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Review #1, by lady_devil Charity

7th March 2014:
O.O three times in a row!

Give me a moment while I catch my emotions from the sea please! :)

I am emotional with my eyes becoming watery, even more so towards the end of this chapter.

I got to say; when I first started reading this chapter I knew straight away with the opening that it was Deathly Hallows scene at the Malfoy Manor. But I thought this would just be about Luna and Ollivander. Totally did not see Draco lurking the dark there, which made me curious why. I was reading, and I need to say this - another beautiful written story, for it to be told from Draco's point of view was just so captivating. I don't know what else to say other than that. Draco is doing what he is doing and you gave this whole new insight to how he was feeling and thinking about all what's happening around him and during the time when Luna and Olivander are held prisoners at his home. Finally on this note him lingering and curious about where Luna's story was going; only to have him leave and light the candle back up at the end. Wow! A single act of compassion is what I saw right there. It was a perfect ending for the whole story.

With that I am going to favourite this story and look at your other stories! :)

Author's Response: This one was the hardest chapter to write - but in the end it's actually probably the one I'm most proud of. I've never written Draco before, and I haven't written him since, but I just knew it had to be him in this chapter. It took a long time for me to work it out to make it sound like him, and I'm not sure I succeeded but I really tried.

Thank you again so much for your lovely reviews. You are very kind.

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Review #2, by lady_devil Hope

7th March 2014:
Hey there!

I seriously am left speechless here, I have tears in my eyes and I don't really know what to say other then this was just as amazing as the first chapter.

So beautifully written, what's not to love about the twins honestly, seeing the twins comforting their mother and convincing her that they have to celebrate and keep joy and hope in their lives and hearts. Even including the part about Harry giving the twins money to open the shop was absolutely lovely to read.

I love the twins even more now, you captured their serious side really well, and with all that I love how you included their fun loving humorous side towards the end. It just shows that even while they are serious they know how to lighten the mood.

Onto the next chapter! :)

Author's Response: Wow! Thank you! This was probably my favorite chapter to write of the story, given my love for the twins. I love having the opportunity to show that there are many sides to the twins - and telling jokes is a huge part of their personality, but not all of it. Humor can be brave as well as just funny, which is what this was about. Standing up for the light and refusing to let darkness take away all that's good in life.

Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #3, by lady_devil Faith

7th March 2014:
For the Blackout Battle!

Wow, knowing how it ends for them this was just wow, it's leaving me emotional!

This story was a really amazing insight to how they felt in having a child in the midst of the chaos they are in the wizardry world and you defiantly captured this really well. And they were both in character to me.

The whole 'what if' and Remus' concerns about everything was so touching to read. After all that he's been through and wanting to be happy and the way things are currently in the wizardry world, why wouldn't he question if it's suitable to have a child. Tonks especially is awesome in your story, I adore how determined to make Remus realise it doesn't matter throughout the whole story and the touch of the religion you put there with the story being set during the holidays totally flows in the story line.

Onto the next chapter! :)

Author's Response: Welcome! I'm surprised you picked this story! It's not usually the one that attracts attention, and it's kind of out of season, LOL. But I am glad you did!

Thank you for your compliments. I had to be careful how I wrote this. I didn't want it to be overtly religious, and I didn't want to offend anyone, but I also wanted to get across the emotions I was trying to portray.

Thanks again for reading.

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Review #4, by 800 words of heaven Faith

7th September 2013:

Yes, I could've reviewed something newer, but there's enough negativity in the world, and I was feeling like a good cheery read, so I thought I'd give this a go! And the tag line for the first chapter was rather intriguing.

Second paragraph and I've guessed who it is! Huzzah! I hope I'm right - I'm not going to say it right now, just in case I'm wrong, though, which is quite possible. You write in a way that's crisp and clear, without skipping on all that wonderful prose - it's totally amazeballs.

Ah! I think I've just fallen in love with Dora even more than before! This story is amazing! I love her argument for having a child. It's so often forgotten that Tonks is an intelligent young witch representing the youth fighting for what they believe in. This just brings that wonderful aspect of her into the light in such a subtle way. I love it!

This might have been a little inappropriate, but I giggled at the bit about Tonks marrying Remus even if he didn't wash his socks. That would have probably been a deal breaker for me, so Tonks' love must truly run deep.

I am now crying a million tears, because we know how it ends for them, but this is just such a sweet story, written with such a light and masterful hand, that I can't help but feel that everything will turn out okay for them. Seriously, though - wonderful stuff, as usual!

