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Review #1, by DumbledoresArmyOfOne Bridges

17th July 2012:
This is really very beautiful. I love the repetition and how it flows, and how everything is about the water under the bridge. I especially like the very beginning,about how it gain before it had really begun. Also, the line" are you free yet?" is perfect, as if it's s thing that is waiting to happen, and not a thing that will never be.
I really liked this, it was very beautiful.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Sometimes I wonder where the boundary between poetry and prose is, so my favorite things to write are the stories where elements of both blend together. Thanks for the great review! :)


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Review #2, by CambAngst Bridges

15th March 2012:
This was an interesting piece. Not at all the typical sort of thing you read in a Next Gen story, and certainly not a Rose-Scorpius story.

You allude to a lot of things, good and bad, that have happened between the two of them without ever going into any details. In that way, you focused solely on the personalities of the characters and their reactions without getting drug down into any particulars of their circumstances. It was an unconventional way to go about things, but it works for a one-shot.

Your writing is very nice. Even when you go out of your way to be obtuse -- i.e., "All things that begin begin before they've really begun." -- it's still pretty easy to follow. The story has a good balance between dialog and narrative, and your descriptions are lovely.

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Review #3, by Ashling586 Bridges

12th March 2012:
March Gryff review:
To be truthful I was a bit confused for most of this chapter. I had to re-read the first little paragraph two times before I understood what was going on. I am not sure if it was all the repetition of the "began" that threw me off or just the general wording. However, I thought that the story line itself was pretty nice. I could see where you were going. The further I read the more I was able to understand where you were going. The meeting of the two at the end was much better than the beginning.
I think that with a slight rewording at the beginning, then the whole chapter would flow better. I do like that you decided to do a story that revolves around an adult Rose and Scorpius. Most of the new generation stories I have come across have been centered with them in school. I really feel that this story could develop into something more as you go.

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Review #4, by megthechef43 Bridges

12th March 2012:

What a powerful beginning. I love the twisting concept and rough reality to the first three paragraphs.

If that first part was powerful you sure did knock out the rest. It is so well composed and meaningful. It almost captures the true meaning of love found and love lost.

I love the repeated idea about the beginning and when it actually began. It is an awesomely powerful and so full emotions. He clearly still loves her and she is still in love with him. It is sad that too much has happened between them for them to doubt that the love is still there.

I can't wait to read more of your beautifully written story.


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Review #5, by BrightStar Bridges

8th August 2011:
Hey! B here!

I lovve how you writ Rose and Scorpius - Rose is so free, but has a bit of reserve in her - more so in the later piece.

the before it began and knowing but not knowing thing is brilliant! it makes sense without making sense!

as usual, you put my writing and the writing of others to complete shame. you know that right? i have no idea how you do it, thos descriptions are so beautiful! This was so suited to the elements challenge, i always think you deal so effortlessly with aesthetics!

I really want ot read more about your rose and scor :D x

Author's Response: Hi dear! It's so good to see you and I think I'll have to go over to your page again in not too long! I love reading your stuff! :) Thank you so much and I am so honored you think that! (even if it isn't true!) Thanks again,

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Review #6, by Ronsgirl29 Bridges

6th April 2011:
Wow! I loved this. I especially thought the stuff about 'beginning before it really began' was a cool thing you tied in throughout the start of the story. However, one thing I would do though is mabye include some of that begun/beginning thing at the end of the story to kind of tie everything together.

A sentence that didn't really make sense to me was this one, "Imagine, thought Rose, we are two fully grown adults standing in a creek without our toes in the mud" maybe I'm just reading it wrong, but is it supposed to be just 'with our toes in the mud' or something like that?

One of my favorite things in this oneshot was their dialogue. The way they spoke to eachother was so simple, yet everything had a deeper meaning because of the situation they are in. Also I liked how you were able to show that they couldn't really be together without going into details as to why; it left a bigger impact.

Lovely story, I wish I could see what happens to their relationship! sequel? (:


Author's Response: Thanks so much! I love writing their dialogue because it's really unlike other things I get to write. Thanks so much for the review, and have an awesome day! :D

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Review #7, by _Leo_ Bridges

6th April 2011:
Your descriptions are beautiful! I could literally see her standing there on the bridge, the way Scorpius must have seen her!
'These are muggle gardens in a muggle town. ...' felt odd at first, but you made it work, spanning the six years with it. Weasley and Malfoy, of course there's bound to be hurt and tears, maybe that's what makes this pairing so intriguing.
I am curious to see what happens next, what she really wanted to tell him. I have a slight suspicion because you mentioned nights spent under the stars ... though that could be only me.
Good first chapter! xxx Leo

Author's Response: Thanks Leo! I'm glad you liked the story and I'm considering editing this into a one-shot because I don't know if I can live up to this, but I really appreicate your review, so thanks so much! :)

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Review #8, by Akussa Bridges

6th April 2011:
Hey dearest!

