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Review #1, by Canadian_Hogwarts Black Light

16th February 2011:
The story of Remus and Tonks' love is so incredibley tragic; the way that it was over before it really started is one of the saddest parts of the books, in my opinion. Remus in particular has led such q terrible life: first, his self-disgust at becoming a werewolf, then the ostracization and seclusion that is comon to those with the disease. It's so depressing when the only friends he's ever had die, and he is left alone. The purpose of this long winded ramble is that I hink you've portrayed all of this wonderfully. I did catch a couple wee errors, but really the story was amazing. Great work!

Author's Response: Thanks!
I would really like to know what the errors were, even if they are only small. I try to keep what I write as to cannon as possible, but everyone slips up, and my spelling is horrid and my grammar only a bit better.
Thanks for responding and I'm sorry this took so long.

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