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Review #1, by Writersbane1 Brothers, break-ins, and broomsticks

17th September 2012:
Can you say "snicker, Snort, GufFAW, ROTFLMAO!"? Loved it-just don't take so long before the next chapter, okay?

Author's Response: Yay, a review! I try to keep that in mind - it always surprises me how much fun I have writing those one-shots, so I really should write more.
Until then ;)

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Review #2, by Gabriella Hunter New Beginnings

23rd March 2012:

I saw, on my site, while I was browsing that you actually favorited one of my stories("Albus Potter and the Dark Lord's Prince")! Gasp! I was really surprised because I never get much going on for them and I thought, "Why not read some more of this person's work? They're too nice!" and man, did I love this! Thank you so much! I am a devoted George/Angelina shipper. I do agree with you that it was very random and people generally hate this pairing but I've grown to love them together. So...that's why I made a fanfic! Check it out of you like, its "This is Angelina" and all that.
But anyway, I thought that the aftermath of the War and how everyone, not just George was trying to get things together was very well-done. Some parts of this, like the letter were so sad that I almost couldn't keep reading but I made it through and I was so glad that I did. Wonderfully done! I'll be checking out more of your stuff!
Much love,

Author's Response: Thank you so much :) That was a really nice thing to do!

I'll check out your George/Angelina too, since I've really come to love that pairing. Even though I'd never tried writing them before, this piece almost wrote itself; and I was sold. Losing a close family member is hard, and it must be even more so for a twin.
I'm so glad you liked it!
Cheers, Leo

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Review #3, by Gareth White Wedding

8th March 2012:
I haven't read in a while and I chose to read this. By far, I thought it went well

Author's Response: Thanks, that's really nice to hear! And of course, thanks for leaving your feedback. I hope you liked it enough to return some time ;)

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Review #4, by Writersbane1 A Prank Too Far

7th March 2012:
snicker, Snort GufFAW-FULLOUT LAUGHIN MY HEAD OFF! Serves Gred and Forge right! No wonder Percy turned into a hidebound, kiss-the-authoties'-heinie type; he figured if Arthur was capable of doing THAT to his own kids, someone without families ties would be several order of magnitude worse.

Author's Response: Haha, as always, I love your response! As for Percy, I think he felt the twin's shadow as much as Ron, even though he reacted in a different way.
Stay tuned, there's more where this is coming from ;)

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Review #5, by Jen The Brothers Weasley

17th February 2012:
I have loved every bit of this story - from beginning to end. I think my favourites were George/Angie and Ron/Hermione, but all of the chapters are wonderful. You obviously have a love for the Weasleys, as you write them wonderfully well.

Author's Response: Once again, thank you so much - especially for letting me know you liked it!
And yes, I love the Weasleys to bits. Even Percy ;)
xxx Leo

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Review #6, by Jen New Beginnings

16th February 2012:
This chapter took me ages to read, as I had to keep stopping to take my glasses off and wipe all the tears away. This was heart-wrenchingly beautiful. Well done.

Author's Response: Woah, really?
You don't know how happy that makes me! Why? Because I had always thought George/Angelina was just a random pairing, but I tried it for this collection anyway. And now I can't picture either with anyone else.
Thank you so much for the review :D

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Review #7, by Writersbane1 The Brothers Weasley

14th February 2012:
Even with the serious undertone from mention of the Death eaters, still too hilarious for mere words!

Author's Response: Thanks :D I simply cannot imagine the Weasleys any other way!

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Review #8, by Writersbane1 (In)Compatible

17th December 2011:
So Charlie DID find something besides dragons to light his fire. Too bad he couldn't keep hers lit-that might have been even MORE interesting than the story as told (no small trick).

Author's Response: Yay, a review!
I completely love that comment ;) I've also played with having them get back together later in life, because I like Kitty a lot. It'd be an AU though, or just ignoring JKR's predictions for Charlie.
EIther way, thanks for the feedback!