Author's Response: Oh, thank you! This is the second hit this little story has had in the last month. Cool! And I'm so glad you liked it! (Can't even remember what the tag line was, but so glad one of them finally did their job, hehehehe.)

I love your "As you go" reviews, which show me exactly where you are in the story. They are so much fun to read. And you're probably right in your guess. And now I'm blushing from the compliments on my writing again. (Amazeballs is an awesome word!)

:) Sweet! Thanks. I'd never written her or Remus before, and I haven't done it since. I just knew this story was about them and needed to be kicked out of my head and onto paper. And I do think Tonks gets overshadowed by all the other characters a whole bunch, even though you'd think she's the kind of person who would be hard to overshadow. Remus just has such a tragic tale, people forget Tonks' part in it.

Giggling was completely appropriate. I think even the saddest of stories needs a little humor. Hehehehe. Remus wouldn't have made the cut for you after that fact though? That's funny.

Oh no! I made you cry. (Hands over tissues.) I still think it's not fair how their story ended. I know people had to die in the war, but I don't know why Teddy had to be orphaned, just like Harry.

Thanks so very, very much! I love getting your reviews! They make my day.

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Review #5, by missclaire17 Faith

4th September 2013:
Hello dear (:
I really love how this chapter is titled faith and is dedicated to Remus and Tonks. There are a lot of pregnancy stories about James and Lily when they first had Harry, but I love to read pregnancy stories from others who had a baby during the war like Remus and Tonks & Alice and Frank Longbottom. Not to mention, the fact that Remus is so worried about whether Teddy will be a werewolf is a very real worry that is added to the worry that Remus already has of having a child with Tonks.

I loved it when Tonks said: If we live our lives waiting for the next what-if well never live at all, Remus!. It reminds me of that quote JKR had about how if we live so cautiously, we already failed. The way that Tonks reassured Remus really made the title very fitting.

Wonderful job writing this (:

Author's Response: Hello! Thanks so much for stopping by! And for reading this little story! Not many people take a peek at it. (I think the title might scare them, LOL.)

I've never written for either Remus or Tonks before this (or after for that matter) but this story just kind of jumped into my head fully written. That doesn't happen to me much and it was a really nice feeling. I was very afraid to post it, because of the religious undertones. I didn't want to offend anyone, but everyone has seemed to like it.

Never read many pregnancy stories, but I just think Tonks and Remus story is SO tragic, even more so than James and Lily to an extent. I'll admit right now that I have NOT glanced at the new information put out by JKR on him. But, he spent his whole life trying to do good, be accepted, find a place - and he finally finds love and a family, and he barely gets a year with them. :(

I'd forgotten that quote by JKR, but that's exactly the feeling I was trying to evoke. Thanks!

And thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #6, by writeyourheartout Faith

18th July 2012:
Oh farmgirl. You ridiculously talented person, you. Eldy is so lucky to have a little sister as talented as you are - such a lovely gift. I love that Faith is what this story is about and how you wrote it in a way so that a person who maybe isn't religious or doesn't believe in God can still appreciate the message without feeling like religion was being shoved in their face. The story is so much more about being strong, believing that you can survive and find happiness and that good things are still in the world.

"What are we doing, Dora? ... Bringing a life into the world now, in the midst of all of this? How can we even consider it?" - This is an idea I always think Lily and James must have struggled with when they were pregnant with Harry. It's such a real worry, such a sad reality, and even sadder that for both couples, their children were left alone. But like you said at the end of the story - to not have continued living would have meant that Voldemort won.

It's such an incredible comparison that you've drawn from Remus and Tonks' situation with that of Mary, Joseph and Jesus. I also love the perspective it gives us on them, too! How the two of them have a home, family, friends - a life much more put together than Jesus' - even though their life isn't particularly easy at the moment, they can persevere.

"If we live our lives waiting for the next what-if we'll never live at all, Remus!" - Such a good lesson to live by no matter where you are in your life. :-)

That entire speech by Tonks at the end... SO GOOD. *wipes away stray tear* Honestly, it was so moving. It's probably the first time I really felt happy with Remus being with Tonks. As you know, I am a Remus fangirl, and I've never really understood the two being together, but that was such a beautiful moment and her words were so powerful. I love how she sees Remus: "Then he will be a good, kind, caring and brave person with a heart bigger than all of Gringott's vaults." It's so who Remus is and I love that both you and she see that in him. And it just wouldn't be a farmgirl story without that little touch of silly humor (dirty socks, hehehe). :-p

It's such a simple, yet beautiful idea that makes up this chapter. You're so talented, farmgirl. Your simplicity is what really made this piece stand out - the fact that you showed so much restraint and stayed on the topic at hand, never rambling (as I tend to do... hehehe), but really holding firm to the idea of Faith. This was lovely and I'm so glad you wrote it and that I'm finally reviewing it!

