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Review #1, by mykk47 Love's Labours Lost

1st July 2014:
This is truly one of the best fanfics I've read. I know you haven't updated in a long time and that makes me so sad because I love this story and I love your writing. If you updated, I would probably die of happiness. Amazing job!

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Review #2, by Missy Catch 22

12th March 2013:
No matter what you read one thing is almost always evident, the intelligence of the author. And you my friend, are obviously very smart. No I did not get that from the famous literature quotes at the start of each chapter (though it did help). But not only is this story well written, well characterized (honestly dont know if that is a logical stament but I'm not claiming to be intelligent!) it deals with a political and moral issue that has been evident throughout history. The issue provides a fascinating back drop, combined with typical (but great) relationship drama creating a fantastic story. All in all great work and I look forward to reading! :)

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Review #3, by Elizabeth Catch 22

7th February 2013:
Dear author,
I know the path of the plot line will always be your decision and your decision only but I have a idea/brainstorm that I truly think you should consider or at least think about. P.s. I really like my idea (therefore I'm biased... And sounding selfish...)
As your characters grow and develop you think that Sophia should realize she truly dosent love Albus, he has always been a brother or something (maybe he has flaws she never knew about). Sophia later feels like her life has an empty hole and has ever since broken-up with James. She comes to the conclusion that James was allways there for her, an that he is more than "that guy she fake dated for like, ever" James may even truly had/have a crush on Sophia. And then they live happily ever after.
I don't want you to feel inclined to make this choice, or any that your readers offer, (PEER PRESSURE!) so you must choose which path to take. If you do take this path know that a)I will loce you forever and B)I have some other briliant ideas to tell you about!!
Happy writing! (I also love chapter updates)

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Review #4, by HPManiacs Catch 22

7th December 2012:
I really want to know where you are going with this so please update soon!

Author's Response: I'm working on it! I'm halfway done with the next chapter--I got distracted writing a chapter that happens MUCH later in the story, but I'm back on track now :)

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Review #5, by Hannah Catch 22

7th December 2012:
I reaalyy like this!I just finished reading all the chapters and it's something interestingly different.Half the time I feel bad for Sophie and want her to rub that she's done this good deed for Lily by dating James in everyone's faces.The other half I'm like,meh. Anyways,love it!Please update soon!:)

Author's Response: So happy you liked it! Sometimes I think Sophie wants to rub the fact that she did a good deed in everyone's faces, but at the same time its an awkward situation. Lets face it, many people wouldn't believe that story, and even if they did it would make Lily look like she couldn't take care of herself. Sophie will just have to deal with it :P

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Review #6, by Anonymous The Heart of the Matter

12th September 2012:
Thank you for writing this story. It is creative and the interactions of the characters make sense. I just started reading it today am didn't stop until this point. I will definitely keep reading.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you like it! I work really hard to make sure the characters--and their interactions with each other--actually make sense. Thats what I look for in other people's stories, so I try to hold myself up to the same standards.

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Review #7, by jberardo113 The Heart of the Matter

26th July 2012:
Awesome Chapter. Makes me wonder if Al and Sophie are gonna go hunting for the Purists and fall in love on the way. I liked the fact that Al and Sophie made up.

Author's Response: Oh! Sounds like a cool theory! But will it happen? You'll just have to tune in next time for.MASQUERADE!

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Review #8, by Hope's Mom The Heart of the Matter

25th July 2012:
Finally Sophie and Al make up! It seemed like they were both more than a little sorry about their harsh words. I think it is a good thing that she talked to Al about what was on her mind. She obviously trusts him. Everyone needs someone to talk to. Good job on the new chapter - thank you!

