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Review #1, by maskedmuggle Different

22nd April 2011:
Hello again :)

Hehe, I don't have anything against a Dramione, so I did enjoy this little fic! It was a bit different from other Dramione's I've read - in a good way of course!

Overall, the plot was really interesting - the flashbacks especially, were really interesting. I really loved your writing! Even though I'm not a Dramione hater, I do find myself wondering how it's possible for Hermione to love Draco, but whatever, I guess it's part of the story, so yeah. :P

Oh, and I really think you're a great writer! Your sentences all flow, the dialogue and description really enhance the fic.. :)
Oh, and now I'm curious about who the brunette is!! Ahh, tell me?

Hehe, wonderfully written story! And you definitely built up my curiosity until the end!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for another amazing review :) I actually really don't like Dramione all that much but the ship kinda fit the best out of the possible ones I could have written about :p

I truly don't deserve such great praise. Thank you so much! The brunette is.someone.there wasn't really a person in mind for the character honestly but in my mind it was someone other than the people we know here to be good friends with at Hogwarts, perhaps someone from work. I wanted to just focus on those two characters and not 'name drop' :)

Thank you so much again! :D

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Review #2, by Dragoness101 Different

15th February 2011:
It was a bit unorganised. It seemed to be in differient points of time. Was the ending in the present or the past? Better luck next time! :)

Author's Response: Unfortunately the "disorganisation" was the actual point of the piece. The juxtapositioning of the present and the future was used to convey the history of their relationship. Also, the final segments place in time is for the reader to infer as it could be both past, present, future or all three. Thank you for your enlightening review.

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