You're the best.

Author's Response: Well, I'm not quite a year late in responding to this review. For me, that's almost good! (Pathetic, I know! I have got to get better at this review response gig!) I hope you don't hate me too much for taking so long. It's been so long since I updated anything that I forget to come in here and check for reviews, and so I also forget to reply to reviews.

You are so incredibly kind and supportive in your praise of me here! I blush everytime I read this review. Thank you so much.

I was very worried about posting this story. Like you said, it had religious undertones, and I wasn't sure how that would sit fandom that revolves around fantasy. I'm very glad you thought it worked.

I was actually thinking of Lily and James there as I was writing this with Dora and Remus. It is so very sad that what happened to Harry had to be repeated with Teddy! (You'd think JKR could have left him at least ONE parent.) But I did want to show that both couples chose faith over fear, and not to let the bad guy win. Nice to see you caught that part.

Writing Tonks was HARD! I've never written for her, ever, and I was so sure I'd done her completely wrong. But everyone seems to think it's great so I guess I passed. And yes, I know about you and Remus. (George does too, by the way, LOL.) If you approve of this pairing in this fic, I feel VERY honored! I've always liked them together, but I can see how you wouldn't. It's kinda like I don't like George and Angelina together. Just not who I pictured in my head for him.

And caught the silly farmgirl bit. *blushes*

Thank you again. Blushing AGAIN! You are too nice! So glad to have you as a friend. Thanks for reading!

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Review #7, by Aurorofthelight Charity

12th December 2011:
This one slipped by me but I found it on your page of stories! Give yourself a 20 out of 20 for this triumphant trilogy! I can't remember when I've been more moved than I was by these three little gems! Beautifully told! Eldy's adopted little sis is indeed a very gifted and talented writer in her own right! And all the more merry for us because of it! May your Christmas be Bright and Happy and may your New Year be packed with Blessings! :):):):):):):):):):):):) (12 smiles of Christmas!)

Author's Response: Awww... I'm so glad you found it! And your review, as always, leaves me with way too much of an ego boost. I'm blushing big time. Thank you so much for reading and leaving such a glowing review. I hope you also had wonderful holidays.

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Review #8, by theelderwand Charity

3rd December 2011:

I can't thank you enough for the last installment of my Christmas present here. Its spectacular.

The characterizations are excellent. I read through your other reviews and apparently I'm not the only one that thinks so. Luna, who is always difficult to write, was captured perfectly. Right down to the "Lost things have a way of turning up, if you just don't worry too much."

But, Draco? Spot on. His selfish, self preservation streak comes through loud and clear. But at the same time, you managed to capture that stronger shade of his personality, the one that wouldn't give up the Trio so readily once they were captured. As a result you managed an exceptionally brilliant story that perfectly fits into the Charity motif.

You've stretched your writing quite a bit to put this three parter together, from Remus/Tonks to Draco and Luna, I really must say you've shown some pretty amazing writing chops.

And, of course the Twins' chapter was Brilliant. That was to be expected ;) The other chapters, however, truly do show off your abilities. Your writing never ceases to amaze me.

But, I think my favorite flourish had to be your incorporation of the Hanukah story here. Never saw that coming and you did it so masterfully.Such a dark tale, with such a "light" ending. Simply impressive (and heartwarming). I'm really flattered and honored that this is dedicated to me.

Thanks so much for such an amazing gift!


Author's Response: Eldy!!! - better late than never, right? And I'm really good at being late...

I'm glad you liked it, even after all this time you had to wait. I was really worried about Luna in this one. She didn't feel as in character to me here as she did in Healing, but nothing I tried could fix it so I finally just left it. I'm glad you thought she was good. Makes me feel a bit better.

Writing Draco was HARD! I've never had any desire to write from his point of view, but this story just seemed to need it. Again, your praise, especially of Dracos, has me blushing furiously. How come I give you the present, but I end up feeling like the one who's a million bucks? *blushes again* You are too nice to me.

I don't know whether I've stretched my writing chops or just gone insane, but thanks for the compliment! Don't expect great epics featuring Lupin or Draco in the future, however. I love my Weasleys too much, LOL.

