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Review #1, by Hasane Just a Tea Girl

8th January 2018:
I’ve binged about seventeen chapters of this already, so it might be high time to leave a review.

If there’s one thing you need to know about me as a Harry Potter fanfiction reader, it’s that I have a severe aversion to reading about Rose Weasley. She’s fun to write, yes, but to read about her, no, not really. Many exaggerated portrayals of her have slowly turned me off from her.

But I saw this story pop up on HPFF one too many times, and threw everything up into to the air. And I found that I really like how you write your Rose. You’ve really taken her and turned her into something of your own character, and I really appreciate that.

Another thing is, this story is so excruciatingly normal, yet it’s so engaging. I do like a lot of action and romance and the like, and this is a lot quieter in its portrayal. Rose is part of an unrequited love, while is pursued by a somewhat stalkerish Scorpius. It’s just the normal humdrums of life, and Rose is a flailing teen-except-not-really adult and she’s just trying to find her place in life, and the like. There’s drama! of course, but it’s not your usual kind. It’s more so the kind of drama about people getting married and getting jobs, and gasp! relationships.

So far, it’s kind of nice, like a slice of life kind of thing. But, you know, it’s probably going to be ruined by the plot twist award I see you’ve got there.

You know, this story really reminds me of “Starving Artists” and “Weather for Ducks” by peppersweet, although these two and yours have their distinguishing features. You know.

This is kind of a short review, but oh well.

I can’t wait to read the rest!

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Review #2, by insertcreativeusername Let Them Eat Cake

30th October 2017:
Scorose is my OTP, so this is right up my alley! Your first chapter is the epitome of perfection! It's not too short, and it's not too long, it it provided a wonderful preview of the familial situation and Rose's personality. I've never read a story where Scorpius was a stalker or not correlated to Albus in a way, so this concept is new to me, and your writing is making me love it!

I like your Molly, and I took an instant dislike to Hugo, but he's just being a little brother, and it's nice to see someone capture an actual sibling relationship.

Can't wait to keep reading, your an amazing author Marina!

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Review #3, by JC Epilogue

7th December 2015:
Loved it!
I started reading this a couple years ago, but then stopped coming on HPFF for some reason, so I was very glad to see this story completed when I came back last week!
Very disappointed in Teddy (poor Remus and Tonks!) But I suppose we all have our faults.
Matthew is a sweetheart for Rose, and I'm as glad to see them together as I am to see Rose and Scorpius getting on so well.
As for Rose, I'm so glad you wrote her the way you did. I can relate to her in so many ways and thought she was a fantastically well developed character.
Enjoyed the whole thing and I guess it's on to the sequel now!!

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Review #4, by EmmaGM Closure

3rd August 2015:
Oh my god, Teddy knocked Dom up, didn't he?

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Review #5, by QkStephen Epilogue

15th December 2014:
I hadn't been too keen on the story when I first read through the beginning. but since picking it back up, I have found a lot of great reasons to revel in it. thank you for you're writing.

p.s. Teddy is one of my favorite characters to explore normally and I do wish he had gotten a shot at redemption

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Review #6, by Tris  Walking Away

19th November 2014:
When i first heard about the baby I thought it would be Scorpius' baby, but this plot twist was even better. I am really having fun reading this story, but I am not sure how I feel about your interpretation of scorpius. However it is interesting to read and I really enjoy how unique this is!

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Review #7, by Caius That's Amore

11th September 2014:
I'm really irritated by this. Rose was deeply in love with Teddy and the only other option she had was scorp, who stalked her and whom she didn't even like. Now, just because he's nice she agreed to dating him and I feel its just pathetic. And not the comedical kind - she doesn't even seem to love him. Its like she agreed because she is just so bloody desparate and didn't have any (better) options. It kinda made me dislike her a bit..

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Review #8, by Didi Epilogue

3rd July 2014:
IT"S OVER! I'm so glad I found this story!

It was wonderful: your writing style, the (many) twists, the characterization, and the COMPLETELY un-cliche ending.

Honestly, I'm kind of glad she didn't get with Scorpius. I love him and I thought he was hilarious but I think they made much more sense as friends instead of in a relationship. And Matthew was always adorable.

