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Review #1, by Julah Lollipop

2nd November 2013:
It's sweet! I like the open ending and hope you get to write a long story about them some day!

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Review #2, by CloakAuror9 Lollipop

6th January 2013:
Oh my gosh. This is such a nice heart-warming ScorRose! :D

I'm head over heels in love with it.

I love the nice touch of Arthur Weasley telling his grandchildren about the wonders of the Muggle world! He certainly inspired Rose to do this little journey. :D

I was already squealing and flailing my arms everywhere with the fact that this is a ScorRose story and has awesome graphics. But then Scorpius came along and started talking about the 'dynamics', for lack of better term, of their relationship. I died.

I also loved how straight to the point the story was. The language used was just so good and everything flowed together so well.

I absolute loved this! It was such a great read! :D

(Write more ScorRose, please?)


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Review #3, by adluvshp Lollipop

14th December 2012:

This was a cute little one-shot. I liked how you characterised Rose & Scorpius, seems quite like how I'd imagine them to be. The kissing was sweet, and the ending made me giggle. Your narrative was smooth, and this made for a nice light read. I liked it :)

There were some grammar errors throughout the one-shot though, nothing major, but I'd still suggest to look over this again and fix them, or ask a beta to proof-read it for you.

Apart from that, I really enjoyed reading this. Good work!



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Review #4, by ScorpiusRose17 Lollipop

29th May 2012:
Hi there!

I really like your Rose/Scorpius story! It was so fluffy and nice to read.

I thought you did a great job characterizing the both of them. I really thought that it spoke volumes when you had Scorpius say that "we are one of those couples that could drive one another up a wall." They are so competitive and opposites that you just want to see them work anyways. =)

I also liked the way that you described the story. It provided a very vivid picture in my mind as I read it. The flow was smooth and not messy. The pace was steady and you didn't miss a beat.

Keep up the awesome writing! =)


Recenseo 2012

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Review #5, by HermioneGinger Lollipop

12th January 2012:
Aw, this is so cute. I L-O-V-E-D it :) it's the first Scorpius/Rose i've read so you've defiantly made me a fan!! great job :)

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Review #6, by Cleopatraa Lollipop

8th August 2011:
Happy Gryffindor Monday!!
I really really really liked this. Iím glad I decided to read this. This definitely going to my favorite story list. It was so light, a bit childish but utterly romantic while still staying true to their characters. I rweally loved the plot, the style and Scorpius in this little piece. I actually wouldnít mind seeing a sequel you know. Perhaps if you are considering it. Also I loved the whole lollipop idea and now Iím just rambling and this probably doesnít make much sense but I truly liked it!
Cleopatra ( Slytherin)

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Review #7, by emylee94 Lollipop

30th July 2011:
You know, I can't help but feeling all girly and giggly inside. This is quite good for light reading. Very entertaining.

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Review #8, by mrsphantom Lollipop

29th July 2011:
So cute! I really liked it :) The ending is good, though I wouldn't mind seeing a sequel. Have you considered it? If you don't, that's okay. It is your choice, as the author. And it is good on it's own. I'm just a little obsessed with concrete endings--preferably happy ones. ;) Anyways, really good story, and a nice change from all the downer stories I've been seeing lately. 10/10!

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Review #9, by alexisgabriela Lollipop

26th July 2011:
This was absolutely delightful! I really enjoyed your descriptions of the locations, characters, and also their thoughts. It takes a little something extra to realistically and seamlessly flesh out a character's thoughts and you did it effortlessly!

Thanks for such an enjoyable story.

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Review #10, by Gin-gin06 Lollipop

20th July 2011:
Aww that was so cute. :) I can't stop smiling cuaz they were just that cute. I love Scorose too:) 10/10

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Review #11, by opportunity knocks Lollipop

20th July 2011:
haha I'm such an awkward reviewer...probably because this is my first review ever. I'm not sure how to express myself so I do apologise if this is a really drab review. But I love the pairing, I love the plot, I love the style, I love the general cuteness; I can't really fault anything but I'll put 9/10 because hey, there's always room for improvement :) seriously though, Rose and Scorpius stories are probably the only reason I made an account in the first place, so bless you for satisfying my unorthodox guilty pleasure in this oneshot! I'm totally with you on the whole plot bunnies thing by the way...although judging by this oneshot, I'm sure whatever you write will be a fantastic success! Can't wait to read more of your stuff ^_^

Author's Response: Awww for a first reviewer, you're a great reviewer and I'm sooo sorry it took me forever to respond!! Thank you I'm so glad you like the fluffiness and ScoRose are adorable arent they ;)? haha. Thanks again!

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Review #12, by Grace Lollipop

20th July 2011:
Cute! I liked the fluffiness, because all I've been reading are depressing fanfics, and this one made me happy!:)

Author's Response: Haha awww no well I'm glad this little one-shot helped you :) I'm glad you enjoyed the fluffiness!!

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Review #13, by Miss MarlaG Lollipop

26th April 2011:
this was to sweet. i really really really loved it, TOO MUCH, and everything is just, GAH! i LOVED the ending -strawberyy *heart* and like this type of relationship for them two, confusing and yet they NEED each other. I LOVED THIS SO MUCH 10/10 :D


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Review #14, by BrightStar Lollipop

16th April 2011:
Hi! BrightStar with your review!

