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Review #1, by katebabelovesharrypotter Creatures of Delightful Light

5th February 2011:
Oh this was so good, lovely! I loved the title and your summaries. It was an enjoyable little anecdote and you got me hooked right away! Great job, darling!

Author's Response: Thank you!
wrote it for a challenge when the mount everest was smaller than the size of the butterflies in my stomach :P

Loff you sweetiepie!

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Review #2, by Olwyn Creatures of Delightful Light

19th January 2011:
That was so good(:
Congrats on winning 3rd in the challenge! In case you hadn't heard, you did. Ange posted it on her blog.
Anyway, this is amazingadorablefantastic. LOVE IT(:

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review!

makes me so happy, I was kind of unfamiliar with the genre that popped into my mind so it makes me relieved that it didnt turn out too badly (especially since i was writing it to distract me from thinking about my own life haha)

IIH just had to check that out! haha oh makes me even more happy :D and congrats to you for winning second! I'm off to read your story as soon as all of my hw is done. (which might be some time)

Thank you so much for the review!


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Review #3, by angeless7fallenstarsong Creatures of Delightful Light

6th January 2011:
Hey! :) This is Ange from the forums. I'd like to start by thanking you for your entry and telling you how wonderful it is. :)

As always, I'm going to take the OCD road and comment on the spacing. I'd suggest you use the simple editor (it doesn't mess up the spaces) to go and even it out. You can submit edits to a chapter while you put a new chapter in the queue! :)

Awww, I like Ernie from the first paragraph. This version of him definitely fits in with the canon. I think you mean "narcissistic" instead of "narcissus," though.

I love the idea of the first years "finding out where they belong" and of Ernie being unhappy with the discovery.

The paragraph that begins with "Hannah Abott came to be..." is. Brilliant. (Although Weird Sisters should probably be capitalized.) I love Hannah as you've described her. :) And the paragraph after that is cute, too. It's funny how sometimes you just can't help but love the strangest people.

Awww, he goes to find her. :) Cute.

In the paragraph that begins with "In Ernie's hastened pace..." you've misspelled "Lumos."

Ahhh :) I completely and totally loved it. Thanks again for submitting!

Author's Response: I am so happy that you liked the story!

Read your review and of course I immediately skipped off to edit the chapter :) thank you so much for the suggestion of using simple editor.

I found Ernies character quite quickly and I always try to follow cannon because it is much more pleasant to read. I have always imagined him a bit stuck-up and trying to be better than everyone else...

Had to have Hannah in it to show him what is right... I am so happy that you liked the way I described her! it's a bit different to how I usually describe people but I love discriptions of characters that are like that.

Thank You so much for liking the story and Thank You so so so much for making it a favourite. Made my day :)


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Review #4, by DragonQuill Creatures of Delightful Light

6th January 2011:
That was absolutely adorable. We don't get much of a look at Hufflepuff students and I think they're seriously underrated most of the time. I like the idea that he wasn't thrilled with being a Hufflepuff and then found out why it mattered, why those feelings were there and how he ended up in that house. Cute story!

Author's Response: I wrote this for the 419 Hogwarts Characters Challenge and especially requested a Hufflepuff because they are so often forgotten!

I'm a Hufflepuff so I simply love the house and think that that is indeed where the real heroes are, the ones that act in the shadows and don't have to be honoured on every part of the road (sorry for the very long reply :P)

That is how I imagine Ernie as a quite stuck up type who has been raised in the wizarding world with the prejudiced view on all the different houses.

Thank you so much for the review :)


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