I loved how the entire family stayed strong in the end and I loved how she became friends with Victoire and Dom. I did feel just a little bit bad for Teddy at the end, though. He kind of literally has no one now, except his grandma.

Now, onto the sequel!

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Review #9, by Didi Secrets

3rd July 2014:

I KNEW IT!!! I kept wondering when the plot twist for which you won the Dobby was coming up, and I thought, 'Hey, Teddy might be the father!' God I can't even imagine what's going to come next.

Anyways, I really LOVE this story. It's absolutely hilarious and seriously on of the best stories I have ever read, let alone best fanfic. I just started reading it yesterday and I really can't stop even if there is so much else I should be getting done. Yay procrastination.

Also, seeing as to how you finished this story years ago, I realize you might not even read this review.

But anyways, on to the next chapter!

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Review #10, by Courtney Dark Epilogue

28th February 2014:
Okay, this was just such a great story, I can't believe it's taken me this long to find it!

I really think this was the perfect ending. I actually like that Scorpius and Rose didn't end up together - it made this story so fresh, so different! It focused on the characters and the friendships, rather than the romantic relationships and sexual tension know what else! Everything that makes a story cliche. Anyway, it was amazing. You have seriously created the most awesome characters!

I loved that this last chapter was all about family - well, the little Matthew scene was nice, too! Rose and Molly's relationship was perfect, as always, Albus is just adorable and I like that you tied up the loose ends with Rose definitely not having feelings for Teddy anymore, and seeing that she got Victoire all wrong and the mention of Gilderoy Lockhart definitely not becoming Minister for Magic, thank God! I wonder what exactly it was Hermione did...blackmailed him, perhaps?

Anyway, I can't wait to read the sequel!


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Review #11, by Courtney Dark Family

28th February 2014:
This was such an amazing chapter! This is going to be a very short review because I want to read the last chapter before I have to go out, but just know that I loved it!

Family is one of my favourite things in the world. And I didn't know that until I left my family, so this chapter made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

I am so, so glad that Molly and Rose are friends again! They need each other - and it was nice to see some Lorcan and Albus!

I loved the conversation with Victoire - I am so glad that Rose can now see that she is actually a very good person. And I like Victoire's attitude towards the baby!

Nice chapter!


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Review #12, by Courtney Dark Courage

28th February 2014:
Aw, this was both a really sad and really nice chapter!

I had a feeling that not many people were going to turn up to Boris' funeral, but it still made me feel very bad when I turned out to be right. I'm really glad both Rose and Matthew were there, though, and I really enjoyed Rose and Matthew's bonding moment. They've always gotten along really well at work, but they've never really been together outside of a work setting.

Linda gave Rose the bookstore! I had a feeling that was coming! That is definitely one hell of a promotion.

I really liked the conversation between Dominique and Rose, too. It seems as though Boris' death has really opened Rose's eyes to the world, to risk sounding completely cheesy, and made her realize that - I can't believe I'm about to say this - you only live once.

I sincerely apologize for this horrible cheesy review!


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Review #13, by Courtney Dark St. Mungo's

25th February 2014:
Aw, Boris! I'm a lot sadder than I thought I would be that he's dead! He was extremely weird but he was such a sweetie and a softie at heart. I'm definitely going to miss having him around the shop! And now I'm starting to speak like I actually work at the bookstore...this story is so good that I'm confusing my reality with Rose's! Haha!

I'm glad that Molly and Rose finally forgave each other, even if it took something as tragic as a death to do it. They really are better off as best friends than as bickering, arguing enemies!

Okay, Scorpius is so sweet (most of the time) but he still has some really creep qualities! Like crawling into bed and stroking Rose's face (I would be seriously alarmed) and barging in to the locked bathroom while she's taking a shower. CALM DOWN THERE SCORPIUS!

I seriously love this story so much!


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Review #14, by LovlyRita Epilogue

23rd February 2014:
Ok i'm finally here to leave my last review for this story!

first of all I read most of it in one sitting so you'll have to excuse me for forgetting some of the smaller details. But first and foremost, I knew you were going to kill...omg what was his name. I knew you were gonna kill him. Because you told me that you killed someone in this story, and I figured it couldn't have been any of the cousins or anything so the whole story i was looking for the one expendable character, and I figured midway through that it must be Boris. Oh that's his name. lol. anyway, so I wasn't TOO shocked when that happened because I knew death had to be somewhere. But it was still sad because he seemed nice when he wasn't all...not nice. I'm not feeling particularly well spoken today leave me alone.