You know, someday someone will come along who writes the Twins brilliantly and then you'll wish you hadn't heaped all this praise on me for writing them. *head swells*

I'm amazed that I can still surprise you with my writing, since you know me so well and know how I think now. Glad I did it at least once, hehehehehe.

You are most welcome. Thank you for being an amazing friend and mentor and adopted big brother! My writing wouldn't be what it is without your help!

Merry Christmas!

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Review #9, by dreamer13 Hope

2nd December 2011:
oh wow, i loved this!!! its such a fred & george thing to do, and they are my favourite characters, you completely brought this to life!
plus it got me in the christmas spirit! really well done :)

Author's Response: Thank you! Fred and George are my absolute favorites, as you can probably tell from my stories, so it's nice to know that other twin lovers think I'm doing them well. So thank you!

And glad you help get you in the Christmas spirit, :) Merry Christmas!

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Review #10, by magicmuggle01 Charity

2nd December 2011:
I kind of thought that there was the slightest flicker of light in Draco somewhere.
Another wonderful and well written chapter. And the portrayal of charity was well written. 10/10.

Author's Response: I've never liked Draco, but I do kind of feel sorry for him. I think by the end of book six he knew he was in over his head and on the wrong side, but he was never brave enough to do anything about it. Glad you agree with me.

Thanks for reading and for your compliments.

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Review #11, by Jen Charity

2nd December 2011:
Loved it. I have always felt quite sorry for Draco.

Author's Response: Thank you. And yes, I believe he made choices that got him rather stuck, unfortunately. Thanks for reading!

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Review #12, by magicmuggle01 Hope

8th November 2011:
That was really nice. Sometimes when the twins are not acting like clowns they can talk with a lot of sense. I loved the tribute to the golden trio at the end. Another 10/10 and can't wait to see what you have planned for charity.

Author's Response: Thank you! I love showing that the twins have serious, thoughtful, mature sides as well as being funny. I've always rather wished the trio would have taken them on their journey - I'm sure they would have been very helpful with the sneaking and the breaking/entering and the mayhem.

Charity should be up before Christmas. I never meant to put a year between them, but real life had other plans.

Thanks for reading!

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Review #13, by magicmuggle01 Faith

8th November 2011:
Nice, very nice. Tonks can certainly talk logically and sensiblely. I can understand Remus's fear since he's a Werewolf and also the war and everything (what loving parent never worries about their child throughout their life). But as Tonks said, if you were to worry about all the what if's, you'd never get anywhere and be stuck in a rut.
Nicely written and 10/10.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm really good at worrying, (sorta like Remus here) so sometimes I need someone like Tonks to tell me to take a chance. Made it easier to write this story.

Thanks for reading and reviewing.

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Review #14, by lauraf68 Hope

23rd December 2010:
Good Evening Farmgirl,

Who better to give us HOPE than Gred and Forge!! I love them for that!! Little do they know it will be the last as a duo, sniff, sniff.

{Except in your wonderful HPFF novel, LOL.}

Thank you for a wonderful read, Looking forward to Charity. Happy Writing!! ~Lauraf68

Author's Response: Hi there! I'm sorry I'm so slow responding to this review! Life has been crazy for almost a year now. I'm trying to catch up, but it's slow buisness.

Anyway, yes, I totally agree with you. Gred and Forge are the BEST givers of hope ever. And SHH! I don't want to think about it being their last Christmas as a duo. I refues to believe that, as you noticed in my novel. LOL.

Thank you so much for reading. There is still a chapter called Charity out there that is to come. It might have to go up for Christmas this year, as I havne't had time to write for a while, but it's coming. I hope you'll come back and read it when it goes up!

Thanks again!

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Review #15, by Pacific Wizard Hope

20th December 2010:
1917Farmgirl: You lit me up with this story. Who better than the twins to pull their mom out of her depression. I loved the depth and humor of their conversation. Can't wait for your story on Charity (Love). Your ending was perfect. It's so timely for all of us to get messages of Hope during a time when the real world needs it so badly.

You are mighty Farmgirl. The single message from one brave heart like yourself can spread and multiply around the world. Thank you for that. Merry Christmas. Well Done. PW

Author's Response: Aw, thanks! Your reviews never fail to make me happy.

This was actually the first scene that came to me for this story, but it ended up being the second when I posted. I really, really love the twins, but I think they are some of the most mis-understood characters. I wanted to show how caring they could be, mixed in with the laughing and jokes.

I was worried posting this story, thinking it might be a little too...what's the word? Preachy, maybe? I'm glad you don't see it that way.

