be eaten :( I mean, I love Hugo, but he is so awfully dim sometimes.

"I can't really be sure why I want to find the Quidropopot other than I think that it would be really awesome to play Quidditch with it." Just like I said, so awfully dim sometimes ;) but I love his frank honesty (and I am obv the girl he wants to ask to the ball, screw Marjie! ;))

Awh, Hugo's manners are lovely, bowing to the queen of the Acromantula! He is a true gentleman, that's for sure. He will have girls practically falling at his feet if they knew this about him. OHMYGOD CRAZY HORRIBLE SPIDERS. I HATE YOU SPIDERS. DIE. But Hugo and Scorpius held hands :3

Ahehe, Neville said funny words: "We didn't come all the way out here, nearly die by Acromantula attack, and risk everything we had just for farts and giggles." And Scorpius was, well, clever. I take my hat off to you, good sir. But where is Hugo? I am worried about him...

WHO THE HELL IS THIS MAN? This is the end of my review now. I am worried about Hugo and a man has just found them. Dear Godric, Lily, you know how to play me!

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Review #15, by hdawg That Goes Horribly Awry

14th August 2012:
This story is definitely being favourited, just so you know. These last few weeks have been a fantastic few, what with all the amazing stories I have read from the puffins. I am just so privileged to know and be friends with you. So thank you, for just being so lovely and wonderful ♥


"but Scorpius reached over and gave him a tremendous nooggie. He struggled to escape, letting out a yowl, then appealing, when this failed, to Neville's sympathies. But the old man just smiled evilly, draining the rest of his coffee and watching on even as Scorpius proceeded to put Hugo in a headlock and wrestle him to the ground." Best. Bromance. Ever. That is all I can say (mixed with an emotional voice and tears)

Woooah. They /bet/ on pureblood relationships?! That's wrong on so many levels. But I love the way that Neville kind of appreciates Scorpius for being different, for making a conscious effort to be so. After the last chapter (and my tears), this is just so lovely to read, that he has been accepted by one half of the wizarding community even if it means severely hindering ties to his own family and their side.

Haha - "Flitwick, the old sod" - that description is brilliant. Not only because I love describing people as 'sods' (my grandparents taught me this word, and they taught me well), but because it's /Flitwick/ being described by Neville. Sheer brilliance.

I adore them: "What if we all cast huge heating spells on the ice till it melted and turned into water again?" Hugo asked, reinforcing the idea behind the word 'huge' by stretching his arms out as far as they would reach./"You have an impressive wingspan," Scorpius said". They are such children and I love it. Some stories get it wrong and make them almost too old for their years, some make them too young, but you have made it just right - hit the balance perfectly. I congratulate thee.

"He threw his head back and let out a mighty roar of delight, shedding his coat and robes as he flew down the shore to the water, plunging in clumsily" Awh, my heart. Your imagination is fantastic, to come up with all of this is just...amazing. I really don't have any more words to describe what I am feeling for this story right now.

Oh dear Godric Gryffindor, ACROMANTULA! How will the son of Ron react to this, I wonder...well, right now I am scared because I absolutely hate spiders (maybe Hugo will save them, and therefore me?).

"He had known the ruby to be powerful enough to transform wizards into the Egyptian gods, but to pass down enough power through the years to create a hide immune to magic? That acted as a shield against spells?" Lily, you are a God. How do you even come up with this?! You are so brilliant and I am so sad that I am not half as brilliant as you are. Seriously, reading this, it's like reading a book of its own. You have to write and be published some day, please (and I will buy your book first, just so you know :))

Ah3h3h3: "You are braver than him, and he would never have put a scrap of metal in his ear." I like that. The only reason that Scorpius is better/braver than Draco is because he pierced an ear. Not the fact that he basically disowned his heritage, made friends with Albus against his father's wishes, and is now on this adventure with a drooling 15 year old and a professor who can't say 'no'; no, it's the fact that he has an earring. Brilliant.

Oh Scorpius, you are so lovely! "Scorpius hated himself for doing this to her. He cursed under his breath as he realised that the last three days had probably been torture for Rose Weasley." And so in love! Ajlmc'lc;jwdnv'o, my shipper heart!