But yeah so there's that. What else happened. To be honest, I was actually shocked that she did not end up with Scorpius at the end of this. Not shocked in a bad way, it was just something that was so different, and that's why I loved it! I mean obviously he was a bit of an odd duck, but that's usually the way these stories go. I LOVE that she didn't end up with him. It was just genius, and original, and perfect.

I also like that they ended up friends, and that she found a different hot guy to attach herself to, while still maintaining her identity. It's really great.

I really ended up liking most of the cousins too. Molly and Rose's relationship was really cool, and I liked that she didn't end up at odds with Victoire. It was also crazy to have Teddy cheat with Dominique, but you did a great job of basically showing that their family was the most important thing above everything else. I did feel a litle bad for Teddy which probably isn't supposed to be something you're supposed to feel, given what he did. But the thing was, he really did care for Victoire and you could tell that in those chapters when Rose went to visit them. And then could see that Teddy grew up with these people and all I could think is that he just lost basically all the family that he had. So I just felt bad for him, even though he ended up being a little bit of a villain. Honey badger dont' care.

anyway, I ended up really liking the character of Rose, even though I wasn't sure if I would in the beginning. I like how important family ended up being to her, except for of course Roxanne, who was just a nasty character. I also enjoyed all the glimpses of her extended family, but I just spent most of the story wanting to giving her a huge hug and some tea. and some biscuits, because that seems to be very important.

But the one thing I really liked about this was your writing style. I was completely engaged the entire story, I was so happy that I didn't have to wait for updates and I could just click the next button and go on to the next chapter. That was brilliant haha. i felt like I was in Rose's head the whole time, when she was embarassed I was certainly embarrassed for her, and I was rooting for her the entire time. I wanted everything to work out for the best for her, and I think it did.

It's not a cookie cutter story for her, and I think you were so creative in your portrayals of some of these characters, I just can't get over it. I loved your Draco Malfoy, I love how odd Scorpius was, I loved Hermione and Ron and their interactions with their daughter, and I love that she leaned on her grandmother for support. I loved the side plot with France and Teddy/Victoire, it just seemed so well planned and I'm just rambling now but...

I just love the whole thing and I'm glad I got the chance to read it, even if it was really late You're a really gifted writer and an excellent story teller, and I look forward to reading more from you, so get motivated and WRITE lady. You're the best I love you, keep being amazing, congratulations on finishing this story like a year ago xx

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Review #15, by Courtney Dark Walking Away

23rd February 2014:

Ugh, they are infuriating me so much! Don't they see that they are so much happier when not fighting? I really don't remember how their argument started anymore, who is in the right and who is in the wrong. All I know is they have both said some very horrible things that I bet they'll wish they could take back later - Molly was especially mean in this chapter!

Rose, on the other hand, had some very mature moments. I was surprised at how 'wise' she sounded when she talked to Dominique. Some good cousin-ly advice, right there!

Oooh, the conversation with Teddy with was intense! I don't blame Rose for getting so worked up...what Teddy did was just horrible, and how he was planning on forgetting about Dominique and playing happy families with Victoire...he is definitely not the person I thought he was.

This was such a dramatic chapter! I loved it!


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Review #16, by Courtney Dark Ridiculous Relatives

22nd February 2014:
I've already mentioned this before (sorry, my reviews are getting really repetitive and boring!) but I always adore the bookstore scenes. It's just so nice to see a bit of normal, daily life - and I LOVE bookstores. They are one of my favourite places to go!

Oh God, not more Gilderoy Lockhart! If he becomes Minister for Magic, I will be seriously concerned about the future of the Wizarding World. How old is he, anyway? Fifties? Sixties?

Lucy is right, Rose! You need to make up with Molly! Now! I am growing tired of this tiff!

Awesome chapter, as usual!


