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Review #1, by Owlygirly Chapter 1

5th March 2013:
Hi, it's me again. I just thought that I should let you know that I have found your reply and appreciate the closure.. It's a shame about Dear Pen Pal, but I've stopped reading fanfiction so much now, so I get what you mean about moving on. Still, it was one of my favourite fanfictions of all time. I think that you are a brilliant writer and so I'll definatley be back to read whatever else you produce on this website, because it'll be amazing :)

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Review #2, by Ginger Lust Chapter 1

19th September 2012:
Again.. wonderful story!! Again.. kids are adorable! I was in child care..babysitter!.. for 25 years and it just amazes me how cute and inventive children are.
Thanks for another great story.

Author's Response: Thanks again!! Babysitting really gives you a deep perception of children and it can totally be fun- but 25 years? I'm in awe of you :D

thanks for reviewing again! I really appreciate it ^_^

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Review #3, by Owlygirly Chapter 1

29th May 2012:
Hi! It's me. Back after my computor stopped working. I hope you check this stories comments still... anyway lets cut to chase. Where is Dear Pen Pal??? I can't find it anywhere! Have you deleted it? :-( (Great story btw!)

Author's Response: Hi!

I'm so sorry it's taken so long to respond! and I don't know if you'll ever get to read this- but I hope you do.

I'm also really sorry about Dear Pen Pal. I began writing it when I was a lot younger, and my style of writing has since evolved and changed so much- that looking back at the first couple of chapters always makes me cringe a bit. I wanted to give the story a whole new makeover- but that's a bit impossible, so I've deleted it. I didn't feel like I could move it forward any farther :(

Thanks so much for caring though! and as I move forward with my writing, I'll always remember you for your dedication. I put a lot into Dear Pen Pal, and I don't know if I'll ever finish it, but it's like an era in my life that's ended- if you get what I mean.

Thanks again!

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Review #4, by Owlygirly Chapter 1

28th February 2012:
Ohhh! I adored that! You made the potter family so sweet and nice. I'm so glad it all worked out for Harry and you really managed to age Ginny and Harry without veering away from their characters. Will there be a mission III? Oh and by the way - PLEASE post more 'Dear Pen Pal'! I'm hooked!

Author's Response: Hi!!! Thanks! I'm glad you loved it :D Harry and Ginny are kind of hard to write as adults- so thanks!! I hope there will be a mission III (lol), I've started on it ages ago, but keep putting off writing it. But I'll give it another go, for you :)

I have exams this week, but I'm almost done with the next chapter of Pen Pals, so it will definitely be up next week! thanks for reviewing ^_^

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Review #5, by Gryffindor_Heiress Chapter 1

27th July 2011:
So I read this story a couple days ago and I thought it was wonderful, and then today I looked at the recently added stories and one story caught my eye as being eerily similar to this. The writing is completely different, but it's called mission one: infiltrate dads room. In the summary it names the potter kids and their special agent jobs, and is apparently the first in a 'mission' series. I just thought you should know that someones pretty much copying you. You can find the story if you look up 'mission'.

Author's Response: Thanks for letting me know! I've written to the author and she's planning on changing it. Again, thanks for bringing it to my attention, I wouldn't have noticed otherwise.

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Review #6, by TheBlackPrincess1996 Chapter 1

14th May 2011:
Aww, such a sweet and funny story. I loved Harry's fluffy white towel!

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you , thank you!!! Harry's fluffy white towel is a fun bit of imagery :D

thanks for reviewing!!

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Review #7, by peace2lovepotter Chapter 1

3rd April 2011:
Hiya! I read mission 1 as well, and I thought this one was even better! Can u get a banner to go with it? Post a mission 3, because i'llbe the first 2 read! Peace,from peace2lovepotter xxx

Author's Response: hello! thank you! I will try to make a banner for it, I just haven't found the time. Mission 3 is in the process of getting written, but things are really busy for me with end of semester stuff- but I will post it! thank you so much for the wonderful review, and I do remember you reviewing mission 1 as well so thank you!!

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Review #8, by sk8trmafia08 Chapter 1

16th March 2011:
No! Bad Jamsie! Haha. Adorable.

Author's Response: glad you found it adorable :)
thanks for ther reveiwes dear!

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Review #9, by orderofthephoenix Chapter 1

2nd March 2011:
Hello again! I reviewed Mission I last time, so here I am reviewing Mission II. :)

You had a plausible story line again, here. I can definitely understand James wanting to go into his parents room. Anything that is forbidden, automatically becomes more enticing to children. :)

I'm glad Albus and Lily got involved again. They added a little something to the story. :)

I didn't quite think this was as good as the first one, if I'm being honest. While it was still good writing, I think you could have developed it with a bit more interaction from Albus and Lily, perhaps.

I didn't find any spelling mistakes, but as I'm British, I picked up on this: 'agonizing' should be 'agonising' and 'realized' should be 'realised'. You don't have to change this, just some authors prefer Britishisms.

Good job!

-Sophia x

Author's Response: Hi sophia! yeah, mission II was my first ever fic and I wrote it about 4 years ago. I like mission I much better too. Mission II is just not as structured and not as well written- I should go back and rewrite it.

I'm glad you thought it was plausable anyways :)

thanks for pointing out the britishims. and thanks for the wonderful review! You're awesome!

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Review #10, by TheProphecy Chapter 1

21st February 2011:

I loved this story. It was so funny and such a good idea. I love your characters and Lily was just so cute! I loved Harry in the towel, that was a stroke of genius!

This was brilliant :) Well done :D


P.s Go Bronze!

Author's Response: Thank you! glad you loved it!

Harry in a towel is an amusing image ;)

thanks for reviewing ^^

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Review #11, by BrightStar Chapter 1

20th February 2011:
I have to say, I love your stories! Giggling away to myself here... LOVE Harry's POV bit, him being so glad to have what he has, made me want to cry! So very cute, I like so much about it I dont know what to pick out. Anyway really glad we did review for a review!! James would so get access to the maps contents right away :D Well done on another great story! (I missed Hugo/Watermelon though :D)

Author's Response: hehe! thanks.
I think I'm going to do a special Hugo/Watermelon story- dedicated to you of course ;)

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Review #12, by mugglemania Chapter 1

12th February 2011:
Nice, I liked Mission I better, but they're both really good :D

Author's Response: hehe! thanks! i liked mission 1 better too :)

thanks for the review!

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Review #13, by lilygirl_1014 Chapter 1

12th February 2011:
Haha... Little tykes are sooo funny! I love it!

Author's Response: thanks! little kids are hilarious xD

thanks for leaving a review :)

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Review #14, by Aura_Light Chapter 1

11th January 2011:
Nice story. More please! :)

Author's Response: thanks for the review. i working on another story now, but may add other one-shots related to this one.

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