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Review #1, by ms4aisa The one who sounds like melting honey

22nd November 2011:
love love love Delilah! :) she's awesome :D can't wait for the next chapter:)

Author's Response: I have mixed emotions about Delilah. She's pretty much a blonde version of me (yes, I can be that embarassing and socially awekward at times) but with alot of her own little twists... I've never written a character like her before, so it's a nice change for me, too.

Thanks for the review (:

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Review #2, by Loony_Scorpy The one who sounds like melting honey

9th October 2011:
This is sooo funny!! I can't wait for more! I'm loving all of your characters already! :D

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much for the kind review (:

Glad you like it!

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Review #3, by plainInsane18 The one who sounds like melting honey

26th July 2011:
Holy crap - the line about the beater having the look of a goldfish staring at the castle ruins had me lolling for a solid minute strait. And my body like convulses when I lol, so it was painful, but the line was too good not to laugh. The descriptions that you give of Delilah's opinions/thoughts/observations of other people are what make this story, in my opinion, as good as it is. Sometimes her ramblings (those that are out loud, anyway) are a little over the top (also in my opinion), but I've never met anyone as painfully shy as she seems to be, so I could just be awkward for her...Anyways, please keep up your diligence and attention to Delilah's character! And update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you for this review, it was so kind! It has been so long since I've updated this story, but I'm halfway through the next chapter already, so hopefully I can finish that soon and put it up.

Thanks again for the review!

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Review #4, by In Response To Lydia The Girl with Two Flowers in her Name

16th July 2011:
You see the problem is, that 'Delilah' is another name, a nickname of sorts, for the Deliah flower. And while I am sure smashed_crayon is appreciative for your concern for her mistake, it's not a hundred percent necessary for you to take the time to inform her of her 'mistake' which, when looked at in the right light, isnt a mistake at all. It's outright rude, if you ask me.
Excellent story hun :)

Author's Response: Thanks for that (:

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Review #5, by naflower05 The one who sounds like melting honey

12th July 2011:
Yay! Chapter!! Good chapter, I can't wait for her training with Sirius. Update again soon!! =]

Author's Response: Glad you liked the chapter (:
I'll update as soon as chapter three is written!

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Review #6, by lydia The Girl with Two Flowers in her Name

12th July 2011:
see, the problem is that
Delilah = evil, seductive biblical character that is responsible for samson's downfall,
Dahlia = flower
so repeating "delilah rose" all the time and saying that she's the girl with two flowers in her name really makes you sound stupid.

Author's Response: Oh. Well I don't really have an extensive knowledge of the bible, but I'm so glad that someone who DOES had the kindness to point that out.

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Review #7, by Starlight The one who sounds like melting honey

9th May 2011:
I love this story so far. Delilah is such an interesting character, really refreshing.

Can't wait to see where you're taking this, so yeah.. Update soon, and I'll be the happiest girl in the world ;)

Author's Response: Hey (:

You know what? The day you posted this review was actually my birthday. So thanks (:

And I will update soon, it's been a long time but I'm halfway through chapter 4 already. It will be up soon!

Thanks for the kind review, glad you liked Delilah (:

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Review #8, by Grey Eyes The one who sounds like melting honey

16th April 2011:
Sirius Has Grey Eyes.Sorry, That Just Sorta Pissed Me Off.

Author's Response: Oh. Darn, I'd forgotten about that. I'll fix it, thanks for pointing it out (:

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Review #9, by MissMademoiselle The boy who smiles like hot chocolate

22nd March 2011:
Do i even have to say it? This was FABULOUS! Well der it is you :D. Anyway, favourite quotes... erm... I'll get back to you on that too many! Hahahahaha I MISS YOU SO MUCH i cant wait to see you again, i get back Sunday 27th so on tuesday afternoon catch the bus that goes to my high school and ill meet you at W's bus stop and we can talk? I will definitely be there on tuesday. We should also have a sleepover before the marathon (which you ARE coming to) so e can catch up.
I need you! Please review my story again! I have got a chapter you havent reviewd so no getting out of it. cue: serious face.