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Review #17, by Courtney Dark Disillusioned

22nd February 2014:
I love how Rose always ends up going back to Scorpius if she has some sort of problem. They definitely have a connection, even if he repulses her some of the time - and now that they are just friends and he isn't acting so weird and stalkerish with the shrine and all that, things seem to be going a lot better!

Ugh, I don't like it when Molly and Rose fight! So much angst, and it makes both of them such horrible people! The problem is, they're just such similar people, who both of a bit of a temper, strong personalities and a very stubborn attitude.

Hehe, the little scrabble name, and Rose's choice of words was a nice touch!

Looking forward to finding out what's going to happen next!


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Review #18, by Courtney Dark Secrets

22nd February 2014:


What a way to end the chapter! I'm seriously speechless! I don't know what more to say than to sit here wordlessly, staring at the screen with wide eyes.

Teddy's the father of Dominique's child? How did Rose not know that he and Dominique had a thing! It seems like everyone else knows! Does Victoire have any idea? And THIS is why Teddy acted weird when Rose brought up Dominique's pregnancy in France!

Oh my God!

Onto other matters:

I loved Rose's conversation with Albus and Lorcan. Albus is one of my favourite characters, he seems so sweet! And Rose is so insulting towards him!

The scene with Ron was great, too. That is definitely so typical, that he lost Hermione's anniversary present! And I know I say this a lot, but I love the way you make all the conversations feel so natural!

Onto the next chapter!


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Review #19, by Courtney Dark Advice

20th February 2014:
I've always loved Rose and Molly's relationship - their scenes together are just so funny and believable. They have a great bond.

Wow, I can't believe Scorpius wrote Rose a ten page letter, about all the things that are wrong with her. If I was Rose, I would be seriously annoyed. Then again, I'm not a particularly nice person.

Hahaha, I love Jesus, almost as much as I love Boris. In fact, I love your whole cast of minor characters! And how on earth has his cafe not gone out of business?

Okay, so last chapter I was really hating Scorpius and this chapter I actually feel bad for him. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? I am so confused! And I still want to know what Scorpius is like without the hair gel!


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Review #20, by Courtney Dark Meeting the Parents

20th February 2014:
Oh God.

Oh God. OH GOD!

I don't even know what to say about this chapter, except, WHY SCORPIUS, WHY??

Okay, let's go back the beginning.

I like Matthew. It's nice that Rose has at least one calm, semi normal person in her life! And wow, optimistic Boris! That's...different. By the way, I love all the little details you add into the bookshop scenes, like the different people coming in and out of the store, and the types of books they purchase.

Of course Scorpius has to go and invite Rose to a fake dinner date thing with his parents! And I wonder what he looks like without hair gel...

I'd almost forgotten about Henry! I loved the conversation between he, Rose and Scorpius, my sides were splitting from trying not to laugh! And am I reading things into it, or did he just sort of ask Rose out?

I absolutely adored the scene at Malfoy Manor! You wrote Draco and Astoria so well, and the whole thing was just so funny and so mortifying at the same time! Will Scorpius never understand that Rose has already given him a bazillion chances, and still doesn't want to go out with him?

This was definitely one of my favourite chapters so far!


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Review #21, by Courtney Dark Life Sentence

19th February 2014:
I am so glad I am back to this story!

This chapter was just so good! I was struggling desperately not to burst out laughing through most of it!

I'm really glad Rose and Victoire have connected! I always thought Rose was being a little harsh of Victoire.

And then she comes back into the country and gets arrested by the muggle police. Of course. The whole situation just made me giggle, to be honest, because Rose got herself into such a state! And how on earth did she manage to call that number? Did the telephone sense she was a witch or something?

Hmm...did I sense something there with Henry? Or am I just desperately trying to find Rose a suitable suitor?

Wow, Molly's line: “By the way,” she added. “Scorpius has been sleeping outside the front door since you left" was the perfect way to end the chapter!

Amazing writing, as usual!


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Review #22, by LovlyRita Disillusioned

14th February 2014:
Wow um ok. So that was a bombshell in the last chapter, can quite honestly say I did NOT see that coming and I totally see why you won a Dobby for that. RANDOM. SO AWESOME. Seriously. That was like masterful, the way you dropped that detail in. Holy crap. Will take a while to recover from that one :P

I don't even know what to say in this review right now, so in shock from the last chapter.