Ooooh, this bridge and Hugo's thoughts are interesting. I am, well, not /scared/, but slightly apprehensive. But my baby just wants to be a man! "Hugo was suddenly struck with the same insane jealously that overcame him as he watched some of his dormmates shave in the morning--all he wanted was to be manly, how much longer was he going to have to wait?" He really needs to watch 'Mulan' if he thinks he's got it rough. At least he has a Y chromosome, Mulan has to make do with a dragon and bug trying to help her act all manly!

Your cliffhangers, as ever, are massive, and so now I must finish this review to see Scorpius, Neville and Hugo fight off some spiders! WOO!

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Review #16, by hdawg And a Little Bit of Conversation

14th August 2012:
I AM BACK FOR SOME MORE ADVENTURE! I honestly can't wait to see what happens. And I can't wait to get back and see Hugo; in the past 12 hours I have missed his quirky ways...

I have done the Duke of Edinburgh award, and I know how this feels: "Neville let out a small laugh when he saw Scorpius grab it and spin it around, as Hugo had been holding it upside down." Honestly, we walked for 6 kilometres in the wrong direction. So humiliating...but at least this means that Hugo and I are kindred spirits, right? ;)

"He wondered for a wild, sleep-deprived moment if Professor Longbottom had ever competed with a mountain goat to get to a rare species of wild herb first." This image needs to be drawn. It is too fantastic for words. Please. (we'll get Gina/Julia on the case)

""I trapped the hinkypunk in a bubble-head charm and tied a string to the end of it. We can use it as a lamp now that there's a field between our vision and its light."/"Where'd you learn to do that?"/"From the centaurs," Hugo replied in an offhanded tone." And /gypsies/? This boy is far more brilliant than I would ever have guessed. I love him. Too much. I just - emv;ireacjnr;.

Oh Hugo! You fit in better with the nomads! I love you! This is too cute for words. I want to express how much this cuteness is affecting me, but it's too damn cute for me to write it out. Did I say 'cute' too much? Cute. (it has now lost all meaning)

Oh my baby: "Wow. Maybe I'll start paying more attention in astronomy. And all this time I thought it was just because they were looking to settle us on another planet...and needed our help to find it." Honestly though, that is the smartest thing ever (that Scorpius said, not Hugo, he is such a lovable derp). Y u so clevuh lileh?

You have made me feel things again! "this adventure was parallel in Hugo's mind to the quest of his parent's time. They were both equally impossible, finding a mythological plant and defeating, almost single-handedly, the most powerful darkwizard of the age. And Scorpius wasn't sure that the tasks weren't equally dangerous" A long quote for you there, but seriously, this is brilliant. I dunno, like I said in the last review, the fact that Hugo is the way he is is because of his lack of adventure in comparison to his parents is just mind-blowing. I love it. It's like you've made a character quirky and weird for the right reasons, not just to make the story more interesting, but because of the way he views his life.

"Scorpius nodded, resisting the urge to ask what Hugo had needed the extra trunk for. He was afraid to know." (it was to fit me in, I've been living in the boys dorms for a few months now, and it's fandabbydozey)

Oh and Hugo dancing in the snow. This is a beautiful sight - I know it is, for I watched it from the boys' dormitory windows ;) ah3h3h3. "I smell fennel. If I had a tail, I'm sure it'd be pointing towards the grill." His love of food only makes me love him more.

I love this old, very 'country club' English you use here. Kinda reminds me of how Scorpius is normally portrayed: "You know, the old boy's not too bad," he said to Hugo, finishing the last of his toast./"Who, Neville? No, he's great, the chap."

Oh and Scorpius' little bit about becoming his own man, away from his family's name is just heart-wrenching. Seriously, how do you come up with this?! It is too...real. Like genuinely, I want to cuddle all of them now. I just love your new take on all the characters.

Ohmygod I am nearly crying: "He had been so overwhelmed as to almost be moved to tears the first time that Albus invited him to come out to the Quidditch pitch for an illegal practice after the first month of school—and even more moved when Albus announced that he'd let his dad know of their undeniable friendship and that Harry Potter...had welcomed the kid with open arms.../"I'm your friend, Hugo," he managed to croak" WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?! I want to curl up in a ball somewhere and just sob.