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Review #9, by the midnight avenger White Wedding

8th December 2011:
That was really great! I loved how you went into such detail with all the Weasley and Prewett relations and that you researched everything as well. You also really stuck with canon in that it seemed as if everyone really were wizards, which a lot of fanfiction doesn't accomplish. The characterization of Molly and Arthur was also very well done. Awesome job!

Author's Response: Hey!
Thanks for the lovely feedback :) It always means a lot hearing that I managed to pull off the awesome characters of the HarryPotterVerse!

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Review #10, by mellypotter1223 Reason to Live

8th December 2011:
I would have loved this chapter if it didn't end there and wasn't so short. There should have been some sort of conversation or reconciliation. I feel like Harry and Ginny r one of the most important pairs and their chapter is the shortest of the bunch so far...

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Review #11, by Akussa At Long Last

17th November 2011:
Hello for one last time (for now!) and I want to let you know that you have to honnor of reveiving my 400th review!

This was a classic Ron / Hermione love story; how nothing can go perfectly between them because they expect so much form the other, they just can't stand to wait on the other and just love what they have!!

Both their characterization was excellent (as well as George's). I absolutly loved that Ron decided to stay and make his demand in front of his family (and what a demand it was!! Brilliant writting, that was!), that was a great way to show how Ron has grown up and gained the maturity and confidence he lacked as a teenager.

It was a great idea to mix this with the birth of Percy's daughter (once again, brilliant declaration by Ron on that!). Great work! I can't wait to see the next one / ones. Will there be one of Charlie as well? I'll definitly read what you come up with, you have done wonderful work so far so keep it up!

Author's Response: Congrats on that! I have quite a way to go to catch up with, review-wise, then :)

I couldn't imagine Ron or Hermione with anyone else, they balance each other perfectly. And I think he is the only one Hermione would get so worked up over. I had actually planned to have the proposal in a more private setting; but it seemed more fitting that way, and everyone else butting in. I'm glad you think the same way .)

Oh, and I'm working on a Bill/Fleur chapter, when I'm stuck on my NaNo plot. I have a rough sketch for Charlie as well. Curiously, you are the second reviewer to ask for a Charlie chapter. With the response I'm getting, I might just add another chapter for each of them. We'll see.

Okay, I don't want to sound repetitive, but thank you! I'm sure you know the feeling when you get a positive response, and that it is not just a waste of time.

xox Leo

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Review #12, by Akussa Reason to Live

17th November 2011:

What a lovely scene. Rarely do I read such lovely and believable stories depicting the moments right after the fight. You master that though, I shouldn't be surprised afterall...
Seriously, that was great. I love how you managed to make Ginny's tiredness real, as much in her physical sense as the emotional one. Having this one little moment that meant everything. It was beautiful!

There was one slightly less beautiful think with this chapter though (can you picture me frowning and shaking a finger in you ridrection). Strangely, because it isn't your usual style, there were many typos in this chapter. Here are most of those I spotted.

"...heguided his trunk towards the door."

"Then, she laid down on the bed, mirroring his position on the bed..." I think you mean the position on the bed next to them? the one with Ron and Hermione?

"...where he'd has his wand"

"Surely she had someone else? He felt his chest tighten at the thought. But why would she be here with you if she was?" this could only be me but I feel like you didn't use the right verb on the third sentence. In the first you say "...she had..." in the third "...she was..."

Aside from that, it was a wonderful story, just long enough to be beautiful and enjoy. Grat job!

Author's Response: Ah, thanks for telling me.
This chapter was so difficult to write, so I just posted it and have it done with. I'll go through it again, though, wouldn't want to leave those typos.

Still, it means a lot that I got across what I wanted; as I said, this was incredible diffictult.
Thanks for the feedback .)

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Review #13, by Akussa New Beginnings

17th November 2011:
Hi!! Ok, I decided to just go ahead and stop stopping myself, I'll read everything!

This particular chapter was brilliant. I cried a little, laughed a little; my day is made when it comes to the emotions!

I always loved the idea of George and Angelina together, it fits and with this story, you confirm my view. It is very beliavable for those two to end up together. I also love how you included their friends in this story, especially Lee. He was always by their side and, honestly, it must be strange for him as well to have lost such a close friend.