Now, I'm totally blushing from you last paragraph. Thank you for your kind words and may you have a wonderful Christmas as well.

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Review #16, by theelderwand Hope

20th December 2010:
I'm not quite sure how you did it, but this little one shot is powerful, more powerful even than your first, which was a barn burner.

Farmgirl, this thing is just chock full of hope. Simply magnificent.

Painful to see my hero Molly so besdie herself with worry and anguish. I never considered it, but it makes infinite sense, with Harry, Ron and Hermione on the run that she would be like this (good thing she didn't know Ron was at Shell Cottage!). The worry must've came close to destroying her. Your most brilliant flourish has to be her holding the ornaments that Harry and Ron made the year before. God that was powerful!

Leave it to the consumate optimists (and criminal masterminds) to lift her out of her despair and do it in proper, defiant, twin-like manner.

I really loved this tale. And, your gift this christmas just keeps on giving.

I really can't thank you enough, and I'm proud to have you as my HPFF little sis!

Merry Christmas


Author's Response: Wow, two review responses in one day! Perhaps the world is ending! hehehehe

Eldy, you always manage to make me feel like a million dollars when you give me a review. I'm not sure my stories always deserve it, but I would be lying if I said it wasn't nice. Thanks for looking out for me so well - you really have this big brother thing down!

I'm sorry I made Molly so upset in this one. I knew you wouldn't like that, but I hope I made it better in the end. And I did really want the chance for the twins to show they were more than just goof-ball clowns. (And yes, it's a VERY good thing she didn't know Ron was at Shell Cottage!)

Thank you for the comment on the ornaments *blushes*. See what I mean about making my head swell?

Anyway, I love Molly. Okay, so I love all the Weasleys, but you knew that. I just think they are one of the most real, human, fictional families I have ever seen and I love writing for them. I'm glad you liked this, and I'm so proud to have you as my HPFF big bro!


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Review #17, by blueirony Faith

17th December 2010:
God, it's so hard reading Remus/Tonks stories. In fanfiction, they are portrayed as this couple who love each other with this... this almost desperation, and it's so sad that they never really got the chance to be together and free.

I absolutely love stories like this. Stories that remind us of the real spirit and meaning of Christmas. It just fills me with this warmth and it just makes you take a step back and really think about everything, you know? Family. Love. Courage. Faith.

The parallel that Tonks drew threw me a bit. I never thought of it like that. But, like you always do, you manage to word things so well. So damn well! Her speech in this was just beautiful. You managed to keep her in character, yet talk about some really deep things.

Remus was lovely in this, as he always is. His fear of bringing a child into this world just made my heart break. Remus! It's so sad that every time he found happiness in his life, it was ripped away from him. And he's just such a good person. He never did anything to deserve any of it. And to think that, in a time where he is expecting a child and one that should fill him with joy, he is nothing but scared and vulnerable.

Those last two sentences were just perfect. That idea that, together, they can get through anything. Things aren't perfect, but just for that small moment in time, everything is fine.

This really was so lovely. You chose the perfect characters and setting to think about the true spirit of Christmas and I love you for it.

Joop :)

Author's Response: First, Joop, I have to appologize to you for being SO late responding to this. I got really sick at Christmas time, and by the time I got better I was so far behind in everything, review weren't even on my radar. And it has been an insane year ever since! I LOVE your reviews, always run to read them when they come, and I feel so bad for being tardy with this and other responses. *hangs head* Forgive me?

Now, I understand completely what you mean about Remus and Tonks! It's almost as if they knew from the get-go that they wouldn't have very much time. Honestly, I can't usually read stories about them for that very reason - foresight can be a terrible thing. So I was really worried about writing them, as I didn't have anything to go off of. I hope I did okay.

I'm so glad you liked the story. Christmas does seem to bring out my inner "fluff" writer in a way nothing else does, but it IS so nice to remember what's really important, isn't it, even for fictional characters.

I'm SO relieved to hear you felt Tonk's words worked. It was really risky to put that parallel in there, and I wasn't sure I had Tonks voice down at all. I'm so glad you felt it worked!

Remus makes me cry. I never really thought much about him when I was younger and reading the books - I was all about the teenagers who were the stars (and, well Fred and George, whom I'm still kinda obsessed with) but as I've gotten older, Remus strikes a real chord with me. He really is one of the most heroic and selfless characters in the books, and I feel bad for him. I'm glad he found Tonks for the short while they had.