"and what Hugo wanted more than anything else...was to become a man." BE A MAN. You must be swift as the coursing river...etc etc. You get the picture (and it is brilliant...Shang...)

3h3h3h3, the last line. This was such a deep and emotional chapter, and I absolutely adored it. All the insights you gave into the characters were just perfect and well-timed. I can't wait for the next chapter :D

p.s. Sorry about the hefty reviews. When I love a story, they tend to nearly reach the character limit :)

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Review #17, by hdawg Of Action

13th August 2012:
Your first sentence has already captured me. It's simplicity is brilliant. This story just keeps getting better and better.

""Oh, oh. Not to fear! this happens occasionally and he always makes it back relatively unscathed. We just wait till morning, figuring he's stealing food down at the kitchens." Filius nodded in a way that he must have considered to be reassuring." I love the fact that the Headmaster knows all about Hugo and his...well, his ineptitude for following rules and acting like a normal fifth year. Not that other fifth years follow rules, it's just that the reason Hugo does it is so childish, and I can't help smiling at just how cute he really is.

""You mean the legendary plant whose fruit produces a ruby that contains highly magical properties and whose flesh will cure most exotic diseases?" This plant sounds wonderful. No wonder Hugo went looking for it. I'd be impressed and would fall into his arms if he even know anything about this plant, and thus would help him on his quest to find it (and fall in love along the way...)

"It turned some wizards into gods, didn't it?" Ohmygod Hugo Weasley as a God. For some reason, in my head, he looks like Loki (when he's all dressed up to be a God)...

This is so apt and so lovely. Scorpius loves Hugo (bromances ftw!) and yet Hugo probably can't even tie up his own shoelaces without falling over, let alone know how much he worries people: "Scorpius didn't like to admit it, as he didn't like to assign the uncouth characteristic of impotence to any of Rose's kin, but he worried about Hugo. A boy with a seemingly unnatural ability to play and strategise in Quidditch but who lacked any self-knowledge or social adaptability outside of the pitch."

Oh my heart! I love him: "the implicit "mostly staring and drooling" being perhaps his largest downfall besides his complete lack of self-awareness." When can we be married?

"like perhaps he wanted to harvest some more cabbage for the flobberworms..."/They met each others' gaze. /"That's too practical," they said at the same time" I have never read a story like this, and I love it. This whole we're-friends-because-we're-worried-about-someone-we-love is not an idea I'm unused to, but using two characters who should, because of their backgrounds, hate each other makes it so much nicer. I love it so much.

Ahehehe: "You can't just go wandering into the night, you little twit!" That curse isn't used enough in everyday life. I think I shall bring it back (Julia won't know what's hit her...).

And again, ahehehe: "I meant to hit the cat, not you. Er… Petrificus totalus!"/Neville fell backwards onto the ground. He still couldn't move./"Really?" I can just see it now, and this is a most glorious and hilarious image in my head.

Nothing but pure love remains anymore: "It's too late for that." Hugo stared seriously at Neville and Scorpius, his large eyes bouncing between their faces. "That train has sailed." Such a simple sentence, but it describes Hugo's personality /perfectly/. He is, and always will be, completely perfect, and a complete twit.

Wow. I'd never thought of it like this: "He might, Neville imagined, become tired of the comparative banality of social life at Hogwarts when his parents and his parents' closest friends had all been a part of something so significant in their time. That might explain Hugo's disinterest in interacting with his peers, so few of whom were as closely linked to the exciting past as he was himself, having parents like his." You amaze me with how deep you can go. I just thought Hugo was a know, ditsy because that was the way he was. I never thought that it was because he was comparing it to what his parents had experienced at school. Your insights here are so fantastic and mind-blowing. Thank you.

OH HUGO! "Something pulled his vision downwards, and he looked very intently at the runes that Hugo had traced into the dirt./I am smart." You have no idea what you have done to me with those three words. You - I - Hugo - aha;bewf;bnwk'mvkm. So beautiful. I also rather love that way that Scorpius follows Hugo into the forest without questions. That is true friendship.

