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Review #1, by tydemans The Young and Seditious

1st October 2011:
Jack, congrats on the Snitch nomination! This is so amusing, though, I had to double check the category. Could easily have gone more than one way with this little gem.

Seriously, Lily at the end there - that truly made it for me :-)

Take care!

PS: It SO deserves a banner. It gets all swallowed up on your author page now.

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Review #2, by RJ The Young and Seditious

30th March 2011:
Haha this is great! And fits in perfectly with the little snippet JKR gave us.. Cracked me up - and fabulous ending! You're very clever!
RJ x

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Review #3, by marinahill The Young and Seditious

13th January 2011:
How am I supposed to keep my angsty preferences when you encourage me to dabble in the dark side?

I surrender; this was excellent. You're one of the very few people I know that can insert themselves into their writing. Your style is so unique that I could spot your writing a mile off and I love that, it's like some sort of special connection, it makes the whole experience better being so familiar with the style. Anyway, my point is, whilst this is a little less strong on the style side than stuff I've read by you before, it is nonetheless very you.

You've got a knack for characterisation that clearly comes naturally and I'm super jealous - you seem to know exactly what words to use to create the most impact and carry their personalities perfectly. James and Sirius are brilliant and this, and the small glimpse we get of Lily is awesome too. They're all strong characters that you've written so well and you also characterise your OC with just as much talent, he could be canon. That is pretty amazing :)

So glad you're back in the zone again :D


Author's Response: :WUBN: Blah angst. While I'm sure it's cathartic and all, wouldn't you rather be reading and writing about happier things? Happy is good!

XD I was about to have a massive cry about self inserts and was going all -face of woe- until I realised what you actually meant. I suppose having a unique style is a good thing, means I tend not to get a lot of new readers though. I think they just have a look and are like... what? Whereas the people who actually know what I'm about find it much easier to get into.

I actually wish I could say I really thought about each word and phrase that came out of each characters mouth, really just can't though. Kind of just get into the flow and they take off. I think it helps having a really strong idea in your head of what the character is like? I did like that OC, lots and lots of fun to write, poor guy :(

BACK IN THE ZONE! Thanks muchly for reviewing, and for TOS-correction type stuff!

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Review #4, by GubraithianFire The Young and Seditious

9th January 2011:
Teehee. I get the greatest kick rereading this for the third time because it's so funny/adorable/etc. I think Rachel said the style doesn't scream you, which is true, but it still says you and I think that's vastly important. (And I TOLD you that you can create characters outside of the MM dynamic!). Like I said, I generally avoid the Marauders like the plague because they're so serious and tragic (which is true, but at some point, it gets boring and depressing at the same time, which is never a good combination).

This is not only lighthearted, yes, but it also has a conscience. Because we know that they have important Order work to do - fighting evil and all - and yet you don't elaborate on it. What I think a lot of people forget is that they were really 20-year-olds thrust into this incredible situation and while that forces you to grow up, it usually doesn't rob the characters of their inherent joy, or craziness, or whatever. So that's what I liked most about James and Sirius, and Lily as well (whose brashness/awesomeness made me smile.)

And Tucker! He also made me smile. Reminded me of that Ministry official in HBP who led Pensieve-Dumbledore to the Gaunt shack. He's a Ministry drone, of course, but he's also got a lot of personality and courage to go after people like James and Sirius, so kudos for not making him (entirely) the butt of the joke. There's a certain amount of pity I had for him, actually, because he's so helpless and confused when put in this situation. His attempts to arrest James rang true to his overwhelmed character and were hilarious as well.

A wonderful ray of sunshine in Marauders era fanfic. Thanks for writing this, Jack.

Author's Response: I get the greatest kick out of you being bothered to read this at all! I supposeee I can write non MM characters, think it's just with Next Gen I get all lazy and revert to type. Marauders stuff seems to come in two eras. There's school!Marauders where they run around being ridiculous and then there's war!Marauders where they're all like SERIOUS TIME NOW! I always thought they'd be somewhere in the middle, so that's what this is about anyway.

Totally agree, you put it way better than I could have. I've always thought that that was one of the reasons James was so loved, he just had the inherent joy, an absolute love of life. Sirius... I think it was more he always felt he didn't have a whole lot to lose, would just do anything for James. And Lily, yay for being brash (but still completely lovely :P)

I'm glad he came off as sympathetic, didn't want to make him a complete joke. Because really, he's not the bad guy here. I think some of JKR's best humour is the anti-authoritarian stuff, so that's kind of what I was going for here. We're always going to support James and Sirius, but still, Tucker is only trying to do his job. Not really his fault he's so out of his depth.

