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Review #1, by That random kid Chapter 3

10th November 2011:
Ummm sorry, maybe its just me, but how is this story completed? Can we atleast see their transition back to Dursley? And i was also wondering about Ginny's I'm- not- a- metapmorphagus- but- i- can- still- morph- into- Harry thingy. How is that possible in the first place? Over all it is a well written story, but it kinda leaves you hanging.

Author's Response: For Auror training wizards are trained to change their appearance. This was explained in OofP.
I have a bit more of this story to finish it off, I will post with out haste.

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Review #2, by Perseus chapter 1

14th February 2011:
Spelling lets you down - "sliding his strong arm around her waste " when you really mean "her waist".

Author's Response: But did you enjoy the story?

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Review #3, by presario-x1000 chapter 1

9th January 2011:
It's really good! I like the way you got names from the names (Does that make seance?) But, I think it should of been a bit longer, like what Harry does to Dudley/Lee. Because all Theresa says is: 'Harry Potter.' and that's it. It's done, completed. It's just a bit confusing. And I know for a fact that it is finished, because, it says: Status: COMPLETED. I should know. I checked it. Online(duh!). Four times. On three different computers. And two laptops. Twice a day. For three days. In a row. Then I wrote this review! So I'm only going to give it 9/10 because it confused me a bit. Could you maybe write a sequel?

Author's Response: THANKS for the review. I am going to put it up on the fridge.
I will look and see if there is more.
Please read my other stories.

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