Lily, this is so beautiful and lovely and I apologise once more for taking forever in reviewing :( but I love this too much now and don't want to stop reading. However, I need to leave BUT I WILL BE BACK FOR MY BABY HUGO TOMORROW. OKAY? COOL.

This is wonderful, just in case you didn't get that from my long reviews :)

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Review #18, by hdawg Plan

13th August 2012:
WOO! I am back on the reviewing front! (although I swear I've already reviewed this...) I reread the prologue and am in love with Hugo all over again. Honestly, how can one boy be so adorable and at the same time be almost 16 years old?!

"Hugo frowned in the smirking way that he thought was pretty cool and sat down next to Marcus" I am assuming this means that it isn't cool, and thus I am picturing him dribbling as he does it.

"Marjie said and reached across the table to tweak his nose. He frowned, scrunching his face. "You know, you're only two years older than me, you don't have to act like my nan," he said, rubbing the throbbing proboscis." Too adorable. I shall see how I feel about this in the next few chapters... (and then knowing me, I'll explode from my feelings)

I think I like Marjie at the moment though: ""Eh--this information may or may not ring a bell," Marjie said." although I will forever love Hugo for this: "You make the weirdest faces sometimes. Like you're a cartoon character or something." She made a face./"Ha, ha." Like I know what a cartoon character is, Hugo thought, smirking."

I now should say something about the way the story is written, the narrative voice etc, but I like it too much to be able to think of anything resembling what I did for English Literature A level, and thus will just continue enjoying reading such a lovely piece of writing :) brilliant. Neville, oh how I have missed you: "No, it was something genuine in Hugo's eyes that had arrested him so and caused him to ponder the state of his being./Shrugging, he turned back to his roasted tomatoes."

This boy. There are no words to describe the love I feel for him in this moment: "She'll think, 'how dashing he looks!' and then she'll ask me to the Yule Ball. But wait, I'm a fifth-year. I can ask people to the ball. Du-uh! So I'll ask her. But the rest of the plan…I'll still carry it out, like planned." I want him to ask /me/ to the Yule Ball! ;)

"He almost realised, for one split second, why Scorpius was always saying that she was the loveliest girl the the whole world" dawh, stop it! I've just finished Rachel's 'And Now a Word...' and am feeling too many shipper things!

Oh Scorpius, I never thought you'd care so much, and it makes me love you even more. "something like being an incredibly talented Quidditch player, or being a total flop in his classes. Anything, really, would far surpass in status a dribbly chin and wide, irregularly-winking eyes." I think this bit is my favourite bit so far. You've changed Scorpius so much from all the other stories that have been written about him, and I really like him. He's just...genuine. A proper human being. And I really like this. (and I can't believe I got all of that out of one paragraph)

Oh Hugo! "But he ended up grimacing, like he always did. Lucky for him, Hugo could interpret a grimace as anything from a wail to a smile; his own motivations were hardly important." He is just too damn cute for his own good. And I love the little relationship you have started between Scorpius and Hugo here, it's so lovely and brotherly. A true bromance already. I like this. I like this a lot.

I want to marry him. His alliteration astounds me and I am looking forward to our wedding day and his speech at the reception: "He checked his watch, shaking his head as he saw that he'd just wasted three whole minutes. Silly Scorpius." Honestly, why do I always manage to feel things for characters and then propose to them straight away? Ah well, I don't care. This is too wonderful for me to fret about that now.

I also love the fact that he keeps calling him 'Professor Neville', and the way in which Neville regards him as kind of like a son/younger brother. This is so lovely and heart-warming.

As ever, Lily, I am jealous of your writing skills. And I am also mightily sorry for having not read and reviewed this in so long! I don't understand why I didn't read on, this is just so lovely, and I am completely in love with Hugo (and you of course, h3h3h3). ONWARDS!