Lovely story; I enjoyed it a lot. some parts were simply breathtaking so much that the way you wrote them was beautiful.
I really like your prose; you have a real gift for narration and detailing. It is a pleasure to read your work.

ISome things did sound a bit strange though and I wish to give you examples of it. This is not a critique, simply these things caught me off gard and broke the flow, in my opinion.

"All things that begin begin before they've really begun."; I think there should be a coma between the two 'begin'

"the words rolled off her nose sweetly, but coldly."; that sounds weird... rolled off her thong maybe?

Overall, a great story that I enjoyed a lot; excellent work!


Author's Response: Thanks so much for the wonderful review Akussa! I really appreciate it, and thanks for pointing those out to me! I must have missed them, but no more! I really appreciate your reviews, so thank you so much!

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Review #9, by IwRiTe4mE Bridges

5th April 2011:
Wow. This was a really good story. I loved how you set it up and the descriptions were amazing and helped everything flow. The way you had the story move ahead six years so effortlessly was just great. I really enjoyed reading this story. xD

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the great review Kat! I really like hearing what you think about it and the six years was the hardest thing to write, so I'm glad you thought it worked well! :D

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Review #10, by Owlpost68 Bridges

4th April 2011:
Wow. That was incredible. Very well written and made me use my imagination much more than other stories. I imagine if you had to use the five elements in that challenge, you used them VERY well. I could pick out all of them, and were used in just the right places. The story definitely got me interested what their normal lives were. Since we don't know. Perhaps the characters don't even know because they just kept themselves to themselves. To escape. I think it ended up translating well that even though the characters, and the readers are really curious about what their regular lives are, maybe it's just better to leave things as they are because it's simpler that way. It makes what they do have almost perfect.
Great job! Thank you for writing such a beautiful story!

Author's Response: *squish* Thank you so much! I'm kind of curious about my characters myself! There is something about writing this story that lends itself to not even me knowing what will happen next. I'm not sure if that's just me being strange or the nature of the story itself, but I rather like letting whatever I type decide what happens over what I plan to happen. Thanks for the review,

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Review #11, by Amberfire Bridges

3rd April 2011:
wow, this is such a beautiful piece, it feels sort of mysterious, us only knowing part of the story about Rose and Scorpius, and wondering how they came to feel like this. Rose in particular interests me and although I wouldn't want you to add anything in or make this a part of a longer story, because I think it is beautiful how it is, I find myself wanting to know more about Rose.

The first section in particular I loved, because it set the mood for the piece I think, quite melancholic, and quite pensive. Really I loved the feel of the piece, and although I was a little confused sometimes (more through my reading skills, than a fault in your writing I believe) I found that I really liked the way it was told, with repeated questions, and tentative actions. I must say Rose on the bridge reminded me a little of Rose on the titanic when she was about to jump.

All in all I very much liked the pensive feel to the piece and I congratulate you. I think I would use beautiful if I ever had to describe this piece to someone.

I would like to mention that in the first paragraph I think 'All things that begin begin before they've really begun.' should have a comma between the two begins.

There were a few other things that I wondered about, like
'A day filled with lunch in a care' but then again 'the words rolled off her nose sweetly, but coldly' , 'A elementary 'hello,'' and other mentions of elementary caught me off guard before I realised they were remnants from the Sherlock Holmes prank so I wonder if that is too? And also you 'do not own Sherlock Holmes' do you ;)
Lovely prank ;)

Thank you very much for sharing this with us. Though it wasn't like something I would usually read, I think you wrote Rose and Scorpius well and I commend you for that


Author's Response: Hehe, I read over this when it was prank time too and it sure sounded funny! I'm glad you enjoyed reading it and I'm so glad to know that you think this is a ScoRose done well! It certainly wasn't something I would have thought I could have done well, but this piece has become one of my favorites. :)

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Review #12, by Mintleaf Bridges

2nd April 2011:
'All things that begin begin before...' I think there may possibly be the need for a comma between the two 'begin's but I'm not one hundred percent sure to be honest haha. The opening paragraph sort of made me chuckle a bit. I had to read it several times over and it reminded me of Dr Seuss. Haha, but I think that's what you intended anyway! :)

'She wanted to be free and soar down with no regards to beginnings or ends, but only middles.' this is a beautiful sentence! :)

'the words rolled off her nose sweetly, but coldly.' they rolled off her nose?

'A day filled with lunch in a care' cafe?

This was a very pretty piece of writing! The contrast between the two, especially in their initial description, seems very good indeed! I liked the way it flowed and the air of mystery it had about it! Good work! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much Tilly for the review, and I think it's high time to go fix those! I'm glad you pointed them out, as I've tried to go through this a few times, but never caught those errors! Thanks for the review,

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Review #13, by MrsJaydeMalfoy Bridges

1st April 2011:
Wow. Absolutely amazing, really! Your writing is so... poetic, for lack of a better word. I didn't see any spelling or grammar errors, and it flows very well.

