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Review #1, by EverDiggory A Make-Or-Break Situation

2nd January 2012:
That was slightly scary. I'm not sure how you did it,but you wrote this in a very mesemerizing and hypnotic way,I loved it. The characterization was subtle yet strong(: fantastic job(: I love how Harry and Ginny were involved! Easily a 10/10. Really great job!

Author's Response: Hi there :)

I was trying to write in a sort of fairy tale fashion so I'm glad that it had that sort of effect. I'm also glad that you liked how Harry and Ginny were incorporated. Thank you for the review :)


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Review #2, by TenthWeasley A Make-Or-Break Situation

22nd March 2011:
Hello! It's TenthWeasleyWriter, popping by to exchange reviews with you. ^^

Well... this story certainly was different! :P I have to confess that I have never heard of "The Robber Bridegroom" until I began reading your story, but now I am very intrigued to go seek it out! It's quite admirable that your story has made me curious enough to go poking around its sources - I really like it when a story makes me think.

When I began the story, quite honestly, I said, "Ugh - another Dramione!" But this story obviously stayed so far away from the normal patterns and habits of a Draco/Hermione as to be totally unique, and something I've never read the likes of before. I only have one suggestion, and that is that the dialogue sounds a little too stiff and formal. I sort of figured that you were sticking more to the style of the original dialogue from the fairy tale, but it was a little tough to read in a fan fiction. Just my humble opinion, though, so don't take it too seriously. ^^

Quite a lovely read, and certainly one of the most original fics I've ever read, which is great (as I've been reading Harry Potter fan fiction for nearly ten years!). Well done, and I hope you do really well in your challenge!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review. I'm glad that my story was taken so well by you.

^^ I'm blushing at your compliment.

Again thanks for the review

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Review #3, by sweet_lovely_girl A Make-Or-Break Situation

11th February 2011:
Sorry for this late review.
I think it's really good, but it know you could have done a lot better. I don't really understand the chapter title.
Hermione called her husband once Tom when she was telling the sotry, I think. And I think the story of the dream wouldn't have been completely clear to the listeners. I mean, she never described the man that would have been Draco and she had not many evidences to proof it was a true story instead of a dream.
But I really like it that you have written in such a Fairy Tale-like way. :-)

Author's Response: It's fine.
When I was drafting the story, I was planning on Tom Riddle being Hermione's bridegroom, but I decided against it later on. I thought I fixed most of the names, guess I didn't.
I'm glad you liked it.

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