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Review #19, by onestop_hpfan18 Prologue

4th July 2012:
I've been meaning to read this for quite some time now and I finally managed to start when I passed over it while looking at the list of next gen stories on TGS. I really like your representation of Neville as it's exactly the way I imagined him to be in his adult life as the Herbology professor. He has more confidence now, which I'm sure he gained during his 7th year at Hogwarts when he acted as the leader of the DA in resisting Snape and the death eaters. And Hugo, so adorably obtuse. He's exactly like Ron, except he has some of is mother's looks (like her crazy wavy hair). Even though this was just the prologue, I already feel intrigued with an idea of what's to come and want to continue reading. Great story so far! :)

Author's Response: Oooh hello! I get excited when I see reviews are still coming in for this fic :D

Wooo I'm glad you like Neville! This is a bit of a workout to read, so if you don't like the characters it wouldn't be worth it, so that's a good sign I think ;) Yes, he definitely is more confident and I think you're absolutely right as to why.

And again, you're spot on with Hugo ;)

Thanks so much for your review, I hope that you do come back to read more, it gets quite crazy at points.

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Review #20, by MercyWaters Prologue

22nd June 2012:
This seems like such a cute story! I saw it a while back and always meant to get around to reading it, so here I am, finally!

I quite enjoyed your characterization of Neville. I always loved him as a character but I always find he gets forgotten about and left behind in fan fiction. It's refreshing to see a story focus on him, especially one centering on the Next Generation and Post-Hogwarts era. I think you've got his personality down perfectly, he seems so much more mature and sure of himself.

I loved the part where he widened in his eyes in signal for Hugo to "use his words", haha. I found that adorable.

I'll be continuing onto Chapter 2 very soon! This seems like a lovely story so far!

Bri, xx

Author's Response: Hello! Ah, it's always nice for me to get the straggling review on this story, as I feel the eight months I dedicated to writing it were some of the most productive and magical of any amount of time in my life. And people are enjoying it, which is the real crazy thing.

Neville is making a comeback, I feel! When I wrote this I thought he, too, was given a backseat. He's usually given horrible self-esteem or he's made into a totally impossible BAMF. I tried to temper those two characterizations with my Neville, but mostly I just write him/wrote him true to my vision. Which, if you have any desire to do so, you can read a lot about in other replies I've made to other reviews ;)

"Use your words" is something my parents often told me because I would try to flap my hands or dance out my requests/statements/comments. Hugo is not by any means a quiet person like me, though he's largely internal, I think you'll find. Actually I think the comment is something my dad picked up from a comedian. Anyway. Glad you liked it :D

Thanks for reviewing, I'm glad you enjoyed this little prologue!


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Review #21, by patroni Epilogue

16th June 2012:
I really liked this! It was so creative and new and warm. It took a while to get used to because I hadn't read any Hugo-centered fics before, and certainly not one with these three in the lead, but the characters and the dynamic between them really grew on me. I loved all three of them, though it's Hugo's cheeks that I'll be pulling. :)

And his internal thoughts: brilliant! I loved his bit-by-bit calculations of What That Look Means, but his commentaries on Scorpius takes the cake:

'It hadn't occurred to him before that this might be a very horrible place for Scorpius to be again. How brave! What a Gryffindor!'

'Man, he is silent and deadly, Hugo thought, looking at Scorpius from the corner of his eye. I had no idea he was coming and then wham! he was there. And then he was gone. It was like--wow.'

And my favourite (there's nothing like random, poorly-timed, naive, misdirected concerns):

'I wonder if I made Scorpius do an illegal thing.'

Hugo becoming the secret-keeper for the lake is the perfect end to his story. I thought, when they were sitting around in Neville's office discussing whether to open the silver box, that he would say 'Quidditch! Let's play Quidditch!' or something like that, but this was so much better. And my stand-out moment was when you got Scorpius to say the line that gives this story its title. You crafted and timed it so well that when he uttered the words, I got goosebumps.

There's so much more to like- Neville and Scorpius' conversations about Hugo (having them say the same things at the same time, in one of the earlier chapters, was a neat way to establish the chemistry), Flitwick's general battiness, the unicorn ruse, the way you've titled the story. My only criticism is your use of 'anyways' because it always makes me shift in my seat a bit. But if you've written a twelve chapter story, and the only thing I've got to say against it is 'drop the s', that's pretty cool, no? :)

Thank you- I had loads of fun!