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Review #10, by MissMademoiselle The one who sounds like melting honey

19th March 2011:
haha i was just thinking tia, tia-bone, t-bone steak. I'm cool like that. ANYWAYS have you noticed that in 4/5 of your storys the banners have main characters touching their hair? HAHAHA coincidence? I think not, you always touch your hair. but so do most girls so i guess not that coincidental.
Another lovely chapter, i love you're storys always of course. Today i met my mum's cousin's daughter, and she and i are really close i love her and she's hilarious. I am writing this from a couch in wales while i eat salad for dinner. it's the first health food i've had in a while ahahahaha.
Also, you need to update soon and REVIEW my stories. i miss you heaps! And reply to my reviews woman! You are my best friend, i need you!

10/10 (I know what you think of yourself and i'd say 1/10 but i'd be lying)

Author's Response: TIA-BONE!? Oh the strange things your mind comes up with, May. Only you would think of something like that!!

I went to check all my banners after reading this, and your right! In EVERY single one, my MC is touching her hair! I know, I have that annoying habit of pulling my hand through my hair all the time...I must work on that!!

You're writing this from a couch in WALES!? You do not know how jealous I am right now.

Well, I'm writing thins from a kitchen in Australia, so yeah, feel that envy. I'm actually multi tasking and writing as I bake a cake, so I actually started answering this, like, ten minutes ago.

I'm sorry fot being a bad best friend!! I'll go and be supportive as soon as I finish writing this (and baking my cake), and I'll shower you with praise and love, as is due.

Love you, May, I can't wait till you get back!!


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Review #11, by MissMademoiselle The Girl with Two Flowers in her Name

16th March 2011:
So good! **Sqeuals like a mouse**
I don't as a general rule read marauders era because I always cry when Lily and James die. However since it's you I absolutely had to!
And I was reading the first review you left me on my story, and I thought i should warn you, come chapter 8 in my first story lotte goes on what Albus calls a "psycho bitch rampage". It's quite funny, and i hope my readers agree, especially you, but it's also a bit scary (in a hilarious kind of way). When i get back home we are having a Harry potter marathon - me you my mum the psycho kids (H&W i dont wanna mention by name) and Cait also my brother - which my mum started organising with h&w before telling me! i founs out from h hahaha.
Anyway, i have missed your reviews and i have missed Phoenix so update at least one of your stories soon and PLEASE REVEW MINE i miss my bestest buddie.

10/10 (duh)

Author's Response: Don't worry Maya, Lily and James WILL NOT DIE!! EVER!! Never ever ever ever. I couldn't even write a scene like that, I would be too busy crying over my keyboard.

The psyco kids!? H&W sounds like some kind of clothesline! That was nice of them to organize it all, though (:

I'll review your story as soon as I finishing answering mine, I've just been kind of busy lately.


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Review #12, by Annonimous The boy who smiles like hot chocolate

11th March 2011:
Cheesecake I like the way she describes it shows her personality

Author's Response: aww, thanks, I was aiming at something original. I'm glad you like it!

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Review #13, by Hope's Mom The one who sounds like melting honey

8th March 2011:
It is unusual to meet someone who seems more socially inept than me! I look forward to reading of her growth and development as a person and at the game of quidditch. Thanks for writing!

Author's Response: Delilah is a little awekward socially, isn't she?

But really, she just needs to get a little confidence flowing and she'll be fine.

I love it how she's easy to realate to, which makes her seem more real in a way...

Anyway, thanks for reviewing!!!


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Review #14, by Looney Loopy Laura The one who sounds like melting honey

8th March 2011:
Ha ok, i really do just love this story. and i LOVE the way you've portrayed James in this... it's just the way i always pictures him as the captain. love it. And Sirius too! But you had me fooled. for a minute there I thought Del was going to start fancying Remus, but then Sirius popped up. Hm I'll have to wait and see what happens. Update soon please!

Author's Response: I like James too, he makes a good captain.

I know, Sirius and Remus, Remus and Sirius, which one will it be?

haha, I'll update soon, glad you like this!

xx - Tia

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Review #15, by Looney Loopy Laura The boy who smiles like hot chocolate

8th March 2011:
ok so first of all, i want to say OMG that you mentioned "The Sweet Far Thing" because NO ONE has ever heard of that series and it's just so good. ok, next. I'm REALLY liking this story so far. I think it has a lot of potential and i'm really excited to see where you take this. And i absolutely love the way Del describes things... its so perfect! Anyways, great job!

Author's Response: You've read it too!!!