Am very glad you still like it, even the third time around. And thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by Indigo Seas The Young and Seditious

9th January 2011:
WHY HAS ONLY ONE PERSON REVIEWED THIS? that, my friend, is a crime. A horrible, horrible crime.

Well, this is lovely. I'm using that word a lot today, but it's very fitting here. Your sense of style is just mind-blowing, Jack! You've got such a way with words! Mark my words, you'll be a published author by the time you die, and maybe even be famous for years after and children in schools will analyze your novels in class and you'll laugh at them for finding all these "symbols" that you never meant to include. Anyway. Off topic.

Your characters are just. well, awesome. I think that's the simpliest word I can use to describe them. Not only do they have fierce personalities, but the dialogue you write for them is, again, awesome. Also, see you drew some inspiration from Scott Pilgrim, eh?
"'Im offended, Lily.'
'Wounded even?'
'Hurt, Lily'
'Whatever, James.'"

Lovely. Again. I immensely enjoy everything you write.

xx Rin

Author's Response: BECAUSE NOBODY LOVES ME, RIN! Either that or it's a scary title, or I haven't written for ages and I've been forgotten >.<

That's because it's an amazing and perfect word that deserves to be overused. Naww thanks lovely (see!) Hahahaha yeahh, me and symbols, we just hang out together all the time. I'm just really, really, REALLY, subtle about it. So subtle you don't even know it's there. Mhmm :P

Oh good xD Characters are pretty much where it's at, way more important than plot anyway. They were actually a bit less fierce than usual I thought? Maybe just less angry.

:O I KNEW THAT BANTER SOUNDED FAMILIAR! I wrote it and couldn't work out why! Going to awkward if it's exactly the same, guess I'm not as funny as I thought -sadface-

Thanks so much for reviewing, v. glad you liked it!

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Review #6, by PenguinsWillReignSupreme The Young and Seditious

8th January 2011:
Oi, don't you be knocking English rain. It's the best kind.

But that's a trivial matter. On with the important: it was different and refreshingly so, both for you and on a more general HPFF scale. It's a really nice little follow-on from that snippet JKR gave us and the way you incorporated that alongside your sequel to the prequel was really well done.

I did have to read it back twice because in terms of the chronology of it, I was a bit confused. Could just be the tiredness, I'm not sure. Regardless, it was a pleasure to read it back again.

This was a little more normal than usual, and it didn't feel quite like you which is maybe just down to the shift of the style away from the norm for you, maybe just because it's not Next Gen. I don't know. Of course, it was still pretty brilliant so I'll just sit here and seethe at your writing range, before channeling the seething into something dramatic and murderous.

Lily :wub: There's something really quite charming about her, in her little tiny role in this. She read very much like her and even though she barely featured, she was my favourite. James and Sirius were James and Sirius and well done on a good one-shot only OC. I'm sure I've mentioned that I tend to avoid them but he was again really well integrated into the scenario.

HOW I ramble for so long in reviews for you, I'll never know. Stopping now though. It was lovely reading something by you again.


Author's Response: Oh come on, you know me, I have to knock something! It's ingrained.

I thought it was different! More for me than HPFF-wise anyway. I loved that little prequel JKR wrote. It's definitely not her best work, but it's a lot of fun and I loved Sirius and James. Mainly because it was pretty much exactly how I imagined them, character validation is always fun.

Chronology probably is a bit dodgy in fairness, will go back and have a look at it someday. Probably anyway.

It was more normal wasn't it? Think that's why it's a bit different. Less dialogue than usual? More conventional sentence structure? Although the non-Next Gen thing is a bit weird as well. YAY for channeling the rage. Always the best way to deal with it -nods-

I'm glad you liked Lily, really did want people to like her. Was aiming for an accurate Lily rather than a super fun caricature Lily for a change. So she is a bit bossy, stands up for what she thinks is right and lets James know about, but is still fun, just not... completely over the top. If that makes sense? James and Sirius are always fun, it's the banter :P

This was really quite short by your standards! Thanks though, I've missed these, so hopefully will have something new up soon!

Thanks again xx

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Review #7, by Jellyman The Young and Seditious

6th January 2011:
This is such a fun story! It kind of makes me think film noir old detective stories, by the way Tucker describes everything.

Favourite lines:
...there is something utterly dispiriting about English rain. It never ends, ever, and its cold.


It was funny to fly him into a wall!
Shut up Sirius, Im not talking to you.

Such a brilliant idea for a story, Jack, and you executed it fabulously! Well done :)

Author's Response: XD I like fun, fun is good! Ooh that's interesting, good point actually. I knew there was something different with this, actually describe things way more than usual.

I like that second line better than the first, class banter :P

Thanks lovely!

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