You did a wonderful job once again with these characters. George was just perfect and very believable. I just wanted to hug him as well. Great job!

Author's Response: Okay, and you just made my day with this review :D
It felt very intense writing it, but that comment about your reaction just floored me.

As for the pairing, I always thought George/Angelina was just random. Or rather, I never thought too much about it, but that changed when I was writing this piece, it made sense all of a sudden. I love hearing it works for you as well! I couldn't picture George with anyone else now.
I am loving the feedback in general; thank you so much for taking out the time.
Cheers, Andrea

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Review #14, by Akussa Till We Meet Again

16th November 2011:
Why yes, I am back again! This time though, it's because you are writting such compelling stories that I just can't keep myself from reading them all :)

Oh Fred... What a lovely and heartbreaking lovestory this was, when we know the end... It was beautiful. I like that you give this young man a shot at love, no matter what the state of the world is. Fred is the kind of guy that would do that and break the rules to be in love.

I particularily liked the little moment with Remus. The question to prove his identity was perfect, made me laugh!

Once again, a great story and I really loved it!

Author's Response: Hey :)

My first review for the Fred Chapter :)
Yeah, sadly we know the end - which makes it so bittersweet. Only a few more weeks for Fred, and Remus too. Sometimes, those characters seem entirely too real when I write them, but I wouldn't have it any other way ;)
Thank you once again for the feedback!

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Review #15, by Akussa On Second Sight

16th November 2011:
Hello again! Did I mention Random Review Day means more than one review? Well it does!

Your take on Percy was simply wonderful. I loved how in-character you presented him. I think I agree with you and that Percy probably didn't know how to act toward his family the day after the war. He probably didn't want to impose or be held responsible for Fred's death. It makes sense that he would not be with them, celebrating.

I love Audrey! She is a very interesting OC (or is it OCC?) and balances Percy's personality very well. I think I would really like reading more about them, from your point of view, that is!

Great work once again; this chapter flowed easily and it was a very lovely trip.

Author's Response: Hello again!

Surprisingly enough, I had fun writing Percy/Audrey. He may have been pompous and ambitious as a teenager and young adult, but I think that a war would change a person. And that he found comfort in Audrey, and really liked the way she turned out! So nice to know you like her too.

Thank you for reviewing :)

P.S.: I have a story in the works that has a lot of Percy/Audrey, but there's also a chapter about them in the Gryffie Holiday collab called "Into the Lion's Den".

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Review #16, by Akussa White Wedding

16th November 2011:
Hello fellow Gryffie! You're the lucky winner of my own personal Random Review Day!

I absolutely loved this little snippet into Molly and Arthur's love and lives. You did a wonderful job with the characterization of these two, especially, as well as all the side characters. The Prewett family was very interesting and I like the idea of Molly having older siblings; it fits.

The descriptions in this chapter were perfect and I was pulled into the story from the first sentence. Great work!

Author's Response: Hello dearie!

Random Review Day, huh? Thanks for that, I was only going to check real quick whether my newest story was validated, but you gave me a nice little surprise on a drab morning :D
I simply love playing with canon, and since I was going to include Gideon and Fabian, I thought why not a few Weasleys too? And I really wanted the Prewetts to be different from the Weasleys, one family respected pure-bloods, the other heavily leaning towards blood-traitors.
Once again, thanks for commenting; it helps to know I'm actually reaching someone!

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Review #17, by Writersbane1 At Long Last

14th October 2011:
Only Ron... who else could time a proposal like that?

Author's Response: Indeed, who could? For me, Ron and Hermione simply belong together, they balance each other nicely.
Thanks for the comment :)

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Review #18, by Mariah At Long Last

28th September 2011:
I loved it. i think it would be really neat if you wrote a story about Charlie and some made up girl also. i have always had a bit of an obesession. i loved reading your stories.

