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Review #1, by academica One

21st August 2012:
Back again :)

Ooh, this is interesting! I do hope you'll continue it; I like getting a glimpse into the life of normal post-war Hermione and the others. Normally I would probably take issue with the friendly way that Draco is acting, but for some reason it seems to fit with the overall atmosphere of this story. I also really like Hermione's relationship with Ron; again, it seems very normal and happy, and I'm curious to see where Draco will enter in and shake things up here. All in all, a very good beginning!


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Review #2, by Phoenix_Flames One

28th August 2011:
Hey there! I'm finally here with your review for the exchange. I'm so sorry for the long wait, but I finally made time for it!

And oh my gosh. I consider myself very lucky that you submitted this fic and that I got paired with you. This was absolutely brilliant.

You have a talent for descriptions. You really do. You set up the opening scene perfectly. All these small descriptions of the world around them really contributed to the story as a whole. It made everything feel light and I wanna say dreamy just because your descriptions were top notch. :)

You also did a brilliant job with Ron and Hermione. They were perfectly in character, and I really felt like I could have been reading from JKR herself and that's saying something. Super awesome job.

And I liked the bit with Draco and Hermione running into each other. It was subtle and there really was no tension. Which I think is great. I think that after the war the trio and Draco would have put aside their differences and moved past it. I'm glad that they didn't call each other by their surnames, but rather by their firsts. It just shows their maturity, something that definitely would have occurred after the war.

This was brilliant. Absolutely wonderful and I enjoyed it so much! :)

Author's Response: Totally forgiven given the disgustingly long amount of time it has taken me to respond :P And just let me say now thank you so much for such a lovely review!! It really makes me smile to read it!

Description is definitely what I consider my greatest strength as a writer, and it is something I'm pretty proud of, so it always makes me happy when someone points is out so thanks for that! And asdfbdsh. The trio can be so hard to get in character, so it's a huge relief (not to mention super flattering) to hear you say that. Let's hope I can continue to keep them in character for the rest of the story!

Yes, that is exactly what I was going for with Draco and Hermione! They still aren't friends by any means, but there is sort of the sense that it is time to settle their differences and move on with their lives. Holding a grudge isn't going to do any good. Now to transition them for work acquaintances to romance! -rubs hands-

Thanks again for such a wonderful review! Glad you enjoyed!!

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Review #3, by Care of Magical Creatures One

15th February 2011:
A nice and sweet little short story.

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #4, by Indigo Seas One

9th January 2011:
The 50 Review Challenge has brought be -gasp- here! to YOU! and your lovely story! Which, as I all ready mentioned just 8 words ago, is LOVELY.

I'm always really nervous when reading trio-centered fics, you know (or maybe you didn't but NOW you do). I'm so scared that the author will write them all wrong and I'll get angry. But THIS, my dear, is (as previously stated now 43 words ago) is lovely. Hermione and Ron are both completely in character, and though we didn't see much of Draco, he wasn't just "LOOK I'M NOW A BEAUTIFUL-HEARTED PERSON AND HAVE FOUR PUPPIES AT HOME," which makes me very, very happy, believe me. :)

Again, it was lovely. And I'm going to repeat it over and over again because it really WAS.

xx Rin

Author's Response: Rin, darling, thank you for the LOVELY review!! :P

I didn't know that you are usually nervous of trio-centric fics, actually (although it's certainly not an uncommon opinion), so hearing that you think Ron and Hermione are both in character is really really reassuring (and flattering). And Draco - ahah, he definitely isn't going to be a beautiful hearted pet owner. He's done his time and mellowed out a bit, but he's still Draco. Might have to give him a puppy now though . hmmm. :P

I'm so glad you enjoyed this, thank you so much again for stopping by and taking the time to review! Reading this just makes me smile everytime :D xoxo

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Review #5, by AquariaJasmyne One

31st December 2010:
Hi Marzipan! Here from the review chain over on the HPFF forums ^_^

This was great! I felt it was really easy to connect with Hermione, and you wrote her brilliantly. I also really liked how detailed your writing was, too.

Ron was really in character, I thought. I haven't read much about the trio once the war ended, but you wrote him just as I thought he would have been like! Actually, with the small glimpses of the trio era character, I honestly thought that they were so in character, I cannot fault it at all!

I laughed at Ron trying to "corrupt the youth". That was so cute! It was sweet how he went straight over to Hermione :)

This was a great opening chapter! I really thought it was lovely, and it left me wanting more. Excellent work!

Happy New Year!
-Elizabeth :)

Author's Response: Hi Elizabeth, thanks for the lovely review!

I'm glad you think I've got everyone in character so far. I know that the trio are among the top offenders for OOC-ness, so it is very reassuring to hear that they seem to be in line here. Ron is one of my favourite characters too, so I'm especially glad to hear you think I've written him well! Corrupting the youth, indeed! Some things never change, no matter how old you get :P

I'm so glad that you liked this chapter, hopefully you will continue to enjoy it if you decide to stick with the story! :)

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