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Review #1, by iatevoldysnose Of course I care!

16th April 2013:
AWW! THIS IS SUCH A CUTE CHAPTER! Sirius is so awesome!

Good Work!


Author's Response: Thank you for all the wonderful comments :) made my day!

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Review #2, by iatevoldysnose I'm your pick-me-up!

16th April 2013:
Wow. Just wow.


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Review #3, by willow1 I'm your pick-me-up!

13th April 2013:
eewww... sorry, but why didn't you rate this as mature.

Author's Response: umm... I actually did, so...?

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Review #4, by Hannah Of course I care!

25th February 2013:
I really love this :) Thank you for posting it and I hope to read more in the future!

Author's Response: Ahhh thank you so much for the comment! Made my day :) I'm glad you enjoyed it, but I think I'm done with this fic. Thanks again!

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Review #5, by adluvshp I'm your pick-me-up!

9th January 2011:
wow. this was a rather good one. i generally dont read sirius/OC (they all generally destroy my 'image' and perspective of sirius as i can never find the fic where he is 'rightly' portrayed according to me so i leave the fics halfway) but you got me hooked and in the end i was craving for more. Its really a great fic and i would love to read another one-shot sequel to this or something.
great job all in all.


Author's Response: Thank you sooo sooo much! I absolutely agree with you, I adore Sirius and would love to read more fics with him, however most of them do not portray him very accurately. It is quite frustrating to see your favorite character being re-made into something else. I really appriciate your review and with many comments encouraging me to continiue this story I may someday reconsider :)

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Review #6, by armadillo I'm your pick-me-up!

22nd December 2010:
Haha I wasn't expecting it to be, but this was actually really sweet!
I have a huge soft spot for Sirius, and you wrote him quite well =)
Although the ending was rather abrupt, perfect for continuing... *hints* =D.

Author's Response: yes, I have a "soft spot", as you described it ever so gently, for Sirius too, that's why this story was created :) I just wanted to see some good, steamy Sirius-OC scenes and unable to find what I was looking for I created one myself :) However, it is called a one-shot for a reason, and as much as I am proud of it (or maybe because I am so proud of it and don't want to mess it up) I don't think I am going to continue. Thank you for the review, appriciate it!!

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Review #7, by anonymous I'm your pick-me-up!

21st December 2010:
haha, cute. it feels a bit unfinished though. ;)

Author's Response: Well, the whole purpose of the story was to create a situation and leave it for all your dirty minds to finish it up by yourselfs ;) I am not planning on writing more about this anytime soon, but who knows, maybe some day I will add some more. As for now I encourage you to read my other stories, especially Ziya Karim (I know it lacks Sirius, but hopefully you will find other reasons to like it). Thank you very much for the review!

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