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Review #1, by schoenberg12 Gifts

23rd May 2011:
i love neville stories! this was awesome! i wrote a story about neville's first baby being born! you should take a gander (in the professor chronicles). but yeah, this was so sweet. i felt a shiver up my spine when i realized what she was gonna give neville. so cute!

Author's Response: Thanks for your review! Sorry it took me so long to respond. I, too, love Neville stories. He's always been one of my favorite characters. I'll definitely check out your story when I get a chance. Thanks for reading!

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Review #2, by orderofthephoenix Gifts

11th January 2011:
Aw, so sweet and fluffy and adorable. I like Neville/Hannah fics and I think this is a really good one. :)

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing :) I'm glad you appreciated the fluffy goodness :) If you like Neville/Hannah, I have another fluff-fest of a story about them called 'Of Pints and Pigtails' that you might enjoy. *cough*shamelessplug*cough* Thanks again for your review :)

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Review #3, by AndrinaBlack Gifts

30th December 2010:
When I started to read this I thought I had already reviewed it, but then I realised it was the story I was reading when I got interrupted when reading before Christmas. That's for reading at work. ;) I was really happy to come back to it though. The beginning was promising and the latter part which I just read for the first time was lovely as well!

This was a really lovely story. Although I expected the ending, it was still great to read. This was so lovely Christmassy fluffyness! :) I love the flower you had invented for the necklace. It's always fun when people come up with some own magic things. I think you had Neville and Hannah down really well and the story was very well written. There was such a warm feeling about it and it flowed well too. A very enjoyable Christmassy read! :)

Author's Response: Reading at work? I would /never/ do such a thing... -shifty eyes- ;)

I didn't actually invent the flower. I just had a vague idea that I wanted Neville to give a flower to Hannah, and discovered that one on a list. The meaning and description all seemed to fit in perfectly with the story, so I kind of lucked out.

As for the be honest, this was not how it was supposed to end. Hannah wasn't supposed to be pregnant, but I was thwarted by how much I love Neville, so I gave him what he wanted. Plus, it was a Christmas story, and I feel like Christmas stories should end happily.

Thanks so much for your review :)

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Review #4, by Pacific Wizard Gifts

22nd December 2010:
Singularity: Magnificent story, beautifully written and touching. As always, you have a wonderful writing style that flows smoothly. Your characterizations were spot on. I was only a tad confused when you spoke of them drifting apart but brought them together without a hint of trouble. As I read through it, I saw where you were headed with this. Great story for this season. It could be a good story line to continue. As usual, I'm in awe of you. Happy Christmas Singularity. Well Done. PW

Author's Response: Happy Christmas, PW :) Thank you for the lovely review. I really appreciate knowing what you thought worked and what doesn't work as well. I'll have to see if I can edit/expand it a bit to make that part more realistic. Thanks again for your thoughts and your review. It's always much appreciated.


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Review #5, by Timechild Gifts

21st December 2010:
Nice surprise, and nicely done. The way you described them sounded so real that I can believe that they did actually marry.

Good Job

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing! Hannah and Neville were never one of my favorite pairings, but they're starting to grow on me. Well, Hannah is, Neville was always my favorite :)

Thanks again for your review! I'm so glad you enjoyed it :) Happy Holidays!

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Review #6, by winterbaby Gifts

21st December 2010:
Aww, this is so sweet! I love how you describe the scene and the feelings between Neville and Hannah, and I thought that Neville's gift was so sweet!

I love the ending with Hannah's present, though. I definitely did not expect that!

Fantastic job! 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing! I'm really glad you enjoyed this fluffy little one shot :) Also, can I say that I'm really glad the ending caught you (at least slightly) by surprise. I always worry that I'm blatantly obvious about little things like that :P

Thanks again for your review! Happy Holidays!

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