I was reading it when I wrote that chapter, so I figured I'd just put it in (:

And thank you for this review, it was so nice, it made me smile (:

(notice all the smily faces)


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Review #16, by Looney Loopy Laura The Girl with Two Flowers in her Name

8th March 2011:
This is really cute so far. I like Delilah's character... it's very relatable. I wonder what will happen at the tryouts! Great start!

Author's Response: I love Delilah too (:

Thank you for the review!!

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Review #17, by 65ashben The one who sounds like melting honey

6th March 2011:
Yay. I liked the part where she went on rambling. The chapter was great. I can't wait for more!!!

Author's Response: More soon, glad you like it!

The rambling bit was fun to write, too (:


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Review #18, by HannahJoyWeber The one who sounds like melting honey

6th March 2011:
comma after quiet in paragraph five. you are a skilled writer, you're being too hard on yourself.


Author's Response: Aww, thanks (:

That was a nice thing to say!

I'll put that comma in when I update (:

xx Tia

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Review #19, by dinasayah The one who sounds like melting honey

4th March 2011:
YEAA i loveedd it!
PLEaee update fast!

Author's Response: I will update soon! I've just got a little writers block right now, but that should clear up soon!

Thank you for the review!

xx - Tia

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Review #20, by heart4siriusblack The one who sounds like melting honey

4th March 2011:
Another lovely chapter! I love Delilah more and more :)
At first I thought she would be with Remus, but now Sirius is thrown into the mix! So many cute boys for a little wallflower to choose from :)
Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: She'll have a hard time when the time comes for her to choose between the two...

But for now, she's just meeting them, so it's ok!!

Thanks for the review (:


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Review #21, by inessa The one who sounds like melting honey

4th March 2011:
Poor Delilah! She really is unlucky,but I do find her hilarious.
Kinda like the nickname "blondie" and last chapter I thought she was going to date Remus, this chapter makes me think she's going to date Sirius. Well, which one is it?
Update soon and great job. This chapter was amazing

Author's Response: Hmm, the plot thickens...

What do you think? Remus or Sirius??

Thank you for taking the time to review!!


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Review #22, by Soleil et Lune The one who sounds like melting honey

4th March 2011:
awe poor Blondie (snicker) I feel bad for her, only three laps, and then extra training with Black, awe I'm almost surprised she didn't die of embarrassment! Especially when Lupin came into the picture.

Author's Response: First review for the chapter!!!

I know, poor thing! I'm currently trying to think up what embarassing things could happen to her during training...

It'll be up soon!

Thank you for the review!!


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Review #23, by GitsGallore The boy who smiles like hot chocolate

3rd February 2011:
Ah, this'll take awhile... (I'm on my Wii.)
I enjoy reading this story a lot. :] I like how Del is quiet and reserved; I don't often read stories where the main character has a personality like this. Q. for you: Did JK confirm that Mary was Lily's bff? Because this is the second story I've read with Mary. (The first being Failure by Design.)
Anyway, love it and keep it up!

Author's Response: Hey (:

JK didn't say that Mary was specifically (is that spelt right?) Lily's bff, but she does mention her quiet a bit in DH.

So I decided to stick to cannon a bit, and add her in (:

Thanks for reviewing!!!

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Review #24, by Lewis The boy who smiles like hot chocolate

3rd February 2011:
I'm really interested in the story, and so far it's really good. One of the very few Remus stories that are actually half decent. Update often :D

Author's Response: Thankyou! And I'll try and update soon, school is just a little crazy at the moment. But thanks for reading (and reviewing)

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Review #25, by HannahJoyWeber The boy who smiles like hot chocolate

30th January 2011:
well done! you did a good job of introducing those characters, and you took my advice of changing them to some extent :) personnally, I don't think it's strange how del compares people to other things... I do it all the time (but maybe I'm 'special' too...) can't wait for the next chapter! sorry there's not much advice in this review, I'm waiting to see where you take this :) one thing is you used 'saw' instead of 'say' once.

Author's Response: Hey Hannah!

As lovetobeginny said, Del is unique! So you're not special, you're unique too (:

Thanks for reviewing. I think you may be my most comitted reviewer! (not that I have many).

Anyway, I'll be sure to fix that 'saw' mistake (thanks for pointing that out, btw). I'm writing the next chapter now, but it's hard from Del's point of view.

I'll finish it soon, hopefully.

xx - smashed_crayon

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