Really liked this little fic, so sweet! Scorpius was hot, as he always is! Really impressed with Rose, her determination to survive the Tube (I was in London once, and was terrified of the underground!).

I'm personally glad there was no real conclusion, you're right - how could there be one?

I would have liked a little context to the relationship, like what the families thought, but then that is ALWAYS done is rose/scor, so this was nice and fluffy!

Kiss was so well done at the end :D

Anyway, really enjoyable piece, I'm glad you requested for it!

- B xx

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Review #15, by kassandra466 Lollipop

26th March 2011:
haha aweee!! that was really cute! :)

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Review #16, by chillychick95 Lollipop

19th January 2011:
This was insanely cute and I couldn't resist reading it. The summary and banner were just intriguing! I love it! Fabulous story ;)


Author's Response: Aww well thank you, I'm so glad you stumbled on it and read :P Sorry for the late reply btw!

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Review #17, by DarkLadyofSlytherin Lollipop

13th January 2011:
Hey Preeah,
I saw your post on TGS and thought I'd come help out.

Normally I wouldn't read Rose/Scoripus fics, but I'm learning to open up more to reading anything. This one-shot is rather sweet and while at times I wasn't certain what to expect, I did rather like it. There is definitely a frustration between Scorpius and Rose that is undeniable and I somewhat feel sorry for them. However, it is also the same sort of situation I imagine Ron and Hermione to have been in.

I can definitely see Rose being the adventurous type by going down to the Muggle Underground and trying to survive it. I remember the first time I took the subway on my own (or even the train). I would have liked to see a bit of her nervous fear a little more though. She seemed almost okay with the fact that there were all these muggle strangers around her, yet it clearly states she is nervous.

I'm not good with grammar/punctuation, but I did pick up on a few tense issues where you switch from past tense into present tense. I'm uncertain of whether this was intended or if it was done by mistake. Sometimes it is hard to tell in terms of what the author was going for.

I can definitely see the ending happening, as I'm pretty sure I had a boyfriend do pretty much the same thing except he wanted to know what flavour of lip gloss I was wearing at the time.

Anyway, it was a lovely read, just a few things that need to be touched up on and it would be awesome! The best part of it, was that the fluffiness of it all wasn't overpowering. Which in my books, is great!


Author's Response: Hi there I'm so sorry for the late (a year late) reply but I just want you to know how much I appreciate it!! Thank you so much for the criticisms and I do have an issue with tense so I'll look into that or I might've already... tbh I can't quite remember but thanks anyway :P

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Review #18, by krapfm Lollipop

26th December 2010:
:D it's great. Love the last sentence. :)

Author's Response: Hi, sorry for the insanely late reply but I do appreciate you taking the time to review!! Thank you!

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Review #19, by CheeringCharm Lollipop

22nd December 2010:
oooh... Loved this one-shot, I usually don't really like romance (or I'm very good at making myself believe I don't) but this was enchantingly pretty and I can actually see that the way you have written the emotions could be something real...

Your language is amazing! I love the way you do the comparisons just in the first paragraph you lost me in images like
"the people were clambering about like they were living their last hour"
or your excellence in this one:
"She stood out like a sore thumb"

Wonderful one-shot! I loved it (and fell in love with Scorpius if i must be honest) and Lollipops are ALWAYS great :)

Author's Response: Hi, sorry for the insanely late reply but I do appreciate you taking the time to review!! Thank you!

And it means so much to me that you think my language is amazing!! and even more so that i got you to like romance ;) haha i'm glad you do though because this oneshot was extremely fluffy hehe :P

thank you again!

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Review #20, by weasleywizardwheezes101 Lollipop

13th December 2010:
Hey, fabulous job! I really enjoyed it. :) I love how you described the whole situation and didn't go straight into anything. You kind of gave a back story which I really liked a lot. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Hi, sorry for the insanely late reply but I do appreciate you taking the time to review!! Thank you!

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Review #21, by sweet_lovely_girl Lollipop

13th December 2010:
I really like it and I can see that you understand all this.

LOVE Rose/Scorpius!

Author's Response: Awwe thank you so much!! I love ScoRose too, I think they're such a cute/funny/dramatic next-gen couple. xxx

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Review #22, by maskedmuggle Lollipop

12th December 2010:
A cute, sweet one shot :)
A nice read, I adore Rose/Scorpius!
Well written, the lollipop idea and the last line was great!

Author's Response: Hiii! So sorry for the late response, doesn't mean I don't appreciate it though cause I absolutely do!! And thank you so much... hehe, the lollipop idea was actually something that's happened to me before so I just thought hey, might as well put that in a fanfic! Thanks again! xxx

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Review #23, by NessaMahtar Lollipop

12th December 2010:
This is ADORABLE! I love Rose and Scorpius and especially the way you write them. Scorpius almost reminds me of James Potter, and I love him so much.
Very well written with a great ending.

Author's Response: Hii first of all, super sorry for the late response. Doesn't mean I don't appreciate it though cause I absolutely do!! Secondly, thank you soo much for the lovely compliments!! And Scorpius in this one shot is a bit cheeky like James, hehe. Thanks again!! x

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