I wasn't entirely sure what was happening at first, I kept wondering "Why are they just randomly standing on this bridge?" But more and more was revealed as I kept reading. It added to the mystery of the piece, kept me on the edge of my seat. And the bit about "Why are you here? These are muggle gardens..." is truly genious.

The fact that you were able to say "It began before it began..." and write it well enough that the reader can understand it speaks volumes to me.

In all honesty, there were times when I felt like I was reading something by Shakespeare... and I'm not just saying that. VERY well written piece! 10/10!

Author's Response: *squish* Thank you so much for this amazing review! That has to be one of the best things anyone has ever said about my writing, and I still (after finally getting around to answering my reviews!) am all filled up with happiness when I read it! Thanks for the review and have a great day :)

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Review #14, by Capella Black Bridges

1st April 2011:
I like it! You've really managed to capture the heart of this pairing here - can the love they share for each other be enough to make up for all the barriers reality will put up for them? And I love that you've left this question unanswered in a sense - by the end, they do want to try, but they still haven't answered the questions, or solved the problems they know will continue to exist. Very angsty, but really real to the situation their families put them in.

I like the simpleness of the story too - how much of it you DON'T tell on purpose, leaving the reader to fill in the missing years and their lives around other people. It really helps to focus attention on the concept of their feelings, by stripping away the rest.

Good stuff, will be looking forward to reading more!

Author's Response: Capella, thank you so much for your reviews! *hugs* They are always so helpful, and I'm glad you liked this! :) I'm considering editing this into a one-shot, as I don't think I;k I'll be able to do it justice in another chapter. ScoRose is a ship I've long loved, but it's a really complicated ship, so I wanted the simplicity of the confusion to come across in the story. Thanks so much for the review,

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Review #15, by obiwancrazy Bridges

9th January 2011:
Ahhh! This is so amazing that I can't even stand it! It's so dramatic and beautifully worded; I love their inquisitive questions that are deeper than they seem... the ending was really striking and I just love it all so much. Wel done!

Author's Response: Hello, and thank you so much! You have no idea how much that makes my day! (I actually stood up and did a happy dance. A wee one, but a happy dance!) I was really going for deep yet simple, but I wasn't sure that I had that, but I'm glad you think so!
Have a wonderful week,

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Review #16, by Olwyn Bridges

13th December 2010:
Hi there, requested reviewer here!
I enjoyed this, it's different. However, there are some stylistic things I want to discuss. If you're planning to write this way just for the first chapter, that's fine, good even. However, writing like this, with a lot, almost too much, detail, and a slow-ish plot is best for prologues/first chapters.
But I really like it, and I'd be excited to see what the future has for this. (heart) Olwyn


Author's Response: Thank you for taking the time to read and review; I really appreciate your feedback :)
The story is going to speed up a bit in the next chapter, and I see what you mean about how this style is best for the beginnings of stories.
Glad you liked it and this was very helpful,

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Review #17, by dream_schmean Bridges

12th December 2010:
Hey, there! It's dreamschemes from the forums (:

So, I absolutely adore R/S, and I think you did a good job at it. I only have a one thing to say, though.

I think maybe the dialogue is a bit too formal, especially for two sixteen-year-old's. Although I thought it was cute that Scorpius repeated that when they were adults, like it was their thing. Like you said, you're not use to writing the pair, but I definitely know that you'll get better and more used to it. I know that's what I would do.

And their characterization was really good as well. I loved how they didn't need to say much to get their point across. Good job. (:

Other than that, I thought it was adorable, and your description was impeccable. It was so simple, yet so powerful. I loved it (: And I'm intrigued to read the rest of the story to figure out just what she was hiding.

Thank you for requesting!


Author's Response: Thank you for taking the time to review, I appreciate it so much!

Thanks, and upon rereading it, you are are right that it does sound a bit too formal and I'll try to loosen them up when I work on the next chapter. Branching out is always hard, so CC when I'm working on writing them is so helpful.

That really means a lot to me, and I'm glad the story made you want to read on!

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Review #18, by Tashi Lupin Bridges

12th December 2010:
Ginger, that's amazing! How can you write so well, so pure? I belived every word, every sylaball, every letter! Sometimes I wish I could write like you Ginger, because every word you write is... Spectacular. Just pure.

Author's Response: Thanks Tashi,
This means so much to me, for you to say that! Oh thank you so much! Now I'm a bit worried Chapter 2 won't be able to live up to Chapter 1 though, but I'll try my best!
-Hugs, ginger

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Review #19, by VioletBlade Bridges

10th December 2010:
Hey there ginger!

Wow, you chose my favorite ship! ^^ Love R/S!
I really did like this, though it was a little confusing, especially the top bit. But that's okay :) I'm excited to see what happens next, so that's good :D You might want to check out dialogue formatting is my only CC. Other then that, the only thing I have to say is it's great!

Thanks for entering!


Author's Response: Thank you so much for getting to this so quickly, and I'll work on the format so it's less confusing. I'm glad you liked it and lucky me for picking your favorite ship!

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