Author's Response: Thanks! There aren't a lot of Charlie stories, are there? Anyway, I have a vague idea for an Charlie/OC, so stay tuned ;)

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Review #19, by megaaan  Reason to Live

22nd September 2011:
This is absolutely fantastic - a wonderful view into what could have happened! :-)

Author's Response: Thank you! Surprisingly, I had the most difficulties with Harry/Ginny out of all the pairings. So glad you liked it :D

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Review #20, by lizmusic45 At Long Last

22nd September 2011:
This is a really sweet Idea for a story, and this chpater was every nicely written I enjoyed emesly. I jus didn'y get one thing. Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione are all living together in a flat?
Poor Harry, gets no alone time with Ginny :)

I loved it though, and you are a very good writer!


Author's Response: Hi!

Haha, yes I have them share a flat in London, when there's no Quidditch camp for Ginny, or Auror missions, or Hermione spending time with her parents. Of course I imagine they'll get their own places after they are married.
Thanks for reviewing, I enjoyed your piece very much too :)

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Review #21, by Phillip At Long Last

22nd September 2011:
Only they would get engaged that way...Their timing for important relationship moments is just impeccable(sarcasm)!

Author's Response: Lol, you hit the nail on the head :D Exactly what I was thinking. And they wouldn't have it any other way!
Thanks for the feedback, it's amazing how one little line can make my day! Cheers, Leo

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Review #22, by SilentConfession New Beginnings

2nd May 2011:
*blubbers* I really adored this so much and i really think you captured what George might have been going through after! Everyone's characterization was great actually and i really loved reading this even though i was close to becoming a blubbering idiot through most of it. I really loved the letter at the end and it really fit in with Fred's chracterization. You did such a good job and i only picke up on one spelling error. You spelt Laughed as loughed when Angelina was throwing her arms around George's neck.
Also, i've never been a fan of this pairing but i think you did a good job at capturing their beginnings. Great job, it was really lovely and everything just flowed together so well! 10/10

Author's Response: Wow, I really didn't expect that feedback.
I always thought the pairing was random until I wanted to try it for this short story collection, and then I found it could have happened that way. The one-shot got longer and longer too, more than twice the length I had planned.
Really, thank you so much for this review, it means a lot! xxx Leo

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Review #23, by lilypotterfan123 New Beginnings

2nd May 2011:
This was actually amazing! The letter nearly made me cry it was that touching but the funny P.S at the end saved me. The letter was my favourite part of the whole thing because of how sweet it was but you maintained Fred's characterisation through and through which I think is lovely! It was so in depth and it flowed so well. Everyone's characterisation was awesome and it was so believable, it would just fit in so well with the whole series! Thank you for an awesome story leo! Oh and if you have this marked down as a one shot thing because it has 3 chapters why not make it a short story collection because I've reviewed another chapter of this and it seems like one. If you already have then sorry for pointing that out! Definite 10/10!
-LpF123 x

Author's Response: OMG, I really love you!
It actually is a collection of one-shots, all showing moments between Weasley couples, or or snap-shots from their lives. And to hear what you thought about the characterisation and the letter means a lot.
Thanks so much for this review! xxx Leo

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Review #24, by lilypotterfan123 White Wedding

28th April 2011:
This was so romantic! I loved the description, it was so in depth! The length meant there was a lot to take in but it was worth it! The way you set the scene was brilliant, I felt like I was there with them- it was so picturesque. This is my favourite part of all,

"Arthur took her left hand, and gently slid the ring onto her finger, on its rightful place(skipped it a little)as he took in her face, he felt a huge smile take over his face.Molly looked in her husbands eyes, finding all the warmth and love she could ever hope for."

That was so sweet, how could you get it so...perfect?
LpF123 x

Author's Response: I'm currently floored :) Wow, what a review! Especially since I almost didn't post it; I wasn't sure if it was /too/ mushy. But then again, I wrote this at Christmas, it was snowing outside and I just went with it! Thanks so much for your feedback, xxx Leo

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Review #25, by Victoria LH On Second Sight

26th April 2011:
This was good too but I liked the first chapter best.

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing! It means a lot to hear someone like it :)

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