I think it's interesting how Rose keeps returning to Scorpius one way or another. She must find something in him, even if she doesnt' know what it is exactly. It's nice to see them getting a bit closer though. I like it, even if Scorpius is still a bit weird hahaha. Well more than a bit. But he's funny, I like him.

you were right about this, there is some major major dramz here, but it's done so well!!

This is gonna be a short one because I...I need to keep going :P

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Review #23, by LovlyRita Closure

14th February 2014:
Ok this is gonna be a relatively short one 'cause I really want to keep reading BUT -

This whole thing with Teddy has been so cringe hahaha. It's exactly what I was fearing but the thing is, I'm glad she did it. She can move on now, and really, his reaction was so great. I love Teddy because he supports her and wants to continue being her friend even after she gives her confession. And it's so sad because she's spent so many years in all this pain because she loved him so much, and now he knows and things can get back to normal.

I am glad that she stayed though, and didn't leave to keep things awkward. She stayed, and she had that whole awkward can can thing which was funny, and the wine tasting scene which is pretty much exactly what happens when anyone goes wine tasting ever. It's awkard but more importantly it is REAL. It is such a very...stark depiction of real life. It never goes smoothly, it's never to plan, and I think this really displays that in such a nice way. I feel bad for Rose but I do hope she's building to something happy.

Also, this deal with Lockhart I find to be really interesting.I haven't forgotten a few chapters ago, Hermione Rose to get Lockhart's signature, what on earth was that all about??

Another thing that worries me is that I know this story won a dobby for best plot twist and I am completely obsessed with wondering what exactly it is you have done for this to have that win. I'm scared, not gonna lie.

Ok! Onward!! :)

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Review #24, by LovlyRita It's Not Me, It's You

14th February 2014:
Ok, after 5 I am back with most likely a much shorter review hahaha.

Poor Boris! I like him just a smidgeon more now, but what a total jerk! Not fixing his marriage because his wife thinks he's having an affair when he's not! And it puts Rose in such an awkward position. lame.

Ok, I just cannot figure Scorpius out. He is literally like...the most awkward human being on the face of this planet. And it makes me feel bad because I know people like him...hell I'm pretty sure there were aspects of my personality in high school that were very much like him, when you FINALLY get the person you've been waiting for, only to have it blow up in your face. But he's like...making all the common relationship mistakes and making them SO QUICKLY. But in his mind he probably really does think that he loves Rose. he's waited so long for her, stalking her as such, and was probably so happy that she was finally agreeing to being his girlfriend.

Which makes me wonder why she agreed in the first place? Actually no that's a lie, i know why she agreed. The same thing happened with me and my husband..I didn't want to date him, he asked, we were in an awkward situation, and I ended up saying yes. And now we're married so...there ya go.

And then when she broke up with him and he cried and even though it was ridiculous, by heart just broke for him because he really is so...lonely. He just wanted SOMEBODY and he goes about it in absolutely all the wrong ways, and it's just heart breaking. Poor thing, poor awkward thing. I totally get why Rose did what she did. I just feel bad for both of them. I have feelings, Marina, and you are shattering them.

also, Rose with her family was so funny. I think it's a unique take on it because most of the time they are all depicted as getting along, everything's just great, and you can see that this clearly isn't the case, and is probably more indicative of what actual family would be like!

Well done, still loving this story, still reading because honestly, what else am I supposed to do on Friday night when you aren't here and I'm procrastinating writing Brain Activity? Nothing? damn right, nothing. :)

Loves you

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Review #25, by LovlyRita Smarmy Smiles

14th February 2014:
I know I said that I was going to leave a review every 5 but look at me, here i am at every 10. Mostly because I'm lazy but shut up.

Ok so this story has progressed so much since the last time I reviewed. And there are so many things that I want to comment on but I can't remember all of them and that's sad.

Well, point one: your writing has improved ten fold over the first chapter. The fluency of it, your word choice, you've really hit the groove as far as writing in first person in comedy and that's so so hard to do. It reads like some of my favorite books with a first person narrator. And I always admire someone who can walk this line because it can so easily veer off into the ridiculous territory, and quickly, but yours NEVER does. It's on point, it's funny, heart warming, and just perfect.

