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Review #1, by Ms Michelle Radcliffe Peeve's the Hogwarts Poltergist

2nd October 2012:
How could Martin the scribe hate children, in the last chapter he and the seer have lots of daughters? also the babe, could that be the first muggle-born witch?
i also find it hard and cruel for Godric to leave Martin as Peeves for a long time, let alone eternity (unless he somehow died before he was able to change him back) Slytherin, yes i see doing that, but not Godric
also, in the last chapter, Martin's stories were read by every magical child who went to hogwarts. how would that be possible if they were not taken out of hogwarts? unless they were in the library?
are you going to continue with more characters, like the grey lady for example?

Author's Response: Lots of reviews, Thanks alot

Its been so long since I wrote about Martin, the Baron and everyone else.

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Review #2, by Ms Michelle Radcliffe Chapter 1

2nd October 2012:
very intersting idea. exactly how did the baron die? who did it? this could be explained more.
im kind of confused though, is this whole chapter the note that was given to her (who exactly is "her") that Hortense Binns found in the library book? where does dumbledore adn binns come in? who exactly is Hortense Binns (Professor Binns, the ghost)?

Author's Response: I have to look more into the Baron, After re-reading DH I see the grey lady told about the Baron's death.

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Review #3, by tickler Peeve's the Hogwarts Poltergist

16th May 2012:
That's pretty interesting! I have never actually thought about Godrick and peeves that way. I guess ally people have a evil side.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review.
I liked the idea of writing about it also

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Review #4, by Blue Flame Peeve's the Hogwarts Poltergist

7th August 2011:
Can't say I've ever seen a story about how Peeves came about, so Kudos on the unique idea!

Now in my opinion...that seems very harsh for Gryffindor to do? Slytherin I could picture doing it, but Godric is a little harder. It seems an odd thing for him to do, and would be a tad out of character for him. Just a thought and my own opinion, but something to keep in mind. ^^

What really intrigued me was this babe...the thought of Peeves having family living on could make for an awesome story in itself! =)

Good job. ^^


Author's Response: I am not sure where I got the ideas for Godric being a trickster. But when I started writing about the founders and the school being built, the ideas just flowed. Slytherin and the chamber, Hufflepuff had the grounds and the kitchens (elves).
I remembered how the marauders had been in his house and were not really 'angels'
Thanks Blue Flame, three reviews,
I will look through and find your stories.

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Review #5, by Blue Flame Chapter 1

7th August 2011:
An interesting concept, a seer getting some insight into Harry Potter and what would happen thousands of years in advance! It was also highly intriguing that this was what led them to search for a place to have the school, a very interesting thought on the matter. ^^

I think it was a tad rushed and that there was a lot more you could do with it, but it was good and definitely interesting. ^^ I love the name for the seer! Very creative and well thought out. =)

I think another thing that might have helped his explaining more of what happened to the Baron? Such as how he died that way? Just a thought. ^^

Good start!

Author's Response: Blue Flame,
I was thrilled to see this second review of my story. I got the idea one day looking at a map of England. I found a few of the cities JK named in her books, and then tried to figure how long of the train ride would have been.
from there, the rest just snowballed, out of control, obviously from your critique.

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