Author's Response: Thanks! I tried to write their fight like something I would have with a friend--its so easy to say something you don't mean to someone you love, and then to regret it and not know how to make it up to them. But I definitely wanted to write a story where the characters actually communicate about their problems, rather than staying silent and making things worse. I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #9, by doglover The Heart of the Matter

25th July 2012:
Albus Potter is awesome :)

Author's Response: This is true. I love that boy. James, too :)

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Review #10, by ariana588 Thus Spake Scorpius

12th May 2012:
No! Write more! Write More! Write more!!! :) I loved it! fhsdjklfghaejhglhgsdgjdfgkl; fjskldfjioruwaiotrupoqutirutqoituertureioutrjgkldgjs dgjesdhgjsdfhgsdjkghdjkfghjsgjkghsdfjkghdfjkghdj
A keyboard spazzum seems to justify my love for this story! :D


Author's Response: Haha thank you so much! I'm glad you like it! And thanks for taking the time to write this lovely comment--it really makes my day :)

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Review #11, by agenth Something Funny Happened on the Way to Fortescue's

2nd May 2012:
I wanted to reply to your answer from my review of Chapter 9 ^^

I am not a famous person either ;).
I'm sure that the Daily Prophet is obsessed with the Potters, but I don't think that they would constantly be on the frontpage, except when they do something scandalous or really newsworthy.
I don't think that what Lily did is frontpage material, more like Page 6 / Gossip column material.

In any case I always thought Lily would be strong enough to withstand the fame, since she grew up with it (just like Sophie).
It's interesting to see then, that she has a lot of trouble in this story.

Also, I read your other reviews. It seems like I'm one of the few who still ship Al/Sophie, instead of Sophie/James.
Haha. I like Al better than James usually. In this story I like them both equally, though.
The reason, why I champion Al, is, that if there ever was any chance of Sophie/James happening, it would have happened already in those 3 years.
Yes they were acting, but if they really felt attracted to each other, then one of them would have acted on that (or messed up), and then they would have confessed their attraction/love to each other.
I don't see that happening in this case, since you pointed out how they regard each other more as siblings than lovers.
I don't know how far they have gone in their physical relationship, but if they really had feelings beyond the acting, then they would not have broken up. I don't even think that they have had sex, but you may surprise me.

The big obstacle for Al/Sophie is obviously the apparent relationship between Sophie&James.
I don't think that Al likes to be compared to his brother, so he goes out of his way to be distinguished from him.
It will be interesting to see how, or if this will ever happen ^^.

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Review #12, by agenth Thus Spake Scorpius

29th April 2012:
I hope you will update again, this story is too awesome to be abandoned like this now!

I really hate what Sophia and James did.
I don't like fake relationships at all, it is just too messy.
The only time it ends up good is when the people fall in love with each other.

But I really like this storyline.
Though sometimes I think that the press is too exaggerated.
Since all other stories barely mention the press, I guess it's okay to be over the top in this instance.

I really like Albus' and Sophias friendship from the flashback.
Albus is sooo adorable! I want to hug him.
I think he's right though, since Sophia and James behaved like that in front of the press, it's no wonder that things are crazy like that.
Yes they did it for a good cause,
but apart from Lily, nobody knows it, so I can't blame Albus at all for what he said.
On the other hand Sophie probably feels overwhelmed.
I mean 3 years of acting have caught up to her.

I hope my review sparks you to update soon enough,
since this story is too interesting to leave alone!^

Author's Response: Thank you SO much for this review! I really appreciated that you enjoyed the story enough to critique it like this--and honestly, you hit the nail on the head with a lot of your points!

About the press, its kind of hard to write about it, because I am not a celebrity and don't have to deal with it. But part of the reason they are so exaggerated is because it is being told from the viewpoint of a teenage girl. But I also really wanted to highlight the obsession that (I assume) the wizarding world would have with Harry and his family--and Sophie by extension.

I'm really glad that you like Albus, and that you understand where he is coming from. I was worried when I started writing this that he would be hard to like because he is critical of the way Sophie and James have acted. But I think that just means that he is a very straight-forward person and doesn't understand the whole situation.

On the other hand, Sophie just did what she thought was right--oh, the humanity!

Anyway, thanks for the review! Just for you, I will try to get an update out by this weekend :P

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Review #13, by averypottermusical Thus Spake Scorpius

22nd April 2012:
Oh, Albus, if only you knew. I'm mad at him for accusing Sophie, but I can't stay mad at him (mostly because I love him to pieces). Well, at least everything's fixed between Rose and Scorpius.

