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Review #1, by nitenel Blackest of Occasions

17th August 2011:
I reviewed this story under Elizabeth Black but it's so amazing I need to again...

This story is "the bee's knees."

I LOVE Bellatrix, if you remember, and I've added Andromeda and Narcissa to the list. And you did fantastic jibs with them. Kudos.

That ending... It gives me chills... Just like the first scene of DH Part 1... No matter how many times I watch that scene with Scrimgeour I shiver... And your ending does too...


Author's Response: Hi Nitenel! I remember you, thank you so much for leaving such a lovely review on this (again)! :3 The Black sisters are my favourite characters too :P

I'm glad the ending is still so chilling! That's an awesome compliment for me, so thank you! It was fun to write, and I'm glad it's gotten the reaction I was after hehe :P

Thanks again, Nitenel!


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Review #2, by NaidatheRavenclaw Blackest of Occasions

12th August 2011:
Wow, this was amazing!

You really gave me a different perspective on the Black's childhood. You showed some moments when Bella really wasn't all evil, though I like that she still had some streaks of mean in her. And you managed to portray a much softer side of both sisters, especially Narcissa.

I loved the memories. Apart from being adorable, and then going to disturbing with the last one, they gave a great insight onto the life of the Blacks. You showed that they really were a family, despite having twisted morals.

My one critique of this is that Lucius seemed too nice to me. I just don't think he'd be that caring and involved with Draco. That's just my opinion though :) It was still a really great story!

Happy staff/prefects Friday and thanks so much for the incredible summer! *hugs*
-NaidatheRavenclaw, Ravenclaw

Author's Response: Hi Naida! Thank you so much for this lovely, amazing review, and I am so sorry for the very late reply!

I'm so glad you liked the way I've written their childhood - Bella is always portrayed as a psychopath, and I love showing a different perspective of things. She is human, like everyone else :3

Ah, thank you! The memories of them as a family were a joy to write, and that last one was fun yet quite sad (I'm a huge Bella fan) :3

Lucius...yes, I've had mixed opinions on that haha :P I appreciate yours, it gives me something to think about :)

Aww thank you for this lovely review, and I'm so glad you enjoyed the Cup! Cheers, darling!

-Lizzie xxx

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Review #3, by Evermore Blackest of Occasions

24th July 2011:
Amazing,absolutely excellent. Bravo!

Author's Response: Thank you so, so much!

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Review #4, by Silver Sunrise Blackest of Occasions

22nd May 2011:
Oh wow, this is amazing. We (harry potter fans) never seem to think of the Malfoys as a happy family, so it was nice to see some Narcissa/Lucius lovin' :) I think the fact that everyone sees Bellatrix, even in her younger years, as evil is a bit silly, and I love that you have her as an actual human being in here. The writing was amazing, especially the last part about Bellatrix, which, though I know I should think she deserved, I find really sad!
This is awesome, 10/10.

Author's Response: Hi there! First off, I must apologise for taking so long to reply to your amazing review - life has been so crazy for me these past three months I haven't had the time! I feel terrible, so I do hope you accept my most sincere apology. :3

Anyway, moving on! I know what you mean, I haven't read many stories that focus on the sisters as youngsters. I found I had so much freedom writing them, because so very little is known about them! I love writing Bella as a human, not some psychopath.

Thank you so much! I'm honoured you like my writing! ^_^

Ah, this review still makes me so happy to read, thank you so very much and once again, apologies for taking so long to respond :)

-Lizzie x

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Review #5, by Merope Blackest of Occasions

23rd April 2011:
LOVED the ending. Actually, LOVED the entire one-shot, but the ending was particularly strong. But first things first: Hello (hugs). Since you always leave me such amazing reviews for RGAMM, I thought I'd return the favour.

I loved the way you portrayed Narcissa! And I love the way that you included Lucius and young Draco. I was reading a Dramione fanfic half an hour ago which portrayed Lucius horribly! I always loved Lucius, so I wanted that horrible characterisation of him to be erased from my mind. Just reading that bit that you wrote with father and son having a lovely moment in the gardens, made it all perfect again. I guess what I'm trying to say, is that (like you said to me) I am glad you like Lucius too and that you portrayed him in a sweet fatherly light in this fic.

