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Reading Reviews for JAMESIE!
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Review #1, by Prongs05JP Huddlepuff Stands For Awesomeness

8th January 2011:
I was not expecting that!! BUT I LOVE IT! (L) You guys are hilarious! That was such an amazing read!! And the best present I could ever get from you guys like ever, ever, ever, ever, ever! THIS BEATS MY NEW iPOD XD And I can't wait to read more! (If you write more, of course).
This is... I cannot describe how immensely awesome this is. THANK YOU SO, SO MUCH!
Now I'm contemplating whether to leave a proper review, or just shower you with more compliments and thank you's. Hmm...
(Okay maybe I'm done).
(One second...)
And I still haven't done your Christmas/New Year/Just for funzies present.
(But I will!)
So this had me smiling the whole way through, and its such an awesomesauce idea to have you in the story - you two, like, the funniest and most epic Hufflepuffs EVER. I absolutely can't wait for more, and especially to see if "I" turn up! XD I loved it, loved it, (have I mentioned that yet?).
You are like... the most awesome people ever. ILY.
Can't wait to see more Huddlepuff action, and to see what mischief you two get up to, so please write more!! You can't leave me hanging! xD
By the way, you two as characters was so funny :'D I nearly died of laughter... "If she turns into an ant, I'll press charges!" and many other hilarious lines - it was brilliant that Dumbledore could barely control you XD GAH! Ahh I so want to read more, this is my favourite fic EVER. Thank you guys so much, and now I'm just rambling so you can know that I REALLY enjoyed this!
Love Jamesie xx
(1 billion/10)

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Review #2, by dinasayah Huddlepuff Stands For Awesomeness

23rd December 2010:
LMFAOO ohh this kills mee
its really good
pelase update ;)

Author's Response: haha yay! thank you for the review, makes us so happy!

Promise we will update! as soon as possible ;)


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Review #3, by Corlijn Huddlepuff Stands For Awesomeness

23rd December 2010:
Hiya! :D When I read your summary you got me at the flying polar bear bit :) I loved it! But I love the story even more! It's hilarious :) and I really like your writing style! The whole setup is original aswell :D Plus reading it made me really happy :) Give me a new chapter for Christmas please? :)

Author's Response: haha thank you so much! it's quite good to know our writing style isn't messed up because we're two brains meddling with each others ideas.

Making people happy is what we aim for ;P

-we'll try to update asap promise!

Thank you for leaving us a review made us really happy!


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