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Review #1, by megthechef43 Extraordinary.

5th April 2013:

This was such a beautiful story and heartbreaking. I was crying by the end of it. The deal breaker was when Hermione named her daughter after this special little girl and was able to honor Tonks. I didn't understand what made Rosie special at first. I was curious to why no one else wanted to be her friend. I love that Andromeda made Tonks go to muggle school instead of being homeschooled. It seems very much like something she would do for Tonks.

I read the last line and I start crying all over again. Great story. I'm so glad I read this.

Megthechef43 aka Meg

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Review #2, by Niclovegood Extraordinary.

13th May 2012:
:) This is such a lovely story!

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Review #3, by Hi Extraordinary.

2nd April 2012:
Wow. Just wow. I can't believe this story has only got 3 reviews, it's like the best story I've ever read! And I know you added in the Hermione part, but it fits just perfectly and really captures the essence of the story, don't you think? And, please consider writing a bit more about Rosie and Tonks, we readers would really appreciate it. (By the way, I love your banner, it's very eye-catching and Rosie is so pretty!)

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Review #4, by helpful Extraordinary.

4th May 2011:
I loved this! Also, what is your favorite ceral?

Author's Response: Thanks! Frosted Mini-Wheats.

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Review #5, by Snapdragons Extraordinary.

10th April 2011:
This is actually simultaneously beautiful, heartbreaking, and adorable - and perfect. I can't believe more people haven't already read this - this definitely deserves more attention!

Rosie and Tonks' relationship is so sweet. I can't believe Tonks lost her best friend at such a young age - that's such a hard thing to get past. Her speech towards Rosie was precious.

I loved the idea of saying every day, "I am extraordinary." Extraordinary seems like the perfect word for Tonks.

And it was a beautiful touch at the end for Hermione to find it and then not name her girl Alexandria... but Rose. I'm sure Tonks was smiling too. :)

A wonderful job! Made me feel warm and fuzzy inside :3

Author's Response: Oh my gosh- you are the greatest thank you so so much for this review. It hasn't really gotten much review love but people like you totally make up for it :)

I'm glad you liked Rosie and Tonks and found this whole situation in character for Tonks since we don't really know much about her childhood, that's so nice to hear. And the name thing honestly came last minute, it wasn't even planned until I realized they had the same names and I realized how insanely perfect it was, like it was meant to be.

You're review made me feel warm and fuzzy inside! :3 Thanks so so so much it was really appreciated.

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Review #6, by Marzipan Extraordinary.

27th December 2010:
Oh. My. God.
I am crying, literally. This was absolutely beautiful! You have written something incredible here - everything is just perfect. Tonks' tale of her friendship with Rosie was wonderful, and was full of surprises - having Rosie be in a wheelchair was a really unique way of forming a bond between the two girls. And then to have her die at the end? Poor Tonks. But what I found most heartbreaking was the ending, having Hermione find the letter and having it inspire her to name her own daughter Rose. Such a wonderful way to keep both girl's memory alive. There is really not enough I can say to tell you how amazing this is, so I'll just end this by saying I love this and I love you. Wonderful!

Author's Response: Aw Marzipan you're a doll! I'm so glad you liked this enough that it made you cry- even though I feel bad for making you cry! Tonks has always been a really tough cookie and I could see something like this happening to her as a child like this. And the Hermione thing was totally unplanned, at the end I just wanted someone to find the letter and it ended up being her and I was like 'Wait, she names her kid Rose, this is Rosie! Hmmm...' (: Glad you enjoyed! Thank you SO much for the review.

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