I never read many stories about the Black sisters when they were young...but this seems so real and appropriate. Love the way Andromeda was rather quiet and Narcissa...well...childish and at the same time elegant. But Bellatrix...Merlin you did an amazing job with her characterisation. She was always mad but she wasn't always mean and horrible. I LOVED the way your portrayed her. And once again, the ending was amazing. I feel sorry for her anyway, because she is one of my favourite characters, but...showing her mad...was wow. You didn't over-do it and you certainly didn't under-do it. It was just perfect.

In a nutshell, this is an amazning one-shot. Very interesting to read and I love the way you portrayed the Malfoy Manor in the opening paragraph.

Keep up the amazing job and thank you for this story. Now I can spend the rest of my evening imagining Lucius like the nice man he really is behind that Death Eater mask of his. :P

Merope x

Author's Response: Merope! Hello! :D

Thank you so much for this amazing review! It's such a lovely surprise, I'm still floating on air, haha!

Naw, I'm so glad you loved the ending! It was fun to write, but also a bit sad. :(

I'm so glad you liked Narcissa!! Oh, I hate the fic's where Lucius is horrible. I like having a softer characterisation for the Malfoy's behind closed doors. Aha, glad I could help, dear! I loved writing them in the gardens; it just seemed so...normal? Necessary? Ah, I can't really describe it, but I wanted to show the Malfoy's in a nicer light. :)

I know! Not many people write about the Black's, and I don't think I've ever read one when they were kids. Which is a shame, really. I'm thrilled you liked them all! In my mind, they've always had different personalities. Writing Narcissa as a child was just adorable :3 I'm so happy you loved Bellatrix! She is hated by so many, so I really wanted to show her more 'normal', I suppose you could say. It broke my heart to write her so mad, but it was fun. I'm so glad you thought it was perfect! That means so much to me, Merope, it really does.

You love my Malfoy Manor portrayal? :O Now that is something that's totally blown me away, haha! Naw, Merope, this review was absolutely amazing and it means so, so much that you took the time to read this. Ah, you're amazing! *huggles* And I'm so glad that you have a nice characterisation to take your mind off the bad ones :P

~Lizzie xxx

Oh, by the your reviews, I speak nothing but the truth ;P

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Review #6, by morningstarroost Blackest of Occasions

20th April 2011:
it kinda makes me sad to think what could have been for andy, cissy and bella had they been other people.

Author's Response: I'm so pleased the emotion got through. I love showing them in a more sympathetic light! Thanks again for reviewing! :)

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Review #7, by Ffion Blackest of Occasions

11th April 2011:
That was really good! Write some more

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! I'm so pleased you liked this! Sadly, this is only a one-shot, but the Black sisters do appear in a few of my other stories. ;)

Thanks again!

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Review #8, by adluvshp Blackest of Occasions

6th April 2011:

this one was a quite well-written fic!!

I especially liked the end.

good job!


Author's Response: Hi AD!

Thank you so very much for reading and reviewing! I'm so pleased you liked this! :D


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Review #9, by TenthWeasley Blackest of Occasions

5th March 2011:
Oh, Lizzie, you are SO good at writing. Do you know that? If you do, keep believing it, and if you don't - you do now.

I love the way you've portrayed the three Black sisters, who are generally all written separately but are rarely written together, especially like this. I suspect all these emotions would happen in exactly this way to a real person, and to bring them onto paper (virtual paper, whatever!) is a talent that is enviable.

Thank you so much for directing me to your stories, Lizzie! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading them, and you should never stop writing, with talent like yours. ^^

OPERATION: Green With Envy

Author's Response: Jane! Hello again!!

Man, you like making me blush, don't you? Hehe *huggles*

I love writing about the Black sisters, and writing about the three of them was just an absolute joy. I haven't seen many stories that mention their childhood, which is kinda sad :/ Ehehe, why thank you :)

Naw, you're so welcome, darling! I simply adored your lovely reviews! Hehe, I love writing, so I don't think I'll be stopping any time soon ;)

-Lizzie xoxox

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Review #10, by ShelbyBlack Blackest of Occasions

4th March 2011:
WOW! OH MY GOD! THIS IS AMAZING LIZ! I'm literally in awe!