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Review #14, by doglover Thus Spake Scorpius

16th April 2012:
oh why would albus say that? :(

Author's Response: Why? He was defending his best friend. And he never really understood why Sophie and James acted the way they did during their relationship. Unfortunately, he doesn't know their secret!

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Review #15, by PadfootMoonyProngs Something Funny Happened on the Way to Fortescue's

16th April 2012:
I love the story so far!!! But aww, poor Rose!!

Author's Response: Thank you! And yes--poor Rose!

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Review #16, by Hope's Mom Thus Spake Scorpius

15th April 2012:
Lots of misunderstandings in this chapter! Poor Scorpius (Rose and Sophie, too.). Al could not have said anything more hurtful to Sophie about showing discretion in the past. Thanks for the update and good luck with school!

Author's Response: Misunderstandings are so fun to write--and besides, with as many lies as Sophie has going on, she can't help but have a few misunderstandings with other people! And poor Al, he has a right to be mad about Scorpius, but if he only knew how wrong he was about Sophie...

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Review #17, by too lazy to login Thus Spake Scorpius

15th April 2012:
I don't want Albus and Sophie to get together! I want James and Sophie together!

Author's Response: Hm interesting . Who knows?!

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Review #18, by LittleMissPrincess Crime and Punishment

15th April 2012:
wait, how old is sophia, then?
if albus is 16.
and lily is 15.
and james was 15 three years ago.
and its been three years..
and she was 14 when she starting 'dating' james..
then she should be 17.
so she's older than albus?
have i done the math correctly?

Author's Response: Yes, she is a year older than him. I haven't made a big deal of it yet, but Sophie is definitely a cougar :P

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Review #19, by LittleMissPrincess Love's Labours Lost

15th April 2012:
ohmygoodness this story is AMAZING!(:

and i like that you like shakespeare(:

Author's Response: Thank you so much! And I like that you like that I like Shakespeare :) I'm really enjoying writing the story and having fun looking up Shakespearean quotes to go along with it!

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Review #20, by PhoPhoDrago Something Funny Happened on the Way to Fortescue's

14th March 2012:
Glad to see there's not only some Al/Sophie action, but some Scorpius/Rose action as well. Beatifully written!

Author's Response: Thank you so much--I'm glad you liked it :P

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Review #21, by ashleym15 Something Funny Happened on the Way to Fortescue's

29th February 2012:
awh loved Sophie and Albus banter... but lack of James!

Author's Response: I know, I know. James has been missing! But I promise he's coming back :)

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Review #22, by Blue Biro Love's Labours Lost

19th February 2012:
Wow, amazing first chapter! Poor Lily. Really, that makes me so sad that the media can affect people so young. Sophie is so kind doing that for Lily even though she likes Al! I can see this becoming a very, very dramatic and interesting fic :D
Can't wait to read more!
10/10! You rock! :)

Author's Response: Thank you Thank you Thank you! I really enjoyed writing about the emotional turmoil that the media caused the next gen. Wait, that sounds wrong. I really enjoyed writing about Lily overcoming that and becoming her own person.

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Review #23, by averypottermusical Something Funny Happened on the Way to Fortescue's

16th February 2012:
No! Scorpius how could you! Personally I think Sco/Rose is the most cutest, sweetest, perfect couple ever. I was hoping for much more Al/Sophie, but I guess it's good that you leave us (or at least me) wanting more. On a side note, Sophie should really tell someone her secret (I have a feeling that it'll be James if she does decide to tell).

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it :) I hope that in the coming chapters provide enough Al/Sophie to satisfy you.

And you are right--the secret is eating Sophie up.

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Review #24, by grkc Love's Labours Lost

14th February 2012:
Oh :)))

i can tell im gonna like this story

keep keep writing!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I definitely will!

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Review #25, by Loony_Scorpy Something Funny Happened on the Way to Fortescue's

12th February 2012:
I loved the giggling girls in the story, so funny! Poor Rose! :P Love Al.

Author's Response: Yeah, after writing such a dark chapter last time, it was fun to write some giggling. Sophie doesn't have to be serious all the time!

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