Ok so I just wanted to say that your story definitely has evoked the...oh my god please don't do that, I can't bear to see you embarassed..empathetic reaction. Every time she was around Teddy that's the way i felt. Oh no no no gurl, don't do that, you have to move on. Haha it was kind of ridiculous for me. That whole scene when they were making the cake a few chapters ago I was just poor thing.

Ok so this whole thing with Scorpius and the shrine...and him living in the shrieking shack, I think I told you that I had something so similar in one of my stories! It was in the shrieking shack and it was a shrine to Rose, but it wasn't Scorpius who made it. But still, it made me laugh because I think we might be mind twins or something. But if we're mind twins I think you're the stronger twin, and I'm just the pathetic under achieving twin that stands under the shadow of the better twin, but like we're still twins so we're gorgeous. anyway.

One thing I love is how well developed all these characters are. you really get a good sense of all of them, of course especially Rose, but I must admit that even this far into the story I feel like there is so much we don't know. Especially about Scorpius and what happened to his family, and why he's such a creeper! Because he is most definitely a creeper and I can't wait to find out more about that. Yo've done such a good job of building intrigue!

One of the other things I generally love about it is the way that you start each chapter. They never start specifically following the events of the chapter before it and I actually really like it. It would save my butt a LOT if I could learn to write like that. But all my stories tend to end one chapter and then go right into the next. I think yours is a lot cleaner, and it also gives the characters kind of...time to reflect on whatever it was that happened at the end of the last chapter, so you don't always get 100% of whatever their immediate reaction was, and I like that a lot.

I don't like Boris and I'm still confused as to whether or not Rose actually got a promotion or not...and I think she's a little confused too.

Another thing that I love is what a tight knit group of friends she seems to have. like when she had a hard day, she went to the pub early to have a drink and wait and, even though that scene ended in disaster for her, it's great because she seems to have a really solid support system, and I'm not even going to be a little bit shy about telling you how unbelievably jealous I am of it. I'm sitting here reading about your characters and their interactions thinking, God I wish I had that in my life. Maybe that's what normal people think about romance and such but for me, nope .It's her friendships. I want a Molly in my life. Will you be my Molly? :P

Ummm let's see what else, what else, OH, the fact that biscuits are mentioned in every single chapter. That's fun and a nice theme, especially since I love biscuits and now I want some, so you know, thanks a lot for THAT unneeded development in my life...

OH I know. the developments with her family, the fact that Hermione bought the Daily Prophet, I absolutely loved that!! It would be something that she would do, especially if she thought her family was threatened in some way by the newspaper, what an interesting way to keep them all out of the news. Because you know, you just know that there are some kind of weird Wizard papparazzi that would follow them around. And like, Rose was born in 2006 right? So we're looking at like...ok so she's 18 in the year 2014 which we're in now, and you know the paps have been crazy for the last 5 years or so, so like...Hermione'd be like Victoria Beckham with her kids, minus the like super sour look on her face all the time, and everyone would want a view of those kids. And Harry's too. Anyway, sorry got off track there, long story short is that I thought that was a really cool idea, and I don't think I'd want to make Hermione mad either. OH and the whole thing with her drinking so much that she was unable to make a cake at the going away thing. Very interesting. Seriously I have the absolute softest spot in my heart for middle aged Hermione and Ron. It is absolutely my most favorite thing ever. And you've done it so well here.

And old Molly!! Another soft spot for me. And Hugo, with his hung over self a few chapters ago. I love Hugo, he's one of my favorite to write when I do, and I do enjoy your Hugo a lot.

But more than anything else, I am just really super looking forward to seeing how this relationship between Rose and Scorpius is going to progress...or regress...or what have you. Because he's so delightfully awkward and I just think he's so well written, and you never betray his characterization at all, no matter what happens he is just weird, creepy, stalkery scorpius and I can't wait to see how this character, and the character of Rose, develops.

Well, this is officially my longest review ever. Maybe leaving 10 chapters in between reviews is too much. Only 140 character remaining now, CAN I USE THEM ALL :P


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