Your writing is so so so so amazing! AH, I honestly don't know what to say. I'm lost for words!



Author's Response: SHELBY! *SQUISHES*

Eeeep, thank you so much, hun! This has made my night! I'm thrilled you liked this so much!!

*blushes* You, my lovely Shelby, are much too kind :) THANK YOU!!!


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Review #11, by LovelyMioneWeasley Blackest of Occasions

10th February 2011:
Hi LMW from the forums with your review and this was totally up my alley so I was very excited to get over here and read it!

I was most certainly not disappointed by this at all. I think you did a really good job at givng justice to all the Black sisters and their relationship. This isn't an always ventured subject matter; I think a lot of writers stray from this plot idea because they don't know how to handle it.

Narcissa is a hard character to write, I think, because you aren't quite sure of her standing as far as Dark Arts go; you know she is the less engaged of the Black sisters that stayed in the Pureblood lifestyle but she also seems to dislike it. I think you suggested such an attitude without having to ever really just point it out.

I also that you did a really good job going from flashback to present back to flashback. I think that you handled it beautifully and kept the flashbacks in a sensible order. I also really liked the idea of Bella's parties especially the one where the Ministry workers showed up. I giggled a bit.

Bella's entry at the end was what broke my heart; you made it so easy to envision such a picture. And I could totally see Helena Bonham Carter acting out such a scene. It was really my favorite part of the one-shot and the shining moment in my mind.

Your grammar and syntax seemed appropriate for the one-shot; it was a bit flowier and kind of descriptive that fit the attitude and tone of the one-shot.

My critiques would be the character of Lucius. I think a mud fight seems a bit beyond what I could envision his character conceivably doing. I think that he would be a man that wanted to keep clean and keep his house as such. Even as a young father, I just don't see it and it would be hard to convince me of such a fact. I don't think he was cruel but I think that there is a certain dignified manner he held that would not participate in a mud fight.

My other suggestion would be the opening scene and the inclusion of the idea of diamonds. You use it as imagery into seperate suggestions (dew and tears) and they seem a bit disconnected to me. I think I would choose maybe a different idea for tears or for dew. I'd be more inclined toward the tears looking like something other than dimaonds; perhaps crystals or something of a gemstone type. Just not diamonds; I think you could make the connection with a gemstone and diamond just as effectively.

Those are some sort of nitpicky critiques but I think it would really amp up how powerful this one-shot could be. It was a pleasure to read and review. I think that you should be proud.


Author's Response: Hi LovelyMioneWeasley! Thanks a million for this amazing review!

Wow, thank you! I love writing about the Black sisters - they're my favourite characters from Harry Potter.

I tried to keep a lot of Bellatrix's dark lifestyle out of this, as I've always thought that Narcissa was really indifferent. I guess, since this story was about her memories, she would ignore anything she didn't want to remember :)

I have an addiction to flashbacks. I find them easy to write, but I'm paranoid that they're too choppy. I'm so pleased you liked the parties! For some reason, I thought it would be funny for the Auror's to gatecrash, haha!

Writing about Bellatrix was my favourite part of this. She's such a complex character, and as a writer, you really do have quite a bit of freedom with how she acts in terms of the insanity. Lol, for some reason, I could imagine Helena Bonham Carter doing that, too :P

Oh, yay, critique! Thanks so much for being so honest - that's just what I was after. I do like showing Lucius as more kind and caring than he is portrayed, but was really worried that I overstepped the mark. I really value your opinion, and have been wanting to edit this for sometime, and this is jut the motivation I need. :)

Haha, I didn't even realised I used diamonds as a description twice! -facepalm- noted, and will be edited, thank you so so much! :D

Naw, thank you :) this review was just what I was looking for; I really appreciate the time you took to read this, and I'm so grateful for your honesty. Have a great weekend, darling!


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Review #12, by Ginny45 Blackest of Occasions

23rd January 2011:
I think this was wonderful. The ending really clinched it for me. That last line is chilling yet fitting in equal measure.

All of the flashbacks to when they were children were really sweet and really well done. It didn't seem too out of character for Bellatrix because you showed progression in her character.