Author's Response: Ahhh. I always feel this warmth as well coming back to read reviews on this story--it's been /such/ an adventure for me, myself, and I always enjoy hearing what people thought of it. I'm sure there are other fics out in the archives that are like this but it always seems like people are coming across this as their first Hugo-centric fic. I find that interesting and a bit concerning because I've presented a quite...particular vision of him. But anyway--now to your review, which is fantastic and made me laugh several times because you're so good at understanding what I was doing with Hugo's commentary.

I think Scorpius is quite a mystery to Hugo. Here's Scorpius who's single-handedly defended the Malfoy name and restored it some of its good rep, and then, on the complete other hand, maybe even on another body, here's Hugo, who's single-handedly caused every professor to wonder whether or not the brains of Hermione Granger were all just a fantastic dream. With that in mind I had a wonderful time writing from Hugo's P.O.V. where Scorp-o in particular is concerned. You've made me actually want to go back and read my own story because I have realized by reading reviews that these characters really have become their own selves, totally outside of my own understanding or control.

"There's nothing like random, poorly-timed, naive, misdirected concerns." IT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE THAT YOU LIKE THIS FIC, THEN ♥

I won't lie and say that secret-keeper had been a plan all along. It sort of came on me half-way through one of the chapters, because I remember hardly being able to map out what would happen between then and the time I could write the secret-keeper scene. It was really emotional for me as a writer, because it meant that, one, my story was ending, and two, Hugo was finally getting what he wanted most of all, which was recognition as a viable human being with responsibility and /value/. And Scorpius /had/ to be the one to say it! He sort of balances the crazy out, though he is quite mad, in his own ways. I remember getting several reviews on that chapter where readers were telling me they finally /got it./ It was quite rewarding.

It's funny to think about now, because of course it would seem strange for Neville and Scoprius to form this bond--Neville /hated/ Draco, and vice-versa obviously--and then there's the age difference, and THEN, on top of everything, they're bonding over Hugo, /Hugo/ is the thing they have in common. It's crazy! But when I was writing it, it didn't seem that way. Flitwick became batty because I needed a reason for Neville to take matters into his own hands, so to speak, but I liked him that way and after I got some good reviews on him, it stuck. I don't know if you've seen the sequel but you obviously saw the aptly-titled "unicorn ruse," which was a LOT of fun.

I noticed that I was using "anyways" pretty early on, and then of course I've edited this story a couple times, and I don't know if there's a real reason I left it in. Actually, I'd know if there was, so there isn't one. I'm not sure, perhaps if I go through and read/edit this again I'll take it out, if only to make it easier for readers like you to read :) And yes, I think you're being a lot nicer than the story deserves in reality, but that seems to be a general trend with reviews in this story, and I'm not complaining!

Thank YOU so much for your review--it's so perceptive and well-put, I'm glad to have been able to write something that you enjoyed :)


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Review #22, by tiger lillies Prologue

14th April 2012:
Oh, Lily, I'm such a terrible person! How could I read this entire novel without leaving reviews? Won't make that mistake again, that's for sure!

Okay, so I started reading this before it got all that recognition (CONGRATS ON THE DOBBY BY THE WAY!), and I just want to say that this is one of my absolute favorite stories on this site (so is 'An Improbable Fiction'!)

Every time I read this novel (yes, I've read this whole thing multiple times!), it feels like I'm reading it for the very first time. That's how.../refreshing/ it is. The way you write...AH, it's so depressing! I WISH I CAN WRITE LIKE YOU, but it's not only the writing that makes this novel so good: the plot and how well you.../know/ your characters (if that makes sense) are also what REALLY makes it shine. *very cheesy, sorry*

You've written such a perfect Neville and HUGO! AH, HUGO, HE'S SO ADORABLE! I just LOVE how describe him! It's wonderfulness (new word) to the second power *Wow, really Lilly, you're bringing math into this?*

Anyway, I'm moving on to review the next chapter! Thank you for writing this little gem!

~ Lilly
(Sorry for the /extremely/ late congratulations!)
p.s. you don't know how badly I wanted to hug Hugo!