Thank you so much for reading! Your reviews always make me smile. I hope you'll come back when I get back to writing!

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Review #18, by butterbeergal Faith

14th December 2010:


Yeah, just... wow.

Honestly, how you managed to pack so much in less than a thousand words is beyond me. I hardly consider myself religious, but I believe you've captured what the true meaning of Christmas is. I never thought of explaining their situation by using the bible as an analogy, but by golly, how you wrote it was spot on.

This was really lovely, Farmgirl. Loved every bit of it, and now I'm even more excited to go home and spend the Christmas holidays with my family.

And oh my goblins, Remus and his socks! That made me giggle out loud. XD

- a very warm and fuzzy Gill

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you, thank you! This review made my day almost a year ago when you gave it, and again now when I'm re-reading it. (And yes, I'm so sorry for being slow responding! Life has been crazy!)

I'm so happy you loved the story, and that it made you get in the spirit of the season. That was what I was trying for, so it's always nice to know you achieved what you started out to do.

"Oh my goblins" - I LOVE that saying! THAT made me giggle out loud! Thanks! I needed to smile today!

Thanks for reading, and please come back when I finally get the third chapter of this up!

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Review #19, by theelderwand Faith

13th December 2010:
Farmgirl, I'm literally speechless. "Thank you" and "Merry Christmas" seem pretty empty expressions as a response to this wonderful tale.

This was amazing:

"If I recall, the whole reason this holiday we're celebrating came to exist was because a mum, knowing the odds and what her child was likely to face, had enough faith to let him be born."

And then to meld that into the immense challenges the Lupin's are facing in their own lives? That, Mighty Farmgirl, was simply perfection.

I have nothing but praise for Dora's speech, particularly the ending. Very moving.

Make no mistake, tho, its your heartwarming tales, like this magnificent one, especially, that "make a lot of peoples' lives a little better, and help produce a lot of smiles."

I count myself lucky to have you as a friend and this was an AWESOME Christmas present. PW is right, presents don't get any better than this.

Merry Christmas from your adopted Big Brother.


Author's Response: I know you said you'd rather have me writing than responding to your almost year old reviews now, but it will drive me nuts if I don't. I might be extremely tardy, but I'm not completely rude. :) So, I'm working through them slowly, story by story, and we've reached one from you.

Now, on to the response.

I don't know what you were talking about. "Thank you" and "Merry Christmas" were perfectly fine responses to this little (unfinished, I might add) story. I'm glad you liked it.

I've never written Lupin and Tonks before, so it was really scary to try and get into their heads. Not sure how well I did, but I tried, and I'm glad you liked the effort. I was also a little worried about the overtly religious tone to this story, but...*shrugs* No one has complained yet.

And thank you, so much, for the praise. Somedays, when life is INSANE, I come back and read things like this. I means a lot.

Thanks for everything, especially your patience with your un-organized, often stressed out little sister. :) Maybe I'll get you part three before Christmas come around again, LOL.

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Review #20, by lauraf68 Faith

11th December 2010:
Wow. Spot on. I love it! Faith is sometimes all we have and the Nativity is such a great example. 10+/10+. Looking forward to more. Happy Writing!! ~~Lauraf68!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I know the Christmas season is long over, but I do intend to get the last chapter of this up in the next few weeks. Real life waylaid me and as such it's very tardy.

Thanks for reading!

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Review #21, by Pacific Wizard Faith

11th December 2010:
1917 Farmgirl: Only you Farmgirl, only you can take a story with less than a thousand words and give it the impact of an epic. Your analogy of the biblical story of Christ to the trials of Lupin and Tonks was brave and brilliant. You made the connection real and meaningful. How many other humans are out there struggling and thinking that the path they are on is hopeless and their faith is faltering. Then you come by with this little story packed with a huge message of Faith, Hope and Love. You probably helped more people than you know with this simple and honest story. I know you are a great writer. More importantly, I know now that you are a great person with an abundance of compassion. Well Done. May you have a Merry and Blessed Christmas. PW

p.s. Eldy: Christmas gifts don't get any better than this.

Author's Response: First of all, I am SO sorry for the tardiness of this response. My life has been so crazy this last year that I had to let some things slide in order to maintain an ounce of sanity, and writing, reviewing, and responding were some of them. I appologize with all my heart for that!

Now, I am utterly speechless at your words here. I can't tell you how reading them made me feel. I was hoping to touch people and bouy up hope of the season, but your response blew me away. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your reviews never fail to make me smile and I hope you can forgive me lateness. Please come back when I get writing again!

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