Very well done :)

RandomRed/Ginny45 xxx

Author's Response: Hey hun ^_^

Thank you so much for your lovely review :D I'm so glad you liked the ending. It was one of my favourite things to write, yet also sad in a way...

I'm pleased you liked the flash-backs. I absolutely love writing about the Black sisters :) I'm thrilled you mentioned Bellatrix...I wasn't sure how people would take to my writing of her as a child.

Thank you for taking the time to read and review! And I am incredibly sorry about this late response - I sprained my wrists and haven't been able to type much at all D:

Cheers, lovely!

-Elizabeth xx

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Review #13, by LadyMalfoy23 Blackest of Occasions

21st January 2011:
Hello LadyMalfoy23 from the forums here with your review!! :)

Your Characterization was amazing. To me at least, i felt like that was exactly how Narcissa would feel because she isnt the one into the Dark Arts. I really loved how you had the three sisters at one point best of friends it really added emotion to your story. The Lucias and Draco parts definantly added the bits of sunshine into your story that are always pleasant in Dark one shots!! :) honestly my favorite part was Bellatrix in Azkaban, i thought it was PERFECT! I even read it outloud to my mom and she agreeded saying that sounded about right. :)

The flow is great too. i never once got tired of reading it and even found myself asking "Where is this going? What is the ending?" It was overall a great story in my opinion!! :)

Author's Response: Hello! Thank you so very much for your lovely review, hun ^_^

Amazing? Really? Wow, thank you! :D I love writing about the Black sisters, sa they are all so different as adults, but their childhood isn't really known ^_^ Ehe, I love Lucius too much to leave him out...I had to include him somehow! In all of my dark stories, I always try to add in something light :)

I'm so pleased you liked Bellatrix in Azkaban! Naww, say "thanks" to your mum :D

Ohh, I'm glad that you wondered where this would end! :D Thank you so so much for your amazing review, darling! I must apologise about the late-ness of my reply - I've been a bit ill and life has been crazy this past month. So I am very sorry.

Cheers lovely ^_^
-Elizabeth xo

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Review #14, by webeta123 Blackest of Occasions

1st January 2011:
This was really interesting to me. It was the simple fact that Narcissa still had that scrapbook that really killed me. Oh and the end was just heartbreaking! If it weren't for the fact that she killed Sirius I'd feel bad for Bellatrix. Anyway, great story all around.
10/10 :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your lovely review! :D

I'm glad that this was heartbreaking, as evil as that sounds :P I wanted readers to feel some sympathy for the Black sisters.

Thanks again for reviewing! ^_^


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Review #15, by Ayla Blackest of Occasions

29th December 2010:
I love this story! It has a unique point of view, and truly delves deeper into some of the minor character's lives. I had never thought that their household could be so peaceful before the sisters broke apart. The piece was heartbreaking, yet amazing.

Author's Response: Thank you so so much for your amazing review!!! I do rather like delving into the lives of minor characters, as there is so much that we don't know about them :)

I know what you mean, and their childhood isn't mentioned very often, so I do hope I did it justice!

*blushes* Thanks so much, I'm honoured you think this is amazing :)


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Review #16, by RandomLizzie Blackest of Occasions

27th December 2010:
I loved it. It's really good, your writing style is excellent! I could go on reading it for hours! :D Well done! More? :P

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so very much for your lovely review! I'm seriously blushing here :P

Unfortunately, this is only a one-shot, so there will be no more chapters. However, this does tie in with my story Flaming Darkness, which is about Bellatrix and her sisters, and it will be re-posted from my old account once the queue is re-opened ;)

I'm so glad you liked this, and thanks again for your review!!

~Lizzie :)

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Review #17, by No1HarryPotterFan Blackest of Occasions

23rd December 2010:
It's sad that Bellatrix doesn't remember her birthdays anymore but at least Narcissa does. I wonder if Andromeda does too? Isn't Andromeda the oldest and Bellatrix the middle child? It doest really effect your story and I still love it, I just had to say!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your review!! Writing Bellatrix was sad, but fun in a dark way :P

On the Black family tree, Bellatrix is the oldest; Andromeda being the middle child. But I've seen stories where Andromeda is the eldest, likewise for Narcissa, we well! ^_^

Again, thank you so very much for your review; I'm honoured you love this one-shot :)


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