Author's Response: Hi! I'm superbly pleased to hear that you're one of the hipsters following my story. I still get surprised that this story has done so well! I mean, I know it appeals to a very specific crowd and I guess if all of them are very active in the voting, then it makes sense. It's just something that makes me feel so warm and fuzzy considering the "fans" or, more aptly, readers :)

OMG REALLY?! This story is so long per chapter that I am surprised anyone can get through it lol. The only reason I don't change it, really, and make the chapters shorter is because I did that whole thing with the titles and that would be messed up :( But, basically, this is one of the best complements anyone could give me because, my biggest goal as a writer is to write something very much alive. Something that is new each time, that makes you want to come back--I consider that living!

Shining and talk of it is acceptable cheese, as far as I'm concerned :P

Hugo is verrry much a part of my headcanon these days. He started off much different, then I just kind of went with it. And you know what, even though I don't know math stuff I do know powers, so, I approve of bringing math up. Wonderfulness is not even coming up with a red squiggle under it so it's an accepted word now :P

Anyway. Thank YOU so much for your review, and thank you for the congrats :D Hugo would hug you back if he could :)

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Review #23, by AC_rules Epilogue

10th April 2012:
Okay, so now I'm finished I'm going to leave a nice long proper review because, well, I feel strange leaving short reviews - it's all unnatural and weird and I feel like I'm being a bit lame, so a long review at the end feels like a fair compensation for the lameness of the rest of this.


I mean, I knew that I'd love this. I've had a lot of people who I think a lot of recommend this story and the first few chapters were really fantastic, and I'm just gutted that there was too much going on in RL for me to have read it all in one go - although I think if I'd done that I probably wouldn't have reviewed every chapter, because really I am rather bad at that sort of thing. I wrote a blog about how there should be more stories about friendships and several people recomended this then, which is completely spot on being the Neville/Scorpius/Hugo dynamic is just so perfect and spot on and lovely that it makes my heart warm. Plus, they do have so much in common and quite the understanding of each other Scorpius and Hugo less of Neville because, well, he is their teacher and despite going off on a little adventure with them he held the boundary their quite well.

Hugo is one of the most lovely characters I've read about - the sort of /differentness/ that he has, because some people are like that. I know a few people who just seemed to be on a completely different wavelength, and, well, he was just so well done and lovely and believable and I just loved him to bits.

Plus, I think you really captured the whole air of adventure that Harry Potter had in the first place. I miss that in fanfiction, the excitement and the magic... and you really brought that back and I loved it.

And I think it's well and truly proved that Herbology is not boring.

So, I loved this to pieces basically and I'm sure one day I'll be heading towards the sequel when I have time again. But, honestly, this was wonderful :)


Author's Response: I'm the same way! I leave these huge monsters that people can't even answer because it's like the whole length of their one-shot lol.

I say this ALL THE TIME but I really am just so surprised but so pleased that people actually enjoy my writing. Mostly, with this piece, it really gained a life and voice and momentum of its own, though. I'm bad at remembering that I write in part because writing itself suggests an audience. The quieter part of me wants this audience. The part I most often hear is write to heal yourself. Write to enjoy yourself. Write to not blow up from the force of all the stories inside of you. But really, it's people like you who take time out of their busy lives and schedules and come to really invest in a work of literature that give that quiet part of me a voice at all.

When I set out to write what people have lovingly dubbed the "bromance," it was because I saw this story play out before me like a movie. I saw Scorpius ruffle Hugo's hair, I saw them wrestle in the snow, I saw them exchange sly grins when Neville exploded the canvas tent on accident and they almost died from the skewers shooting through their brains. I saw Neville being reserved but still full of sympathy for Hugo's struggles, I saw the side of his face lit up by the fire in the cerulean mornings in the semi-tropical forest, his brooding forehead and troubled eyes as he wondered why he was allowing this to happen at all, what it was in him that needed Hugo and Scorpius, too, needed the resistance of the vitality characteristic of their youth to help him revisit his own, reassure himself it had happened the right way. That he knew who he was and knew these kids could become something. There was an overwhelming pressure on him as the responsible adult. He was broody, he smiled widely when he did. I felt I /had/ to write this down. The story compelled me.

Hugo, well, he's dear to me. I tend to sort of be anti-social and I write Hugo with admiration of his willingness to march to his own beat, if you will. His flaws--of being totally oblivious--stem from this absolute truth to himself, which turns both harmful and helpful. Many of the struggles of my own youth are coming to terms with my being different, largely unknown, unpopular, nerdy, passionate, different. It sounds stupid, but I look very physically--er--remarkable for the place I live. Where everyone was tan and blond, because it was a beach town, I was incredibly white. Like white linen white. And it's dumb but I have always felt is is a physical marker of my being different than the people around me. I'm not interested in the things they are, I don't like to do what they do, I don't care about having a lot of friends, I wouldn't go to dances. Anyway. Hugo is also me coming to terms with myself. There's this whole other layer of that in this story which is unique to it from my other writing. Perhaps why, bizarrely, and against everything that I know, this story has stood out, in a way.

I'm so, so grateful for your reviews! In a way it makes me feel like it was all worth it, you know? Not only for me, but in a bigger sense. SO thank you, so much, for your time!


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Review #24, by AC_rules Because Sometimes Life Is a Circle

10th April 2012:
I remember saying in a review once that I thought this story was hilarious and in your response you said that some people had said that you used 'subtle humour' and, well, I want to reiterate the fact that this was absolutely, dead on, full on, hilarious. I was sat there grinning my head off at the beginning bit - all those women wanting unicorn-saviours, crowd suffering, Flitwick. Everything about the first prat of this chapter was just so wholly wonderful and fabulous and really, I loved this so much.

And then I loved the fact that they went back and ALL THE FEELS. Hugo is a secret keeper! That's so wonderful and perfect and I loved the decisions that you've made and the talk of human nature and stuff and I'm really sad that this is over (nearly), but asdokajdoa. Loved it.

Author's Response: Yes. Subtle-humor was something I got. And I was like...guuurrrlll I dunno what your 'not-subtle' humor looks like but dang. And I'm glad that you see it as more than that because I was sooo entertained by my own characters while I was writing them that I look like less of a dork now ;)

You know, if that's possible.

This was my comic relief section--I remember writing it and being really properly pleased. For a while I thought this would be the last chapter but I guess it wasn't meant to be. Anyway. For me the being a secret keeper is the real thing that defines Hugo's worth to himself--in his own eyes he means something in a physical way. He's a walking embodiment of the importance of his journey. I haven't read this chapter since I went through and mass edited, so I don't know exactly what I said but I imagine it was me trying to be deep and blah blah. But at least you liked it so, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED :P

ANYWAY. I have loved your reviews! I'm sorry it's taken me a while to respond but I know that YOU know that life is cray. And yeah.

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Review #25, by AC_rules And Back Again

10th April 2012:
I don't think you understand how much that last bit made me squee. OMGOSH. Sure, maybe she's been cohearsed into things by Rose Weasley, but still that was a fabulous ending.

And Scorpius isn't dead!

And they have a little momento of the trip and a little proof, thanks to the centaurs. Although, Hugo probably won't be able to play quidditch with it which is a bit disappointing really.

This is so fab :D

Author's Response: Ah, Marjie. She's a good sport! I'm sorry I didn't get to make it as Hugo/Marjie as some people seemed to want, especially as some little desire to impress her is seemingly what sends Hugo on his way, but I thought this was an okay way to go about things. Hugo will have his night of stepping on her feet and dragging her around and announcing her status as his date to the general populace who will all be cheering for him in the spirit of unicorn-savior-ness and rolling their eyes because he is endearing.

And ofc I couldn't kill of Scorpius! But I did this sort of as a statement--something which I am against categorically, but hey. I don't believe in this "untouchable" main character rule that a lot of authors adhere to simply because that's how it is. This is real. YOU HEAR ME EVERYONE THIS IS REAL LIFE WE'RE TALKING ABOUT. Ahem. Anyway, I don't think that all the main guys make it out, or come out unscathed. This is something that will stay with these three guys for the rest of their lives.

The centaurs are very...convenient -cough-. And, yeah, that little box. THANK MERLIN FOR THE BOX, RIGHT. AMIRITE. Hugo will learn to get over it but I imagine you're right, when he finally realizes that he can't take it out of the box he'll be a bit sad.


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